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THE Nooner for August 6, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

In Wake Of Stanford Sexual Assault Case, Lawmakers Once Again Pitch Mandatory Prison Time
The case of a Stanford University rapist getting a short prison term has led Democratic lawmakers to again propose a new mandatory minimum prison sentence, something they've shied away from recently

Stadium, Convention Tax Measures Need Two-thirds Vote, Says San Diego City Attorney |
The Chargers are seeking voter approval of an initiative that would help fund a $1.8 billion stadium and convention center east of Petco Park.

California Lawmakers Called Out For Taking Tobacco Money
Taryn Luna @
What do Gov. Jerry Brown, Assemblyman Adam Gray and state Sen. Isadore Hall have in common? They’re Democrats among a slew of California lawmakers who have accepted money from tobacco companies in the last two years.

Prosecutors: Mexican Tycoon Funded Work On Dumanis Campaign
Greg Moran @
Federal prosecutors on Thursday presented evidence that Mexican tycoon Jose Susumo Azano Matsura paid for a campaign services company to work on behalf of the 2012 mayoral campaign of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

Family Files Lawsuit After Police Kill California Man
Attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Friday on behalf of the family of Joseph Mann, who was fatally shot by Sacramento, California, police last month.

Trump Loses Ground Among Key Voter Groups, Tracking Poll Finds
Essential Politics

California Fish And Game Commission To Weigh In On Spotted Owl, Delta Bass
Ryan Sabalow @
The commissioners will consider conflicting testimony on Aug. 25 in Folsom from environmental groups and the timber industry on whether they should grant state endangered species protections for the northern spotted owl.

Loretta Sanchez Endorses In Race To Replace Her In Congress
Update on 'Essential Politics: California could implement lane-sharing guidelines for motorcyclists, suit filed against opponents of po...

State Orders Pressure Reduction In Gas Pipeline
Jeff MacDonald @
State regulators have ordered San Diego Gas & Electric to immediately reduce the pressure inside one of its gas pipelines, saying information they received from the utility convinced them the 16-inch line could no longer be operated at the higher capacity without risk.

Political Practices Commission Investigating D.A. Rackauckas Following Watchdog's Complaint
The state’s political watchdog has launched an investigation into whether Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas violated the Political Reform Act by failing to report charitable donations he used his influence to solicit, and by approving public funds to be spent promoting his chief of staff’s business partner.

San Bernardino County Reaches Resolution With Federal Government Over Disabled Students
The federal government has reached an agreement with San Bernardino County following an investigation of its treatment of students with disabilities in its court and community schools

Veteran Rep. Issa Could Face Rough Re-Election Bid
There are growing signs that veteran Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, could be headed for an election dogfight.

Lunada 'bay Boys' Surfer Gang Hit With Another Class-action Lawsuit
Lunada Bay Boys surfer gang hit with another class-action lawsuit

As Donald Trump Incites Feuds, Other G.O.P. Candidates Flee His Shadow
Some Republican strategists are prepared to create ads that concede the White House to Hillary Clinton and urge voters to support down-ballot candidates who would keep the party in charge of Congress.

California pro-gun group sues over suppressed blog post
A pro-gun group has filed a federal lawsuit against the California Legislature’s lawyer, claiming she violated the group’s First Amendment rights by suppressing a blog post that listed the home addresses and telephone numbers of 40 lawmakers. The Firearms Policy Coalition, a gun rights group that is funding the suit against state Legislative Counsel Diane Boyer-Vine, issued a statement Friday that accuses state officials of using an “unusual and unconstitutional” law to censor what its chief says is legitimate free speech, which is covered under the First Amendment. On July 1, the governor signed six gun control bills that had been passed by the Legislature, making it harder to buy ammunition and barring magazine clips that hold more than 10 rounds — measures that were designed to prevent mass shootings and curb violence in cities throughout California. In response, the state’s deputy legislative counsel, Kathryn Londenberg, sent a letter to Wordpress, which hosts the blog, demanding that it remove the lawmakers’ home addresses. “Publicly displaying elected officials’ home addresses on the Internet represents a grave risk to the safety of these elected officials,” Londenberg wrote in the letter, citing a state law that prohibits people from posting any official’s address or phone number on the Internet.

The Life Of Homeless Murders Suspect David Guerrero |
It was early July and a serial killer was attacking homeless men in their sleep.

Power System Failures Plague Bart's New Cars -
BART officials have said the faulty parts will be swapped out once a fix is found and that the issues won't jeopardize passenger safety or the projected rollout of the new $2.6 billion fleet.

Congressman Backs Libertarian Presidential Candidate in Campaign First
Representative Scott Rigell, a Republican who opposes Donald J. Trump, is the first member of Congress to throw his support to Gary Johnson.

In Complicated Ohio, Trump And Clinton Swap Voters As They Vie For A Key State
Ohio, a must-win state for Donald Trump, provides a test of each party's ability to steal the other's voters. For Trump, it's also a test of how badly dysfunction in his own party will hurt him.

Democratic Surge Shrinks GOP Lead - The Orange County Register
A surge in Democratic voter registration has cut Republicans’ advantage in Orange County to less than 6 percentage points and has doubled the number of Democratic cities over the past year.

Two More Enter Pleas In L.A. Coliseum Corruption Case
A former events manager of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum agreed Friday to serve six months in jail and pay $500,000 in restitution to the county under a plea bargain with prosecutors that closes a chapter in the long-running corruption case.

Julian Assange On Hacking Trump's Tax Returns: 'we're Working On It' - Politico
Bill Maher noted that WikiLeaks has not released anything hacked from the Trump campaign.

Trump’s Bad Week Worries Some Southern California Supporters
Today's high

Expo Line Doesn't Have Enough Rail Cars For Its Surging Ridership
Complaints abound on the highly popular Expo Line because the MTA doesn't have enough rail cars to accommodate everyone who wants to ride it.