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THE Nooner for July 17, 2016

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Good Sunday morning to you! Let's hope this week is better in the news than last week. Well, that just changed as the news came out that 7 officers have been shot and 3 are dead in Baton Rouge.

Is this the new normal? I don't know if I can handle this. And, we have the Republican National Convention, where protestors can bring guns, but not tennis balls or water guns. Without infringing on Second Amendment rights, I think even the most ardent gun rights activists would probably say that "leftists" in the protest areas near convention-goers shouldn't be armed. It's an invitation for disaster.

I am dispirited and it's hard to write about California politics. Fortunately, I had already written much when the news came across the wire.

... here's now-trivial content I wrote before the news:

I have to admit I was a little bored at lunch yesterday and decided I wanted to see what this Pokemon Go crap is all about. So, I downloaded it and later found myself walking around looking for Poke Balls and Pokemons. Across the street in Southside Park is a very popular spot. I've never seen so many people walking around in the park, particularly on a Saturday evening. It was a great way to get some sun and exercise. I hear Capitol Park is one of the most popular spots. I'll have to make it over there soon. 

SUNDAY AURAL PLEASURE: The California Politics Podcast takes a look at the Californians in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.

Speaking of Aural Pleasure, I hope you have been listening to John Dickerson's Whistlestop podcast on Slate. It chronicles great moments in presidential campaign history. He now has a book coming out August 2, and you can pre-order it now on Amazon, which I did this morning.

Whoops! I screwed up yesterday and listed Daniel Parra (D) in the CA21 race. It should have been Emilio Huerta (D). Here are the numbers:

CA21 (Kings):

  • *David Valadao (R)
    • Raised 5/19-6/30: $266,920.02
    • COH: $1,303,113.66
    • Debt: $0
  • Emilio Huerta  (D)
    • Raised 5/19-6/30: $142,406.83
    • COH: $57,473.30
    • Debt: $0

Meanwhile, most of the reports are now in the downloadable files so they have been added to the AroundTheCapitol district pages, or you can read them all on this page. Notably, we don't have the U.S. Senate reports haven't been posted yet.



FRONT ROW: The California delegation, all Trump supporters, will sit up front at the convention to help Republicans look united [Seema Mehta @ LAT]:

Californians will be in the front row when Donald Trump accepts the nomination at the Republican National Convention this week, according to seating charts released by the party.

The state’s prominent seating is both rare and strategic.

Presidential campaigns typically give priority to states that are competitive in the general election or have significant ties to the ticket or the party.

HOWEVER, RELEVANCE? Republican National Convention: Does California's delegation matter to the national GOP? [David Montego @ OCR]:

When the California Republican delegation lands in Cleveland this week ahead of the party’s nominating convention, it’ll head more than an hour west to the Kalahari Water Park Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, where members were assigned lodging by the Republican National Committee.

After that, most delegates will get on a bus and take another hourlong ride back into Cleveland to do party work on the convention floor.

It’s a round trip of about 120 miles. Each day. For four days.


SOLD: Ronald and Nancy Reagan's Bel-Air home sells to billionaire Jerry Perenchio for $15 million [Neal J. Leitereg @ LAT] - "The longtime Bel-Air home of former president Ronald Reagan and and his wife, Nancy, has sold for $15 million in an off-market deal. The buyer is Jerry Perenchio, the billionaire businessman and former chairman of Univision, according to records obtained by The Times."

HELP! After 25 years of taxation, California newspapers on verge of tax break [Jim Miller @ SacBee] - "The overhaul means that at least 53 percent of the subscription price for print-digital subscriptions will be assumed to reflect digital content, and thus nontaxable. The revised rule follows months of negotiations between the state Board of Equalization and newspaper publishers."

Well, that requires a revisit of California Uber Alles, the Disposable Hereos of Hiphopricy's remake of the classic Dead Kennedy's song, which chronicled the budget crisis of the early '90s with an attack on Governor Pete Wilson. -- "Sales tax, snack tax, excise tax. Information attack with a newspaper tax."



EYE CANDY: White Sox Give Away White Ponchos, Inadvertently Turn Stadium Into A Klan Rally [h/t Jon Fleischman]  

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Kevin EckeryHector Rivera!




  • The Los Angeles County Assessor's office is pleased to announce the Career Opportunity for Special Assistant, Assessor – Field Deputy (UC).  Please review the attached job bulletin for additional information. The job bulletin may also be accessed on the DHR website by following

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  • Introducing Jacobson & Zilber Strategies. Dave Jacobson and Maclen Zilber just launched a new communications and political consulting firm. For more information, visit
  • The Sierra Club-S
After 25 Years Of Taxation, California Newspapers On Verge Of Tax Break | The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller @
Lawmakers extended sales tax to newspapers amid budget crisis in 1991

French Billionaire Offers Free Code Education, Housing At 42 Usa - San Francisco Chronicle
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Is Rape A Violent Crime? Ag Kamala Harris Offers Two Definitions | The Sacramento Bee
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Annual California crime report shows huge increase in rapes

GOP's 'reality Show' Set To Begin In Cleveland -
If all goes according to the plan of Reince Preibus and other party pooh-bahs, the Republican National Convention starting Monday in Cleveland will be a stage-managed homage to Donald Trump as a worthy president and a four-day roasting of Hillary Clinton. But big questions remain as to how scripted any convention can be where delegates will nominate a man who has inspired white nationalists to travel all the way from California to Ohio to march in solidarity -- and where every living former Republican president and presidential candidate has decided to stay home.

Leader Of Effort To Overturn Gun Control Laws Is Enlisting Firearms Shops For Help
A San Diego-area businessman who filed papers seeking referenda to overturn six gun control laws said Saturday that he is part of a gro...

Republican National Convention: Does California's Delegation Matter To The National Gop? - The Orange County Register
When the California Republican delegation lands in Cleveland this week ahead of the party’s nominating convention, it’ll head more than an hour west to the Kalahari Water Park Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, where members were assigned lodging by the Republican National Committee.

Michael J. Virga Presided Over High-profile Cases As A Superior Court Judge | The Sacramento Bee
Cathy Locke @
Colleagues described Virga as a big man with keen intellect, kind demeanor

Keepers Of The Bud Split On California Marijuana Legalization - San Francisco Chronicle
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Trump On Baton Rouge Shooting: 'we Demand Law And Order' - Politico
The White House, meanwhile, said the president had been briefed on the situation.

President Obama speaks to his 2008 campaign 'from the future'

President Obama speaks to progressive Netroots Nation activists in a video where he shares wisdom "from the future" to the people of 2008.

As Solar Floods California Grid, Challenges Loom - San Francisco Chronicle
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Why Is Ken Calvert The Only Inland Republican Congressman Going To The Convention?
Today's high

California Congressman On Turkey Coup Tweet: 'i’m Not Pro-coup, But I’m Not Pro-erdogan Either'
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Ap News: The Orange County Register
The Associated Press @

What Donald Trump Must Do Before The End Of The GOP Convention - San Francisco Chronicle
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GOP Republican Convention: A Portrait Of Three Bay Area Delegates -
Claire Chiara

Legendary East Los Angeles Educator Jaime Escalante Honored With His Own Commemorative Stamp
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Police Shootings Add Momentum To Fresno Activism | The California Report | Kqed News
Even though Fresno is a city similar in size to Oakland, people rarely take to the streets in large groups to protest police shootings.

For Regular Crossers Of The U.s.-mexico Border, Waiting Is Part Of The Routine
Lines of red taillights greet Jerry Jackson each morning as he launches his commute to downtown San Diego. For the 34-year-old Tijuana resident, getting to work

Energy Guzzlers No More: Data Centers Finally Using Less Electricity, New Study Finds
America's data centers, the vast storehouses of computers that hold everything from Facebook pages to Netflix movies to billions of emails, were guzzling electricity at a ferocious rate, increasing air pollution and greenhouse gases as internet use grew by leaps and bounds.

There's essentially no chance that Donald Trump's campaign will raise $1 billion

There's a real chance he may not raise as much as McCain did in 2008.