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THE Nooner for July 15, 2016

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¡Buenos dias, amigos! Happy Friday! You made it! We're now halfway through the legislative recess before the August sprint. Today is also the federal campaign finance filing deadline for activity through June 30.

The state fiiing deadline is July 31, but we're starting to see filings. Here's an interesting one.  The pro-Proposition 8 committee is still $205,000 in debt, eight years after the measure was on the ballot.

Are you ready for the Republican National Convention? Trump announced, via Twitter, that he has indeed chose Indiana governor Mike Pence as his VP choice. Pence can exhale and withdraw his reelection filings by today's 12pm EDT deadline.

I have to admit that I watched far too much of their Rules Committee meeting yesterday. At the end of the very long day (they worked until 11pm), the Trump forces (supported by GOP chairman Reince Priebus) prevailed on all votes on rules changes. My favorite revelation about the convention - water guns are prohibited in the protest area, but real guns are allowed under Ohio's open carry law.

Below are the final top 25 resullts of The Nooner Election Contest. Congratulations to those placing in the top and thank you all for playing! I had to change the scoring methodology back to 2014 as I ran into programming challenges. However, with a manual check, the top 10 would have been the same.

$$$: Teachers Union Writes A $10-million Check For Income Tax Ballot Measure, Prop 55 [John Myers @ LAT] - "Backers of the effort to extend the lifespan of California's tax rates on the most wealthy boosted their campaign coffers Thursday, with a $10-million contribution from the California Teachers Assn."

ALARM! More CalPERS pension debt to hit taxpayers [Daniel Borenstein @ BANG] - "On Monday, Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos will release CalPERS' investment earnings for the fiscal year that ended June 30. We know roughly what he will say because he foreshadowed it last month. "We're likely to be flat, which is a nice way of saying zero, more or less," he warned the CalPERS board. Goose eggs. Zilch. No return on investment."

DEAL ME IN: Online poker is pitting Southern California tribal political power against itself [Jesse Marx @ Desert Sun] - "Hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue are at stake, and some of the most powerful interests in California cannot agree on who should be allowed a piece and when. Poker player and potential profiteers view the ongoing mediation as a victory in itself. What happens to [Adam] Gray’s bill in August, as legislators return from summer recess, will be the real test."



THE GOLDEN STATE IN PHILLY: Jerry Brown wants to take California’s ‘message to Philadelphia' [David Siders @ SacBee] - "Gov. Jerry Brown, a fourth-term Democrat whose political aspirations faded on the national stage after seeking the presidency three times, will seek to promote messages surrounding climate change, immigration and nuclear proliferation at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia."

CARBS: Brown’s ARB makes a sly and maybe risky move in carbon chess game [Dan Walters @ SacBee] - "Brown’s Air Resources Board issued a very lengthy, highly technical draft of new rules purporting to extend its cap-and-trade program, which issues and markets emission allowances, beyond the 2020 date now set in law."

The Politics of the Greenhouse Gas Law Extension [Joel Fox @ Fox & Hounds] - "Many in the business community feel fixes are needed to the current program before any extension is contemplated. Dorothy Rothrock, president of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association said in a release following the ARB announcement, “Manufacturing investments and jobs have lagged other states in the US over the past six years by a large margin. Future climate policies must recognize this reality and be designed to protect California’s manufacturing jobs and economy.”"

MAS AGUA POR FAVOR: How revenue losses played into decision to relax conservation rules in California [Ryan Sabalow @ SacBee] - "As water use plummeted because of the statewide conservation orders implemented last summer, many water agencies found themselves struggling to cover operating costs. Less water use has meant lower monthly utility bills, and for most utilities, there has been no correlating decline in basic operating costs, such as payroll, debt obligations and maintenance of pipes and treatment plants."

Amazon bringing 1,000 jobs to Sacramento [Dale Kasler @ SacBee] - "Online retailer confirmed Friday that it plans to open a 1,000-employee distribution center in Sacramento. The facility will be built at Metro Air Park, a development near Sacramento International Airport, said Sacramento County spokeswoman Chris Andis."

HOLY COW: Federal Budget Deficit Will Increase $162 Billion In 2016 [Politico] - "The White House said Friday the federal budget deficit is expected to be $600 billion in 2016, an increase of $162 billion from last year. The announcement in a mid-session review of the federal budget, noted the new estimate is $16 billion lower than projected in February."

Cue the anti-Obama folks. But, remember that the GOP passes the appropriation bills (sometimes). 

PRICE IS RIGHT? The Coming Conflict Over a Free CSU [Joe Mathews @ Fox & Hounds] - "Fearless prediction. The next big fight in California budgeting is coming, and it will be about a student movement to make public universities free. And it could scramble politics and budgeting in the state."

POP! Oakland: War of words arises from 'soda tax' measure [David DeBolt @ BANG] - "Three Oakland council members supporting a "soda tax" measure criticized the beverage industry on Thursday, calling their campaign misleading and accusing the opposition of targeting the city's black and Latino residents."

BIGGER NOT ALWAYS BETTER: LA City Hall panel backs new anti-McMansion law [Dakota Smith @ LADN] - "Amid complaints about so-called McMansions, the city’s Planning Commission voted for several sweeping changes to the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, a 2008 law governing the construction of new homes."

ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL: Why is the GOP thriving in Riverside County? [Jeff Horseman @ PE] - Local offices are "part of a GOP strategy to focus on winnable local races, since it has been shut out of state offices. The governor, lieutenant governor, both U.S. senators and other statewide elected officials are all Democrats."

It's an interesting strategy, as Riverside is now safe Democrat with Mark Takano, and Raul Ruiz is favored for reelection. But, by focusing on local offices, you avoid the partisan label on the ballot.





The Nooner Election Contest - Final top 25 results

1. Paul Mitchell - 505
2. Alan Yan - 490
3. Danny Friedman - 480
4. Derek Humphrey - 470
5. Ben Malley - 465
6. Jordan Gurnett - 460
7. Evan H - 445
8. Micah Scheindlin - 445
9. LegCounselAlex - 445
10. NewCarGuy - 440
11. Kirk Kimmelshue - 440
12. Ben Golombek - 440
13. betsy cotton - 435
14. Steven Maviglio - 435
15. Daniel Lopez - 435
16. M. Harry - 430
17. Colin Sueyres - 430
18. Maclen Zilber - 430
19. Jonco - 430
20. victor arranaga - 420
21. Yikes! - 415
22. Elections are no longer legitimate - 415
23. Charlie Harris - 415
24. SendIt - 415
25. Nurkis - 415

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Angela Toft!




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  • The Sierra Club-S
Teachers Union Writes A $10-million Check For Income Tax Ballot Measure, Prop 55
John Myers @
Backers of the effort to extend the lifespan of California's tax rates on the most wealthy boosted their campaign coffers Thursday, with a $10-million contribution from the California Teachers Assn.

Borenstein: More CalPERS Pension Debt To Hit Taxpayers
Daniel Borenstein @
The question now is whether the board of the California Public Employees' Retirement System will stanch the bleeding. Or will it continue to laden our children and grandchildren with higher taxes and reduced public services because of its failure to properly fund the retirement system now?

State Sen. Sharon Runner, co-author of Jessicaâ
SACRAMENTO — State Sen. Sharon Runner, who left the Legislature in 2012 to undergo a double lung transplant and three years later made a dramatic return to the Senate, died Thursday, her family said in a statement. The duo co-authored California’s Jessica’s Law, approved by voters in 2006 to restrict sex offenders from living near parks, schools and other places where children congregate. Before embarking on their political careers, the Runners co-founded Desert Christian Schools, which has grown to three campuses with nearly 1,700 students. After recovering, she won a special election last year and returned to the Senate. Sen. Runner was a role model for Republican women in politics, said Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto, who served with Sen. Runner on the board of California Women Lead, which helps women run for office.

Leader Of Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's PAC Has A History With Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom
Phii Willon @
Former Los Angles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s newly formed political action committee, which he says will combat the anti-immigrant rhetoric being stoked by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, has made an intriguing hire.

Natalie Gulbis Among GOP Convention Speakers With California Ties
David Siders @
Among the unconventional list of speakers that the Republican National Convention announced on Thursday was Natalie Gulbis, the professional golfer who was born and raised in the Sacramento area, and Kimberlin Brown, The Young and The Restless actress born in Hayward.

Vice-presidential candidates do win votes. But Mike Pence won't help Donald Trump win the election.

Trump doesn't need votes in Indiana. He needs them in swing states.

Who is Mike Pence? His political life, in photos
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced Friday on Twitter that he has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence emerged as a potential vice presidential candidate only in recent weeks, and early polls show that many voters have no opinion on him, as his stances on issues are relatively unknown outside Indiana and political circles. With the veep announcement official, POLITICO takes a look at Pence's career in politics, including his dozen years in the House and four years as Indiana’s governor.

Election 2016: Campaign Donations Spur The Spin From Honda, Khanna Camps
While eight-term incumbent Rep. Mike Honda narrowly lost the June primary to rival Ro Khanna, he outraised the Fremont attorney in the second quarter, between April 1 and June 30. Honda raised about $471,000 during that quarter, the first snapshot of post-primary fundraising, compared to Khanna's $319,000. But Honda still has less total cash available -- $951,000 -- than Khanna, whose war chest now totals $1,450,000.

You Can't Bring A Water Gun To Protest The Rnc, But You Can Bring An Ak-47
You can't bring a water gun to demonstrate outside the Republican National Convention, but you can bring an AK-47.

Pensions And Taxes :: Fox&hounds
To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: Here I go again!

Hillary Clinton: 'Most extreme vice presidential pick in a generation' | Campaign 2016

Shortly after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted his pick for vice president, rival Hillary Clinton's campaign posted this video to Facebook and Twitter, attacking Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.).

Statement on Plan to Extend Cap-and-Trade Taxes Without Legislative Approval
s controversial cap-and-trade tax program beyond its December 31, 2020 expiration date. This plan bypasses the Legislature in order to avoid the legally required two-thirds vote needed to continue...

Report: Foreclosures Below Pre-recession Levels -
Steve Milne @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Trump And Clinton Both See U.S. At War With Jihadists In Aftermath Of Attack In France
Donald Trump struck a bellicose posture on terrorism and immigration Thursday in the aftermath of the truck attack that killed scores o...

Federal Budget Deficit Will Increase $162 Billion In 2016
Politico Staff @
The White House said Friday the federal budget deficit is expected to be $600 billion in 2016, an increase of $162 billion from last year. The announcement in a mid-session review of the federal budget, noted the new estimate is $16 billion lower than projected in February.

Drivers Win $5-million Settlement In Latest Victory Against Trucking Companies
A group of trucking companies in Southern California will pay $5 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by drivers who alleged that they were improperly treated as independent contractors.

Chevron refinery fire prompts state to propose tougher rules
California oil refineries may soon see tighter safety controls under state regulations proposed Thursday, four years after a leaky pipe triggered a fire at Chevron’s Richmond plant and sent 15,000 people to the hospital with concerns about breathing bad air. The new rules are an effort to make the state’s 18 refineries safer for workers and neighboring communities by introducing new employee workplace standards and added checks intended to prevent chemical leaks. The regulations, jointly announced by the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the state Department of Industrial Relations, are the work of a group of government, business and community leaders convened after the August 2012 Richmond fire. Citing lax safety attitudes at the plant and a flawed response to the fire, the agency called for both refineries and regulators to do more. Chevron has acknowledged problems at the Richmond refinery, pleading no contest to six criminal charges arising from the 2012 fire and agreeing to pay $2 million in fines. [...] company officials rejected accusations that their “safety culture” encouraged “continued operation of a unit despite hazardous leaks.”

Neither Easy Nor Cheap To Send California Delegates To Rnc -
Ben Adler @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

UC President Allocates $3.3 Million To Combat UC Food Insecurity | The Daily Californian
On Monday, UC President Janet Napolitano approved $3.3 million in new funding over the next two years to combat food insecurity issues across the UC system.

GOP Lawmakers Ask For Feds To Investigate Clinton Foundation's Ties To For-profit College Chain - Politico
Dozens of House Republicans, led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, will ask the feds Friday to investigate the Clinton Foundation's ties to Laureate Education,...