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THE Nooner for July 5, 2016

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Good morning! It was actually a bit chilly on my morning walk. Sacramento on July 5? Wild. I have way too many friends in Mexico right now. Facebook is like a Rick Steve's gasm.

The presidential campaign continued to go downward today, as Hillary was exonerated on her email server usage, while Donald claimed it was a conspiracy. Is it too late for a do-over?

It's still pretty quiet over the Fourth of July holiday as reporters take deserved holidays.




NO BANANA IN MY TAILPIPE! Beverly Hills accused of driving homeless man out of town with private security [Gale Holland @ LAT] - "After a run-in with a city-funded private patrol, known to locals as “greenshirts,” Saville was charged with two misdemeanors and ordered to stay away from the restaurant. Saville’s friends call the charges bogus and merely a ploy to drive the 57-year-old homeless man out of town." 

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to UCLA's Mike Altschule and Glendale CC's Andra Hoffman




  • We are currently seeking experienced candidates for the position of Assistant Director of Government Relations for the California State Student Association (CSSA). This position informs and advises the Executive Director and Board of Directors on state and federal public policy matters that affect CSU students and public postsecondary education. The position is based in the CSSA Office in downtown Sacramento. This position works directly for CSSA but enjoys the full benefits of state employment through the California State University Chancellor's Office. For more job details, please apply
  • LEARN HOW TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE AT GOVERNMENTAL ADVOCACY. Capitol veteran Ray LeBov's Lobbying 101 & 201 seminars cover the total picture of lobbying in California and the people, processes and best practices you need to succeed. July 21-22, $275 each / $500 for both. Lobbying 101 covers the Legislative process and Legislative advocacy. Lobbying 201 explores the equally critical areas of Budget Advocacy, Regulatory Agency, Lobbying the Administration and Media Relations. Essential for lobbying firm principals / staff, organizations / agencies that employ lobbyists, newcomers to the profession. Information / registration:
  • Chariot LLC, GOP campaign firm, seeks experienced account support for campaigns in CA, NV through election day. Excellent writing and data skills. $6k to $10k/mo. San Francisco. Resume and cover to:
  • Sales and Administrative Positions for the General Election Cycle. Applicants should be reliable and have experience in political campaigns. Familiarity or experience with slate cards is helpful.  We are looking for self-starters who are able to work independently and as part of a team in our Long Beach office. Ability to demonstrate a positive attitude, attention to detail, and meeting deadlines is a must! Sales position requires some previous sales experience within the field of politics. Competitive salary, commensurate with experience. Email cover letter and resume to
  • California Housing Consortium is hiring a Communications & Policy Associate. Duties include external communications, social media, event-planning and policy work. Communications background needed, affordable housing knowledge a plus. Full time, salary around 50k DOE, generous benefits. More info here.

  • Finance Assistant for Frontline Congressional Democrat: The Finance Assistant will be responsible for managing low dollar events, staffing Sacramento call time and assisting with the implementation of the fundraising plan, both in district and nationwide, for a top-targeted Frontline Democrat. Send resume and cover letter to
  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Regional Political Organizers (Inland Empire and Silicon Valley). 85,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated political organizers, 3-5 yrs political/union experience. Competitive salary and benefits package. Resume, letter, 3 references:

  • Subscribe to the Capitol Morning Report and closely follow who’s doing what each day in California government and politics. We list news conferences, legislative hearings, state board meetings and other events. Plus we add in community news and announcements from political campaigns. More info at

California State Bar Overhaul Caught Up In Cross-capitol Conflict | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
State Bar both regulator of lawyers and trade association

Gig work isnâ
Drawing from a mix of census numbers and government labor and economic statistics, it concludes that 29 percent of employees are part of the gig economy — roughly the same percentage as in 2000. [...] wage employment in San Francisco has grown faster than self-employment. Most part-time workers in San Francisco — 53 percent — are concentrated in low-wage industries such as food service and retail, as well as education and health care. Among self-employed workers, 29 percent work in business and professional services, a category that includes software developers, lawyers and architects. The report does include data from the JPMorgan Chase Institute, which studied income sent from online platforms to its checking customers. “For this reason, we may conclude that, to this point, online platforms have had relatively little role in shifting people from full- or part-time work into self-employment, and are not enabling a wholesale shift from wage work to a ‘1099 economy’” — a reference to the Internal Revenue Service form businesses have to fill out when they pay a nonemployee more than $600 a year. Lawrence Mishel, an economist at the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., who studies labor markets, said the study’s “big takeaway is that San Francisco doesn’t stand out as being all that much of a special home for self employment or so-called gig work, and that digital platform work is just a small part of a broader set of employment practices.” Supervisor Mark Farrell, who requested the report, emphasized that while the percentage of San Francisco workers in the gig economy has remained constant over the past decade, the sheer number of people in that sector has grown as the city’s population has increased.

Northeast Fresno Water Issues Confound City, State Investigators | Fresno Bee
Tim Sheehan @
Galvanized pipes and treated surface water are common denominators

The Debate Over Marijuana Legalization And Kids - California Health Report
Lisa Renner @
By Lisa Renner

Where Do Southern California Republican Elected Officials, Candidates Stand On Donald Trump?
Today's high

Earthquake Warning System Could Alert Public Before Shocks Are Felt | The Daily Californian
An early-warning system developed by UC Berkeley researchers accurately detected the magnitude 6 earthquake that shook Napa on Sunday morning 10 seconds before it struck, spurring hopes for damage control and injury prevention in future emergencies.

After 150 Years, Ku Klux Klan Sees Opportunities In U.S. Political Trends
Associated Press @
Born in the ashes of the smoldering South after the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan died and was reborn before losing the fight against civil rights in the 1960s.

End Citizens United Aggressively Seeks Campaign Finance Reform - San Francisco Chronicle
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What You Need To Know About The Risks Of Marijuana
Today's high

Lawmakers Push Bipartisan Bill To Free Americans Imprisoned In Iran - Politico
GOP Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, plans to introduce a resolution Wednesday calling on Iran to free Siamak Namazi and...

Fire, Screams, Then A Ladder To The Rescue In Locke | The Sacramento Bee
Loretta Kalb and Jessica Hice @
Three people escape upstairs apartments after fire erupts in historic, wooden town

The big 'misunderstanding' at the center of Donald Trump's presidential campaign

The 'where-there's-smoke-there's-fire' campaign.

California Budget Includes $10 Million For Earthquake Early Warning System | The Daily Californian
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget Monday that includes $10 million funding for a statewide earthquake early warning system designed by members of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.

Full Transcript: Politico's Glenn Thrush Interviews Nate Silver - Politico
POLITICO's Glenn Thrush has a conversation with Nate Silver about the 2016 elections and more.

Oakland Council Pins Big Hopes On Tiny Houses For Needy Families - San Francisco Chronicle
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Have Beverly Hills 'greenshirts' Run A Homeless Man Out Of Town?
Residents and patrons accuse Beverly Hills of using a private security force to drive a homeless man out of town.