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THE Nooner for June 15, 2016

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CLOSING TIME: I screwed up yesterday and wrote that the budget vote was on Thursday. Of course, it must be done today, otherwise legislators would lose a day of pay under Proposition 25.

It will be a pro forma vote starting at 3pm in both houses on a partisan basis, unlike the past experiences that many of us remember, since only a simple majority is required. Oh, the days of Debra Bowen or Maurice Johannessen holding out for specific items. 

Republicans will oppose it claiming overspending and Democrats will grudgingly vote for it despite wishes for higher revenue estimates and more spending. It's a Jerry Brown budget, leaving nobody happy (except the guv).

Budget reform has done a lot by moving to a simple majority vote. While it has made Republicans and some moderate Democrats irrelevant, it's also a great Exhale for them. They didn't want the consequences of voting for the budget (either because of overspending, abortion, or underspending), but knew it had to happen. We have moved fron a budget cycle ending in September--literally the state running of money--to June, with a spending plan reassuring Wall Street.

Why do I talk about Wall Street? As you may know, I spent 20 years as an advocate for community colleges, including 8 years as CEO of the association. Many districts rely on property taxes (which arrive in December and April) to keep the doors open. Thus, we had to turn to those "evil" banks--many now gone--to keep the doors open for students through TRANs--tax and revenue anticipation notes. The longer or uncertainy of the budget delay, the higher the interest rate that borrowing districts had to pay. That was through no cause of there own, and the state didn't reimburse it.

Life under Proposition 25 is much better for local agencies that receive money from the state. There are flaws in Proposition 25, and this is one of them. We have legislators who arrive quite wealthy. Meanwhile, others need the salaries for them and their families (if they have them) to survive. Sometimes withholding salaries is good, but it can have consequences that aren't always good--for either party. 

Lobbyists love and hate the delayaed process. Som saw it as #WINNING while some saw it as #SNOOZING on the clients' dime. Commentators often pointed to corporate clients, although I believe they were as less frequent as labor/personnel interests. But, I can only look at money and actions. 



Meanwhile, as my friend John Myers points out, there are 2.0 million ballots to count.

REACTION: California Democrats push Congress, again, for gun control votes [Sarah D. Wire] - "Specifically, lawmakers used a procedural move in an attempt to get their colleagues to vote to prevent people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from being able to purchase a gun. Given Republican control of Congress and a years-long logjam on anything related to guns, the push was symbolic." 


I figured out the missing addition to the Sofa Degree list, thanks to the great pollster Paul Goodwin:


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblywoman Nora Campos, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, and LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang!




  • Sales and Administrative Positions for the General Election Cycle. Applicants should be reliable and have experience in political campaigns. Familiarity or experience with slate cards is helpful.  We are looking for self-starters who are able to work independently and as part of a team in our Long Beach office. Ability to demonstrate a positive attitude, attention to detail, and meeting deadlines is a must! Sales position requires some previous sales experience within the field of politics. Competitive salary, commensurate with experience. Email cover letter and resume to
  • California Housing Consortium is hiring a Communications & Policy Associate. Duties include external communications, social media, event-planning and policy work. Communications background needed, affordable housing knowledge a plus. Full time, salary around 50k DOE, generous benefits. More info here.

  • University of California, Riverside Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental & Community Relations - The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental and Community Relations serves as the chief government and community relations officer as well as the lead campus advocate for the University of California, Riverside, its mission and purpose. Primary emphasis is placed on building and maintaining strong support for the campus at all levels of the federal, state and local government and community through relationships with the supporters and public stakeholders of the University of California, Riverside. While it is expected that the incumbent will keep strong and open communication with other members of the campus' senior leadership team, this position reports directly to the Chancellor. To apply for this position please go to the following: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental and Community Relations or

  • California Partnership to End Domestic Violence: Full-time Policy Coordinator on Public Policy Team: This Sacramento-based position coordinates public policy & systems change efforts with our statewide membership. Range: starting at $23/hour, DOE. Minimum qualifications: (A) Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy, Public Administration or related field (or equivalent experience); (B) Two years’ experience advocating for public policy and systems change; (C) Experience advancing policy with membership coalition or professional association desired. Click here for more information about the position and qualifications. Submit cover letter and resume to: Position closes June 20, 2016.
  • Southern California Democratic Member of Congress seeking full-time finance director. Applicant should be self-starter, able to work independently as well as in consultation with senior staff. Responsibilities include planning fundraising events, organizing call time, pledge collection and compliance with campaign finance regulations. Must also be available to attend political events and assist local Party efforts. Finance director works out of Los Angeles-area political office. Candidate should have at least one year of campaign/government/fundraising experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Email resume to
  • SEIU CA Job Announcement: Gov’t Relations Advocate (Lobbyist)
    The Gov’t Relations Advocate of SEIU CA is responsible for lobbying on legislative, budget and regulatory matters affecting SEIU Public Sector Locals and members. The position will work closely with the SEIU Local Union leaders and staff on legislative, budget and regulatory advocacy. BA and 2 years political or lobbying experience required.Competitive salary and excellent benefits are provided including comprehensive health insurance, defined benefit pension plan, and car allowance. How to Apply: Email a cover letter, resume and 3 references to Chris Hansen (<a ""> by Friday, May 27, 2016.
  • CA Charter Schools Association - Manager, Political Infrastructure Development (Los Angeles or Sacramento).Provides operational, management, and strategic support toward our effort to build out political infrastructure in communities throughout California. Works closely with charter leaders and directly manages local Political Action Committees (PACs) in regions all over the state.
  • Immediate Opening for Stellar Support Staff to act as "Assistant to CEO" & Leg Aide for small nonprofit. Reliable, smart, great communication/writing/computer & people skills! 35 hrs/week (Fridays off) $18/hr to start. Great benefits. Near the Capitol, parking paid. Send resume & letter of interest to

  • Finance Assistant for Frontline Congressional Democrat: The Finance Assistant will be responsible for managing low dollar events, staffing Sacramento call time and assisting with the implementation of the fundraising plan, both in district and nationwide, for a top-targeted Frontline Democrat. Send resume and cover letter to
  • Consumer Watchdog is seeking an excellent writer and persuasive communicator to join our Santa Monica office as a Consumer Advocate. Comfort speaking to the public, opinion leaders, policymakers and the media required. Video and graphic skills a plus. Respond if you are passionate about working for justice.

  • Office Space for Rent
    Quiet location two blocks away from Capitol.  Share space with a professional services firm.  Up to three offices in six-office suite
    (2,300 sqft).  Conference room, copy/printer room, reception, kitchenette, janitorial, parking.  Terms are negotiable. 1510 14th Street, Sacramento. (916) 444-7158.

  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Regional Political Organizers (Los Angeles and Bay Area). 85,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated political organizers, 3-5 yrs political/union experience. Competitive salary and benefits package. Resume, letter, 3 references:

  • Subscribe to the Capitol Morning Report and closely follow who’s doing what each day in California government and politics. We list news conferences, legislative hearings, state board meetings and other events. Plus we add in community news and announcements from political campaigns. More info at

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SACRAMENTO – Another $63 million was added Tuesday to the cost of California’s high-speed rail project and the completion date for the first 29-mile leg was pushed back 17 months to August 2019, after the state won a lawsuit that had tied up land needed for construction for 4 1/2 years.

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State version of earned-income tax credit was created in 2015-16 budget

Delays From Lawsuit Cost High-speed Rail Cost $63 Million, 17 Months | Fresno Bee
Another $63 million was added Tuesday to the cost of California's high-speed rail project and the completion date for the first 29-mile leg was pushed back 17 months to August 2019, after the state won a lawsuit that had tied up land needed for construction for 4½ years.

Supervisor’s Race Still In Question As La County Election Ballots Continue To Be Counted
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New Cybercrime Investigation Unit Restored To County Budget After Sheriff's Appeal - The Orange County Register
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens rescued a proposed cybercrime investigations unit from being cut out of next year’s budget on Tuesday when she told supervisors that local businesses are being increasingly hacked, defrauded and ransomed by online scammers.

Budget Deal Would Drop Transparency Requirements For New Accounting System
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House Panel Votes To Censure Koskinen - Politico
Earnest criticized Republican lawmakers for preventing efforts to pass gun control legislation after other mass shooting incidents.

Spending Bill Sets Off Senate Debate Over Gun Laws
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