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THE NOONER for May 21, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Healthcare Union Submits Signatures For Ballot Battle Over Hospital Ceo Salaries
One of California’s most vocal unions representing healthcare workers appears poised to make good on a long-standing threat: to ask vot...

Sacramento Landlord Offers Free Rent To Promising Companies | The Sacramento Bee
Bob Shallit @
Sacramento property owner Ethan Conrad is sponsoring a competition for free rent

In This Glendale Assembly District, Armenian Americans Could Be Key
Essential Politics

Oil Industry Money Flowing Into San Jose State Senate Race
Paul Rogers and Eric Kurhi @
A coalition of oil companies, including Chevron, Valero and Tesoro, this month contributed $339,000 to fund TV ads, website work and other services for Assemblywoman Nora Campos, D-San Jose. The group, which calls itself "Coalition to Restore California's Middle Class," is seeking to oust the incumbent in the race, state Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose.

Domestic workers speak out to make overtime requirement permanent
California already has a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights to ensure overtime pay, but that law has a sunset provision and will expire next year. [...] domestic workers organizations are campaigning for the approval of SB1015, which would make the Bill of Rights permanent. Nannies, housekeepers, cooks, child care workers, personal assistants and caregivers working in private homes are entitled to the $10 minimum wage under state law, but a recent survey by Mujeres Unidas y Activas found that some domestic workers were being paid as little as $15 for an eight-hour shift. “We found many cases of domestic workers that, due to their legal status, were afraid of demanding fair wages because they needed the job and because they feared being fired,” López said. Hina Shah, director of the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic, a nonprofit organization that gives legal support to domestic workers, said workers should not fear denouncing abuses because they are protected from employer retaliation under the Trust Act, a bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2013. Shah said that employers who threaten workers with calling immigration because of their legal status are subject to serious penalties, including losing their business license and fines of up to $10,000. [...] the Bill of Rights has helped many workers gain fair pay and dignity, said Lindsay Imai Hong, leader of Hand in Hand: According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, from July 1, when the Bill of Rights took effect, until April, 281 domestic workers’ wage complaints were either settled, resolved or closed because of plaintiffs’ lack of following up through the process. [...] several home care companies argue that the Bill of Rights has hurt their business and ability to provide affordable services to their clients. Opponents to making the Bill of Rights permanent include the California Association for Health Services at Home, an organization that represents more than 500 home health and home care agencies, and companies Care to Stay Home and Comfort Keepers. Braden Oparowski, director of policy, advocacy and public affairs at the Association for Health Services, said the Bill of Rights has affected clients’ access to in-home caregivers becauseof a rise in costs caused in part by the bill’s overtime pay requirement.

Clinton Campaign’s Money Machine Dominates Trump And Sanders In Latest Fec Reports

Meanwhile, the reports laid bare the challenge facing Donald Trump, who is now focused on the general election. Clinton has far outpaced Trump in spending to build a campaign infrastructure and in building financial reserves for the long race to Election Day in November. Each campaign is expected to spend $1 billion or more in their quest to win the White House.

Gov. Brown Turns In Signatures On Parole Ballot Measure
Gov. Jerry Brown, still awaiting word on the legality of his plan to revamp the state’s parole laws, nonetheless submitted petition sig...

Mayor Had To Replace Suhr, Analysts Say - San Francisco Chronicle
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Farm Hiring In Fresno County Helps Push Unemployment Below 10 Percent In April | Fresno Bee
BoNhia Lee @
Agricultural season began with 6,400 jobs

Socalgas Under Investigation For Use Of Estimates In Customer Bills - The Orange County Register
State utility regulators said Friday they have launched an investigation into Southern California Gas Co.’s billing practices as the utility confirmed tens of thousands of customers will face larger, multi-month bills due to recent delays in issuing payment statements.

Domestic Workers Speak Out To Make Overtime Requirement Permanent - San Francisco Chronicle
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Why Insurers Oppose A Fantastic Proposal To Let California Women Have A Year's Supply Of Birth Control
Women who get a 12-month supply of birth control have fewer unintended pregnancies and far fewer abortions

Political Rifts Over Bill Clintonâ
Some states are limiting cash benefits for families, rekindling concerns — some on the Democratic campaign trail — about a law signed 20 years ago.

Is Clinton ready for the Wild West campaign of Donald Trump?

Can a traditional candidate defeat the most unconventional candidate seen in years?

Trump At Nra: 'we're Getting Rid Of Gun-free Zones' If I'm Elected | Thehill
Harper Neidig @
View the discussion thread.

Trains Are Packed As Metro's Expo Line Extension To Santa Monica Opens
Crowds flock to ride the rails as Metro's Expo Line extension to Santa Monica opens.

After Nevada Chaos, Dems Propose New Rules For State Conventions - Politico
Dubbing her "Heartless Hillary" Clinton, Trump cast the 2016 election in stark terms as a contest with long-lasting implications for gun enthusiasts...

Donald Trump's tax rate isn't the only thing that's 'none of your business'

The GOP presidential contender has employed this rhetorical device before.

Lawyer: Fresno Police Shoot Without Fear Of Reprisal | Fresno Bee
Pablo Lopez @
Attorney Arturo Gonzalez says reports, documents for upcoming trial prove his point