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THE NOONER for May 20, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

UC Berkeley Law Student Nominated To Serve On Board Of Regents
Katy Murphy @
Monge, the oldest of eight children and a first in his family to attend college, served as student body president at UC Santa Barbara and graduated in 2011 with a dual degree in sociology and global studies, according to the university. He earned a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University before returning to California for law school.

Law Allows Women To Obtain Birth Control Without Prescription, But Few Pharmacies Offer Service | State Of Health | Kqed News
It’s been more than 18 months since California’s governor signed a law allowing pharmacists to distribute birth control without a prescription.

Strickland Admits Guilt, Agrees To $40,000 Fine | The Sacramento Bee
Taryn Luna @
The former legislator admitted his part in a campaign finance scheme

S.F. Supervisors Kim And Wiener Battle For State Senate Seat | Election 2016 | News Fix | Kqed News
The two leading candidates for the District 11 seat are Jane Kim and Scott Wiener. Both are San Francisco supervisors, but peel back the layers and you can see some big differences between them.

Lawmakers Turn In Signatures For Ballot Measure To Overhaul Death Penalty System - The Orange County Register
SANTA ANA – Local law enforcement leaders met at the Orange County Registrars Office Thursday to present 30,000 local signatures backing a ballot measure to overhaul California’s delay-plagued death penalty system.

Judge: California Delta Land Deal Can Move Forward | The Sacramento Bee
Southern California's largest water supplier can move ahead with plans to buy sprawling farmland that could be used to help build twin tunnels far to the north through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, a judge ruled Thursday.

LAPD Union Sues Chief Charlie Beck Over 'corrupting Influence' In Discipline Process
The Los Angeles Police Protective League announced Thursday plans to file a federal lawsuit against Police Chief Charlie Beck who they alleged has manipulated LAPD’s officer-discipline process.

California Sees Flood Of New Voters Spurred By Presidential Race - San Francisco Chronicle
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La City Council Backs $8.7 Billion Budget Including Help For Homeless
Today's high

California Assembly OKs Proposed Notice To Police In Videos |
ALISON NOON Associated Press @
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Once charmed, Police Chief Greg Suhr now makes a troubled exit
To the community activists who broke up meetings with chants calling for his resignation, former San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr was a symbol of an antiquated and unaccountable way of policing. To many rank-and-file officers, Suhr was a cop’s cop, someone they trusted to lead them in a climate of heightened scrutiny of law enforcement. [...] to city insiders, he was a political marvel — the “Teflon” chief to whom no controversy could stick, whose charm and savvy and successes won him the protection of those with the clout to keep him around. Mayor Ed Lee, his longtime ally who appointed him in 2011, asked him in a City Hall meeting to resign, hours after one of his officers shot and killed an apparently unarmed black woman near the Bayview neighborhood. In his five years as chief, Suhr, 57, oversaw 21 fatal officer-involved shootings, two scandals involving officers exchanging racist and homophobic text messages, an epidemic of car burglaries that made national news, and at least two allegations of retaliating against subordinates. Perhaps the lasting image of Suhr will be his practice of holding community town halls in the days after police shootings, in which he would try to explain what happened — and often come under a chaotic barrage of condemnation. “It just seemed like the harder he tried, for some reason or another, another misfortune or mishap would occur on his watch,” said Police Sgt. Yulanda Williams, the president of a black officers’ association called Officers for Justice. Suhr, a native San Franciscan, followed a typical trajectory for city natives heading into policing, graduating from St. Ignatius High and the University of San Francisco before rising through the ranks. In 2003, when he was a deputy chief, he was one of the command staff members indicted for allegedly conspiring to obstruct the investigation into what became known as Fajitagate, when three off-duty cops were accused of beating up two men for their Mexican takeout. Two years later, after Suhr came under fire for his handling of an anarchist protest that ended with an officer suffering a fractured skull, then-Chief Heather Fong demoted him as head of patrol and put him in charge of overseeing security for the city’s water supply, Fong demoted Suhr from deputy chief to captain in 2009 after he didn’t immediately report a case of domestic violence. While property crime surged, the federal public defender’s office accused officers of targeting black drug offenders in a sting operation. [...] a judge ruled that Suhr could not discipline the officers in the texting case because he had waited too long to take action. In December, after the fatal shooting of Mario Woods was caught on video, calls for Suhr’s resignation began in earnest. “Greg was a great guy, great chief, great cop,” said Gary Delagnes, a former president of the Police Officers Association who still consults for the group.

Borenstein: Schools Withhold Key Tax Information From Ballot -
Bonds are essentially loans. They must be paid back. When voters support state bonds for something like, say, high-speed rail construction the repayments come from existing funds.

Judge Quotes Movies To Rebuke Justice Dept. Lawyers In Obama Immigration Case - Politico
A federal judge slapped an extraordinarily unusual order against Justice Department lawyers on Thursday, saying they misled him about details of President...

Many California Cities Predict No Conservation Requirements Under New Water Rules | The Sacramento Bee
Ryan Sabalow and Phillip Reese @
New regulations let water districts set their own conservation standards

Plastic Bag Industry Submits Second California Ballot Measure -
Ben Adler @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Big Challenge For Sanders To Get California Independents To Vote | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Bernie Sanders campaign volunteers register a voter Wednesday afternoon before a campaign rally in Vallejo. Ben Adler/Capital Public Radio/California Counts

In San Jose, Sanders Spells Out Campaign Differences With Clinton - San Francisco Chronicle
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Big Challenge For Sanders To Get California Independents To Vote -
Ben Adler @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Aclu: Asset Seizures Hit Minority Communities Harder |
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Raising Wages :: Fox&hounds
However, there is a way for employees of all stripes to get a pay increase without affecting a businesses bottom line. Unfortunately, because of the increased burdens California businesses face more businesses are looking at this benefit for their employees: Move to a state with no income tax.

Gun Control: California Senate Passes Sweeping New Restrictions On Firearms Owners
Jessica Calefati @
The Senate approved measures that would regulate the sale of ammunition, make several changes to the assault weapons ban lawmakers passed almost two decades ago and close a loophole that allows anyone to borrow a gun for up to 30 days without background checks. Democrats acted over the objections of Republicans, who argued that the new rules would unfairly punish law-abiding gun owners.