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THE NOONER for May 16, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Kamala Harris And Loretta Sanchez Look To Raise Name I.d. And Court Sanders Voters
New ads, one featuring Elizaneth Warren, show the varied political needs of Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, the two leading U.S. Senate candidates

Ucsd's $2 Billion Capital Campaign Off To Rough Start |
UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla says the university will be able to raise $2 billion in private donations over a 10 year period. — Charlie Neuman

California Faces Conflicts Over Billions In School Bonds | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Contractors seek to keep payments for illegal contracts

Self-financing Campaign All The Way Would Have Been A Stretch For Trump - Wsj
Peter Grant and Brody Mullins @
Donald Trump, after long saying his self-financed campaign shielded him from special interests, is preparing to start raising large donations. He reversed course, he said in early May, to ensure his campaign has the resources to compete with Hillary Clinton.

Texas man wins the Bay to Breakers with a run time of 35 mins, 23 secs
The costumed participants in the race, so-called, were heavy this year on all things scary, such as political candidates. The early arrivals for the race, which has attracted 1.8 million runners since it began in 1912, negotiated a maze of steel barricades, outhouses, homeless folks in doorways, cops, guards and more outhouses. Runners were bound by race rule 142 (Competitors must wear clothing that is clean, designed and worn so as not to be objectionable) although it was not clear how that applied to a zombie with spikes coming out of his head. [...] that was the case because Isaac Mukundi of Grand Prairie, Texas, crossed the finish line with a time of 35 minutes and 23 seconds, exactly one second ahead of second-place finisher Tsegay Tuemay Weldlibanos of Tampa, Fla. At the finish line, the winners and the tens of thousands of runners behind them were fully entitled to receive shiny finisher’s medals, energy bars, freebies, loud music and all the bananas they could consume on the premises. While fleet of foot, the 2016 winners were well off the course record set in 2009 by the legendary Sammy Kitwara of Kenya who, in 2009, crossed the finish line in 33 minutes and 31 seconds without benefit of an outhouse. In the sidestreets of the South of Market area were waiting hordes of unregistered runners who traditionally slip into the passing throng and run for free, dodging course marshalls along the way who are empowered to kick them out. Other course marshalls were watching for folks relieving themselves without benefit of outhouse, another iconic element of the race despite the “no public urination” signs. Cops tucked away in strategic spots monitored the passing runners to make sure that the stuff they were hydrating with was the stuff they were supposed to be hydrating with. Jim Guida and his brother, Ralph, were running as the movie icons, the Blues Brothers. Dennis Bott was Hulk Hogan (he gets people excited) and John Hearney ran with a basketball hoop on his head that strangers kept trying to dunk various items into, to his growing annoyance. [...] in the mix were T-shirted members of something called “Team F— It Up,” a Rubik’s Cube, an ersatz Golden State Warriors strarting five, a woman wearing a T-shirt that said “Sometimes I Open my Mouth and My Mother Comes Out,” along with any number of Batmen, Supermen and Spidermen. Halfway through the course, on the fabled, fearsome Hayes Street Hill, all the extra weight from all the heavy costumes were making their owners work twice as hard as their fellow runners in lycra. A dozen people carried a 20-foot-long Star Destoyer spaceship from the Star Wars film franchise. Instead of blasting out laser weapons, it blasted out dance music, attracting hordes of other runners who danced beside the space ship as they ran.

Lots Of Transportation Tax Measures Are Headed To November Ballot | The Sacramento Bee
Tony Bizjak @
Tony Bizjak writes about traffic and travel in the Sacramento region

State Found Lapses In Infection Control At UCLA And Cedars
After superbug outbreaks last year involving a hard-to-clean medical scope, state health inspectors descended on two of Los Angeles’ largest hospitals and found numerous safety violations that appeared to put far more patients at risk.

Poll: Majority Supports Sanders-like Health Care Plan - Politico
"It's not like none of the above is a potential option," the Republican governor said in an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe.

California November Ballot Will Have As Many As 18 Measures
As the final week of initiative scrambling begins, California's November ballot could feature as many as 18 measures

Fatal Drug Overdoses Reach 10-year High In Orange County - The Orange County Register
The number of people dying of drug overdoses in Orange County has soared to the highest levels in at least a decade.

Protesters Stage Sit-in At Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility
About 20 environmental activists staged a sit-in Sunday afternoon at the entrance to the troubled Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in the San Fernando

As Dollars Dwindle For Roads, Gridlock Seems Assured |
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This Is Actually Happening. Senators Are Doing Their Jobs, Moving Bipartisan Bills.

In a political year notable for its rancor, the Senate is finding a rare bit of harmony when it comes to its spending work.

GOP Chairman Says 'people Just Don't Care' About Misogyny Allegations Against Donald Trump
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Southern California Edison Plugging Into Electric-vehicle Charging Market
Today's high

Missouri, and why Voter ID laws might be here to stay

The state was an early adopter, but had its law struck down. Now, it joins a very crowded group of states with such laws.

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Aaa's Grip Forcing Tow Companies Out Of Business, Owners Say
Annie Sciacca @
It's a battle with parallels to one being waged with Uber and other 'gig economy' companies that rely heavily on contractors. And some believe it may also be affecting the response motorists can expect when their cars break down and they turn to the ubiquitous AAA membership card for help.

How Bee Rampage Terrorized Neighborhood, Killed 2 Dogs - San Francisco Chronicle
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Prosecutors: Rep. Fattah Took Illegal $1 Million Campaign Loan - Politico
New transcripts released by panel Democrats ratchet up the fight over how long the congressional investigation is taking.