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THE NOONER for May 15, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Jerry Brown Sees Budget Trouble For California, Wants To Hold Line | The Sacramento Bee
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Governor cuts revenue estimate in revised budget

Initiative Reform Law Faces Key Test With Guns
Today's high

Bronzed Bill Walton Is San Diego Gold Standard |
Bill Walton stands with the new bronze statue of himself during its unveiling event at Mission Bay's Ski Beach. — Charlie Neuman / San Diego Union-Tribune

Warmer Waters Bring Loggerhead Turtles To Southern California
As fishermen and scientists chase tropical tuna and marlin that have drifted into San Diego's unusually warm waters during the past two years, they've encountered something else they've never seen: flotillas of loggerhead sea turtles bobbing off the California coast.

Ag Says CpUC Probe Hasn't Stalled |
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Industry Spending To Beat A Pharmaceutical Initiative Could Set A New Standard For 'drug Money'
Industry spending to beat a drug-pricing ballot measure may exceed $100 million, setting a record

Santa Clara Mayor: City Is Spending Tax Dollars On Levi's Stadium Events -
But two years after Levi's Stadium opened its gates, Mayor Lisa Gillmor says some costs for police and firefighter staffing at the stadium continue to go unreimbursed at a cost to the city's general fund -- a violation of the voter-approved Measure J, which shielded against spending the public's money on stadium construction or operations. The mayor ordered a $200,000 audit to determine just how much money has gone to the stadium and whether it's been paid back.

Bay Area's Lone Republican State Legislator Can't See Voting Trump

Hundreds March In Hollywood Demanding Action On City's Homeless Crisis
hundreds of demonstrators march in hollywood demanding city officials take action to end homeless crisis

Donald Trump Faces Long Odds In Heavily Democratic Sonoma County And California | The Press Democrat
California has gone Democrat for president since 1992, when Bill Clinton denied George H. W. Bush a second term. In 1988, the state went for Bush over Democrat Michael Dukakis, who carried only 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Manufacturing Booming In Old And New Ways During High-tech Era - San Francisco Chronicle
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Will Doctors Choose To Prescribe Lethal Drugs Under California's New Aid-in-dying Law? -
But will they?

Is it legal for North Carolina's attorney general to not defend the state's bathroom law?

Some see an anti-democratic trend. But attorneys general have to abide by federal law, too.

Foster Child Says He Was Held In L.A. County Juvenile Hall For A Month Without Charges
A Los Angeles County foster youth alleges he was held for 28 days without charges in a county juvenile hall, and that his social worker did not respond to calls seeking help.

If the 2016 presidential candidates were â

Understanding the race through the lens of the many personalities of the Seven Kingdoms.

Beating Survivor Bryan Stow Thanks La County Trauma Unit For Saving Him
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In South Bay, A Honda-khanna Rematch Is Unfolding - San Francisco Chronicle
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Boris Johnson Compares Eu To Nazi Superstate – Politico
Whether aging war criminals ever serve prison time is secondary to them being found guilty based on the evidence.

In Oakland Police Scandal, Suspicions Of Suicide, Murder, Underage Sex
David DeBolt @
Three officers were placed on paid leave this week, months after Officer Brendan O'Brien committed suicide and left a note spilling the details -- including names.