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THE NOONER for May 8, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

California Republicans Hope All Politics Is Local | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Neither Senate Minority Leader Jean Fuller of Bakersfield nor Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley have endorsed Trump yet.

Aclu Wins Access To 12,000 Internal Prison Documents On California's Plans For Lethal Injection
A court fight delaying approval of a new method for executing inmates in California ended this week with the release of 12,000 internal prison documents about

Duncan Hunter's Campaign Spent On Groceries, Gas |
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President Trump? It Could Happen - San Francisco Chronicle
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Tough Going For New Groundwater Regulations | Kqed Science

A Lost Gem? New Mojave Trails Monument Rules Appear To Bar Rock Hunting
President Obama's proclamation of a new national monument he designated in California's Mojave Desert has rock hounds worried they are no longer welcome on

Officer From Fatal Shooting Fires Into Crib |
Damage to the crib from the officer's bullet.

Letter from Washington: Trump and Clinton Campaigns Gear Up for a Slugfest
Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump both arouse strong feelings and play tough. But an ugly campaign could cause problems for the next president.

Palin Says She'll Campaign Against Paul Ryan - Politico
Sarah Palin blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan in an interview aired Sunday, vowing to campaign for his Wisconsin GOP primary opponent, Paul Nehlen.

Newport Banning Ranch Wildlife May Not Survive Encroachment Of The Coastal Toady
Against all odds, the animals of the 401-acre Newport Banning Ranch oil fields have endured.

Trump: My Tax Plan Is Negotiable - Politico
Trump's comments contradict what's currently in his plan.

Tow Companies Take Aaa To Court Over 'threats'
Judge Barry Goode told AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah that it would have to rewrite the language of a contract addendum that it has issued to its network of towing company partners in an effort to settle a class-action suit by the companies against AAA.

Despite A Scathing Audit, The City Of Industry Hasn’t Changed Much In The Last Year
ron Scott wished he played his veteran players more minutes @
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First Draft: John McCain Demands Donald Trump Apologize to Veterans
Senator John McCain of Arizona called on Donald J. Trump to apologize to veterans for his belittling comments about prisoners of war, and suggested he would be unlikely to appear on a stage with Mr. Trump until that happens.

Mccain: Trump Could Be A 'capable Leader' - Politico
Asked whether he would appear at campaign events with Trump, McCain said a lot of things would have to happen first.

For Clinton, the general election is about married women. Starting in swinging Virginia.

The hope is that Trump’s polarizing statements about women will push female voters her way.

The Democrats' Secretary Of War - Politico
As Ash Carter pushes a more aggressive stance in Iraq and Syria, Obama's fourth defense secretary is looking a lot like he could be Hillary Clinton's...

Bill Clinton Touts Global Interdependence In Loyola Marymount University Graduation Speech
ron Scott wished he played his veteran players more minutes @
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Donald Trump's latest Four-Pinocchio statements

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been repeating some false statements over and over again. Here are the last four of his claims that the Post's Fact Checker gave Four Pinocchios.

First Draft: Hillary Clinton Says She Is Available for F.B.I. Interviews Over Emails
Hillary Clinton said Sunday that the F.B.I. has not asked to interview her as part of the agency’s inquiry into her use of a personal email server as secretary of state.