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THE NOONER for April 17, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

UC Davis Pepper-spray Burial Effort Spotlights Online Image Gurus | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago and Jeremy B. White @
University paid six figures to boost online image

Calls For UC Davis Chancellor's Ouster Grow Amid Internet Scrubbing Controversy
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Is A California Online School Network Cashing In On Failure?
But the Silicon Valley-influenced endeavor behind the lofty claims is leading a dubious revolution. The growing network of online academies, operated by a Virginia company traded on Wall Street called K12 Inc., is failing key tests used to measure educational success.

Hillary Clinton Pauses Her New York Primary Campaign To Raise Money And Rally In California
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Court Upholds Ruling That Fruit Grower Interfered With United Farm Workers' Efforts - The Orange County Register
FRESNO – The Agricultural Labor Relations Board has upheld a ruling by an administrative law judge who found one of the nation’s largest fruit growers interfered with its employees’ process to decide whether to reject union representation.

Popular HempCon faces changes if marijuana is legalized
Popular HempCon faces changes if marijuana is legalized Monica Leon waited outside the Cow Palace Saturday morning, beneath a low-lying cloud that lingered above the heads of the 100 or so people waiting in line around her. A large group of people waited eagerly in the parking lot for the doors to open at 11 a.m. More than 10,000 medical marijuana cardholders and 250 vendors were expected to fill the aisles of the Cow Palace over the weekend, sampling cannabis-laced popcorn, body lotions and even French macaroons. Despite the excitement and positive vibes, Saturday’s event seemed to have a different feel to many in attendance. With a possibility of a marijuana legalization initiative appearing on the November ballot, event organizers, vendors and medical marijuana users alike were excited about the change, but wary of HempCon’s future. Officially Michael Grafton of Oakland, Grandaddy Mike attended the event as a proponent of the Marijuana Control, Legalization & Revenue Act, a California initiative he hopes to get on the November ballot. He is one of many people who fear the future of HempCon because another initiative, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, with more financial backing than the initiative he supports, stands more likely to pass. Chris Cope, CEO of iBudtender, a company Cope calls the Consumer Reports of the marijuana industry, said he would imagine a similarly bleak future for the event if the more restrictive measure passed. Results could range from large corporations taking over or stiffer regulations leading to a different overall structure and feel of the event, he said.

Bernie Sanders, Loretta Sanchez And Gun Industry Protection | The Sacramento Bee
siding with the gun industry, Bernie Sanders and Loretta Sanchez lined up against the Ileto family and families like it @
In 1999, a neo-Nazi with a history of mental illness amassed an arsenal, and went looking to kill Jews, and gunned down Joseph Ileto

Schools Buying Water Filters Even Though Fountains Are Fine - San Francisco Chronicle
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Retiree Benefits Become A Flashpoint In The Battle Between Charters And Traditional Schools
A Woodland Hills charter school recently made an unusual offer to its veteran teachers: We'll give you $30,000 if you return to the Los Angeles Unified School

Kasich: 'winning Is Accumulating Delegates' - Politico
Kasich argues that he is the most electable candidate in the general election.

Congressman Rohrabacher Now Sees Foe In Longtime Friend Scott Baugh - The Orange County Register
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has lashed out at former county GOP chief Scott Baugh for raising money to campaign for his congressional seat, expressing concern Friday that his longtime friend would run against him.

Ap News: The Orange County Register

Insulin-making Cells Can Be Efficiently Generated, Salk Scientists Say |
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The New Corporate Workplace: Beers On Tap, Bring Your Dog To Work And A Short-term Lease
When co-working firm Cross Campus opens an office in downtown Los Angeles next month, its tenants will include the typical start-ups looking for collaborative

Central California Agriculture Sees Failed Crop Of Presidential Hopefuls | Fresno Bee
John Ellis @
Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the preferred Republican alternative, though he is a long shot

Sport Chalet Will Close All Stores And Stop Online Sales
Sport goods retailer Sport Chalet is closing all its stores and has cut off online sales, its owner said Saturday.

Borenstein: Bart Bought Off Well-paid Workers Despite Large Deficit -
On its face, the latest labor deal seems innocuous: It extends the current 2013 contract for another four years with salary increases at roughly the current cost of living.

9 Guantánamo Prisoners From Yemen Are Sent to Saudi Arabia
The transfer of the Yemenis, who have been difficult to resettle, completed a long-sought diplomatic deal ahead of President Obama’s planned visit to the Saudi capital.

Delta Pumping To Southern California Restricted Despite Rainy Winter | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow @
Pumps have been throttled back in effort to save fish

Clooney's Neighbor Throws Saturday Fundraiser For Sanders | Thehill
Tina Daunt @
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Former Raiders All-pro George Atkinson Struggles For Normalcy As His Mind Deteriorates
His eyes drooped, head bowed. The voice slightly slurred. The once-invincible All-Pro defensive back slowly rose from a chair, then disappeared for a while into another room.

Sanders Taunts Clinton Again On Wall Street Ties - Politico
He pledged that more than his 2014 taxes would be made public soon.

Clinton campaigns, raises money in California amid high tensions in Democratic race

Clinton was interrupted three times by protesters during a campaign event in Los Angeles.