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THE NOONER for April 15, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Assemblyman Mike Gatto Calls For Resignation Of UC Davis Chancellor | The Sacramento Bee
Diana Lambert @
Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles, wants UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi to step down

Plan to add elected officials to DCCC pulled for lack of support
Last night, member Alix Rosenthal pulled her initiative to change the bylaws to add the mayor and the members of the Board of Supervisors as automatic ex officio members and to expand the number of elected seats. Rosenthal has said her proposal is aimed at addressing the fact that an unprecedented number of current and former politicians are running for the committee in an attempt to take it over. The DCCC’s primary influence stems from the fact that the candidates it backs can claim they are endorsed by the Democratic Party. Additionally, candidates for DCCC can raise an unlimited amount of money — a campaign finance loophole that is handy for supervisorial candidates trying to increase their name recognition but are hamstrung by the $500 contribution limit. The progressives are mounting a coordinated effort to win back the majority, with former state assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Supervisor Bevan Dufty among the well-known politicos running on the progressive slate. Despite the impasse over Rosenthal’s resolution, the DCCC passed a nonbinding resolution in which it agreed to reconsider the issue after the June election, as well as whether to introduce campaign contribution limits. A former Wall Street Journal columnist, Swisher co-founded the San Francisco-based technology news website Re/code in 2014 with journalist Walt Mossberg. “Also this whole election cycle has struck a chord in me that I have always thought about, related to professional politicians and how we need to shift thinking about who should serve and the duty of citizens to be, you know, citizens,” she continued.

Inspection Finds Substandard Care At Fifth California Prison - The Orange County Register
SACRAMENTO – A fifth state prison is still providing substandard care despite billions of dollars spent for improvements and a decade of federal oversight, California’s inspector general reported Thursday.

Field Poll: California Voters Think Income Taxes Are Too High | The Sacramento Bee
Taryn Luna @
Four out of five Republicans believe they pay too much income tax

Judge Orders West Covina Assemblyman To Stay Away From Wife Following Domestic Violence Allegations
Essential Politics

California Assembly Spends Millions To Clean Up Exide Plant | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
Shuttered battery plant operated for decades on interim status

So-called “seat hogs” who take up more than their fair share of space on crowded BART trains will soon be in for an expensive penalty after BART directors approved a new rule Thursday making it a ticket-able offense to use an empty seat for a backpack, luggage or to stretch out. People who take up more than a single seat during commute hours, will first be given a warning. People whose size or medical condition requires them to occupy more than a single space will be exempt. The ordinance gives BART police the legal leverage to force greedy passengers to slide over or sit up, said BART Director Joel Keller, who proposed the measure, which was approved by a 5-to-4 vote. There are homeless people on our trains taking more than one seat, but there are also people with backpacks, with luggage, with other things occupying seats. Sonja Trauss, founder of the pro-development San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation who was at the meeting to comment on a separate issue, said the ordinance was a bad idea because it takes responsibility out of the hands of regular people and gives it to law enforcement. New York City’s subway system has a series of “Courtesy Counts” posters that tell riders to take off their backpacks, avoid holding doors and playing on poles, eating and, most notably, spreading their legs. The anti-man-spreading poster — Dude: stop the spreading please — attracted worldwide attention and produced a plethora of jokes and Internet memes. BART passengers could soon see similar posters as the new rules won’t go into effect until after a 6-month public education campaign, during which time the agency would create an enforcement policy and consider extending the rules to senior and disabled seating.

San Diego Residents Find Turf Rebates Are Taxable | Kpbs
Claire Trageser @
Some San Diegans who got money from the San Diego County Water Authority for taking out their grass last year are now startled to find they owe taxes on those turf rebates.

California Pension System Reconsiders Tobacco Divestment - The Orange County Register
SACRAMENTO – Anti-smoking groups are pressuring the nation’s largest public pension system to drop plans to consider re-investing in tobacco stocks 15 years after selling them off.

Groups Sue California's Largest Water Wholesaler Over Land Purchase -
Amy Quinton @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

California Court Sides With Teacher Unions, Protecting Tenure - Wsj
Dan Frosch @
How One Danish Couple Gets Paid Interest on Their Mortgage

Mississippi Governor Signs Law Allowing Guns In Churches - Politico
The Vermont senator brings his populist message to Vatican City.

Sanders calls Clinton 'a very good candidate' - for voters willing to settle for 'establishment politics'

The senator from Vermont pays his Democratic rival a backhanded compliment when addressing the Rev. Al Sharpton's group.

A Sanders Supporter's 'democratic Whores' Insult Just Exposed The Party's Risk Of Splitting
A Bernie Sanders supporter's inflammatory rhetoric at a massive campaign rally Wednesday - capped by his reference to Hillary Clinton as being among "corporate

Chevron Spends $1 Million To Boost Assembly Democrat Cheryl Brown | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
Brown under fire for environmental record

Border Patrol Seizes 'trifecta' Of Drugs Near Temecula Checkpoint |
Border Patrol agents patrolling I-15 arrested a man who had methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin hidden beneath the driver and passenger floor boards of his 2004 Nissan Maxima. / U.S. Border Patrol

California Fast-food Workers Shift Focus From Minimum Wage To Unionizing
As fast-food and other low-wage workers rally Thursday across the country for a $15 mininum wage, workers in California will be shifting focus to another goal.

SF to require Lyft, Uber drivers to obtain business licenses
When faced with class-action lawsuits from drivers seeking status as employees, the companies have vigorously maintained that the drivers are independent contractors. If that’s the case, the drivers have to register as independent contractors for a business license. Cisneros’ letter, which will be sent in three batches — on Friday, Monday and Tuesday — states that the recipient has been identified as a driver for a transportation network company and therefore must obtain a business registration certificate within 30 days. “Failure to respond to this letter may result in penalties and payment obligations,” the letter states. “Uber partners with entrepreneurial drivers and as independent contractors, they are responsible for following appropriate local requirements,” Uber spokeswoman Laura Zapata wrote in an email. People in San Francisco, who are choosing to drive with Lyft to help make ends meet, shouldn’t have to compromise their privacy in order to share a ride. In 2012, over Lee’s objections, Cisneros ruled that Airbnb owed back taxes, which city officials estimated at $25 million. “The mayor defers questions about the definition of independent contractor and interpretation of requirements under city law to the treasurer,” Falvey said. Both Lyft and Uber have faced class-action lawsuits over the past year over whether its drivers are employees or independent contractors. Plaintiffs say they should be classified as employees and entitled to reimbursement for expenses as well as the rights and benefits of employees. “It’s incredibly important to Lyft and Uber’s business model that the drivers be independent contractors,” said UC Hastings law Professor Reuel Schiller.

Hillary Clinton: 'Forward' | Campaign 2016

A video released by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign highlights the Democratic front-runner's economic proposals.

Slack Hires Its First Lobbyists - Politico
The Democratic National Committee will file a joint lawsuit in district court in Arizona on Friday over allegations of voter disenfranchisement and voting...

Local Tv Stations Counting On Political Ads Worry About Donald Trump's Ability To Get Free Airtime
GOP bigwigs aren't the only ones worried about Donald Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination.