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THE NOONER for April 4, 2016

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Early morning, April four...shot rings out from a Memphis sky.

Good morning from the balcony at The Nooner's global headquarters in the 95811.

WHOSE WATCHING ME? As I write, I'm watching the joint committee hearing interrogating UC and CSU leaders for outside board service, triggered by UC Davis's Linda Katehi serving on the boards of for-profit DeVry University and textbook manufacturer Wiley and Sons. 


It's another glorious day here, and not just because we get the first regular season game of the Giants at 11:10am PDT. They're in Milwaukee for this three-games series, before returning home to face the Dodgers Thursday-Sunday. For Dan Weitzman, the Dodgers launch their season at 1:05pm today against the Padres at Petco Park. And, I know it's heresy, but I support both the Giants and the Dodgers. That's what you get when I kid grew up in SoCal and ended up in NorCal.

BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS: Virgin America has agreed to be acquired by Alaska Airlines, meaning the last commercial airline headquartered in California is leaving. It's a great airline being absorbed by a good airline, but likely is a significant loss of administrative jobs at VA's Burlingame headquarters. The good news is that I had stock in VA and, after waking up and hearing the news and checking the stock price, I promptly sold it up 40% on the day.

ONE-PERSON, ONE-VOTE: The Supreme Court unanimously held this morning in Evenwel v. Abbott that one person-one vote is actually that for the purposes of drawing district lines. Conservatives in the Lone Star state wanted to change the standard to one person-one voter, which would have advantaged older communities and those with fewer non-citizen immigrants. The thought behind one-person, one-vote is to ensure that all residents, including children, are represented equally in Congress. SCOTUS got this one right.

AD31 (Fresno): Tomorrow is the special election for the Fresno-area seat vacated by Henry Perea, who left the seat in December to take a job with the pharmeceutical lobby. It's a safe moderate Democrat district by registration, although it has one of the lowest Democratic turnouts in the state.The seat pits ER physician Joaquin Arambula against Fresno councilmember Clint Olivier

While a safe Democratic district, it's one of the most conservative Assembly districts (previously) held by a Democrat. It thus is one of the most challenging districts to defend, and special elections make it not easier. Of course, if somebody wins 50%+1 tomorrow (there are three candidates, including a Dem who isn't really organized), that candidate would assume office until only December, unless they win the regularly scheduled June and November elections. If nobody receives 50%, it moves to a June 7 runoff, putting the office on the ballot twice.

NO PARKING ZONE: MTA pulls commuter shuttle permit from Bauer’s bus company [Emily Green @ SFChron] - “The decision is a blow for Bauer’s, which has faced criticism from the Teamsters Union and the Board of Supervisors because of its conflict with drivers over pay, benefits and unionization efforts. The supervisors passed a resolution last week urging the MTA to remove Bauer’s from the shuttle program.”

The debate is an interesting one. Clearly, the technology boom along the peninsula and down to Silicon Valley has benefited San Francisco immensely. However, long time resident understandably resent the gentrification and first class treatment of the tech workers, who are chauffered from one of the country's most amazing cities to suburbia. Additionally, there have concerns about the safety of the commuter bus drivers, although if you have driven in SF, you know that everyone is batshit crazy.

One company, WeDriveU, which serves Google and Facebook, has agreed to have its employees represented by Teamsters Local 853. Thus, there is a contrast between WeDriveU and Bauer, which allegedly has resisted union representation. All of this is on the backdrop of residents upset that the commercial buses are using public bus stops (which WeDriveU will continue to be able to use, whlie Bauer will not), which has been a mix of travel congestion and, frankly, gentrification concerns and envy and the largely white young males living in the city and getting free bus rides south. 

At the end of the day, Bauer probably caves to the Teamsters, but it's a fascinating story in the Golden State and its most booming region.

THE DEAN SPEAKETH: On minimum wage, the do-something Legislature outshines a do-nothing Congress [George Skelton @ LAT] - “Unlike the worthless Congress, state lawmakers actually are doing things. Not everything they should be, not the hardest tasks — fixing highways, streamlining regulation, lowering tuition, reforming taxes.”

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Fish and Game's (and fellow King Hall alum) Lacy Bauer, CSBA's Bryan DeBlonk, and communications guru Rob Stutzman!




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This Year's Election Could Usher In Liberal 'supermajority' On L.A. County Supervisors Board
While the contentious presidential contest has drawn most of the spotlight in the lead-up to California's June primary, the election also marks the next phase of a sea change in Los Angeles County government.

Latino Lawyers Change Group Name To Honor Cruz Reynoso | The Sacramento Bee
Stephen Magagnini @
La Raza Lawyers now called Cruz Reynoso Bar Association, inspiring others to join

Audit Shows UC Admission Standards Relaxed For Out-of-staters - Sfgate
The University of California has been admitting thousands of students from out of state with lower grades and test scores than state residents as a way to raise cash, a state audit released Tuesday reveals.

The Do-something Legislature Outshines A Do-nothing Congress
Essential Politics

Out-of-state Money Helped UC System Spend $4.5 Million On Recruiting Students - Matier And Ross
One of the more interesting footnotes in the

Trump, Schwarzenegger Are Only Celebrity-deep Similar - San Francisco Chronicle
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Rosendahl's Legacy: Clean Politics And Civic Discourse - Bill Boyarsky
As a television moderator and a city councilman, the late Bill Rosendahl was fiercely dedicated to good government and clean politics. Even more important, he was dedicated to bringing people together to work for those laudable but frequently scorned goals.

San Jose Approves Mobile Showers For Homeless, Looks To New Housing Projects
The two proposed sites, located at 5647 Gallup Drive and 1171 Mesa Drive, were owned by the city's redevelopment agency and now by its successor agency. The purchase price would be $1.1 million, according to a staff report, coming from a housing grant fund.

Ten House Seats Dems Hope Trump Will Tilt | Thehill
Lisa Hagen and Cristina Marcos @
Ribble, who had endorsed Rubio, is among the handful of GOP lawmakers who have ruled out ever supporting Trump.

Cal assistant coachâ
The Cal assistant basketball coach who was booted from the team for allegedly sexually harassing a female reporter is fighting back. Lawyers for 33-year-old Yann Hufnagel say they have provided UC Berkeley with 900 text messages between him and the reporter showing what they call a “mutual flirtation” — including one in which she told him, “I clearly have to step up my stalking game.” “The university has wronged an innocent person, and it must correct its error,” said Mary McNamara, an attorney for Hufnagel. The university served Hufnagel with a “notice of intent” to fire him in March at the end of a seven-month investigation by its Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination. In one incident early last year, she said, Hufnagel had her drive him home from a bar, closed the garage door behind her and began talking about oral sex. The attorneys say hundreds of texts that they turned over to the university last week show that the nature of Hufnagel’s relationship with the reporter was more nuanced than UC Berkeley officials made it out to be. The next month, the reporter referred to an earlier conversation with Hufnagel in which she said she had praised him to a potential recruit, and he jokingly offered to take her to the ritzy downstairs restaurant at Chez Panisse in exchange. According to the campus investigative report, Hufnagel conceded that at least one of his sexually suggestive texts was “inappropriate ... because as coach there should be no sexual undertones at all.” [...] PR crisis manager Sam Singer, whom Hufnagel retained to help fight his potential firing, said the woman “selectively chose the texts she provided to the university.” Singer said that if UC Berkeley officials don’t change their minds soon, Hufnagel will “pursue other options” — including taking legal action and going public with all 900 text messages.

Bill Clinton Articles, Photos, And Videos
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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To 'one Person, One Vote' Definition - Politico
The Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge that could have diminished the political power of Latinos and some city-dwellers.

Cybersecurity Facility Planned For Moffett Field To Protect Spaceflights, Other Nasa Work
Proponents of "Gryphon X" envision a center connecting Ames to the brainpower of the region's tech sector, with benefits flowing both ways.

Housing Tracts Built On Or Near Legacy Oil Drilling Fields Can Lead To Tension - The Orange County Register
During recess at one of Orange County’s newer public schools, Brea’s 4-year-old Olinda Elementary, children play just yards away from a creaky, nodding oil well pumper. Only a see-through chain-link fence stands between the playground serving 700 students and a roughly 70-acre oil field dotted with dozens of pumpjacks.

Man dies after being clipped by Amtrak train in Hayward
A man was killed Sunday night when he was clipped by an Amtrak train as he tried to cross the railway tracks in Hayward, authorities said. Train No. 748, which had 19 passengers on board at the time, had departed San Jose and was en route to Sacramento when the collision occurred, according to Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari. The coroner’s bureau will conduct an examination to determine a cause of death and identity. Justin Jacobs, a spokesman for Union Pacific, which owns the tracks, emphasized that the only safe place is at designated crossings when signs permit.

Contentious Vote in North Dakota Yields 25 Unaligned Republican Delegates
No candidates for delegate had to declare whether they would support Donald J. Trump, Senator Ted Cruz or Gov. John Kasich at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.