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THE NOONER for March 30, 2016

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HIKE! California’s plan for $15 minimum wage could have huge effect [Hudson Sangria and Hector Amezcua @ SacBee] - “A landmark plan to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 by 2022 could create sweeping changes across the industries that rely on low-wage workers and improve the living standards for millions of Californians employed in farm fields, restaurants and retail stores.”

The bill, SB 3 (Leno, de León, and Leyva) passed the Assembly Appropriations Committees this morning. It was a party-line vote, with the lone descenting Democrat being Tom Daly (D-Anaheim).

Who wins with a $15 minimum wage? [Natalie Kitroeff] - Ninety-six percent of employees who would be affected are at least 20 years old, and more than a third have children. Seventy-two percent are Latino, black or Asian.

US SENATE: Loretta Sanchez super PAC formed to push her Senate bid into top-two [Christopher Cadelago @ SacBee] - “Stu Mollrich, a consultant for the PAC who has done work for former GOP Govs. Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, said it has raised about $50,000 so far (“enough to get the lights turned on,”) but is in talks with politically active donors who are in position to donate well beyond the $2,700 maximum allowed. Super PACs also are permitted to solicit unlimited contributions from corporate donors.”

Oh, this is going to be fun . . . 

THE NON-VOTERS: California’s nonvoters lean more to the left [Dan Walters] - “It’s not news that the relatively few Californians who vote tend to be whiter, better educated and more affluent than nonvoters – in effect, the upper tier of what has become a sharply segmented society. The characteristic gap has persisted even though the state has undergone a socio-economic and culture metamorphosis.

What’s new in the PPIC report is an analysis of how much the attitudes of voters, as liberal as may be, differ from those who could vote but for one reason or another, don’t participate in the political process.”

[PPIC study

VOTA! California Counts: As June primary nears, Latina influence could be key to turnout [Mary Plummer @ KPCC] - “As get-out-the-vote efforts ramp up in California ahead of the primary election, the influence of women, even those who like Salas can’t cast a ballot, could prove key in fulfilling the promise of the Latino vote this year.”

FRIEDRICHS: Mixed Reactions In California To Supreme Court Union Fee Ruling [Ben Adler @ CapPubRad] - “The teachers who brought the suit say they’ll ask the Supreme Court to rehear the case once the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia is filled. Many legal observers believe Justice Scalia would have cast the tiebreaking vote in this case against the CTA.”

Procedurally, I’m not sure a “re-hearing” is possible given the current political climate, as it would be required to be filed within 25 days, and I don’t see a ninth justice confirmed (particularly one that would vote for a rehearing) by that timeline.

CA52 (San Diego): Denise Gitsham failed to file ethics report [Joshua Stewart @ SDUT] - “The Republican candidate was supposed to give to the House Ethics Committee a completed Financial Disclosure Statement after her campaign raised or spent more than $5,000, a threshold she crossed on Oct. 26, 10 days before she announced campaign against incumbent Democrat Scott Peters.

Over five months later, her campaign said she has filed an incomplete version of the report on March 24 — a day after a reporter asked why the document had not been submitted earlier.”

Gitsham, a former Washington lobbbyist (not that there is anything wrong with that), is the preferred candidate of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

(Side note: The SDUT now has one of the strongest firewalls. To read the article, you may need to open an "Incognito" window in Google's Chrome browser of the equivalent. Just copy the link above and paste it into the Incognito address bar.)

MIXED MESSAGES: Jerry Brown's unexpected fans: 1 in 5 Trump supporters like him [John Myers @ LAT] - “Even more notable, 19% of registered Republicans who say they plan to vote in June for businessman Donald Trump nonetheless approve of how Brown is handling things in Sacramento.”

WATER! State snowpack has changed a lot in the last year — as have Californians' attitude toward water [Matt Stevens @ LAT] - “On Wednesday, when [Frank] Gehrke hikes out to the field again, he'll have something to measure. But the snow situation isn't the only thing that's changed in a year. Californians have largely risen to Brown's challenge and begun to transform their relationship with water — even as they prepare for another hot, dry summer.”

TRADE: Among California voters, support for trade deals doesn't fall clearly along party lines [Cathleen Decker @ LAT - “California voters have grown more optimistic about the economy, but persistent concerns about the future and about the impact of international trade deals have strengthened the statewide campaigns of Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has found.”

"JOB KILLERS": California Chamber releases list of ‘job killer’ bills [Taryn Luna @ SacBee] - “The chamber introduces it’s so-called “job killers” every spring and boasts a high success rate of blocking bills on the list from becoming law. Critics question the organization’s methodology to determine the list.”

Here is the list.

FINALLY: Bay Area crab fishermen race out to sea [Pete Carey @ MercNews] - “Commercial fishermen raced to their boats and headed out to sea to catch Dungeness crab Tuesday after a sample caught and tested over the weekend passed a quality test. Fresh crab should reach markets by week's end, according to one major processor in San Francisco.”

UNREAL ESTATE: Meet the San Francisco man who lives in a box (for only $400 a month) [Amy Graff @ SFChron] - “Peter Berkowitz could afford to pay more in rent. He's a successful illustrator who has been busy with freelance work ever since one of his cartoons made it into the New Yorker.

The thing is that he doesn't want to pour all of his money into high-priced San Francisco rent—and so he's living in a plywood box parked in his friend's living room for $400 a month.”

FAREWELL: Former Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl (1945-2016)

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Cesar Chavez's birthday is tomorrow, not yesterday. I've been confused about dates this week!




  • Finance Assistant for Frontline Congressional Democrat: The Finance Assistant will be responsible for managing low dollar events, staffing Sacramento call time and assisting with the implementation of the fundraising plan, both in district and nationwide, for a top-targeted Frontline Democrat. Send resume and cover letter to
  • Consumer Watchdog is seeking an excellent writer and persuasive communicator to join our Santa Monica office as a Consumer Advocate. Comfort speaking to the public, opinion leaders, policymakers and the media required. Video and graphic skills a plus. Respond if you are passionate about working for justice.

  • Office Space for Rent

    Quiet location two blocks away from Capitol.  Share space with a
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    Street, Sacramento. (916) 444-7158.

  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Regional Political Organizers (Los Angeles and Bay Area). 85,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated political organizers, 3-5 yrs political/union experience. Competitive salary and benefits package. Resume, letter, 3 references:

  • Resource Media is seeking a California Program Director*​ with background in communications plus political campaigns or grassroots organizing for our San Francisco office. Advance social justice and harness the power of communications to create change. Competitive salary/benefits. Get details and apply.
  • Senator Steve Glazer seeks a Caseworker / Office Assistant for his Walnut Creek District Office.  Duties include tracking and responding to constituent communications and casework via phone, email and mail, acting as a liaison between state departments and constituents and between the office and local constituencies, answering phones, filing, and other duties as required. Successful candidates will have excellent interpersonal abilities, strong communications skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving capability, and be committed to a team approach. Please send cover letter, resume and reference list to (3/31)
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UC Schools Harm Local Students By Admitting So Many From Out Of State, Audit Finds
Gov. Jerry Brown and University of California President Janet Napolitano forged a deal to increase California students at UC campuses in exchange for more dollars, but a new state audit takes the UC system to task over out-of-state admissions.

Metro's Ballot Measure Tax Would Hit Some Areas Harder Than Others | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
FILE: A cash register shows the purchase of an LCD screen television. Residents in some L.A. County cities could be paying up to 10.5 percent sales tax on such items if voters approve a ballot measure to fund transit projects. Aranami via Flickr

Supreme Court's Tie Vote Upholds Public Employee Fees For Unions
The Supreme Court announced a tie vote today in what labor law experts had called a "life-or-death" case for public employee unions. The split decision preserves a long-standing rule that requires about half of the nation's teachers, transit workers and other public employees to pay a "fair share...

State Auditor Blasts University Of California Over Tuition Policy | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Nonresident enrollment increased 82 percent, resident enrollment down 1 percent

California Counts: As June Primary Nears, Latina Influence Could Be Key To Turnout | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
The issue: few people vote in this South Los Angeles neighborhood, and as the community grapples with high crime rates, poverty and unemployment, community activists wonder how these problems will get solved when so many feel disengaged.

Michelle Rhee-founded Studentsfirst To Merge With D.C.-based Organization | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
Future of Sacramento-based operation unclear

Senator Runner Responds to University of California Audit
Senator Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley) today issued the following response to the California State Auditor report on the University of California. The audit examined the University of California’s enrollment, executive compensation and budget. The report concludes that the University of California has “failed to put the needs of residents first and has made substantial efforts to enroll non-residents who pay significantly more annual tuition and fees.”

Among California Voters, Support For Trade Deals Doesn't Fall Clearly Along Party Lines
Essential Politics

California Bill Tackles Teacher Tenure, Firing, Layoff Rules | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
Teacher employment rules face court challenge in Vergara lawsuit

State Snowpack Has Changed A Lot In The Last Year — As Have Californians' Attitude Toward Water
One year ago Friday, Frank Gehrke hiked out to Phillips Station and stuck a tube onto a tuft of brownish-green grass. There was no snow, but Gehrke had quite an audience.

Sacramento City Council Passes Water, Wastewater Rate Increases | The Sacramento Bee
Ellen Garrison @
Hike of nearly 45 percent by 2019

Newest Policyholders Under Health Law Are Sicker and Costlier to Insurers
To the Obama administration, the new data is seen as evidence that there has been pent-up demand for the policy signed into law by the president.

Here Come Minimum Wage Increases; Here Come The Robots :: Fox&hounds
The governor and his allies declared that polling showed widespread support for the initiative. Brown admitted that the specter of the initiative was the force that brought him and others to the negotiating table.

Air Board May Replace Ousted Leader With An Industry Consultant With Epa Experience
The top candidate to lead Southern California's air quality agency is a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official who now works as a consultant to industry, The Times has learned. The South Coast Air Quality Management District board could appoint Wayne Nastri as early as Friday, according...

New Groundwater Rules Confusing And Costly, Farm Water Managers Say | Fresno Bee
Lewis Griswold @
State taking public comment on rules until April 1

Backlash hits GOP governors over 'religious freedom' legislation
Polarizing legislation has created issues for the governors of North Carolina and Georgia.

With Bill Clinton Event Coming To Cal, UC Caves To Union Demand - San Francisco Chronicle
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Mixed Reactions In California To Supreme Court Union Fee Ruling -
Ben Adler @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Hillary Clinton Stomps On Her Rivals As She Makes Appeal To New York Voters - Politico
A group of female, mostly conservative members of the media have signed onto a letter calling on Donald Trump to fire his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

How California's Primary Process Will Help Donald Trump And Hurt Ted Cruz :: Fox&hounds
But not all Congressional districts are created equal, and this system discriminates against the heavily Republican districts that would likely favor Sen. Ted Cruz but where literally hundreds of thousands of votes will be wasted.

Two Deaths In One Jail In One Month: How Are We Treating Mentally Ill Inmates? | The California Report | Kqed News
The final three weeks of Walter Roches’ life last September were, like much of his previous decade, violent and chaotic, complicated by mental illness and repeated encounters with law enforcement.