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THE NOONER for March 27, 2016

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Valley Councilwoman's Aides Sought $5 And $10 Donations That Are Focus Of U.S. Inquiry
Seven weeks before L.A.'s 2015 municipal election, political aide Caesar Huerta was on the hunt for campaign donations. His boss, City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, needed contributions from 200 of her constituents to make her campaign eligible for up to $100,000 in taxpayer funds. Huerta, a field...

Anti-auto Campaign Falls Flat | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
State politicians want to reduce travel by auto

California Faces Challenges Enrolling Undocumented Children In Medi-cal | State Of Health | Kqed News
Hundreds of thousands of low-income, undocumented children in California will be eligible to enroll in full-scope health coverage through Medi-Cal starting on May 1 under legislation approved last year.

UC President Napolitano To Keep Close Tabs On Berkeley's Actions Against Sexual Misconduct
University of California President Janet Napolitano announced new steps Saturday to closely monitor UC Berkeley's handling of sexual misconduct cases following outcry that campus administrators gave light sanctions to powerful faculty members found to have sexually harassed students and staff. ...

Group Backed By Koch Brothers Takes Aim At Tax Credits For Films - Wsj
Erich Schwartzel and Cameron McWhirter @
Belgium Rues Missed Terror Signs

Donald Trump Leads In California Primary Race But Threatens A GOP Fracture
Essential Politics

Jail Commission Slams Sheriff, Calls For New Leadership
Tracey Kaplan @
In a straw vote submitted Friday to the board clerk via email, the commission split 10-5 in favor of a harshly worded condemnation of Smith and her administration, which includes corrections chief John Hirokawa. The panel is set today at its last meeting to review the mostly symbolic reproach, along with dozens of other recommendations.

Deal Reached To Take California Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour - Politico
SACRAMENTO, Calif.- California legislators and labor unions on Saturday reached an agreement that will take the state's minimum wage from $10 to $15...

Services to be held for H. Welton Flynn, longtime civic leader
Services will be held Tuesday for H. Welton Flynn, the first African American to serve on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and a figure in local politics for 40 years. The South Carolina native found his way to the region after serving in the armed forces during World War II, then earned an accounting degree from what was then Golden Gate College and opened his own firm. Mr. Flynn became active in the city’s political scene in the 1960s, serving on the civil grand jury and the San Francisco Committee on Crime before being appointed to the PUC by then-Mayor Joseph Alioto. At the swearing-in ceremony, Alioto noted that Mr. Flynn was the first African American on the PUC since its creation in 1932, but stressed that “we look to him for special guidance in the areas of budget and finance, where he is an expert.” [...] he was one of five prominent African Americans to sign a 1974 letter that opposed the Police Department’s dragnet that stopped young African American men on the street in an effort to find the notorious Zebra killer, saying “a solution which divides the people of our city along racial lines is a price too high to pay, even for Zebra.” While Mr. Flynn collected numerous his career, including a 2004 resolution from the Board of Supervisors commending his “integrity and honor,” one was unique: in 1989 an expansive Muni bus garage, the H. Welton Flynn Motor Coach Division, was dedicated in his honor.

Deaths In S.F. Traffic Not Falling Despite Vision Zero Efforts - San Francisco Chronicle
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Has Bart's Cutting-edge 1972 Technology Design Come Back To Haunt It?
He wasn't far off. The consultants who designed the gleaming new rapid transit system did, in fact, use principles developed for the aerospace industry rather than tried-and-true rail standards.

Glendale Explores The Possibility Of Building A Park Atop The Ventura Freeway
Joining a growing list of cities looking to transform pollution-choked roadways into urban oases, Glendale will study the feasibility of building a park over a section of the 134 Freeway. The City Council this week ordered a study to examine the costs and scope of building a park and opened a bidding...

Would The Donald Govern Like Arnold? - Sfgate
One former adviser,

How Teaching Taught Professor Lopez To Appreciate Teachers — And Students
I can't begin to recall how many classrooms I've visited in more than 40 years as a journalist. Dozens for sure. More than a hundred, perhaps. Everything from grade school to graduate school.

Brussels Peace March Turns Ugly – Politico
Police deploy water canons on protesters who claimed to be against terrorism.

Quinn: Apple Redefines 40
In corporate America, 40 has got to be the new 80. Companies don't live as long as they used to. Getting big does not guarantee there will be a future. In fact, as we have seen with many firms, the opposite is true. Success is more short-lived than ever.

Anti-trump Forces Seize On Grim Polls For Clinton Match-up | Thehill
Jonathan Easley @
View the discussion thread.

Bernie Sanders Worried Hillary Clinton Won't Debate - Politico
Fresh off 3 victories Saturday, he wants to face Clinton before the New York primary.

Woman waving a gun arrested outside Rohnert Park Safeway
Police officers arrested Sarah Kynoch, 34, of Walnut Park (Los Angeles County), Saturday morning in front of the Safeway store on Commerce Boulevard in Rohnert Park. Officers first responded to the busy shopping center shortly after 10 a.m. in response to a report of someone wielding a gun outside of the store. Upon arrival, officers reportedly found Kynoch with a handgun and folding knife tucked in the front of her waistband. The argument eventually landed the pair in the Safeway parking lot, where Kynoch drew a gun on Malicay and used the weapon to prevent her from leaving her side, the sergeant added.

Ad of the Week: Using Arithmetic to Unify the G.O.P. Against Donald Trump
Bar graphs and schoolroom animation are employed in a political action committee’s ad that proclaims “a vote for Kasich actually helps Trump.”