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THE NOONER for January 19, 2016

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Well, El Niño is showing its face in NorCal today. Actually, it's not El Niño, but rather a typical Pacific winter storm, which is why L.A. is largely dry. The rain has largely moved out, but it's still quite blustery. Although, nothing like our friends (and many Nooner readers) in DC are expecting this weekend with possibly over a foot of snow. I was in DC for Snowmageddan in 2010, and it's beautiful to walk to The White House and see it with snow on the ground. That great feeling lasts for about 4 hours and then you're wondering when the airport will open and you can get a seat on the backed-up flights. 

The Senate Budget Committee receives its briefing on the 2016-17 State Budget today. While it's at 11am and thus after you are reading, the Assembly Budget Committee will get its chance at 11am tomorrow. You can watch it at CalChannel.com.

Meawhile, Dan Walters describes how the state uses accounting practices to deal with the ebb and flow of state revenues.

Also up today is Senator Patricia Bates's bill to change the Proposition 13 "change of ownership" rules for commercial properties. This is the idea that emerged from negotiations between tax reformers and business interests, and would use ownership over three tax years instead of one. Some businesses have used the existing law to spread out shares of the business among several LLCs over a few years, which avoided reassessment. 

Liberals backed out of the compromise in 2014 as their backers wanted a broader move--switching Prop. 13 to a "split roll" that applied Proposition 13 protections only to residential property. SB 259 is being heard at this hour in Senate Appropriations.

This Friday is the "house of origin" committee deadline, meaning that bills introduced last year that are still in the same house and in committee must be sent from committees (policy or fiscal) to the floor. January 31 is the "house of origin" deadline, so any bill introduced last year must be sent to the other house by that date.

PENSION POLITICS: The backers of two pension "reform" measures--former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio--said yesterday that they are dropping their 2016 effort and intend to re-file for November 2018. Fundraising was a challenge and the campaign would have faced off with well heeled labor unions, and polling didn't look so good either. There is also a strategy of delay associated with the pending U.S. Supreme Court case challenging "fare share" fees, with the chance that public sector unions will have much less in their wallets come 2018.

THE DEAN SPEAKETH: 14 years in, Brown shows no sign of losing political muscle [George Skelton @ LAT] - “In his 14th year as California's governor and barred from running again, Jerry Brown is not showing the slightest sign of lame duck syndrome.”

THE CHANGING GAME: Time, the killer of campaigns [Paul Mitchell @ CapWeekly] - “Barely a blip in campaigns 30 years ago, absentee voting in California now regularly accounts for half of all ballots cast, and in some counties and in some elections up to two-thirds or more.  The effect of these early mail voters is even greater in low-turnout elections or single-issue ballots where most participants don’t feel a need to wait till closer to the election to make up their mind.” [infographic]

RELIEF? SoCalGas: Porter Ranch-area gas leak will get fixed by late February, maybe sooner [AP] - “The relief well drilling began Dec. 4 and was expected to reach the bottom of the well at a depth of about 8,500 feet below the surface next month, according to Jimmie Cho, senior vice president of gas operations and system integrity for SoCalGas. Once the well is sealed, it will be taken out of service permanently, Cho said.”




BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: Yesterday, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee was forced off stage only two sentences in to his Martin Luther King, Jr. Day speech by protestors angered by a recent police shooting of an African-American in the Baypoint. [video]

Also yesterday, protestors blocked the westbound span of the Bay Bridge into San Francisco in a "Black Health Matters" protest for about 30 minutes as the holiday weekend came to a close.

LA CEBOLLA: Spanish language network La Opinión has bought a minority stake in the satirical newspaper The Onion. Are they betting on a Donald Trump presidency? 

END OF AN ERA IN THE OC: Foxfire restaurant, a well-known 'cougar' bar in Anaheim Hills, plans to close [Hannah Madans @ OCR] - “Foxfire, a well known Anaheim Hills restaurant and bar, will close its doors, most likely the first week of February, according to manager Michelle Valencia. . . . The bar, which has earned a reputation as a being a “cougar bar,” has been in business for more than 30 years.”

Wow...Warriors 132, Cleveland 98. Meanwhile, Angelenos are scrambling today to get their deposits in for Rams season tickets. Meanwhile, now with the stadium moving forward, community activists are starting to worry about gentrification of the overwhelmingly African-American and Latino city of Inglewood.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Ted Green and Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen!



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    Please see link for additional details and how to apply: fionahuttonassoc.com/pdf/FHA_Accnt_Supervisor_Announcement_11316.pdf

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  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of CA seeks two experienced Senior Campaign Organizers to work with the seven California Planned Parenthood affiliates  on campus  and electoral organizing through the November 2016. Three to five years and two election cycles experience as full time campaign staff required. Prior management experience preferred. Excellent salary (DOE) and cellphone/laptop stipend and reimbursement of healthcare up to a cap. Positions located in the south and north. Details here.


California Retirement Liabilities Remain Despite Surplus
But even as the governor and lawmakers debate how to spend a budget surplus, there's a looming financial hurdle: Unfunded pension and health care liabilities of $220 billion for future retirees who work for the state and the University of California system.

Law Spotlights A Modest, Useful Approach To Governing | Sandiegouniontribune.com
Iconic index image of state capitol building in Sacramento, the capital of California. / Courtesy of Wikipedia

Man On Store Video Wanted For $1,500 Chewing Gum Theft - Upi.com
Surveillance footage posted to YouTube by York Regional Police shows the man entering the pharmacy in Markham holding a garbage bag after arriving by taxi.

Study: Borrego Facing Dire Water Problems | Sandiegouniontribune.com
Citrus farms blanket the northern Borrego Valley / Photo courtesy WorldWater and Power Corporation

Garcetti Wants You To Pay More For Power - Mynewsla.com
Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday he supports the proposed electricity rate hikes headed for a vote Tuesday by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners.

Cruz Clears Campaign Schedule For Refugee Vote - Politico
Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have taken frequent flak for missing high-profile votes, even on ballots where the outcome was never in doubt.

Legislature plans to close entrance to public, provide lobbyists special access
Beginning February 1, the California state Legislature intends to convert its east entrance from public to “employee and lobbyist only,” according to an internal security memo from the Joint Rules Committee.

Erin Brockovich Appeals To Porter Ranch Residents As Law Firms Push Gas Leak Suits
Erin Brockovich and Robert Kennedy Jr. pitch Porter Ranch families on legal services.

Course Redesigns Improve Graduation Rates At Csulb
D Buses @
Today's high

First Draft: Donald Trump Bears Down on Iowa as Voting Nears
s two-day visit to Iowa comes as the billionaire developer is locked in a tight race with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, with both trying to attract the support of evangelical Christians and Tea Party voters and social conservatives.

Supreme Court To Rule On Obama Immigration Orders - Politico
The ad compares Cruz's value-added tax plan to similar ones in Canada and Europe.

Trump To Apple: Make Your "damn Computers" In The U.s.
Apple should make its computers in the U.S., GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Monday during a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Report: Schools Increasingly Turn To ‘underprepared’ Teachers To Fill Vacancies | Edsource
“It may be necessary in the short run, but it is not a preferred strategy in the long run,” said Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute, who co-authored the report with Roberta Furger, Patrick Shields and Leib Sutcher.

A Pathway To Making Career Tech Work :: Si&a Cabinet Report :: The Essential Resource For Superintendents And The Cabinet
Kimberly Beltran @
Those graduating through the district’s surgical technician course, which includes a hospital internship, can expect to go to work at a starting salary of $25 an hour.

Garcetti: Site Of Porter Ranch Gas Leak ‘like A Crime Scene’
Today's high

Program Trains Community College Employees To Help Police Stop Active Shooters | Kpbs
Matthew Bowler @
A new program is training police and civilians to work together to combat an active shooter on a college campus.

In Search Of Answers On France’s Year Of Terror – Politico
German chancellor to meet regional lawmakers increasingly wary of her stance on migration.

Guardsmen Admit Selling To Undercover Agent Guns They Thought Were Going To Cartel
Two California Army National Guardsmen admitted last week that they had sold guns to an undercover agent in the belief the weapons were headed for Mexico.

Witness In Pg&e San Bruno Explosion Trial Also Concerned About Carmel
George Avalos @
"It is clear PG&E hasn't spent the time or money necessary to fix the biggest ongoing threat to public safety: accurate records of the pipelines beneath our homes and businesses," Carmel Mayor Jason Burnett said Monday.

Clinton Versus Sanders - Sfgate
On the issue of guns, Sanders had inhabited the center. In 2005, he supported legislation that