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THE NOONER for January 13, 2016

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  • SD07 (Tri-Valley): added Rodney Spooner (R) 

Good morning from a rainy (and even thundering) Sacramento. The blue sky is appearing now, but we had some good downpours there. Of course, they had to start at 2am for a night wake-up call.

Good job by both Obama and Haley last night, although the SOTU was odd in that the "First Lady's Guests" and San Bernardino weren't cited as is customary, nor was the "empty chair" next to the First Lady representing gun violence victims. 

Some readers wondered why AD16 (Tri-Valley) wasn't included in the list of possible Democratic pick-ups next year. It's certainly on the radar and likely will make the total number of opportunities for Dem pickup-ups to 5, making that 3-seat pick up a bit more possible. Dems have finally settled on a candidate in forrmer Pleasanton council member Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker won the seat in 2014 after a harsh primary between moderate Democrat Steve Glazer and Tim Sbranti, a more liberal Democrat with close ties to labor. Sbranti went to the left in the primary, while Baker had no Republican competition and could watch the Dems split the vote, be a moderate Republican, and gain a place in the top-two. That opened the door for her to capture many Glazer voters and win the seat.

I have the ATC Partisan Index of the district at 58.9 Dem, so clearly there is an opportunity. We'll see if Cook-Kallio turns in a fundraising report by the December 31 deadline. Baker had $328,363 on hand as of June 30.

Of course, Glazer went on to win SD07 when Mark DeSaulnier was elected to Congress.



Alexei Kosoff writes in the Sacramento Bee writes in the AM Alert: "Addressing criticism that businesses are able to avoid reassessment of their commercial properties by creatively structuring changes in ownership, state Sen. Pat Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, is pursuing a bill this session she says would close that loophole. The measure would trigger review when more than 90 percent of ownership interests are sold or transferred to related parties over the course of three years. Senate Bill 259 will be heard in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, 9:30 a.m. in Room 112."

Bates is picking up the baton from 2014 compromise between liberal tax reform activists and business groups. Current law provides that if there is a greater than 50% change in ownership in a tax year, a reassessment is allowed. However, if you spread it out over a few years (often in affiliated LLCs), you can turn it over without reassessment.

The compromise fell apart because the leadership of the tax reform groups were persuaded that their real goal--a split roll that would remove commercial/industrial property from Proposition 13 protections--was possible in the political climate.

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: Tax increase backers add reserve, per Jerry Brown demand [David Siders @ LAT] - "Less than a week after Gov. Jerry Brown criticized a ballot measure to extend temporary tax increases for containing the "fatal flaw" of circumventing California’s budget reserve requirements, proponents of the initiative said Tuesday that they have amended the proposal to address his complaint."

Somehow, I don't think that Brown is chomping at the bit now to cut ad spots for the initiative yet…

Rx FOR $$$: Bill that aimed to shed light on specialty prescription drug pricing is shelved [Melanie Mason @ LAT] - "In a battle between two Capitol lobbying heavyweights — health insurers and pharmaceutical companies — the latter scored a major win Tuesday, beating back a measure designed to provide more transparency on prescription drug pricing. Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) declined to put his transparency measure up for a vote in a key committee Tuesday, effectively killing the bill."

MAKE IT PUBLIC? FPPC should strengthen disclosure rules for lobbying [Editorial @ CCTimes] - "The state Fair Political Practices Commission should embrace proposed changes that would add greater transparency to California's disclosure rules for lobbying."


PAY TO STAY: First-of-its-kind $12 parcel tax proposed for all nine Bay Area counties [Paul Rogers @ Merc News] - "In a milestone for San Francisco Bay restoration that also raises questions about who should pay to protect property from rising seas caused by climate change, a low-profile government agency is expected to place a $12 annual parcel tax on the June ballot in all nine Bay Area counties. . . If approved by two-thirds of voters, the tax would raise $500 million over the next 20 years to build levees and restore thousands of acres of wetlands and tidal marshes as a buffer to storm surges and floods in every Bay Area county." 

FREEDOM TO FLY: Transfer of Ontario airport to Inland control nears finish [Richard K. de Antley @ OCR] - "Ontario International Airport could be transferred from Los Angeles to Inland control as early as July 1, ending years of contentious and expensive litigation between the two cities, says a summary released with a copy of the final agreement on Monday."

END OF AN ERA: Warren Olney ends KCRW's local affairs show 'Which Way, LA?' after 23 years [Scott Collins @ LAT] - "KCRW-FM (89.9), where host Warren Olney's local public affairs show has held sway for 23 years, announced Tuesday that the program would wrap effective Jan. 28. Olney will continue hosting his other daily public radio show, the nationally syndicated "To the Point," which premiered in 2001. He will also appear on new weekly segments dubbed "Olney in L.A.," which will air during "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" from National Public Radio."

ALWAYS A RAMS FAN: Taxpayers Score Touchdown vs. NFL [Joel Fox @ Fox & Hounds] - "The National Football League is coming back to Los Angeles and the winners are taxpayers. Certainly, local taxpayers won when the NFL chose the St. Louis Rams to move into a privately financed stadium to be built at the Hollywood Park Race Track site in Inglewood. The San Diego Chargers have an invitation to join them. But, taxpayers around the country may also have chalked up a victory with this decision." 

If the Chargers decline to join the new stadium, the Raiders will have an option to join the Rams in the new "palace of the NFL."

CONVERSE FOR THE COURT: Sacramento Kings seek fans' used athletic shoes to create new court [Cathy Locke @ SacBee] - "Sacramento Kings fans can contribute to the playing surface at the Golden 1 Center by donating their used athletic shoes. The shoes will be recycled into a rubber grind, which will be combined with Nike Grind and incorporated into the foam layer of the new court, according to a Sacramento Kings news release." 

HA! Oregon occupiers: Quit sending us dildos! [Scott Sunde @ SeattlePI]

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to SEIU Local 721's Channing Hawkins and attorney Doug White

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS:  Of course, the Assemblymember from AD40 is Marc Steinorth; my fingers were acting on their own. Apologies for some typographical errors in that section, as I wrote it in about 15 minutes after the taping of California Edition, which will be on in a couple of weeks. I have great respect for my journalist friends on deadlines that have to deal with editors, but the hamsters that start delivering The Nooner at 11:30 are unforgiving. I literally finished that section yesterday at 11:29!

Now, "LEADERHIP" was not a typo, but intentional. I'm not saying that Toni Atkins is not hip, but rather because Anthony Rendon is a fan of punk rock. 



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Tax Increase Backers Add Reserve, Per Jerry Brown Demand | The Sacramento Bee
David Siders @
Effort to extend Proposition 30 taxes changed to include reserve account funding

San Francisco Bay: First-of-its-kind $12 Parcel Tax Proposed For All Nine Bay Area Counties
Paul Rogers @
The measure, whose campaign is being bankrolled by Silicon Valley business leaders and Bay Area environmental groups, is believed to be the first local tax ever placed before voters in all nine Bay Area counties.

First Draft: Chelsea Clinton, Again Her Motherâ
In returning to the presidential campaign trail for the first time since 2008, Chelsea Clinton focused on motherhood and attacked Senator Bernie Sanders over his health care and education proposals.

Senate Raises Cost Californians Nearly $2.5 Million Annually | The Sacramento Bee
Pay raises given to every state Senate employee last month will cost taxpayers nearly $2.5 million a year, officials disclosed Tuesday in response to a public records request from The Associated Press.

New S.F. sheriff to reverse ban on communicating with immigration
In one of her first acts in office, San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy plans to reverse her predecessor’s policy barring deputies at the city jail from communicating with federal immigration agents — a policy that came under fire last year after a man wanted for deportation was released from jail and then was accused of killing a woman on Pier 14. Hennessy, who was sworn in Friday, is working with her staff and legal counsel to develop a new policy that would roll back the controversial March 13 memo issued by former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi banning all communication with immigration agents seeking to deport jailed suspects absent a warrant or court order, said Chief of Staff Eileen Hirst. The move by Hennessy, who was highly critical of the memo throughout her campaign, further distances her from the turbulent tenure of her predecessor, but is likely to stir opposition from immigrant advocates, many of whom supported Mirkarimi’s directive. Critics of Mirkarimi, including Mayor Ed Lee, said the sheriff’s office could have simply picked up the phone, called immigration agents and told them to pick up Lopez-Sanchez prior to his release. In July, Lopez-Sanchez was charged in the shooting death of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle on Pier 14, which ignited a national debate about whether local authorities should cooperate with federal immigration. Hennessy said during her campaign that Mirkarimi’s memo went well beyond the city’s sanctuary law, which states that the sheriff can hold for deportation only individuals who had been convicted of a violent felony in the past seven years and were facing another violent felony charge. Mirkarimi’s memo prohibited his deputies from giving federal immigration agents any information about detainees, including their citizenship status, their booking and arrest documents, and their release dates. Hennessy told The Chronicle in October that she favored standards for federal notification outlined in the state Trust Act, which says that only immigrants with certain serious convictions on their record could be held for deportation — and that those requests should be treated as voluntary. Mayor Lee remains an advocate and supporter of San Francisco’s sanctuary city laws,” Falvey said, “but believes Sheriff Hennessy is making the right call allowing some communication with federal law enforcement when it is necessary to keep the public safe. Sandy Valenciano, a northern organizer for California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, said allowing for communication with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will only deepen mistrust of law enforcement in the immigrant community and prevent immigrants from reporting crimes, one of the chief tenets behind the city’s sanctuary policies.

With New Superintendent In Place, L.A. School Board Gears For Battle On Charter Plan
The Los Angeles Board of Education's resolution is effectively a symbolic gesture, but it highlights a key challenge for the district's new superintendent, Michelle King.

Calif. Senators Plan Legislative Response To Porter Ranch Gas Leak -
Ben Bradford @
Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

Democrats Vs. Democrats: Assembly Moderates Face Challenges | The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller and Jeremy B. White @
Cheryl Brown, Mike Gipson have challengers in safely Democratic districts

POLITICO's inside look at the State of the Union
He joked to 2016ers (“I know some of you are antsy to get back to Iowa”). He praised his administration’s achievements (“We emerged stronger and better than before”). And he admonished his critics (“Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction”). It was President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address, and POLITICO was there to take you inside.

Experts To Study Food Safety Of Oilfield Wastewater | The Sacramento Bee
More farmers in drought-stricken California are using oilfield wastewater to irrigate, and a new panel on Tuesday began taking one of the state's deepest looks yet at the safety of using the chemical-laced water on food crops.

L.A. Politicians Will Explore A Possible Tax Or Bond Measure To Help The Homeless
Los Angeles City Council member Jose Huizar speaks during a council meeting on June 16, 2015.

State Of The Union 2016 Transcript, Text: President Obama’s 2016 State Of The Union Address - Politico
Paul followed Sen. Ted Cruz in opting out of President Barack Obama's final annual address to Congress.

Lottery Ticket Sales Do Help California Schools, But A Lot Less Than People Think
Year after year, political consultant Gale Kaufman has gathered focus groups to talk about education funding in California.

First Draft: 2 Democrats Seek to Take Gunmakersâ
Representative Adam B. Schiff of California and Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut want to change the law that protects gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over gun crimes, a law that Hillary Clinton has criticized Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the presidential campaign trail for voting for in 2005.

California Rejects Volkswagen Recall Plan | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler @
U.S. officials agree that Volkswagen diesel plan not enough

Sanders Surges, Clinton Proposes Taxes On Wealthy - Politico
White House counsel is headed to Capitol Hill Tuesday to meet with House Democrats furious about the Obama administration's recent immigration raids.

First Draft: For Better Politics, Obama Says, â
President Obama framed the issue as the most important of the several he laid out in his speech. Though he acknowledged the difficulty in building traction for such initiatives, he said he intended to campaign for them in the final months of his administration and after he leaves office.

Chargers Send Message To NFL That They Have The Votes To Block Rams' Move To Inglewood - The Orange County Register
• NFL ready for final meetings to determine which team or teams will relocate to L.A. area

NFL To L.A.: Committee Vote Not An Indicator Of Final Outcome On Stadium Issue
Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt, left, and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, right, are members of the committee.

Stop The Gas Leak But Keep Energy Flowing :: Fox&hounds
The examination the senators are proposing is not only for the Aliso Canyon storage facility, but also for all wells and storage facilities throughout California.

NFL Owners Approve Rams' Move To Southern California; Raiders Expected To Stay In Oakland Next Season
Matthew Artz @
New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch made the announcement after a full day of meetings by owners in which speculation ran rampant over whether the league would choose the St. Louis Rams' Inglewood proposal over the joint plan in Carson proposed by the Chargers and Raiders. Tisch said the Chargers haven't made a decision on whether they will join the Rams in Inglewood. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the Raiders could still be given the option of moving to Los Angeles if the Chargers decline the option, but that scenario appears unlikely.

With Health Care Switch, Kentucky Ventures Into the Unknown
Kentucky is the first state to abandon a homegrown insurance exchange that works well, and residents will need to use the federal exchange.

High-cost Drugs: California Legislator Pulls Bill Seeking Cost 'transparency'
But Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, promised to be back "because this issue will not go away."