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THE NOONER for January 11, 2016

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Good morning! Today, Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) is expected to be elected as the next Speaker of the State Assembly to succeed Toni Atkins who is termed out and running for the State Senate. He was elected by the Democratic Caucus as Speaker-Desgnate last September and assume the gavel in March. Elected to the Assembly in 2012, he can serve longer than any Speaker since Willie Brown.

It's a good time to be coming in as Speaker, as state revenues continue to surge, although you can bet that won't change the conservative budget principles proffered by the Governor Brown. The State Controller's Office released its monthly cash report and newsletter, finding that revenues came in $381.7 million (2.8%) above 2015 Budget Act projections. The SCO uses a different accounting method--"Controller's cash accounting"--while DOF and LAO use "Agency cash accounting (when the money is actually received)." So, there can be a delay in the receipts reported by the Controller, as there is a delay from when the Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization and others report it to the Controller's Office.

At the end of the day, the money is the same, it just matters which month it is attribited to.

Here's the LAO's report on December. DOF generally not release it's Monthly Finance Bulletin in January since the budget comes out right before the report would normally come out.



THE DEAN SPEAKETH: In the state budget, too many good programs can sometimes be bad [George Skelton @ LAT] - "Gov. Jerry Brown's new state spending plan could be called a chicken budget — as in the chickens are coming home to roost. Not bad chickens, mind you. But expensive."

GAME PLAN: 'Caution' seems to be the watchword in this political cycle [Cathleen Decker @ LAT] - "There's no small bit of irony residing on the plot of ideological land now occupied by Clinton and Brown. It represents the lasting vestiges of a Democratic remaking that was accomplished by her husband, Bill Clinton, after he defeated Jerry Brown and others to win the presidency in 1992."

U.S. SENATE: Harris on Sanchez’s Muslim remarks: ‘Let’s just call it what it is’ [Christopher Cadelago @ SacBee] - "U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris on Sunday challenged Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s contested remarks about Muslims and terrorism. In Sanchez’s original comments, the Democratic congresswoman from Orange County said in a broadcast interview that between 5 percent and 20 percent of Muslims, an estimated 80 million and 320 million worldwide, wanted to target Western norms . . ."

COMFORT ZONE: Kamala Harris shows she's still a U.S. Senate candidate under construction [Cathleen Decker @ LAT] - "[R]epeatedly, in her remarks and in answers to supporters' questions, she fell back on comfortable ground that represents her past and present and not her desired future, delivering some of the same remarks she has repeatedly made during criminal justice speeches."

FAIR OR UNFAIR SHARE FEES? U.S. Supreme Court set to hear challenge to public sector unions [Laurence Hurley @ Reuters] - "The U.S. Supreme Court will consider on Monday a conservative legal challenge targeting public sector unions when the justices take up a case brought by non-union teachers in California who object to being compelled to pay for collective bargaining."



INTERESTING ANALYSIS: An Irresponsible Budget [Joe Mathews @ Fox & Hounds] - "The January budget announcement was a dispiriting reminder: Gov. Jerry Brown is a fetishist, not a strategist. His fetish is being cheap in budget terms. He was cheap at the beginning of his term when the California economy and budget were a mess. He was cheap a couple years in when things had improved. And he’s still cheap now that we’re flush."

Ballot Manipulation [Joel Fox @ Fox & Hounds] - "The California Supreme Court decision to allow an advisory measure on the statewide ballot may appear to promote democracy. However, there is little doubt that the proposed ballot measure is another in a line of maneuvers by the Democratic majority in the legislature to manipulate the ballot." 

Gallup: Share of Democrats reaches record low [Nick Gass @ Politico] - "The share of Americans identifying as Democrats dropped to a record low in 2015, according to the latest Gallup results published Monday, in the latest indication that Americans’ attachment to either political party is at or nearing historical lows." 

READY TO SURF IN SACRAMENTO? Flooding and erosion increasing threat to coast [Ryan Masters @ Santa Cruz Sentinel] - "According to UC Santa Cruz professor Gary Griggs, Santa Cruz is already experiencing the most immediate threat from climate change: sea level rise."

MONEY, THAT'S WHAT I WANT: NFL owners: Work it out, L.A. wannabes [Dan McSwain @ SDUT] - "Three teams, the Chargers, Raiders and Rams, vie to pay $550 million each for permission to leave their cities for the mighty Los Angeles market. Gee, the NFL’s other owners are called to ponder, shall we endorse one team or two? Divide $1.1 billion 32 ways ($34.4 million each), or settle for merely half, and try to remain gracious as a competitor feasts on L.A. local revenue, which isn’t shared with the league?" 

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for CDP Vice-Chair Alex Gallardo-Rooker and San Diego CCD trustee Bernie Rhinerson!


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Long Ago, Gun Control Was Hard To Do In California | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Morain @
In the Assembly, Antonio Villaraigosa was in the middle of gun control efforts

Kamala Harris Shows She's Still A U.S. Senate Candidate Under Construction
The upsides of California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris' political ambitions have been apparent as she's climbed in politics: She charms an audience like few candidates do, speaks knowledgeably about criminal justice-related issues and stays relentlessly on message.

CalSTRS $11.5 Billion Reserve: Money Well Spent? | Calpensions
State payments required by law — $582 million last fiscal year and $607 million this fiscal year — continue to flow into the huge inflation-protection fund that keeps teacher pensions from falling below 85 percent of their original purchasing power.

Tax Issue Nags Jerry Brown | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Brown wrestled with complex issue four decades ago

In The State Budget, Too Many Good Programs Can Sometimes Be Bad
Gov. Jerry Brown's new state spending plan could be called a chicken budget ¿ as in the chickens are coming home to roost. Not bad chickens, mind you. But expensive.

French Train Hero Spencer Stone: 'i Feel Great' | The Sacramento Bee
Jon Ortiz @
Staff sergeant at Travis Air Force Base invited by Michelle Obama

Demise Of Klamath River Deal Could Rekindle Old Water-use Battles
The demise of a deal to end decades of feuding on the Klamath River could rekindle old battles over water use and dams in a remote corner of California.

First Draft: Marco Rubio Continues a General Election Approach to Primaries
Mr. Rubio, who has focused on a message more suited to a general election than he has on one that conservative primary voters would find appealing, will give a speech on tax policy in Florida. The next few weeks serve as a test for him amid his efforts to give his campaign a push.

Boyfriend Of San Bernardino Victim Will Bring A Message Of Tolerance To The State Of The Union
San Bernardino highlights message of tolerance in State of the Union

First Draft: Senators Return From Holiday With 2016 Elections Fresh on Their Minds
As lawmakers return on Monday, much of the early attention will be on mapping out a plan for the year, and for Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, charting a course that avoids putting Republicans up for re-election in Democratic or battleground states in difficult positions.

Ftc Chairwoman Calls For Legislation To Tackle Hidden Resort Fees
To stop hotels from charging hidden resort fees, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez has suggested that Congress draft new legislation instead of having the consumer protection agency investigate hotels on a case-by-case basis.

Budget Boosts Career Tech For Now :: Si&a Cabinet Report :: The Essential Resource For Superintendents And The Cabinet
Kimberly Beltran @
Concerns remain, however, about future allocations for these higher-cost programs, once funded annually by the state to the tune of nearly $500 million and viewed as critical to preparing students for the realities of the work world.

Powerball jackpot grows, odds get lower, playersâ
Powerball jackpot grows, odds get lower, players’ dreams get bigger Under new rules that took effect on Oct. 4, store owners who sell a winning ticket are entitled to half a percent of the prize — if the prize is at least $1 million. Yet under the old rules, store owners got part of the prize money only if they sold the winning jackpot ticket. [...] that the odds have made it harder to win, and prizes are climbing higher than ever, “we realized we were getting so many more five-out-of-six winners that we changed the rules” to let retailers win part of those prizes, too, said Russ Lopez, deputy director of the California Lottery. The more tickets we sell, the more we help our beneficiary, the public schools. California schools got $1.39 billion from the state lottery last year, the largest amount ever, and they didn’t even have to buy a $2 ticket. [...] while that amount could send a lottery winner on a yacht trip around the world many times over, it was only about 2 percent of the school system’s $68 billion budget last year. Lopez said he hopes lottery fever will tip the schools’ take ever upward — though he cautions that people should play responsibly. Powerball’s possibilities caught the eye of Charles Lansche, who gazed at a lottery machine Sunday as he left a run-down shop called Rite By Grocer on Sixth Street near Market in San Francisco. “I got certain days I buy certain tickets,” said Lansche, a part-time security guard wearing an ancient cap with the words “Las Vegas” still visible through the grime. “I’d definitely help out my parish,” she added, noting that she’s in charge of her parish’s religious education program for children. “And I wouldn’t have to worry about college tuition,” Wood added with a glance at her daughter, who appeared to have grown tired of waiting.

How Things Change When There Is A Mass Shooting In Your Legislative District
Members of the worst club in Washington band together to embrace members and their communities after a shooting.

First Campaigns: Lessons, and Parallels, in Jeb Bushâ
Mr. Bush followed a sometimes painful learning curve in his first political race, a loss that hangs over him as he tries to right his campaign for president.

Lamborghini Drives Through Flood: Viral Video
When flood waters threaten your home, it’s a natural instinct to want to gather up your valuables and make a break for dry land. But, if your most prized possession is a sweet Lamborghini, do not even think about driving it through a flood.

White House To Provide Behind-the-scenes Of Sotu Via Snapchat - Politico
The White House has joined Snapchat and will provide a behind-the-scenes look at President Barack Obama's last State of the Union address on Tuesday.

At Supreme Court, Public Unions Face Possible Major Setback
In a California case, the justices will consider whether government workers who choose not to join a union may still be required to pay for collective bargaining.

Most Memorable State Of The Union Moments - Politico
Trump earned 31 percent, while the Texas senator took 29 percentin Iowa.

Letter from Washington: Obamaâ
If the Iran nuclear deal, his health care law and the financial recovery are deemed successes, Barack Obama could be seen as a near-great president.

Martins Beach: Does California Have The Money To Buy Public Access From Vinod Khosla?
Aaron Kinney @
But as the State Lands Commission, a bureau that oversees California's coastal boundary disputes, studies using eminent domain for the first time in its 78-year history, a thorny question looms: Where's the money?