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THE NOONER for January 7, 2016

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Well, Jerry has left the podium after releasing his 2016-17 proposed state budget. He showed his absolute command of the issues in a way I haven't seen in the four governors of both parties I have watched in my tenure up here. Most governors would come out, read a prepared statement, and then throw it to the Director of the Department of Finance. Jerry spoke off the cuff, with clear knowledge of the issues, and also about his conservative budget principles. While I would like to see more state spending in certain areas, we're in the best fiscal condition in at least 20 years and it's largely because of Jerry's conservatism. Who would have thunk that?

And, of course, Director of Finance Michael Cohen did his normal great job following the governor.

Some takeaways:

  • Total spending (including bond and special funds: $170.7 billion
  • General fund spending: $122.6 billion
  • Personal Income Tax continues as the leader in state revenues at $83.8 billion. Sales tax is second at $25.9 billion.
  • Proposition 98 (K-14 education spending): $71.8 billion (plus $257 million from prior year "settle up" from underfunding of the guarantee.
  • "Rainy Day" fund for the next recession: $8 billion 
  • When asked about extending Proposition 30's "temporary" taxes, he essentially had no comment, clearly opening the door. Many Democratic legislators, school and health and human services groups would like to see an extension of one component of Prop. 30--the tax on those making over $250,000 a year, while letting the sales tax premium subside. There's currently an initiative on the street that will qualify that would do just that.

A classic Jerry Brownism. He was asked about the plethora of ballot measures expected for November 2016. His response was "I'm not prepared to comment on specific measures, but I will say don't smoke marijuana when you are using your guns."

I'll have more tomorrow!

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Compton Unified trustee Micah Ali and Steinberg for Mayor's Kelly Fong Rivas!

As a birthday gift to Kelly and for my fellow King Hall alum Darrell Steinberg, here's a plug for an event:

WHAT:         Steinberg Campaign Volunteer Mixer

DATE:          Saturday, January 16th

TIME:           9:30a.m. – 11:00a.m.

WHERE:       Wellspring Women's Center, 3414 4th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817



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Recreational Marijuana Could Net $1 Billion In New Taxes, State Officials Say | The California Report | Kqed News
California’s legislative analyst and finance director estimate that legalizing marijuana for recreational use could net as much as $1 billion in new tax revenue for the state and local governments.

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Clinton To Court Asian Voters, A Growing Force In California And Beyond
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on Thursday will unveil its effort to organize Asian Americans in the San Gabriel Valley, an area with one of the densest concentrations of those voters in the state. But the campaign's real targets are outside California, in places where surging numbers of Asian voters have helped lead Democrats to victories in recent statewide races.

Some Districts Exempt Students In Special Ed From Vaccination Law | Edsource
California now has one of the strictest vaccination laws in the country, but ambiguity in its wording has left school districts deciding on their own whether to grant special education students a de facto exemption.

L.A. Weekly Managing Editor Tapped To Head Campaign Against Real Estate 'mega Projects'
A Hollywood-based nonprofit group seeking a crackdown on real estate "mega projects" announced Wednesday that it has tapped a Los Angeles newspaper editor to head up that campaign.

O.C. Watchdog: Working Around A Patchwork Quilt Of Gun Laws At Nuclear Plants
California and New York have some of the strictest gun laws in the entire nation. Which can make it hard to get your hands on the most serious kinds of firepower if you’re in the private security business.

California Exports Plunge Nearly 14 Percent In November From 2014 | The Sacramento Bee
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$12.86 billion in shipments is the lowest in six years

Bart Strike Bill Is Dead, But Another Is Coming
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2016 Election: Ted Cruz Defends Shift On Immigration Reform - Politico
Marco Rubio is ramping up his faith rhetoric in an appeal to Christian voters.

Drought-ravaged Folsom Lake Rises 28.5 Feet In Just One Month - Sfgate
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Donald Trump: Obama Was 'sincere' When He Cried About Gun Victims - Politico
Billionaire Republican donor Maurice 'Hank' Greenberg has donated $10 million to the super PAC backing Jeb Bush's presidential campaign.

Ca17: Union Flips Support From Honda To Khanna
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Super Bowl Vs. Youth Soccer League: Judge Declines To Block Field's Use As NFL Media Center
Ramona Giwargis @
The soccer league last week sued Santa Clara to stop the city from handing the 11-acre soccer park over to the NFL for a Super Bowl 50 media center, but Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Joseph H. Huber declined then to block the move with a temporary restraining order. He denied it again Tuesday, after the soccer league expanded its lawsuit to include the NFL.

Vidak Introduces Legislation to Rename Fresno Veterans Home in Honor of Charlie Waters
Dr. Waters played critical role in the establishment of the Fresno Veterans home, frequently testifying before the Legislature to ensure adequate funding for the facility.

Report Gives Children’s Services In California More Low Grades Than High Ones | Edsource
Aimee Perez, left, dresses as a doctor as she gives a check-up to Chelsea Conway during their preschool class at Land School in Westminster, Calif. Preschool education received a grade of B- in the 2016 California Children's Report Card.

Former AIG Chairman Hank Greenberg Invests $10 Million In Jeb Bush - Politico
Billionaire Republican donor Maurice 'Hank' Greenberg has donated $10 million to the super PAC backing Jeb Bush's presidential campaign.

First Draft: Donald Trump to Speak at Liberty University
Donald J. Trump will speak at Liberty University, the conservative school where Senator Ted Cruz kicked off his campaign.

Congress Sends Obamacare Repeal To President's Desk - Politico
Trump's campaign gives out 20,000 tickets for 1,400-seat theater.

Court Of Appeal Finally To Hear Case Charging Underfunding Of Schools | Edsource
Plaintiffs in the Robles-Wong v. State of California lawsuit announce the case at a press conference in Sacramento on May 20, 2010.