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THE NOONER for January 4, 2016

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Welcome back! The legislative session returns today and it should be an interesting year.

I'm heading to my former office to feed them with Zelda's pizza for the ney year. Thankful to Larry Gabrizio, my successor, for appreciating the gesture.


By the way, if you have investments, don't look at the stock market today. Watch this instead.

How about those Broncos? Thank you Brock, but what a move to bring Peyton in. It really wasn't about football, but more about the Big Mo' and it worked.

Sorry, aside from sports, I don't really try to inject my personal views in The Nooner. However, there is an asshat running for president that is calling for asylums for mentally ill people as a solution to the gun problem. As someone with depression and with family members with similar challenges, how do we get this guy the ef out of here? Many good GOP candidates, but this guy is 21 points ahead in the polls? He can say anything he wants, insult all of us, and only go up in the polls.

Well, rain week has finally arrived. From all forecasts, it should be good. Hopefully, the snowpack increases, as that is what we need.

THE BOYS [AND GIRLS] ARE BACK IN TOWN: California lawmakers return to the Capitol to tackle leftover business [Patrick McGreevy and Melanie Mason @ LAT] - "When state lawmakers return Monday for the start of the new legislative year, their plate will be full of leftovers from 2015, including bills to snuff out smoking, raise the minimum wage and expand the state's policies on paid family leave."

SIGNATURES TAKE PEOPLE: Richard Pan recall effort falls short on vaccine issue  [Jeremy B. White @ SacBee] - ""Opponents of California’s new mandatory vaccine law have suffered another defeat, failing to force a recall election of the senator who championed the law."

SUPERMAJORITY HOPES: California Democrats seek to recover supermajorities [Dan Walters @ SacBee] - "Democrats will try to restore their legislative supermajorities in 2016, buoyed by the prospect of a higher voter turnout in a presidential election. However, even if they succeed, which is no better than a 50-50 bet, it won’t make much practical difference."

AWESOME SAUCE: Elephant seal from traffic standoff gives birth to pup [AP] - "The 900-pound elephant seal that tied up traffic in Northern California last week has given birth." 

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to the longtime friendly and amazing Assembly staffer Phyllis Chow, Senator Cathleen Galgiani, Insurance Commish Dave Jones, former gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner, and Thomas Partners Stragies' John Van Winkle!



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  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Regional Political Organizers (Los Angeles and Bay Area). 85,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated political organizers, 3-5 yrs political/union experience. Competitive salary and benefits package. Resume, letter, 3 references:

  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of CA seeks two experienced Senior Campaign Organizers to work with the seven California Planned Parenthood affiliates  on campus  and electoral organizing through the November 2016. Three to five years and two election cycles experience as full time campaign staff required. Prior management experience preferred. Excellent salary (DOE) and cellphone/laptop stipend and reimbursement of healthcare up to a cap. Positions located in the south and north. Details here.


California Lawmakers Return To The Capitol To Tackle Leftover Business
When state lawmakers return Monday for the start of the new legislative year, their plate will be full of leftovers from 2015, including bills to snuff out smoking, raise the minimum wage and expand the state's policies on paid family leave.

California Democrats Seek To Recover Supermajorities | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Democrats lost legislative supermajorities in 2014

How Much Water? Officials Hope To Project What's Needed, What Mother Nature Will Provide And What's Next - The Orange County Register
Projections of future water supplies and demand reveal a shortage of billions of gallons by 2040, a shortage that Orange County water managers say must be filled in the coming years.

California Lawmakers Return With Full Plate Of Heady Issues - Sfgate

Spin season starts as campaigns play expectations game
After months of assuring voters, donors and reporters that they would compete and win everywhere, candidates are dialing it back.

San Diego Aches At Possible NFL End |
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2 GOP Candidates Call For End To Armed Standoff At Oregon Refuge - Politico
The candidate plans to restore and strengthen intelligence programs that Congress allowed to expire last year.

First Draft: Ben Carson Proposes Flat Tax, With Benefits Flowing to the Wealthy
Ben Carson has proposed tearing up the tax code and replacing it with a flat tax that would represent a substantial cut for the richest Americans and could potentially deepen the deficit.

Paralyzed Veterans Could Walk Again Using Robotic Legs Paid For By The Va
The ReWalk exoskeleton device, invented by an Israeli quadriplegic, could be offered to San Diego veterans as early as this spring.

Growing Day Care Squeeze As Providers Priced Out Of S.F. - San Francisco Chronicle
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Are Seaworld's Whales Better Off Staying In Their Glass-and-concrete Enclosures?
An orca leaps above its pool during a performance at SeaWorld San Diego.

Bill Clinton: GOP Candidates 'kind Of Scary' - Politico
The comments came during a private meeting between the two last January.

First Draft: House Returns From Break With Plan to Send Health Care Repeal to Obamaâ
s desk, even if it is unlikely they can override his veto.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Shows How To Be An Urban Republican Mayor - The Atlantic
Liam Dillon @
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California Will See A Lot More Disease-carrying Mosquitoes This Year, Experts Say
The yellow fever mosquito, trapped in vials at the San Diego County Vector Control lab, and the Asian tiger mosquito have both been found in parts of California.

Chelsea Clinton To Headline Fundraiser At Soulcycle In Tribeca - Politico
The candidate plans to restore and strengthen intelligence programs that Congress allowed to expire last year.

As Voting for Successor Nears, Obama Seeks to Keep the Spotlight
The president is determined to remain relevant in his final year of office, a time that recent experience shows can be of enormous consequence even if his influence is waning.

Startup Breather Rents On-demand Offices For Meetings, Quiet Work - San Francisco Chronicle
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The toxic chemical in San Franciscoâ
Fog rolling in off the Pacific brings iconic beauty to San Francisco, but scientists say it also carries with it something much less pleasant: toxic mercury. Scientists who studied the fog along the coast of California found that it deposits a neurotoxin called monomethyl mercury — at a concentration about 20 times that of rain — as it sweeps across the city. The scientists said the finding reveals a new pathway to land of a compound that comes largely from burning coal and other fossil fuels. The scientists determined that mesoscale eddies — large, circular currents of water from the California current — are depositing dimethyl mercury into the fog, where acidic marine aerosols — particles left over from evaporated droplets of ocean spray — convert it into its monomethyl mercury form. Animals and plants in foggy regions may contain as much as 10 times the level of the mercury compound as life in less-foggy areas, according to the research that the scientists presented at last month’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. [...] they do add to the mercury that humans introduce into the environment through coal burning, mining and metals processing, and contribute to the buildup in the plants that animals eat and the water they drink, researchers said. [...] the scientists found that wolf spiders along the coast that they examined during foggy periods had levels of the mercury compound in their systems that exceeded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 3 parts per million safety threshold.

Congress probes hover over Clinton as voting nears
The Democratic front-runner has slipped GOP lawmakers so far, but they're still pressing on her emails, Benghazi and Teneo.