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THE NOONER for December 27, 2015

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Happy Chillaxing Day after the holidays. It's been a whirlwind for many of you, and now can recycle that wrapping paper and put your feet up. For me, it's back to the great Southside Park Sunday routine of Buddhist Church, farmers' market, and street tacos at the Catholic Church on T Street. For those confused about why I go to Buddhist Church, understand that Jodo Shinshu Buddhism (the traditional sect of longtime Japanese-Americans) is not focused on a deity, but rather how you can live a better life without hurting others. 

Interestingly, I say I often go to a Buddhist "Church," people try to correct me to say "Temple." These temples started in 1899 and were called "temples." However, my ancestors rounded up Japanese and put them in desert prisons during World War II. And, as part of the re-assimilation process, they agreed to change the name of the temples to "churches." 

And, here's a good example of the services from last week. You can pay $20 to go to a comedy club or you can see Reverand Bob for free.

Admitedly, this is not the best the ideal weekend to move to 7-days a week, since most political reporters are sleeping off their egg nog hangovers. But, it's warm-up time with me.

OUCH: LAT headline: UCLA turned into corn meal by Nebraska in Foster Farms Bowl

This is still a California politics and policy newsletter. However, need to share our concerns with the nearly 20 (or more) Americans who have died and the hundreds of others who have lost their homes the last few days in the storms in the South. It's personal for me, as I have family in the affected areas, although everybody seems okay. But, it's a quite awful Christmas in several states. 


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to California Young Democrats' Allan Acevedo, communications guru Colleen Haley and the amazing photographer Florence Low, now with the State Water Control Board, formerly with the Bee, and an amazing lens that you should hiire!

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Flycatcher was Steve Carell's first dramatic role. I based my statement on a late night television interview that was clearly trying to ignore the past.




  • SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West Regional Political Organizers (Los Angeles and Bay Area). 85,000 member California healthcare union seeks strategic, progressive, motivated political organizers, 3-5 yrs political/union experience. Competitive salary and benefits package. Resume, letter, 3 references:

  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of CA seeks two experienced Senior Campaign Organizers to work with the seven California Planned Parenthood affiliates  on campus  and electoral organizing through the November 2016. Three to five years and two election cycles experience as full time campaign staff required. Prior management experience preferred. Excellent salary (DOE) and cellphone/laptop stipend and reimbursement of healthcare up to a cap. Positions located in the south and north. Details here.

Oil Politics Aside, Oklahoma Governor Offers Thanks To Jerry Brown | The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

UC System Divests $30 Million In Prison Holdings Amid Student Pressure
The University of California system has sold about $30 million of its holdings in companies that operate private prisons after students voiced their opposition to such investments.

New California Laws 2016: What To Expect In The New Year | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Daily Fantasy Sports Industry Waits For California's Next Move - The Orange County Register
SACRAMENTO When Adam Gray called for an informational hearing to discuss daily fantasy sports in October, the first time a California lawmaker had suggested addressing the controversial billion-dollar industry, he already had been more proactive than most state lawmakers.

San Bernardino Shootings Cast A Somber Tone Over Muslim Conference In Chino
Every year around this time, people from across the western United States gather at the Bait ul Hameed Mosque in Chino to discuss and deepen their Ahmadiyya Muslim faith.

Torture Case Reveals Horrible Truth: It Happens Over And Over | The Sacramento Bee
Marjie Lundstrom @
New study shows torture of children should be classified as distinct category of child abuse

Prop 47 Has Helped Reduce Jail Assaults, Officials Say |
The department reported a 5 percent drop in inmate-on-officer assaults within its jails during that time frame.

Feds Did What The L.A. Prosecutors Didn't Do: Bring Deputies In Jail Visitor's Beating To Justice
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department already was engulfed in a jail brutality scandal when a prosecutor in the district attorney's office examined the beating of Gabriel Carrillo.

Lawsuits Seek To Abolish County's Bail Bond System

New Era Dawns At Port Of Los Angeles As Megaship Arrives
D Buses @
Today's high

Santa Clara County Leads The Way In Increasing Oversight Of Foster Kids On Psychiatric Drugs
Along with other California counties, leaders here are examining questionable prescribing -- the focus of this newspaper's investigative series "Drugging Our Kids" -- that is driving a slew of new state laws and reforms in the juvenile courts, where all psychotropics for foster children must be approved.

How Trump's Comments On Muslims Fit Into The Country's History Of Religious Demagoguery
Donald Trump's proposal to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. evokes comparisons to episodes in American history in which foreigners or religious minorities were stigmatized.

How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education
s work, as a young law student in 1972, to determine whether an Alabama school discriminated against blacks was a moment of awakening for her.

1,200-acre Brush Fire Closes A Section Of Pacific Coast Highway Near Ventura
Associated Press @
A 1,200-acre brush fire burned in the hills above Solimar Beach in Ventura County in the early morning hours of Saturday.

Pharmacylics' 'miracle Cure': A Cancer Drug
Jeremy Owens and Lisa M. Krieger @
All it had left was a single chemical, bought for chump change because no one else wanted it.

Tracy mosque attacked in what Muslim leaders say is hate crime
Tracy mosque attacked in what Muslim leaders say is hate crime An Islamic group is calling for law enforcement officials to investigate Saturday’s apparent early morning firebombing of the Islamic Center in Tracy as a hate crime. Basim Elkarra, executive director for the Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said that when mosque leaders arrived in the morning they found what appeared to be a Molotov cocktail had been tossed over the gate toward the building’s side door. The matter needs to be treated as a hate crime to bring justice and stem the outbreak of such crimes, he added.

Disneyland To Close Some Attractions To Build 'star Wars' Land
To make way for "Star Wars," Disneyland is about to launch its largest expansion ever, which means shutting down a significant chunk of the Anaheim theme park.

California Faces Lost Decades In Solving Drought - Wsj
Jim Carlton and Alejandro Lazo @
Energy Companies Gird for Weaker Prices in 2016

Bernie Sanders In 'negotiations' With Dnc Over Data Breach - Politico
The Democratic candidate says there are more important issues to worry about.

Is The Era Of Dam-building Over? Backers Of Several Major Projects Say It Shouldn't Be
This tranquil ranching valley lies 15 miles west of the Sacramento River. A one-lane bridge spans a dried-up creek at the valley entrance. But when Jeff Sutton stands there, he imagines water, lots of it.

California School Scores Tied To Attendance, Not Proficiency
Sharon Noguchi @
But when those marks were ever so quietly posted this month, barely anyone noticed. And it seemed few cared. For the first time in years, California schools met federal standards -- but only because the yardstick had been replaced with an easier-to-meet measurement.

After 36 Years, It's Time To Say Thanks And Farewell To Readers
But after 36 years in jobs I loved at the newspaper, it's time for me to write a new chapter.