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THE NOONER for September 21, 2015

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  • SD39 (San Diego): added Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D)
  • AD06 (Roseville): removed Clay Siggs (R) -- who had been endorsed by termed out Beth Gaines (who will be running for El Dorado County supervisor)



Good morning. Okay, I give, bring back the Niners black uniforms. That was ugly yesterday. Actually, to me it was just an ugly day of football. Fortunately, the Broncos won on Thursday night. And, at the Global Nooner Headquarters here in the 95811, the mercury is expected to hit triple-digits today. Stay cool, Sacramento. At least the day ended well with Veep grabbing four Emmys. 

I dread the end of the legislative session, fearing the blank screen that starts each Noonerific day. Will there be anything to write about? I have great display and classified advertisers and 8,552 readers. I need content! And, there's always something...

DEAL OR NO DEAL?: The news of the weekend was the public airing of a showdown that many of us knew might be coming. Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D), who has had a campaign committee for SD39 in 2020, is running next year, challenging incumbent Marty Block (D). 

The showdown goes back to 2011 after redistricting. Both Atkins and Block (both Assemblymembers at the time) ended up nested in the Senate seat then held by Christine Kehoe, who was termed out in 2012. With Block facing term limits in the Assembly in 2014 and Atkins facing them in 2016, both wanted to run for Kehoe's seat. Allegedly, they made a deal that Marty would serve one term and then yield the seat to Toni in 2016. Block says that it was a discussion and not binding, and Atkins says that Block is breaking a deal. 

Both are reliable liberal votes and have a similar base in San Diego. As of the June 30 filing close, Atkins had $1.8 million in three committees (Atkins 2014, Atkins 2020, and Atkins ballot measure), although much of that money is likely from the same donors and can't all be transferred to the Senate campaign, which has the same contribution limits as the Assembly committees. Block had just under $79,000 for his re-election.

Endorsements are going to be interesting in this race. Block has largely put his head down to work on education in the State Senate, heading up the budget-writing subcommittee. However, with the strong support of Pro Tem Kevin de León, major organizations are going to have a hard time deciding between the two. de León will be the Senate leader for another couple of years, while Atkins passes the gavel to Anthony Rendon in January.

However, despite the financial advantage of Atkins, Block can run "Re-elect Senator Marty Block," a nice advantage. And, he has the support of de León and fellow members of the Democratic Caucus, who fear the precedent of Assemblymembers of the same party challenging them.

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OUR FELLOW CALIFORNIANS: Northern California wildfire destroys another 162 homes [AP] - "The tally brought the total number of homes destroyed in two wildfires burning in Northern California the past two weeks to nearly 1,600, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said. Those fires killed five people, and on Sunday authorities announced that a body was found near the source of a new wildfire in Monterey County that destroyed or damaged 10 homes."

U.S. SENATE: Sanchez shows signs of progress in Senate race [Martin Wisckol @ OCR] - "Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Orange, continues to solidify Latino and Southern California support in her bid to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer. But she’s still chasing Democratic state Attorney General Kamala Harris, who holds a 9-percentage point lead in the most recent polling."

REWRITE: Pension Initiative to be Re-filed? [Joel Fox @ Fox and Hounds] - "Over the weekend, two sources indicated to me that the Chuck Reed/Carl DeMaio pension reform initiative would be pulled, re-written, and re-submitted to the attorney general for a new title and summary. If it is to be re-filed, it is worth considering for which ballot it would be re-submitted."

DOUBLE-X FACTOR: Gov. Brown to sign expanded fair pay legislation [Janie Har @ AP] - "[T]he legislation expands what supporters call an outdated state equal pay law and goes further than federal law, placing the burden on the employer to prove a man's higher pay is based on factors other than gender and allowing workers to sue if they are paid less than someone with a different job title who does "substantially similar" work."

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Top Colleges Doing the Most for Low-Income Students [David Leonhardt @ NYT] - "It's based on the share of students who receive Pell grants (which typically go to families making less than $70,000); the graduation rate of those students; and the price that colleges charge both low- and middle-income students."

This is pretty amazing. The NYT released a series of college rankings this week, and California just dominates in upward mobility. I know many people have criticisms of UC, but this is something we all can be proud of. And, as an Aggie, argh that the Anteaters edged us out! The NYT's David Leonhardt talked about the findings with Michael Krasny on KQED's Forum this morning.

Hopefully you have images turned on:



RELIEF: State GOP to meet less often [David Siders @ SacBee] - ""Party activists approved reducing the number of state party conventions to two annually in odd-numbered years and one annually in even-numbered years, eliminating its convention closest to the general election."

Congratulations, Jimmy Brulte. I had 18 board meetings a year (three separate boards) when I was CEO of the Community College League, and can testify as to the toll it takes.

ALSO FROM ANAHEIM: Seeking distance from Trump, California GOP loosens immigration stance [Chris Megerian @ LAT] - "The changes say Republicans "hold diverse views" on "what to do with the millions of people who are currently here illegally." The wording of the amendment was tweaked after a Saturday committee meeting, which used the phrase "otherwise law-abiding folks" instead of "people." Although the new language emphasizes opposition to "amnesty," it removes the statement that "allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines respect for the law.""

THE DEAN SPEAKETH: State GOP lost an asset when Fiorina left [George Skelton @ LAT] - "Watching Carly Fiorina shine in the Republican debate, I began thinking she should forget the presidency and run again in California for the U.S. Senate."

THE WAIT: Uber drivers having a 'field' day at airport [Tony Bizjak @ SacBee] - "To avoid congestion and jostling at the terminals, Uber drivers are not allowed to wait on the airport grounds to pick up a ride. They can only enter airport property when they get a ping on their cellphone telling them a flier is requesting a ride."

Interesting timing of this story. Since I'm not driving in this neck collar, Uber is how I get to Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, which I did on Thursday. I was chatting with my driver about Uber and the airport, and he said that he doesn't bother, as there are just too many Uber drivers waiting for pings there. 

The move is great, as the taxi monopoly at SMurF has gouged travelers forever. Over $30 for a 15 minute trip to the Capitol?

A BETTER JOB: The governor on Friday appointed Vito Imbasciani as Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs. You may recall that Dr. Vito ran for SD26 in 2014. 

RANT: Did Ben Carson really suggest that these prominent Americans are unfit to be president because of their religion? Are we in Germany in the 1940s? Set aside partisanship, this anti-Muslim mania has to be of concern to people of all faiths and those that don't follow one. Remember when there were significant questions whether a Catholic could be President when John F. Kennedy was running? Would someone say that now? If so, goodbye Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie. I guess that would create more elbow room on the debate stage.

Article XI: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

In between college football games on Saturday, I was watching the Democratic event in New Hampshire. Can someone check Lincoln Chafee's pulse? Hillary rocked it, and showed the benefit of using a teleprompter, which the campaign said was spontaneous (Uh, you don't order a teleprompter and load a speech at the last minute). Sanders was good as well, although reading your stump speech from paper doesn't look so good.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to political consultant Brian Brokaw, currently working for Kamala Harris's campaign and Disney's Efrain Fuentes!



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Application seeks to convert S.F. Tennis Club to office complex
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