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THE NOONER for June 30, 2015




As I wrote in June 10th's Nooner, I'm preparing to ramp up for the 2016 election season. As part of that, I'm working on much more robust election analysis on the district pages. Detailed analysis will be available for Nooner paid subscribers. I'm also raising the subscription price for new subscribers to $49.99 effective July 1 (exisiting paid subscribers can renew at $39.99 through December 31).

I still want to provide The Nooner free to those who want to read it but can't afford to support it, and I thank our great advertisers for allowing that. However, as the cost of subscribing to all of the newspapers to bring the news to you goes up, I need to have more subscription dough roll in.

Paid subscribers get:

  • Exclusive access to detailed election analysis on district pages.
  • 11:30 distribution of The NOONER, a.k.a. El ONCE Y MEDIA.
  • Downloadable spreadsheets of voter registration data, candidate lists and analysis.
  • Discounted registration for upcoming (to be scheduled) NOONER LIVE events. 

Get in before the price goes up!



BLURRED LINES: California GOP benefits from redistricting decision as bigger case looms [Cathleen Decker @ LAT] - "Like so many political events, the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Monday that upheld the right of independent citizen commissions to draw district lines inspired a different reaction in California than elsewhere in the nation."

California's Congressional Maps Get Legal Protection Via Arizona [John Myers @ KQED]

PEOPLE POWER: Supreme Court Affirms Power of Initiative in Redistricting Case [Joel Fox @ Fox and Hounds] - "The case affirms that voters have legislative authority through the initiative process, a powerful boost for initiative lawmaking. Justice Anthony Kennedy, the only Californian on the court, who himself was involved in a California initiative when he practiced law in California, joined the majority."

LAW AND DISORDER: Ted Cruz: States should ignore gay-marriage ruling [Adam B. Lerner @ Politico] - "Ted Cruz has some unsolicited advice for the states not specifically named in last week's Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage: Ignore it."

What about Brown v. Board of Education? Should school desegregation only apply in Topeka, KS?



Supreme Court to hear case challenging public employee unions [Lydia Wheeler @ The Hill] - "The case – Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association – centers on a California law that allows school districts to require public-school teachers, as a condition of employment, to either join the union representing teachers in their district or pay the equivalent of dues to that union."

VAX: California Senate sends mandatory vaccines bill to governor [Alexei Kosoff @ SacBee] - "While Brown has given little indication of whether he will sign or veto SB 277, the bill's authors – Democratic Sens. Richard Pan of Sacramento and Ben Allen of Santa Monica – are confident.

And, the governor signed the bill this morning...

LIGHTS OFF! Red-light cameras shut off in Santa Ana, now only Los Alamitos, Garden Grove have them in O.C. [Shane Newell and Chris Haine @ OCR] - "Santa Ana ended the program June 19, leaving Garden Grove and Los Alamitos as the only remaining cities with the red-light cameras. But Garden Grove officials this month decided to look at whether the cameras are an effective way to reduce traffic accidents."

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Clean Tech Advocates's Patrick Leathers!





  • Energy Efficiency Program Manager (Electricity Markets and Policy Group)
    This position interacts with research scientists, project team members, and external customers to achieve program success. The position requires general knowledge of program management principles and skills, such as program planning, budgeting, and scheduling and computer-based spreadsheet and report generation tools to perform the work.

    To Apply:

    Equal Employment Opportunity: Berkeley Lab is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or protected veteran status. Click here to view the poster:Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law.
  • ASSEMBLYMEMBER MATT DABABNEH discusses chairing the powerful Assembly banking committee in this exclusive interview:
    California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee is seeking a Manager to assist with expanding the business and programs of its for-profit video production studio, FireStar Studios. The Manager will oversee the daily operations of the Studio, manage production and administrative staff, identify and market new business and oversee client estimates, billings and cash flow.

    Qualifications: bachelor's degree; outstanding written and oral communication and organizational skills; creativity and ability to positively lead under tight deadlines.  To learn more about the position visit our website at



California Lawmakers To Tackle Health Care, Road Funding
Fenit Nirappil and Judy Lin @
The California Legislature is holding two special sessions this summer to tackle long-vexing funding shortfalls in the state's transportation and health care programs. But talk of targeted tax increases has prompted political hand-wringing.

California Senate Sends Mandatory Vaccines Bill To Governor | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Senators approve Assembly amendments in 24-14 vote

Lawsuits Over California Water Rights Are A Fight A Century In The Making
The lawsuits hit the courts within days of the state mailing notices to some Central Valley irrigation districts: They were to stop diverting from rivers and streams because there wasn't enough water to go around.

Christian Activist Decries 'Evil' Gay Marriage With A Honey-Smooth Voice
Tina Susman @
In a state where 86% of voters cast ballots for a ban on gay weddings in 2004, and where opposition is fierce to last week's Supreme Court ruling declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right, Meeke Addison stands out from the fire-and-brimstone preachers and politicians usually associated with the fight against gay marriage.

UCSF nurses union comes out against S.F. Warriors arena
In a statement, the nurses union cited “impacts on access to care, patient health and the ability of patients, family members and health professionals to access Mission Bay’s hospitals and clinics in gridlock traffic.” At a news conference Monday, three nurses expressed reservations about the Warriors’ plan, although they all admitted that they were unfamiliar with the details of the team’s recently released 800-page environmental impact report, which analyses the arena’s potential impact on traffic and parking. Backed by Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco’s political establishment, the Warriors’ Mission Bay arena plan faced minimal public opposition until April, when a mostly anonymous group of UCSF donors and wealthy biotech executives announced it would fight the proposal. While the Mission Bay Alliance’s legal threats have not eroded support for the development at City Hall, concerns voiced by rank-and-file nurses could help bolster the case against the basketball arena in the court of public opinion. At the news conference, representatives from the CNA refused to answer any specific questions about a traffic and parking plan developed by the Warriors and the city, and attempted to abruptly end questioning after only a few minutes. UCSF said Monday that it “remains supportive of the proposed Warriors Stadium at Mission Bay, provided that traffic can be managed to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and health care workers in the Mission Bay hospitals and adjoining campus.” [...] the university supports faculty and staff who wish to have a constructive voice in the discussion via the public hearing or other means. [...] most of the debate over traffic impact centers on the “shoulder period” from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, a time when downtown rush hour traffic is sluggish, when Mission Bay residents are trying to get home, and when fans would be trying to get to the arena to catch a game or concert. The city is planning to tackle potential traffic jams through beefed-up public transit and a “traffic separation” plan aimed at funneling arena-bound cars onto certain streets while hospital and neighborhood vehicles are routed onto others.

California Wins With Arizona In Scotus Redistricting Case
Who supports gerrymandering? Not voters, who regularly prefer to give independent commissions the power to set voting boundaries. Not the Supreme Court , which ruled Monday in favor of Arizona's voters and their redistricting commission. That leaves one group: politicians interested in keeping their jobs, regardless of voters' best interests, democracy and plain common sense.

Drought Trips Up Real Estate Development Backed By CalPERS
Dale Kasler @
It looked like the perfect real estate investment, a sparkling suburban development that would provide thousands of weary Bay Area refugees with a more affordable place to live.

Senator Moorlach Appointed to Senate Special Session Committee on Health Care
(Sacramento, CA)

Stephen Colbert Cheers The Supreme Court's Same-sex Marriage Ruling
Add Stephen Colbert to the chorus of celebrities and media personalities  cheering Friday's  Supreme Court 's decision in Obergefell vs. Hodges, which struck down state laws barring same-sex marriage.  

UC Berkeley Sued For Allegedly Failing To Properly Respond To Sexual Assault Complaints
Teresa Watanabe @
Three current and former UC Berkeley students sued the University of California on Monday for allegedly failing to properly respond to their sexual assault complaints, asserting that administrators did not act quickly enough or adequately penalize perpetrators found responsible. 

California’s Congressional Maps Get Legal Protection Via Arizona | Faultlines | Kqed News
The notion that California’s 53 congressional districts could be redrawn before the 2016 elections and that legislators would wield the pencils yielded tons of buzz among politicos these past few months. One problem: The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed.

3 women sue UC Berkeley, alleging sex assault complaints ignored
Three women who said they were sexually assaulted as UC Berkeley students sued the University of California on Monday, accusing officials of failing to adequately respond after they came forward. The state auditor issued a report last year accusing UC Berkeley, UCLA, Chico State and San Diego State of doing little to prevent sexual violence on their campuses by failing to train enough employee and educate students on the subject. The audit criticized the slowness of the universities’ responses to several incidents of harassment and violence and noted that campuses fail to consistently inform students about the status and outcome of their cases. The federal government is investigating possible violations of federal laws in how administrators addressed sexual violence at more than 100 colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley. Federal laws — the Clery Act and Title IX — specify how colleges and universities must respond to and publicize crimes of all kinds, and requires that specific steps be taken in the case of sexual assault. Butler was a research assistant who reported being sexually assaulted by a faculty member while conducting research in Alaska in 2012. [...] a campus administrator questioned whether Butler “ever affirmatively rebuffed any of (his) advances” and “admonished Butler regarding the consequences of falsely reporting sexual assaults,” the lawsuit says. “I know that at its core, the university that I once loved is more supportive to perpetrators of sexual violence than to victims,” Commins said. In all three cases, “Berkeley did nothing substantive in response to their reports of sexual assault, and what they did amounted to indifference, at best,” said Alex Zalkin, another attorney for the women.

Peta Sues California Over Poultry Slaughter Law
Federal meat inspectors oversee poultry plants, but federal humane slaughter law does not cover poultry

Parched California Farmers Hope To Tap Wastewater From Cities | Drought Watch 2015 | Kqed Science
In a few years, that wastewater — treated and disinfected — could flow to farms in the Del Puerto Water District, in what would be the largest urban-to-agriculture water recycling project in the state.

Vaccine Opponents Are Passionate, Persistent And Science-averse
California lawmakers have just approved a stringent vaccination law, but opponents have no plans to back down.

Plans Would Help Energy Hogs, Hit Water Wasters |
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California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Tough New Vaccination Law
Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed one of the nation’s toughest mandatory childhood vaccination bills, moving to end exemptions from state immunization laws based on religious or other personal beliefs.