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THE NOONER for June 29, 2015




As I wrote in June 10th's Nooner, I'm preparing to ramp up for the 2016 election season. As part of that, I'm working on much more robust election analysis on the district pages. Detailed analysis will be available for Nooner paid subscribers. I'm also raising the subscription price for new subscribers to $49.99 effective July 1 (exisiting paid subscribers can renew at $39.99 through December 31).

I still want to provide The Nooner free to those who want to read it but can't afford to support it, and I thank our great advertisers for allowing that. However, as the cost of subscribing to all of the newspapers to bring the news to you goes up, I need to have more subscription dough roll in.

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BEWARE: Set down the mouse and step away from the 'puter Tomorrow is both a federal and state fundraising deadline, so your email box will be subject of a deluge. 

BLURRED LINES: Steve Knight (R-CA25), you may exhale. The Supreme Court held this morning that Article I, Section 4 and the implementing statutes do not prohibit states from using redistricting commissions. [Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Indepent Redistricting Commission decision]

Speaking of Knight, it's probably time for him read that book on House rules: Freshman House Republican pays back taxpayers $1,000 [Scott Wong @ The Hill]

Anyway, the three decisions this morning put the SCOTUS term in the can. The nine Supremes return in October.

SUPREME IDIOCY: Following the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage, presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz is calling on retention elections for Supreme Court justices. I'm pretty certain that Cruz knows that it has zero chance of approval be 2/3 of the states, making it an easy bullet point to add to the platform.

Cruz knows a bit about the Supreme Court, having served as a clerk to William Renhquist, and having argued nine cases before the Court while attorney general of the Lone State state. And, hailing from Texas, he's quite familiar with judicial elections--judges from county judge to the Texas Supreme Court run. However, unlike California where judges must stand for "retention" elections, Texas judges are elected in partisan elections.

I don't care for California's retention elections. California voters routinely are asked to vote to retain judges about whom they have no knowledge. Judges are retained unless their mug is seen in the crime section of the paper, or when they have an ethnic-sounding name and lose to a sometimes attorney bagel shop owner.

The only consequential judicial retention defeat in my lifetime was the 1986 election that removed Rose Bird, Joseph Grodin, and Cruz Reynoso (appointees of Jerry Brown) from the Supreme Court of California, ostensibly about the death penalty, but equally about labor, firearms, and general business regulation. 

I frequently disagree with decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States. However, I read decisions and understand the rationale used by the majority. Anyone with a legal education can understand, whether they agree or not, the Court's five-justice majority in the same-sex marriage case. As I wrote on Friday, once the door opened with same-sex marriage in one state, the Equal Protection clause became a problem for same-sex marriage opponents. Even if applying a "rational basis" review of the differentiation between the treatment of heterosexual and homosexual couples, the burden was high.

That said, not many voters understand the levels of scrutiny to be applied in such cases. Voters are fueled by passion for their own political affinity. The last place our judicial system should be is within the election system. We have an impeachment process for those that abuse their office. Having Supreme Court justices raising money from interests that may be before them is an awful idea.

Ted Cruz, you know better.



CALIFORNIANS, A SUSPECT CLASS: Antonin Scalia doesn't heart California -- or get us, either [Patt Morrison @ LAT] - "In a display of judicial temperament right out of People vs. You Kids Git Off My Lawn, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dissented spectacularly and cholerically from Friday's same-sex marriage ruling with the declaration that the court — his own court — doesn’t represent the grand geographic sweep of America, that it has 'not a single South-westerner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner.' Then, parenthetically, he delivered this: 'California does not count.'"

WAITING GAME: GOP will have a long wait for congressional gains in California [Thomas D. Elias @ Daily News] - "The party's problem is simple: In order to win in most parts of California, it will have to become more tolerant of undocumented immigrants and same-sex marriage, more environmentally conscious and less hard-line in opposing changes to the Proposition 13 property tax rules."

TICKET (AND PRICE) TO RIDE: Disney works to stop Anaheim gate tax [Jodie Tillman and Joseph Pimentel @ OCR] - "Anaheim has never charged taxes on Disney tickets. But the 1996 deal that spelled out that policy expires next year."

LUNCH! VIDEO: Shark selfies trending as local great whites become celebrities [Laylan Connelly @ OCR] - "As word spreads about the resident sharks – about 10 have been hanging around just where the water breaks for the past few months – curious beachgoers like Trucksess are heading to the area to get a first-hand look."

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Wilk chief of staff Matt Dobler, Long Beach USD board member Megan Kerr, Assemblymember Henry Perea, UC's Larry Salinas, Planned Parenthood's Raquel Simental, Pacific Crest's Richard Wiebe, and Assemblymember Das Williams!





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