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THE NOONER for June 22, 2015




Well, I should have read the vital signs last week when the database behind The Nooner/ATC/ET was burping...the hamsters were getting tired. And, over the weekend, the MySQL table that has the actual subscriber list crashed. Fortunately, I still had the email addresses of all Nooner readers. Unfortunately, the fields defining who were paid subscribers and who were not were not recoverable. Thus, everyone is getting an Early-Bird today.

Since I started this network of services 13 years ago, I've only had a table crash once. I'm in the process of migrating to a new, higher-powered server. However, it's a laborious process and is taking awhlle.

If you are a paid subscriber, can you forward your Nooner from Friday to me? I will be giving all paid subscribers an extra free month for the loss of their exclusivity.

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It'll probably take about a week to get this all sorted out, around the time that my previously announced changes go into effect on July 1.

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JOBS, JOBS, JOBS: Friday brought the monthly employment report for states from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. California created 59,100 new jobs in May. However, as disenfranchised workers returned to the workforce and students graduated, the unemployment rate ticked up 0.1% to 6.4% as 78,100 Californians joined the workforce. The unemployment rate is down 1.2% year-over-year, with 465,700 jobs added in the last year.

Year-over-year category leaders in new jobs include construction (6.9%), professional and business services (5.2%), leisure and hospitality (3.8%) and information (3.7%). Laggards include mining and logging (-4.7%), agriculture (-0.7%), manufacturing (0.4%), and financial services (1.1%).

[full report]

AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers, Marisa Lagos and Anthony York tickle our ears on the state budget deal with the California Politics Podcast.

HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: This is the biggest week of the year for the Supreme Court, as the most controversial case decisions are typically announced as the Court completes its 2014-15 term (expected next Monday, June 29. No decision this morning on same-sex marriage or the Obamacare federal subsidy case. However, there was an interesting case of California origin regarding takings among the 4 of expected 11 decisions left in the term announced today.

The case of Burke v. Department of Agriculture, a California raisin farming family challenged the raisin reserve requirement, which requires raisin farmers to set aside a certain amount of raisins to maintain balance in the market (read: prop of prices). "Excess" raisins are then sold in alternative markets, donated, or destroyed. Farmers historically haven't been paid for the "reserve" raisins. This morning, the court held that the reserve requirement is a governmental taking, and farmers must be paid for the raisins they are unable to deliver to market, just as if their land is taken through eminent domain, such as for high-speed rail.

BEHIND THE BAR: Scorched Bar Isn't Feeling Much Heat [Cheryl Miller @ The Recorder]:

Scandal. Lawsuits. Allegations of cooking books, lying to the Legislature and failing to protect the public. California's State Bar has been awash in troubling news for the last eight months, starting with the firing of executive director Joe Dunn in November and continuing this week with the release of an eyebrow-raising audit.

For most state agencies, such headlines would be the equivalent of political blood in the water, a magnet for elected officials to decry government waste and promise reforms. But that's not the case with the state bar. Reactions by those who could take action have, so far, ranged from measured expressions of concern to total silence.

THE DEMAIO DEMONIZATION: A cautionary tale for voters [Dan Morain @ SacBee]

DOUBLE-X FACTOR SOCCER: In its round-of-sixteen game, the U.S. Women's Soccer team faces Colombia tonight at 5pm PST, viewable on Fox Sports 1. 

FLYING CATS: From,, we get a video of a cat who takes an unintended ride on amateur airplane's wing.

Finally, John Oliver took a stab at Sea World last night, showing a mock photo of a jeep driving over an Orca, saying "Sea World loves torturing orcas." Ouch...apparently all those commercials aren't working.

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, BCF VP Meghan Callahan, and OFA's Allisa Ko!





  • GLORIA MOLINA -- the first Latina elected to the Assembly, LA City Council, and Board of Supervisors -- discusses her trailblazing career in this exclusive interview:
    California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee is seeking a Manager to assist with expanding the business and programs of its for-profit video production studio, FireStar Studios. The Manager will oversee the daily operations of the Studio, manage production and administrative staff, identify and market new business and oversee client estimates, billings and cash flow.

    Qualifications: bachelor's degree; outstanding written and oral communication and organizational skills; creativity and ability to positively lead under tight deadlines.  To learn more about the position visit our website at

  • Harbage Consulting, a health policy consulting firm with expertise in public programs and delivery system reform, is seeking a Communiations Coordinator for its Sacramento office. [more info]
    • NARAL Pro-Choice America is looking for a Special Events Lead Coordinator to work out of the San Francisco office.  This position is responsible for the logistics and fundraising support for a suite of high-profile special events in California and possibly in other states. Someone with an eye for details, highly organized and super fun would be a great match.Please click Special Events Coordinator for the full job description and applications can be sent to
      • Please join Capitol Network for our 2nd Annual Chiefs of Staff luncheon. June 26, from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at CalChamber, 1215 K Street, Suite 1400. This event is open only to Capitol Network members. Register here. Become a member here.
      • The Center for Responsible Lending has an opening for a Policy and Government Affairs Associate/Counsel in Oakland, CA.  The associate will work with stakeholders in California and other Western states to develop and advance strategies for legislative and regulatory reform at the state level to prevent predatory lending practices.   If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please visit  If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter describing why you are a fit for this position to

      • Place your classified here for $30/week for up to 100 words. Email




New Move To Reduce CalSTRS Social Security Cuts
Ed Mendel @
Two federal laws enacted to avoid Social Security overpayment and inequity are mainly aimed at government employees who receive a pension but no Social Security. In California, that includes nearly all teachers and many police and firefighters.

Opinion: California Vocational Education In Danger | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
Then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled it back from extinction

State To Spend A Half Billion Dollars To Promote "Teacher Effectiveness"
“It is a very big deal,” said Linda Darling-Hammond, a Stanford University professor of education who also is chair of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. “It is really a first step towards rebuilding the professional development infrastructure in the state that evaporated during the years of budget cuts.”

Brown Gets Cranking On Highways And Healthcare
George Skelton @
Gov. Jerry Brown finally is kicking it in gear on California highways.

California Cigarette Tax Backers Commit $2 Million
Jeremy B. White @
Hoping to influence a special health care budget session, a coalition of labor and medical groups has put $2 million into an initiative to raise California’s tobacco tax and use the revenue to fund health care for low-income Californians.

Health Insurer Cigna Rejects Anthem's $54-billion Takeover Bid
Chad Terhune @
In a fiery response, Cigna Corp. rejected a $54-billion takeover bid from Anthem Inc. and unleashed several criticisms of the health insurance giant.

Clinton Embraces "First Mama" Role In Second White House Run
Eight years ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in New Hampshire as a presidential candidate with something to prove.

California Unaffected By Obamacare Supreme Court Case On Subsidies
April Dembosky @
While a Supreme Court decision to eliminate health care subsidies would throw most states into turmoil, whatever the court decides, there will be no direct impact on California.

Deepest Drought Issue: Beyond Shallow Look At Groundwater
Mark Grossi @
Several years ago, west-side water leader Sargeant Green watched in amazement as a well-drilling crew pulled pieces of an ancient redwood tree out of a hole more than 1,000 feet deep.

Is The End Near For Small Water Districts?
Morgan Cook @
A potential merger of two North County water districts has revived the long-standing debate about whether ratepayers are best served by small water districts or bigger agencies that potentially can save money through economy of scale.

California's Obamacare Exchange To Collect Insurance Data On Patients
Chad Terhune @
California's health insurance exchange wants to know why you got sick this summer.

California Bill Gives Terminally Ill Patients Right To Try Experimental Drugs
Tracy Seipel @
While the drug didn't work and Barber's muscle-weakening disease has worsened, his plight sums up the emotional dilemma over a pair of bills winding their way through the California Legislature that would give desperate patients more chances for long-shot cures.

Illicit Drugs 'Rampant' In California State Prisons
Don Thompson @
California inmates are dying of drug overdoses at nearly triple the national rate and it's unclear whether the tough steps state officials took this year to stop illicit drugs from getting into prisons are having any effect, though they are prompting criticism from civil rights advocates.

Drought Disaster In East Porterville Turns To Budding Health Crisis
Andrea Castillo @
Nearly a year and a half after East Porterville’s first dry well was reported, residents and experts say not having running water and breathing increasingly dusty air is worsening their pre-existing health issues and contributing to the development of new ones.

Health Insurance Giant Anthem Presses For Cigna Takeover At $54 Billion
Health insurance giant Anthem Inc. reiterated the merits of its $54-billion offer for rival Cigna Corp. as shares of both companies rose during Monday trading.

Star U.S. Mayors Poised To Rocket Up The Political Ladder - San Francisco Chronicle
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Santa Barbara's Cautious Relationship With Water Offers A Drought Lesson
First came the rain garden, where bees buzz around the lavender and sage. Then came the back patio, where bananas, guava, passion fruit, ginger and an herb garden are fed by water diverted from the clothes washer.

South O.C. Cities Threaten To Leave OCFA If Bill Passes
In 1980, the Orange County Fire Department was formed to provide services for the unincorporated areas of the county and nine cities. The department was overseen by the Board of Supervisors.

First Draft: Candidates Join the Confederate Flag Debate in South Carolina
As presidential campaigns gather pace, debate over whether the Civil War-era symbol of the Confederate flag should still fly in South Carolina is expected to linger.