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THE NOONER for June 17, 2015

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Democratic Lawmakers Tout Immigrant Benefits In California Budget Deal
Democratic legislators lauded the state budget's planned expansion of public healthcare to children in the country illegally as "historic" Tuesday afternoon, and trumpeted California's immigrant-friendly spending plan in contrast to federal inaction on immigration policy.

Runner Elections Bill to Save Local Dollars Passes First Committee
Senator Sharon Runner (R-Lancaster) today announced that her legislation to save taxpayer dollars when a special election proves to be unnecessary passed out of the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee. Senate Bill 49 would permit the Governor, at his or her discretion, to cancel a special election when only one candidate qualifies to appear on the ballot.

New California Senator Steve Glazer Walks Political Tightrope | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Tensions remain from nasty, expensive intraparty special election

L.A. County Supervisors Vote To Gradually Boost Home Care Worker Wages
Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to raise the wage of about 140,000 home healthcare workers paid through a state program partially funded by the county from $9.65 an hour to $11.16 over the next year and a half.

Fact Check: Jerry Brown Was Asked About Tax Pledge Last Year | The Sacramento Bee
David Siders @
He was asked, but ducked the question

Gov. Jerry Brown, Lawmakers Strike Deal On State Budget
Gov. Jerry Brown and top Democratic lawmakers have reached a deal on the state budget, two sources in the Capitol said Tuesday.

Former California Sen. Leland Yee Seeks Trial Delay | The Sacramento Bee
Former state senator arrested last year on corruption charges

Senator Janet Nguyen Issues Statement on Passage of 2015-2016 Budget Bill
Yesterday, Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) joined her Senate Republican colleagues in voting against Assembly Bill 93, the Budget Act of 2015. Senator Nguyen issued the following statement regarding the 2015-2016 State Budget:

Senate Republican Leader Responds to Budget Deal between Governor Brown and Democrats
In response to the announcement of the budget deal and special sessions, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (

Senate Votes to Turn Presidential Ban on Torture Into Law
A 2005 law prohibited the Pentagon from using harsh interrogation methods, but did not apply to the C.I.A. and other agencies.

SF voters may decide in November what clean energy really means
The dispute stems from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s decision in January to develop a city-run renewable energy program by the end of the year that would compete directly with PG&E. The state requires that such locally run renewable energy programs are designed to enroll customers automatically. [...] the union that represents PG&E employees is seeking a ballot measure that would prohibit the city from advertising its electricity as clean or green unless the electricity provided is “greenhouse gas-free electricity.” With that in mind, Board of Supervisors’ President London Breed introduced on Tuesday a competing ballot measure. The measure says that for all city programs, renewable greenhouse gas-free energy means energy that is pulled from a wide spectrum of sources, but not nuclear power. The measure would define clean energy to mirror the standards set by state law, she said Tuesday in comments to the Board of Supervisors. [...] on Tuesday, the board unanimously passed legislation by Wiener that would require many large new buildings in San Francisco to use gray water — waste water from baths, sinks and other kitchen appliances — for toilet flushing and in their irrigation systems. Wiener and other conservation advocates believe the legislation is a first in the country. Because the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission sells only drinking water, it will fall to developers to create water treatment systems to capture and clean the recycled water.

Senate GOP Leader Responds to Budget Deal between Governor and Democrats
In response to the announcement of the budget deal and special sessions, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (

Hong Kong Lawmakers Open Debate On Election Plan That Sparked Mass Protests
Legislators in this semiautonomous Chinese territory of 7 million began debate Wednesday on a controversial plan to overhaul Hong Kong’s election rules that sparked mass protests in the city last year. Barring any last-minute side-switching, the proposal looked headed for defeat, but the theatrics were anything but muted.

First Draft: Today in Politics: Latino Conference Brings Immigration Overhaul Back to the Trail
As a conference of Latino elected officials invites presidential candidates to speak, immigration is sure to be back in the national conversation.

Smaller Carry-on Bag Proposal Draws Ire From Lawmakers
A proposal by an airline trade group to create a smaller standard size for carry-on bags has drawn the ire of lawmakers who say the move is meant to squeeze more money out of air travelers.

G.O.P. Is Wary That Health Care Win Could Have Its Own Risks
s health care law, Republicans in Congress would face a complicated challenge to fashion an alternative.

Senator Huff Argues Against Budget Bill
Senator Huff rises in opposition to a budget bill that could force California into another recession.

Builders Group Opposes Sacramento Minimum Pay Hike | The Sacramento Bee
Region Builders says it opposes both $13.50 and $15 hourly minimums

Mike Honda Declares Candidacy For A Ninth Term
Josh Richman @
Honda, D-San Jose, said he's the only candidate with a record of standing up for the entire valley, from high-skilled tech workers to people striving to earn a living wage and make ends meet.

First Draft: Rand Paul to Detail Flat Tax Plan
Rand Paul, who is hoping his small-government, libertarian-inspired approach to governing will translate into support as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination, will call for a flat tax in the midteens, the senator has told supporters.