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THE NOONER for June 11, 2015





  • CD16 (Merced): added farmer Johnny Tacherra (R)

Thanks to the many of you that sent me positive feedback of the upcoming changes for supporting subscribers, and ideas of how I can deliver you more value for your noontime eyeballs.

DECISION POINTS: With CD46 Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez running for U.S. Senate and Michael Eggman filing for both CD10 (Merced) and AD31 (West Fresno), several folks have asked if a candidate can run for two offices concurrently. The answer is no. Elections Code section 8003(b) provides:

"(b) No person may file nomination papers for a party nomination and an independent nomination for the same office, or for more than one office at the same election."

So, when is the "take action" or "get off the pot" moment? Well, the nomination period closes March 11 for offices at which an incumbent is running (which is extended to March 16 if no incumbent is running.)

From a fundraising perspective, the key date will be January 31, 2016, which is the deadline to file the year-end reports, and the last report we'll see on federal candidates before the March filing deadline. We know that Kamala Harris raised $2.4 million through March 31, and we'll see quarterly reports again on July 15 and October 15. With contribution limits of $2,700 from individuals and $5,000 from PACS, it will be difficult for anyone to catch Harris.

For Sanchez, the contribution limits for the House and Senate are the same, so any funds she raises for Senate could be transferred to her CD46 account, assuming the contributors haven't previously maxed out to her congressional account.

I am not suggesting that Sanchez is not serious in her campaign, but safe members of the House rarely give up seats with long odds. Harris has a free ride and, whatever happens, will be either a United States Senator or attorney general.

Speaking of CD46 (Santa Ana), reportedly if Sanchez does stay in the Senate race and gives up her seat, Anahaim City Councilmember Jordan Brandman would likely consider a run.

The Michael Eggman situation is strange. He has sent out an email to his list saying he is running for CD10, and the Sacramento community is coalescing around physician Joaquin Arambula, son of former Assemblymember Juan Arambula. Beating Jeff Denham is going to be difficult, but out-polling Joaquin Arambula may be even harder. 

EASY PEASY: Alex Padilla unveils California voting overhaul bill [Jeremy B. White @ SacBee] - "Modeled on Colorado's innovative election system, which [Secretary of State Alex] Padilla made a recent journey to observe, Senate Bill 450 would have county election officials mail ballots to every registered voter (Padilla has a separate bill to register millions of registered Californians who pass through the Department of Motor Vehicles). Voters could then mail them in or drop them off at new kiosks that Padilla said would ideally be open beginning 10 days before elections, eight hours a day."

OKAY, IT'S A ROUGH DRAFT: Monday's budget will reflect Legislature’s priorities, not agreement with Brown [Jim Miller @ SacBee] - "We have a constitutional requirement that we pass a balanced budget to the governor by June 15. That is Monday. That will occur," [Senate Budget Chair Mark] Leno said. "There are still some disagreements with the administration. That's what those two weeks will be for and we will have a signed budget by the governor by July 1." 

Here's a chart displaying the differences between DOF and the LAO on "Big 3" revenues, which account for around 97% of General Fund revenues:

Big 3 Revenues

The LAO's higher revenue projections in 2015-16 ("the budget year" are certainly reasonable), but the governor (and thus the Department of Finance) prefer to be conservative on revenue and then spend the additional money at the end of the year as "one-time" funds if they indeed materialize. The Legislature agreed to that approach in the 2014-15 ("current year") budget, and revenues and transfers ended up $5.8 billion above the enacted 2014-15 budget. Most of this money had to go to Proposition 98, most of which is being used to erase backlogs of mandates claims to schools and community colleges.

The question this year is how strong Democrats in the Legislature push for their priorities with the governor. Because of the Proposition 98 formula, most of the new revenues in the governor's May Revision are directed to K-12 and community colleges. While legislators support this funding, Democrats have priorities in health and human services, child care, and UC/CSU funding that aren't able to be funded using the governor's revenue projections. 

So, will the governor meet the Democrats in the middle on revenues and let them tackle some of their (and the constituencies that bankroll their elections) priorities? The governor won't be running for anything anymore, and, as noted below, has the upper hand.

...CA Dems pressure Brown on spending [James Poulos @ CalWatchdog] - "Equipped with a line-item veto, which allows him to knock out provisions after they’re passed without scrapping a budget in its entirety, Gov. Jerry Brown has once again taken a more cautious stance on spending than his colleagues in the state Legislature, with far less allocated for state-subsidized child care, Medi-Cal and welfare recipients."

BRINGING HIM INTO THE FOLD? The Capitol Morning Report notes that both Sharon Runner and Steve Glazer have been appointed to the normally juicy Government Organization Committee. This gives Glazer the opportunity to raise significant money in advance of a challenge from the left (Susan Bonilla?) next year.

The strategy has worked well for in the House, where Eric Swalwell has become a strong junior caucus measure after his defeat of DCCC-backed Pete Stark in 2012.

THE GAVEL'S CONSEQUENCES? If 'one person, one vote' ended in Sacramento [Paul Mitchell Op-Ed in SacBee] - "If the Supreme Court were to change the rules, the losers are clear – the three African American City Council members. The white council members and one Latino would either hold pat or make small gains."

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Personal Insurance Federation's Jim Anderson, Twin Rivers USD trustee Walter Kuwamoto, and Deputy Controller Nicole Winger! A belated candle-lighting for the Health Benefit Exchange's Jason Burruel (yesterday)!





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Lawmakers Push To Scrap Prop. 13 Tax Limits For Factories And Business
Saying a major “loophole” allows some business to unfairly avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes, two Democratic state senators on Wednesday filed a proposed constitutional amendment to revise Proposition 13, the landmark property tax initiative approved by California voters in 1978.

California Senate, Assembly Reach Budget Deal, But Showdown With Gov. Jerry Brown Looms
Jessica Calefati @
Members of a budget committee representing both houses of the Legislature vetted the deals with other legislators before voting to finalize them, but Gov. Jerry Brown has not yet signed off on the compromises, setting up the possibility of a showdown over the budget.

State Controller Betty Yee Wants Tax Reform That Relies Less On The Top 1%
George Skelton @
New state Controller Betty Yee is not your typical politician. She's boldly sticking her neck out on a continuous issue bound to cause grief.

Questions About The Latest Public-Pension Proposal
Jon Ortiz @
How will Attorney General Kamala Harris describe it? Harris has been accused of crafting slanted title and summary descriptions of 2012 and 2014 pension proposals to bias voters against them. Reed sued Harris over the 2014 language and lost.

Crisis Or Not? Jerry Brown Avoids Offering Stern Advice On Drought
In his latest iteration as California’s governor, Jerry Brown seems to have cracked the code of the state’s quirky politics. The code: We’ll elect you, if you promise to fix the mess and leave us alone.

Latino-Rights Group Gives Garden Grove July 3 Deadline For Moving To District Elections
Chris Haire @
Garden Grove has until July 3 to begin moving to an election system in which City Council members are chosen by districts, or a Latino-rights group says it will sue the city for violating the California Voting Rights Act.

Schools Face Drinking Water Safety Mandate
Kimberly Beltran @
Under SB 334 by Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, districts would have to provide "free, fresh, clean and cold" drinking water throughout the entire school day. In addition, the Department of Public Health would be required to test drinking water at a sampling of school sites for lead contamination.

California elections chief proposes making voting easier
California's top elections officer on Wednesday expanded his proposed overhaul of the way citizens vote, aiming to make it easier for them to cast ballots.

Prop. 13 Overhaul Targets Commercial Property Tax Rates | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Proposed constitutional amendment would introduce annual reassessments for businesses

Protests North, Protests South :: Fox&hounds
California politics did not lack for full-throated policy debates yesterday when protestors turned out in Sacramento to oppose SB 277, the vaccination bill for school children, and in Los Angeles to oppose the proposed route of the high -speed rail through the San Fernando Valley.

Artificial Turf For Sacramento's Front Lawns?
Bob Moffitt @
If you live in the City of Sacramento, it is illegal to replace your front lawn with artificial turf. But, that could change.

Killers In The California Legislature
Alex Vassar @
Did you know that several accused (and sometimes convicted) murderers have served in the California Legislature? It’s true. In December, we shared the stories of ten murdered legislators. Today we have nine members who had blood on their hands.

Sacramento Advocacy Groups Charge Carmax With Selling Unsafe Used Vehicles | The Sacramento Bee
Mark Glover @
California Public Interest Research Group, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety issue report

House Spending Bill Could Put Some Bullet Train Funds At Risk
Ralph Vertabedian @
One of the financial lifelines of California's bullet train project has been $3.2 billion in federal grants. But a provision included in a key transportation funding bill passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday could place a roadblock on future federal payouts.

Fiorina's Campaign-Trail Attacks Leave Out Her Own Ties To Clinton
Joseph Tafani @
In a crowd of Republican presidential contenders hammering away at Hillary Rodham Clinton , no one has been more relentless than Carly Fiorina.

California Settles Heat-Death Lawsuits, Agrees To Improve
Amanda Lee Myers @
Family members of two farm workers who died from suspected heat-related illnesses and a labor union have settled their lawsuits against California on the condition that the state do more to ensure laborers are safe when temperatures rise.

Lodi Police Acquires A Civilian-made Armored Vehicle | The Sacramento Bee
Bill Lindelof @
The new armored vehicle replaces an old bank armored vehicle

At 96, Poet And Beat Publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti Isn't Done Yet : Npr
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, pictured here in 2004, was the principal publisher of the writers and poets known as the Beat Generation. Gezett/ullstein bild via Getty Images hide caption

Sharon Runner Named to Senate Governmental Organization Committee
Senator Sharon Runner (R-Lancaster) today announced her appointment by the Senate Rules Committee to serve as a member of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee.

Santa Barbara County Official Rejects Plan To Move Crude Oil By Truck
A Santa Barbara County official has rejected a proposal by Exxon Mobil to send a fleet of 6,720-gallon trucks on as many as 192 daily trips on U.S. 101 while the pipeline the company normally uses is out of commission after last month's oil spill.

CPUC To Hang Up Audit For Landlines
Jeff McDonald @
An audit to help improve landline telephone service — still used by some of California’s most vulnerable residents — would be delayed indefinitely under a proposal to be considered by regulators Thursday.

First Draft: Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Education Department Over Student Loans
Senator Elizabeth Warren took the Department of Education to task on Wednesday for what she called a lack of transparency and failure to protect students from for-profit colleges.