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THE NOONER for May 29, 2015




As the Appropriations Committees were deciding the fate of hundreds of bills yesterday, there were plenty of emerging politicial rumors. In particular, three frosh Assemblymembers are reportedly considering running for open Senate seats. This challenges the New Rules, which observers thought determined that Assemblymembers would stay put to maximize their time in the Capitol. Staying put would would allow 12 years, whereas jumping to the Senate after a first term would mean 10 years. Of course, there would be four years left should they decide to return to the Assembly.

Anyway, why would an Assemblymember jump to the Senate and give up two years?

  1. Encouragement by their party and/or interest groups to help protect a vulnerable seat.
  2. Move to a house with fewer members and a better chance to land a committee chair position.
  3. Gain the opportunity to represent twice as many voters in advance of a possible congressional run.

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SD03 (Napa/Yolano): Assemblymember Bill Dodd is mulling a bid for the Senate seat currently held by Lois Wolk. Currently running for the seat is former Assemblymember Mariko Yamada. Reports from the field are that Dodd has done at least two separate polls testing the waters for a Senate run.

Yamada's base is in Davis and Dodd's is in Napa. Yamada represented Napa for two years following redistricting.

Sitting on the sidelines for an AD04 run if Dodd runs for Senate are Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor and Davis councilmember Dan Wolk (although they wouldn't run against each other).

I have no information on this, but I could see Lois Wolk jumping behind Bill Dodd. Lois and Yamada have never been on the same page, and clearing the Assembly seat for one of her allies (including her son) would be a collateral benefit.

SD27 (Ventura): There are reports that Assemblymember Matt Dababneh is being recruited for the seat held by Fran Pavley. Dababneh has been a prodigious fundraiser in the Assembly, but isn't in the competition for Speaker. Giving up a couple of years to help protect what can be a vulnerable seat and bringing his abilities to the Senate have led to the recruitment effort. The seat was won by Meg Whitman, but also easily won by Barack Obama. Democrats are lucky that this seat is up in presidential years.

SD29 (Fullerton): With Republicans getting increasingly wary about holding this changing district, first-term Assemblymember Ling-Ling Chang announced this morning a jump for the Senate seat held by Bob Huff. The seat was won by Mitt Romney by only 0.4% in 2012, and it overlaps with AD65, which is expected to see a rematch between incumbent Young Kim and former Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva. Rumors yesterday were that Chang could make an announcement today.

Likely to run for a vacant AD55 is Diamond Bar councilmember Steve Tye, who made a bid in 2014.

Speaking of Ling-Ling Chang, Don Wagner carries on the tradition of hazing freshmen members by calling her a lightweight on the Assembly Floor. Check out the video at 1:02:00.

Meanwhile, Steve Glazer was sworn in to the State Senate following the intense battle to succeed Mark DeSaulnier in SD07.

Dan Walters writes "The high-dollar East Bay shootout tells us that the dynamics of runoff elections between politicians from the same party, coupled with the increasingly high level of mail voting, have made political-tactics-as-usual obsolete."

But, if you thought battles for political seats are tough, 82-year-old arrested for slashing tires over bingo. Oh, Florida.

AURAL PLEASURE: John Myers and Marisa Lagos talk the different budget ideas of legislative Democrats from Governor Brown's and the "one person, one vote" case taken up by SCOTUS on the California Politics Podcast.

Speaking of "one person, one vote" (the Evenwel case), Richard Winger and Rick Hasen point out that it is unlikely to affect the apportionment of congressional districts. "One person, one vote" is based on Article 1, while apportionment of congressional districts across states is based on the Fourteenth Amendment.

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I agree with their analysis, which could lead to a strange situation in which districts are distributed to states based on total population, but then lines are drawn based on registered voters. Huh? 

LAW AND DISORDER: You’re All Out [Dahlia Lithwick @ Slate] - "Prosecutorial and police misconduct are often dismissed as just a few bad apples doing a few bad apple-ish things. But what happens when it’s entrenched and systemic and goes unchecked for years? That looks to be the case in Orange County, California, where the situation got so completely out of hand this spring that Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals issued an order disqualifying the entire Orange County District Attorney’s Office (that’s all 250 prosecutors) from continuing to prosecute a major death penalty case."

Speaking of corruption, Industry sues former mayor, alleging 'extensive public corruption [Frank Schyong @ LAT].

GOBBLE AND GO: With Broadcom exit, headquarters flight from Southern California continues Tiffany Hsu and Jerry Hirsch @ LAT] - "After Thursday's transaction, the company will be incorporated in Singapore, mostly for tax reasons, but its principal operating headquarters will be in San Jose. A significant presence will remain in Irvine."

GONZO: Spirit of Hunter S. Thompson lingers at his favorite Colorado bar [David Kelly @ LAT] - "Ten years after Thompson's suicide at his nearby Owl Farm home, the bar where he got frightfully drunk, abused drugs and incited mayhem has become a shrine to the writer whose irreverent dispatches on everything from huffing ether outside Vegas to presidential politics created the literary genre known as 'gonzo journalism.'" 

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Beth Miller and Lynn Suter! Weekend greetings to Shawnda Westly (Saturday), Brian Cooley (Sunday), Kevin Ferreira (Sunday), Cortez Quinn (Sunday), and Dan Smith (Sunday)!





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Yvonne Walker Wins SEIU Local 1000 Presidential Reelection
Jon Ortiz @
SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker and the slate of statewide union officers who ran with her handily won reelection this month, according to an unofficial count of ballots posted on the union’s website, although the number union members who voted was down 50 percent from the last election.

Scaled-back Immigrant Healthcare Bill Clears Key Fiscal Panel
A sweeping measure to offer state-subsidized healthcare coverage to people in the country illegally was significantly pared back Thursday in an effort to rein in costs as it cleared a key legislative hurdle.

California Senate Committee Passes Bill Making Well Data Public
Despite opposition from agriculture groups, the state Senate Appropriations Committee approved legislation Thursday that would make data on water wells available to the public like is done in all other Western states.

Measures To Alter Prop. 47 Held Back In Assembly Committee
Two measures seeking to restore tough penalties for crimes that were downgraded to misdemeanors after Proposition 47 passed last year were shelved in the California Assembly on Thursday.

California Bills Reinstating Penalties For Some Crimes Fail | The Sacramento Bee
A key legislative panel on Thursday shelved several attempts to scale back a ballot measure that California voters approved to reduce penalties for some crimes, including stalling a bill that would have made stealing firearms a felony once again.

Merits Of Ballot Initiatives Best Left In Hands Of Voters
Editorial @
The wonderful thing about California's direct democracy process is that any citizen with an idea and $200 can propose a new law for the statewide ballot.

Will The Supreme Court Remake California Politics?
Tony Quinn @
So the issue will be: should districts be drawn on the basis of the voters and potential voters in a state; the over-18 citizen population; or can they be drawn as they are now on the basis of the whole population with citizens and non-citizens counted equally.

Bills On Sick Days, Uber Drug Tests, Independent Police Prosecutor Die In Assembly | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
Assembly Appropriations Committee announces which bills advance

The Demands Of Democrats: California Politics Podcast
John Myers and Marisa Lagos @
Gov. Jerry Brown has an impressive streak going when it comes to calling most of the shots in crafting a state budget. Can he keep it going?

Sacramento Could Restrict Watering To Once A Week
Dale Kasler and Phillip Reese @
Sacramento city residents could be limited to once-a-week watering starting in July if the city is unable to meet its state-mandated conservation goals, under a proposal outlined by city officials.

In Supreme Court Redistricting Case, It's The 'whole Number Of Persons'
The Supreme Court agreed to take a case this week that will shape the future of American politics. Although the Warren court's famous "one person, one vote" mandate requires states to draw up election districts with roughly equal populations, the court is only now going to determine the relevant population that must be counted.

California Assembly OKs Bill Barring Hoa Bans On Fake Grass | The Sacramento Bee
California homeowner associations couldn't stop members from installing fake grass on lawns under a bill moving through the Legislature.

Senate Republicans Unveil Transportation Investment for the Golden State
The Senate Republican plan calls for increasing funding for transportation infrastructure by $2.9 billion per year with an additional $2.4 billion in one-time funds. The funding would come from the following sources:

Industry Sues Former Mayor, Alleging 'extensive Public Corruption'
The City of Industry has filed suit against former Mayor David Perez, his companies and four members of his family, alleging the misappropriation of millions of dollars in public funds through false or inflated invoices and the performance of unauthorized work on city contracts.

List Of Bills Sent To Senate And Assembly Floors
Jessica Calefati and Josh Richman @

State Senate OKs Bill To Curb ‘doctor Shopping’
By Josh Richman Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 10:47 am in ballot measures, California State Senate.

California Carbon Auction Brings In Another $1 Billion
Dale Kasler @
California’s industrial firms spent another $1 billion in the most recent auction of carbon emissions credits, state officials said Thursday.

Booze takes a back seat at some Tenderloin corner stores
J.K. Dineen @
Daldas is the latest corner store to be “reset” under the city’s healthy corner store program, an initiative to persuade the Tenderloin’s bodegas to ramp up the sale of fresh produce and healthy groceries while scaling back — or least de-emphasizing — heavily processed junk food, cigarettes and booze.

California Drought: Hundreds Turn Out To Oppose San Jose Water Company's Strict Drought Rules
Paul Rogers @
More than 350 people turned out, and nearly all in opposition, to voice their concerns at the only public hearing on strict new water conservation rules that will affect 1 million people across Silicon Valley starting June 15.

Lawmakers Send Governor A Bill Aimed At Crooked Immigration Lawyers
Kathy Robertson @
A bill to curb legal-services scams targeting immigrants is on its way to the governor’s desk.

L.A. Labor Leaders Agree To Delay Minimum Wage Exemption For Unions
Peter Jamison @
A union official said Thursday night that two prominent Los Angeles labor groups would not oppose the passage of a citywide minimum wage increase that omits an exemption for unionized businesses.

Crippling The Initiative Process By Jacking Up Filing Fees :: Fox&hounds
What such a high filing fee would do is undercut the average citizens in this state. For all the talk of concern by the legislative majority about equality, assembly members who passed this bill simply turned their back on the average citizen and empowered those individuals and groups with deep pockets.

In Supreme Court redistricting case, it's the 'whole number of persons'
Bruce Ackerman, Ian Ayres @
The Supreme Court agreed to take a case this week that will shape the future of American politics. Although the Warren court's famous "one person, one vote" mandate requires states to draw up election districts with roughly equal populations, the court is only now going to determine the relevant population that must be counted.