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THE NOONER for May 28, 2015




TWEET DU JOUR: @AlanWangABC7: "1975: Gov. Brown, #CAdrought and a #Warriors NBA Title. Deja vu all over again!"

END THE SUSPENSE! Today, hundreds of bills meet their fate as the Appropriations committees in both houses clear their suspense files.  

AroundTheCapitol District pages: Yesterday, I did the switchover to 2016 on the district pages. Right now, in most cases only incumbents running for reelection are listed. Let me know if you see any errors, and I'll be adding challengers, websites, and other information soon.

THIS MIGHT PINCH A LITTLE: Are chiropractors being punished for opposing vaccination bill? [Dan Walters @ SacBee]:

[B]oth budgets also exclude chiropractors from the restoration of payments that would go to medical doctors, hospitals and other providers. The 2011 fee reduction was imposed to help balance the state budget.

Assemblyman Brian Jones, R-Santee, suggested during an Assembly Budget Committee review Wednesday that the exclusion might be retribution for the California Chiropractic Association’s vociferous opposition to legislation that would eliminate parents’ right to opt out of vaccinations for children entering public schools.

BLURRED LINES: Will The Supreme Court Remake California Politics? [Tony Quinn @ Fox & Hounds] - "My guess is that four of the five justices who made up the majority in that ruling voted to hear the Texas case, and that there are five justices ready to define the Warren-era “one person-one vote” standard to mean those who actually can vote: citizens over the age of 18. If they do, California might have to completely redistrict before the 2018 election, and that would vastly increase the number of rural and suburban districts in this state."

While the immediate reaction has been liberals and minority groups saying "Oh, S***" and conservatives getting excited, the case is much more complicated than that. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of plaintiffs, it would affect two distinct (and often confused) processes. Most articles I've read have focused on the affect of district lines.

However, the (and perhaps most significant) effect would be on the apportionment of congressional seats among the states. As Paul Mitchell has pointed out, states with a greater percentage of undocumented immigrants or documented non-citizen residents or even more kids (California, Texas) would lose congressional seats--since they are not considered in the Census's Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP).

Let's pause on the last factor. While most of the commentary has been about undocumented residents, those under 18 would also no longer count. California has the third highest percentage of residents under 18, behind DC and Utah. And, of course, DC doesn't get House seats. Shouldn't our kids count when education funding is being decided in Washington?

Then there is the impact on redistricting, which could create a couple of additional Republican districts in California. 

For California Republicans and Democrats alike, it's in the state's interest on the apportionment issue. The last thing the state could afford is to get bogged down on intra-state partisan district line-drawing while our influence in the House of Representatives is ceded to smaller, less diverse states. It would be bad for our technology and film industries, as well as our ability to influence federal funding formulas that determine how much of our tax dollars come back to the Golden State.

Let's think about the implications before we drink our Kool-Aid and jump into our partisan corners.

U.S. SENATE: Harris vs. Sanchez is a tale of two Californias [Joe Mathews @ SacBee] - "The contest between Harris – who grew up mostly in the Bay Area and has made her adult life there – and Sanchez – a Southern Californian to the core – shows how the differences between San Francisco and Los Angeles have changed and endured."

AD39 (E. San Fernando): FPPC investigating complaints against Patty Lopez [Jeremy B. White @ SacBee] - "Three San Fernando-area Democrats filed complaints alleging [Patty] Lopez failed to disclose facts about her income and campaign contributions. Two of those complaints have now spurred investigations by the California Fair Political Practices Commission."

Lopez has been the target of supporters of Raul Bocanegra since she shocked the political world by beating incumbent Bocanegra in 2014. Bocanegra has indicated that he'll seek a 2016 rematch.

RING OF FIRE: Defining what’s acceptable for Democrats [Dan Morain @ SacBee] - "The California Democratic Party and its main benefactor, organized labor, are making clear what it means to be a Democrat, and who might not be welcome."

ORANGE JUICE: Garden Grove faces voting-rights lawsuit [Chris Haire @ OCR] - "Garden Grove is the "poster child" for California Voting Rights Act violations and will likely be sued unless it creates election districts to choose City Council members, officials for a prominent Latino-rights group says."

What's interesting about this case is that Garden Grove has a Vietnamese majority on its city council.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Bill Cardoza!





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California Budget Proposal Raises Questions Of Vaccine Bill Retaliation -
Assembly Republicans want to know if Legislative Democrats are using their state budget proposals to punish a medical group that opposes California's controversial vaccine bill.

California Budget Fight: Predictions More Than Programs
John Myers @
It's a change in the budget debate that, so far, seems to have further strengthened the hand of the governor.

Swift Real Estate Makes Winning Bid For Historic Senator Hotel
Ben van der Meer @
Swift Real Estate Partners is buying another building in downtown Sacramento: the fabled Senator Hotel property across from the Capitol.

S.F. mayor pushing for special cameras to bust speeders
Phil Matier @
Heads up, lead foots, Mayor Ed Lee is moving ahead with plans to bring speed cameras to San Francisco.

L.A. Labor Leaders Seek Minimum Wage Exemption For Firms With Union Workers
Peter Jamison, David Zahniser, and Emily Alpert-Reyes @
Labor leaders, who were among the strongest supporters of the citywide minimum wage increase approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council , are advocating last-minute changes to the law that could create an exemption for companies with unionized workforces.

Garden Grove Faces Voting-Rights Lawsuit
Garden Grove is the “poster child” for California Voting Rights Act violations and will likely be sued unless it creates election districts to choose City Council members, officials for a prominent Latino-rights group says.

Obama Pursues Democrats On Trade In Test Of His Clout On Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON — As a proposal over a major trade deal reached a critical point in the Senate last week, lawmakers reported a rare occurrence: last-minute calls from President Obama.

Uber will set up its headquarters in SF
J.K. Dineen @
Uber will start construction in the fall on its new Mission Bay campus, a corporate headquarters development that will eventually be able to accommodate more than 3,000 workers.

California Drought: San Jose Water Company To Allow Extra Drought Allocations For Larger Families
Paul Rogers @
The San Jose Water Company will still assign monthly water budgets to the 1 million people it serves in San Jose and neighboring communities and charge "drought surcharges" to residents who exceed those mandatory limits.

Alameda County settles suit with blind voters
Blind voters in Alameda County may soon have an easier time voting in privacy after settling a lawsuit requiring better testing and upkeep of audio equipment that allows them to cast push-button secret ballots. The legal advocacy group Disability Rights Advocates announced the three-year settlement Wednesday after approval by county supervisors earlier this month. Prompted by blind voters’ complaints about equipment breakdowns in the 2012 elections, the agreement includes requirements for pre-election testing of each machine, hands-on training of poll workers, and an election day hotline to quickly repair or replace nonfunctioning equipment. A 2006 federal law requires election officials to install at least one machine in each polling place that allows blind and visually impaired voters to listen to voting instructions and ballot options on headphones and make their choices on tactile keyboards. According to the lawsuit, breakdowns in four Alameda County polling places in 2012, and poll workers’ inability to fix the machines or find others that worked, required each of the five individual plaintiffs to cast their votes by announcing them to a poll worker or a family member. [...] the county argued that the law guaranteed only an equal right to vote and not to a secret ballot, an interpretation that federal courts had endorsed in previous cases.

Kamala Harris Cautions Against 'one-size-fits-all' Approach On Body Cameras
As numerous proposals on body cameras for police officers make their way through the Legislature, state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday cautioned against using a "one-size-fits-all" approach to regulate their use.

First Draft: Today in Politics: Immigration Ruling Stymies Obama and Those Seeking His Job
s lawyers acknowledged that his executive actions on behalf of undocumented immigrants could be blocked by legal fights until nearly the end of his presidency, potentially robbing him of an achievement that could be part of his legacy.

Bay Area Hospitals Seeing Birth Rates Inching Back Up After Recession
Joyce Tsai @
But many Bay Area hospitals are reporting that its number of births finally have been inching back up to pre-recession levels in the past year or two years. John Muir, Lucile Packard, Stanford, UCSF and Kaiser Permanente hospital systems all say they are seeing what seems so far to be a gradual rise in births after a slowdown in births during the economic slump.

Video: Clean Car Trade-in Program Launches With Capitol Truck Demolition | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Programs aim to put clean cars in poorest, most polluted parts of California

Paula Jones: Hillary Clinton unfit to be president
Jones, now 48, sued Clinton in 1994, alleging that he propositioned her in an Arkansas.

Governor's "Restrained" Budget Revise Still Ups Spending
Senator Mike Morrell @
At the current rate of spending, the Department of Finance projects that California will go right back to operating deficits in excess of $2.5 billion by 2018-19. Yet that figure is still somewhat misleading since it does not account for hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities.

FPPC Investigating Complaints Against Patty Lopez | The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
Since upsetting incumbent, Lopez targeted by complaints

Hillary Clinton Meme Has Legs: How She's Spinning Her Penchant For Pantsuits Into Campaign Gold
It looks like the Hillary Clinton pantsuit meme has legs -- in the candidate’s own online shop.

Fcc Moves To Crack Down On Unwanted Robocalls
Regulators want to make it easier for consumers to stop unwanted robocalls and spam text messages, which have led to a flood of complaints to federal agencies.

Bay Bridge Bolt Tests Confirm Strength, Caltrans Says
Over the past several weeks Caltrans completed pull testing on 408 tower anchor bolts that could be reached among the 424 total. In the pull test, a powerful jack pulled the 26-foot-long rods with the force of a major quake to verify integrity.

First Draft: Republican Field Stays Muddled as More Candidates Arrive
A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that at this early stage in the contest, the crowded Republican pack running or still considering running for president is essentially leaderless.

California Could Soon Legalize Motorcycle Lane-splitting
Motorcycle lane-splitting — the rush-hour time saver for bikers that enrages many drivers — may be poised for formal legalization.