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THE NOONER for April 29, 2015

It's noon. It's time for a break. Here's what people are reading on today:

Brown proposes $10,000 fine for water wasters
Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday proposed fining water wasters up to $10,000 per violation, a dramatic step designed to help cities and towns meet strict new conservation rules. The announcement, made during a meeting between the governor and several California mayors, comes as state officials plan to assign each of California’s 400 largest water agencies a specific amount of water they need to cut. Brown said he will propose legislation that allows communities to crack down harder on residents who violate state and local water restrictions, including lifting the cap on penalties to $10,000 per violation and deputizing more people to issue fines. [...] few communities have fined residents for breaking water rules, preferring education over enforcement, but state officials hope the potential for harsher penalties will trigger greater compliance with conservation policies. The State Water Resources Control Board was scheduled to release its final conservation plan Tuesday afternoon, detailing exactly how much each of California’s water agencies should be prepared to cut over the next nine months.

Jerry Brown Urges Fines Of Up To $10,000 For Water Waste In California Drought | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
David Siders @
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Water Agencies React To Brown Drought Legislation And Conservation Requirements -
Most cities and counties have been able to fine water users for conservation violations, but some special water districts were uncertain about their legal ability to do so. Felicia Marcus, chair of the the State Water Resources Control Board, says the Governor’s proposed legislation would give all water agencies consistent standards for enforcement.

Gov. Jerry Brown Seeks Fines Of Up To $10,000 A Day For Water Wasters
California Gov. Jerry Brown announced new legislation Tuesday that would increase fines for water wasters and allow local governments to issue the penalties.

Millionaire Vc Tim Draper’s Latest: “shark Tank” For Good Government? - Politics Blog
Millionaire Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper -- who floated the idea of splitting California into six states -- is "disrupting" politics again, this time proposing a kind of "Shark Tank...

Rival Bills To Regulate Medical Pot Advance In California Legislature
Two bills that would regulate medical marijuana in different ways in California were approved Tuesday by an Assembly panel, although lawmakers said more work needs to be done to address concerns and settle on one scheme.

Bay Area Senator Proposes Regulating Medical Marijuana Industry From Cultivation To Consumption
Richard Halstead The Marin Independent Journal @
The bill, SB 643, passed out of the state Senate's Business and Professions Committee on April 20 and will receive a hearing in the Senate's Governance and Finance Committee on Wednesday.

California Vaccine Bill Easily Clears Senate Judiciary Panel | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
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UnitedHealth to Congress: Let cancer patients eat gauze
Jonathan Wilcox @
What are UnitedHealth’s “more effective and more modern approaches”? Stripped of the self-congratulatory press releases, this dividend translates into something more worrisome for the tens of thousands of cancer patients dealing with rising copays, restricted coverage and all too often, access denied completely.

California Vaccination Bill Up In Third Committee Tuesday
Opponents of a bill requiring more schoolchildren in California to get vaccinated will bring in a legal scholar Tuesday to argue it is unconstitutional, but the controversial measure is likely to get out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon.

Bay Bridge Water Leak Spat Hardens
Despite attempts to dry out the sleeves holding the bolts, water keeps flowing, and in numerous places it cannot be removed, said Brian Petersen, American Bridge/Fluor project director, in an April 14 letter to Caltrans engineer William Casey.

Senator Berryhill presents the SB 345, the Sportsfishing Stimulus Act of 2015 to the Senate Natural Resources Committee
The Sportsfishing Stimulus Act of 2015 replaces the calendar year fishing license with a 12-consecutive month license as well as makes other changes designed to revive interest in fishing.

Brown Proposes $10,000 Fine For Water Waste In Drought - Sfgate
Many cities have complained proposed water reduction targets are unrealistic and unfair. State regulators already authorized $500 fines for outdoor water waste last summer, but few cities have gone that far.

Was Justice Kennedy playing 'devil's advocate' on gay marriage?
arguments on same-sex marriage, my Twitter feed reflected anxiety that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy might not be a sure vote for marriage equality after all.

Huff Demonstrates Need for Infrastructure Investment
60 Confluence in Los Angeles County. The Senate Minority Leader highlighted Senate Republican plans spelled out in Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 7, which will end the diversion of transportation tax dollars to areas of the budget that have nothing to do with fixing our roads.

Latest Revision To Proposed Drought Regs Would Ease Cuts For Some
Proposed drought regulations released Tuesday would reduce the amount of water cuts some local agencies would have to make to meet Gov. Jerry Brown 's order to slash statewide water use 25%.

Internet Poker Bill Approved By Legislative Committee - Vc-star
Timm Herdt @
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States can ban elected judges from asking for campaign money, Supreme Court says
The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld state laws that bar elected judges from asking for money to support their campaigns.