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THE NOONER for April 24, 2015




If you are like me and stopped watching Grey's Anatomy a few years ago, you need to watch last night's episode.


Likely Revenue Gains Compared to April Monthly Projection.

With today's weaker collections, PIT revenues now seem on track to be $1.3 billion to $1.7 billion above the administration's projections for the entire month of April. This range is weaker than our assessment yesterday, and this range still could rise somewhat or fall somewhat more as additional collections emerge in the coming few days. A $1.3 billion gain, relative to projections, might occur if FTB collections are about 20% down for the rest of the month, coupled with modest gains in Employment Development Department (EDD) withholding collections. By contrast, if FTB collections are even with last year for the rest of the month and EDD withholding climbs somewhat, gains of $1.7 billion are possible.

GOOD FOR THE GOOSE BUT NOT SO GOOD FOR THE GANDER: Democratic lawmakers reject switching their health coverage to Obamacare [Patrick McGreevy @ LAT] - "The Assembly Rules Committee split along party lines, with seven Democrats opposing AB 1109 and three Republicans in support of the bill by Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). The measure would have forced lawmakers to give up the taxpayer-subsidized health plans provided by the Legislature and individually sign up for Covered California."

BROWN IS THE NEW GREEN: California Assembly acts to prohibit fines for brown lawns in droughts [Patrick McGreevy @ LAT] - "Alarmed that some cities have fined residents for allowing their lawns to turn brown during the drought, the state Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would prohibit penalties for failing to water grass."

#CAKEDAY: Happy Birthday to Marcey Brightwell, Lisa Chin Fulmer, Sally Lieber, Brian Miller, and Justin White! Weekend birthday greetings to Ted Gaines (Saturday) and Marc Levine (Sunday)!





  • 7th Annual Mother’s Day Donation Drive ending May 3rd. Needs: diapers, formula, baby food, clothes, toys, and strollers. Donation bins in Capitol Room 2013, 2160, 4164, LOB, and 915 L St., Ste. 110. Hosts: Assemblymember Kevin McCarty and the Sacramento Food Bank. Call (916) 324-4676.

  • Job Opening: Associate for Political Consulting Firm in San Francisco, CA
    San Francisco political consulting firm, specializing in revenue measures for public agencies including, school districts, community colleges, cities and other special districts, seeks a qualified Associate to support our firm’s client services consulting team. Interested candidates: please submit a cover letter, resume and writing sample to

  • Vice President.  Fiona Hutton & Associates Inc., a Los Angeles-based strategic communications and public affairs firm representing corporate, trade association, government, non-profit and political clients involved in complex and often controversial issues, is expanding its team and immediately hiring a Vice President to manage the agency’s high-profile and often complex clients. More info:

  • STATE SENATOR HOLLY MITCHELL discusses her legislative priorities in this exclusive interview:

    Know a current or former elected official in Southern California we should interview? Our TV program reaches California's #1 zip code for campaign contributions. Send suggestions to:
  • Harbage Consulting, a health policy consulting firm with expertise in public programs and delivery system reform, is seeking a Communiations Coordinator for its Sacramento office. [more info]
  • Corporate & Individual Sponsorships - Available for 8th Annual Assembly Veterans of the Year Luncheon, Wednesday, June 24th.  Event co-sponsored by major veterans groups.  Last year 75 Assemblymembers honored district veterans, 350 people attended.
    Contact Pete Conaty, 916-492-0550,
  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California seeks experienced lobbyist to work on policy issues related to reproductive health, health care, ACA,  Medi-Cal and women’s health. Competitive salary and excellent benefits package. Details here.
  • Senior, progressive California member of congress seeks state and local political director for active campaign operation.  Candidates must be politically savvy, with excellent communications skills and ability to work with all forms of media including social, ethnic and traditional. Candidates should have at least two cycles of campaign or related political experience in a leadership/management role and a Strong understanding of local political landscape.  The right candidate will have a proven ability to organize and mobilize grassroots, coordinate volunteers and run all aspects of campaign is required. Diverse candidates encouraged to apply.  (Read More)

  • California Nurses Association seeks Regulatory / Policy Specialist to help improve healthcare for California patients.  Do you have firsthand Sacramento experience helping to develop laws, policies, or regulations? Permanent full time position.  Excellent benefits -  family healthcare, pension, 401k.  If needed, will help the right person making a long term commitment learn more about health care, and nursing regulations.
    Details  Here 

  • Seeking Diverse Applicants and Progressive Minded Vendors for 2016 Democratic CampaignsInclusv is seeking a diverse pool of talented professionals and vendors for a one of kind repository of staff, consultants and vendors of color. There are commitments from partner organizations and institutions to utilize these resources in hiring, contracting and vending opportunities within Democratic Campaigns for the 2016 Electoral Cycle. Looking for individuals with various levels of political campaign experience, roles range from entry level to senior positions. There is a rigorous screening process to place the right people in the right positions. People of color, women, LBGTQ and those with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply. To submit your resume or join the vendor database, please visit:

  • Democratic Congressman seeks highly-motivated individual to serve as Member's DC Scheduler, who will evaluate and respond to meeting requests among other duties. The office’s atmosphere is supportive with opportunities for professional growth. Spanish-speaking candidates preferred. Please send resume to
  • Harbage Consultancy is seeking Outreach Coordinators -  full-time and temporary positions available in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. [more info]
  • Redwood Pacific Public Affairs seeking professional with 5+ years’ experience. Includes public relations, public affairs and issue campaigns. Exceptional writing skills essential. Legislative/campaign/corporate experience helpful. Salary and title commensurate with skills and experience. Email: or Fax to (916) 329-7404

  • Add your 100-word classified for $30/week. Email me at

Independent Expenditure Reports

Committee Candidate (Support/Oppose) Amount Received Date Report Date
Bloomfield Jr., William E. Steven Glazer (Support) $34,690 04/22/2015 04/23/2015
California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee Steve Glazer (Support) $39,833 04/22/2015 04/23/2015
Glazer For Senate 2015 Sponsored By Labor Organizations; Working Families Opposing Susan Bonilla (Support) $90,288 04/23/2015 04/23/2015
Jobspac, A Bi-partisan Coalition Of California Employers Susan Bonilla (Oppose) $60,650 04/22/2015 04/23/2015
Steamfitters Local 342 Political Action Committee Susan Bonilla (Support) $2,324 04/22/2015 04/23/2015
Bloomfield Jr., William E. Steven Glazer (Support) $22,133 04/21/2015 04/22/2015
Bonilla For Senate 2015, Sponsored By Firefighters, Doctors, Dentists And Building Trades Organizations; Putting The East Bay First, A Committee To Elect Steven Glazer (Oppose) $6,300 04/22/2015 04/22/2015
Bonilla For Senate 2015, Sponsored By Firefighters, Doctors, Dentists And Building Trades Organizations; Putting The East Bay First, A Committee To Elect Susan Bonilla (Support) $2,700 04/22/2015 04/22/2015
Glazer For Senate 2015 Sponsored By Labor Organizations; Working Families Opposing Steve Glazer (Oppose) $9,000 04/21/2015 04/22/2015
Glazer For Senate 2015 Sponsored By Labor Organizations; Working Families Opposing Steve Glazer (Oppose) $41,011 04/22/2015 04/22/2015
Glazer For Senate 2015 Sponsored By Labor Organizations; Working Families Opposing Susan Bonilla (Support) $9,000 04/21/2015 04/22/2015
Jobspac, A Bi-partisan Coalition Of California Employers Susan Bonilla (Oppose) $52,569 04/21/2015 04/22/2015
Democratic Lawmakers Reject Switching Their Health Coverage To Obamacare
Democratic state lawmakers on Thursday shot down a proposal that would have required all California state legislators to get their health insurance from Covered California, the benefits exchange set up to implement Obamacare in the state.

SF Democrats come out early in favor of Lee re-election
The group is the official San Francisco Democratic Party and its endorsements for other political offices are among the most significant to voters. [...] while the endorsement was not unexpected, it comes several months earlier than usual and two months before the June 9 filing deadline for mayoral candidates. Among the five who voted no were Supervisor David Campos and state Sen. Mark Leno, who considered running against Lee but decided against it. Both expressed concern — Leno was absent but represented by a fill-in — about endorsing Lee before the filing period closed.

California Assembly Acts To Prohibit Fines For Brown Lawns In Droughts
Alarmed that some cities have fined residents for allowing their lawns to turn brown during the drought, the state Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would prohibit penalties for failing to water grass.

Chronicle Watch: Tipsters hang water wasters out to dry
From residents hosing down driveways to homes sporting gurgling fountains, from badly aimed sprinklers to leaking municipal pipes and fire hydrants, Chronicle readers haven’t been shy about sharing what they see as bad behavior during the drought. Beyond residential excess, there were complaints of institutional users like cities and schools — places that probably ought to know better — frittering away their supplies. Take San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, where the sprinkler system has long been a source of frustration for the conservation-minded. Water sometimes sprays wastefully onto roads and walkways, and, according to reader photos, it often pools on lawns and paths due to over-irrigating. “The sprinkler heads could be turned if someone or animals accidentally hit them when they pass by,” wrote spokeswoman Connie Chan in an e-mail, who did not indicate what kind of animals may be to blame. While illegal under the state’s new conservation rules, the practice is allowed when human health or safety is at risk. San Francisco public works officials, worried about downtown filth — including of the human variety — helped push for the exemption, At Mills High School in Millbrae, however, a conscientious passerby reported that walkways and parking lots were being power-washed over a recent two-day period for no justifiable reason. University officials said the area is one of few on campus where a lawn is maintained for recreational activities. Even with this attention to conservation, water consumption coordinator Eli Perszyk said the grassy areas are being re-evaluated and may be removed. In the East Bay, another person concerned about thirsty turf questioned the decision of a state highway crew to plant sod along the interstate during a drought: “Why add new grass to the median on the 880 between West Oakland and Alameda?” he asked. The agency is required by law to capture highway runoff and filter it, and a strip of lawn works well for the task. The new grass on Interstate 880, as well as at another site on Interstate 80 between University Avenue and Gilman Street, is being irrigated with recycled water until the sod’s roots take hold.

California State Workers Eligible To Cash Out Stacked-up Leave | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Jon Ortiz @
Be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death.

San Francisco Moves To Tighten Airbnb Law | News Fix | Kqed News
Less than three months into implementation of an ordinance to legalize and regulate short-term rentals in San Francisco, city leaders and planners agree the law needs more work.

California Government Says It's Meeting Water-saving Goal |
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John Brooks, major Fremont developer, Raiders co-founder, dies
John Brooks, a real estate developer who helped found both the city of Fremont and the Oakland Raiders football team, died of heart failure in his sleep April 16 at his San Francisco home. Later in life, he was appointed a rear admiral in the U.S. Maritime Service by President George W. Bush. Mr. Brooks made a fortune in the real estate business, occasionally dined with presidents and still found time to serve meals to the homeless at St. Anthony Dining Room in San Francisco. Later in life, Mr. Brooks loved to tell stories of how as a young man he was able to run an engine room full of hard-bitten Navy men. In 1945, he returned to the United States and married Barbara Matthews, who had been his sweetheart since middle school. Mr. Brooks then graduated from law school, though he never practiced law. In his last year of law school, he took a real estate sales job and was quickly fascinated with the possibilities of being a developer. “He thought he could produce affordable housing in the Baby Boom era,” said Matt Brooks, his son. [...] Highway 17 was a two-lane road, and the small towns of Centerville, Mission San Jose, Irvington, Niles and Warm Springs were mostly farmland. Mr. Brooks was also active in politics, though he never ran for public office himself.

Bill Targets Cop Agencies That Sidestep Law To Seize Property |
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Comcast's Bid For Time Warner Cable Appears Dead -
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Drought: Pleasanton among first cities to enact water fines
Starting in mid-May, city water customers will have to reduce their water consumption by 25 percent, compared to 2013, or pay a penalty that varies with how much a customer went over the allocation and for how long. The conservation policy, approved Tuesday by the City Council, comes as state officials draft mandatory cuts for water agencies across California as the drought enters its fourth year. The state’s proposed figures have prompted a number of places, such as Pleasanton — which faces a 24 percent mandatory cut citywide — to take proactive action. The city of Beverly Hills, one of the state’s biggest per-capita water users, also approved a cap on its water customers this week in an effort to meet its proposed 36 percent reduction. The East Bay municipality saw its water supply dip significantly last year and was forced to enact a nearly identical conservation policy.

Adam Gadahn: Al Qaeda Terrorist, California Native And Grandson Of A Jew
Adam Gadahn was the grandson of a Jewish doctor.

Caltrans was warned of Bay Bridge leaking before span opened
Caltrans knew the new Bay Bridge eastern span’s supposedly watertight steel support structure leaked in the rain as early as 2012 — more than a year before the bridge opened — and warned that the water could cause corrosion, documents obtained by The Chronicle show. The first leaks, discovered nearly two years earlier, left water standing inside more than two dozen massive steel boxes — 90 feet wide and as much as 120 feet long — that are welded together to form the road decks. Water was apparently entering the span in small gaps between the hollow steel bridge decks and the cross beams that link them together. [...] Schram proposed a modest $373,000 plan that involved drilling more holes to allow water to drain out of the bottom of the steel decks and cross beams. When The Chronicle asked about the problem in early 2014, Caltrans officials said they had expected some leakage all along and had incorporated drainage holes, called weep holes, to let the water escape out of the bottom of the steel boxes. In late January 2014, the executive director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Steve Heminger, complained that the leaks and other corrosion-related problems — including brittle bolts and water seepage onto steel that supports the bike path — were part of a pattern that “smacks of utter carelessness.” Caltrans indicated in contract documents that it was to blame for the guardrail leaks by agreeing to a contractor’s request to eliminate steel plates that were supposed to divert water away from the rails. The fix for the leaks, which included more caulking around the bolt holes and the steel plates used to anchor the rails, has failed to stop the problem. The bridge still leaks, officials acknowledge, and water is pooling near high-strength steel rods that secure the main cable. “Dealing with critical factors like this takes time, money and knowledge — in this case, they don’t seem to be willing to devote any of the three,” said Bob Bea, a UC Berkeley civil engineering professor emeritus who studies failures in major infrastructure projects. Lisa Fulton, a Berkeley-based corrosion expert who has studied the bridge, said the fact that the standing water had been present for years bolsters her conclusion, based on the photographs taken inside the steel structure, that there is active corrosion.

In 99-seat tussle, don't lose sight: Common goal is a healthy theater scene
One of the unrecognized ironies of the whole Actors' Equity brouhaha is that the union representing actors seems to understand better than most that the Los Angeles theater scene cannot remain hostage to actors who want the freedom to use the stage as a sideline.

Rep. Rogers: hands off 'CHIMPS' in GOP budget
Top House appropriators warn budget writers to stay away from a vital funding stream.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Launches Citywide Trash Clean-up Initiative
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launched an initiative Thursday aimed at cleaning up the city's trash-strewn streets, sidewalks and alleys.

California Drought: 'exceptional' Drought Expands In Sierra -
The latest U.S. Drought Monitor report shows that conditions worsened in the Sierra as California is in the midst of a fourth year of drought.

Defense Secretary Calls For Rebuilding Ties To Silicon Valley
Carter noted the government and the technology industry had weathered past strains and reminded the audience that many popular civilian technologies such as the Internet, the global positioning system and Google's search algorithm had their roots in investment by the government -- particularly the defense department. The two sides would benefit from working more closely together both to combat emerging threats, such as attacks on computer networks, but also to develop new technologies.

Poll: Gay-marriage Support At Record High
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Insurance Commissioner Lobbies For A Bill That Would Expand His Regulatory Reach
Healthiest Employers

Silicon Valley, Bay Area See Huge Rise In Binge Drinking
Barbara Feder Ostrov Kaiser Health News @
Other counties in the greater Bay Area, including San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Cruz, also saw large jumps in binge drinking compared to the rest of the state. The study -- the first to look at drinking rates by county -- was published in Thursday's issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

At Hearing, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says His Lawyer Investigated Judge's Wife
The contempt proceeding involving Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio was always going to come down to a test of wills with the federal judge whose order in a racial profiling case had been spurned by the headstrong law enforcement chief.