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THE NOONER for March 10, 2015




Last night's Equality California Sacramento Awards wasn't just about recognizing Speaker Toni Atkins, Sac Unified Trustee Jay Hansen, and PG&E's Brandon Hernandez. There was an energy in the very crowded lobby of the Park Tower building, as Equality California celebrated the accomplishment of crossing the threshhold of 100 sponsored bills being signed at the end of the last legislative session.  

Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León noted that the "purse strings" of the State Senate are controlled by two members of the LGBT community--Senate Appropriations is chaired by Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Senate Budget is chaired by Mark Leno (D-San Francisco). The LGBT caucus has grown from 1 openly gay legislator in 1995 (Sheila Kuehl) to 6 now.

Further, there was great anticipation of the April 28 hearing of the U.S. Supreme Court on same-sex marriage and delight with the number of Republicans that are supporting for nationwide recognition of same-sex partnerships. 

ROARING 10s: State Controller: "State Controller Betty T. Yee today published her monthly report of California’s cash balance, receipts, and disbursements. February 2015 receipts totaled $6.6 billion, beating estimates in the Governor’s proposed 2015-16 budget by $1 billion, or 18.3 percent, and reflecting an overall strengthening of the economy." [financial statement]


  • Democrats: "We can afford to reinvest in health and human services and higher education."
  • Republicans: "This makes a clear statement that the higher taxes in Proposition 30 are not needed."
  • Governor: "Money, what money? I don't see any money."

EYE OF THE TIGER: Some readers believe that Rocky Chávez may have a back-up plan should he stay in the U.S. Senate race and be unsuccessful. Some believe that Pat Bates, eligible to serve in SD36 two terms until 2022, may only serve one. While a year younger than Jerry Brown, at 76 she is the "most senior" member of the Legislature.

SD07 (Tri-Valley): I stated yesterday that the California Teachers Association was not a part of the Asian American Small Business Action Committee effort opposing Steve Glazer (D) and seeking to buoy non-active candidate Michaela Hertle (R). The contribution was reported by CTA as being given on February 19, but was never reported as being received by the Asian American Small Business Action Committee. 

In checking with the Asian American Small Business Action Committee, they claim that the reported CTA contribution was never received. Apparently, it was sent via stagecoach and is stuck in the Tehachapis.

The special elections for the three State Senate seats are a week from today. Former Senator Sharon Runner is uncontested in SD21, Assemblymember Don Wagner is the heavy favorite in SD37, while SD07 is very likely to result in a May 19th runoff. The question is whether it will be Susan Bonilla v. Joan Buchanan, Susan Bonilla v. Steve Glazer, or Joan Buchanan v. Steve Glazer.

SOLUTION IN SEARCH OF A PROBLEM: California Republicans Seek To Nix Campus Flag Bans [Jeremy B. White @ SacBee] - So, the story here is that the "legislative council" of the Associated Students of Anteaters voted to remove any flags from the student government lobby. Then, the executive cabinet killed the idea. Done. We don't need to have a ballot measure and the costs that entails on this issue.

HUGSBERG: Joe Mathews writes a "Dear Bob" letter.

GAS-X: Major new cuts eyed for greenhouse gases [John Howard @ CapWeely] - "Nearly a decade after California’s landmark law curbing greenhouse gases was signed, a key author of AB 32 wants to dramatically boost the crackdown on climate-changing carbon emissions over the next 35 years."

SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT LOTTERY TICKETS: AEG abandons plans for downtown stadium, cuts off talks with NFL [Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno @ LAT] - "After investing five years and $50 million in an attempt to bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles, AEG is abandoning plans for its Farmers Field football stadium downtown."

SHORTEST STRAW: Sacramento Kings owners say lobbyist 'grasping at straws' in ownership lawsuit [Dale Kasler @ SacBee] - "In papers filed late last week in San Mateo Superior Court, a lawyer for Ranadive and Mastrov said they made only vague promises to lobbyist Darius Anderson about allowing him into the ownership group. Although there were discussions, 'the parties never reached definitive agreement on a single term,' said the filing by attorney John Keker. Anderson is 'grasping at straws,' he wrote."

Well, Darius is accustomed to always drawing the longest straw, so why not?

NEW CAUCUS: There is a new bipartisan California Armenian Legislative Caucus with a mission to identify key issues affecting Armenian Americans and develop and empower the Armenian American community throughout California. The caucus is led by Assemblymembers Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo), Adrin Nazarian (D-Glendale), and Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). For those that want to help with the launch, there is a funder on April 6 at Mayahuel.

BACKWARDS: So, I recently moved to the Southside Park neighborhood of Sacramento. While I miss Davis, is beautiful, quiet, and friendly. But, of course, I have a rant.

In Davis, recycling is collected each week, and you place cardboard separately between your trash bin and recycling bin. In Sacramento, recyclables are every other week and cardboard "must be broken down and placed in the recycling can." I understand it was weekly until ?a year ago?.

Meanwhile, yard waste is collected weekly, even though in my eight weeks here, the gardener has only filled it up like one-third. And, during leaf season, they use a claw. Basically, the city has yard waste and recycling backward.

There are three nice units on this lot, and most lots in this area have the benefit of great infill with between 2-4 units on each lot. Additional recycling bins are of "limited availability" and under "special circumstances only." 

I've bought furniture and obviously have lots of boxes. There is also an obscene amount of junk mail that comes here (they still publish the Pennysaver?), so the recycling bin is constantly full. I can't even begin to describe how hard it is to "break down" heavy cardboard that encapsulated a dining table.

Davis Waste Removal provides clear information on its home page describing how to drop off recycling 24/7, but I can't find anything on the Sacramento site about that.

At this rate, it will take a year to dispose of the cardboard. Or, I guess I could take it all to Davis.

Councilman and friend Steve Hansen, what say you? 

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Steve Burdo and Anne Neville




  • Job opening: Executive Director
    The Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) is seeking a committed individual to serve as Executive Director. The applicant must possess strong organizational skills and demonstrated leadership ability. In coordination with the Party Chair, the Executive Director will implement the DPOC's strategic plan and oversee the administration and programs of the Party, including political activities, personnel, fundraising, communication and technology.  
    For more information, visit:
  • California Special Districts Association Legislative Representative, advocate on behalf of members on legislation and regulatory proposals. Prior lobbying/legislative experience and knowledge of employee relations and public governance preferred. Salary range $65,797 - $98,696.  Details.
    Resume w/cover letter to

  • ROSALIND WYMAN--the youngest woman elected to the Los Angeles City Council---discusses 60 years in Los Angeles politics in this exclusive interview:

    Know a current or former elected official in Southern California we should interview? Our TV program reaches California's #1 zip code for campaign contributions. Send suggestions to:

  • Learn about the Pacific McGeorge Master of Science in Law (M.S.L.) program for working professionals who seek the benefits of advanced training in legal reasoning and analysis but who do not require the J.D. degree at an upcoming evening information session. Register for March 17 at the State Capitol or April 22 on campus (3200 Fifth Ave.) today at

  • Executive Assistant for Progressive Organizations - Full or Part Time - Two progressive and very pragmatic political non-profit organizations (Progressive Kick and Progressive Punch) are seeking a joint executive assistant for a very small office. One of the organizations deals with informing people about Congressional voting records, the other, running issue messaging campaigns designed to get more progressives elected to Congress and state legislatures around the country. Our ideal candidate for this position would have a progressive perspective, a commitment to social change efforts and a personal interest in the worlds of government and politics. View the full job description at

  • Legislators and staff are invited to attend the launch of the The Copia Institute at the San Jose Tech Museum on March 12th and 13th. Copia is a network of future-focused innovators dedicated to addressing some of the most consequential and intriguing issues of our time, from health data ethics and 3D printing, to intellectual property, privacy, surveillance, broadband, drones and autonomous vehicles.  To RSVP for the conference or for the Thursday evening reception, please call For more information about Copia, please visit

  • Open Position:  Senior Program Officer, California Democracy Program, James Irvine Foundation. Position can be based in San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Initial grantmaking focus will be on Voter & Civic Engagement and Immigrant Integration. Minimum of eight years of work experience in policy-making institutions or nonprofit organizations, including five years of experience in a senior leadership role; substantive experience on key California policy issues and processes; and the ability to work across the political spectrum. Master’s degree is preferred. More information:

  • California Council on Science and Technology is now hiring an Executive Assistant for our Sacramento Office.  This position will act as administrative support for Sacramento senior staff members and their designees, as well as office manager, coordinating all aspects of the Sacramento office, and meeting coordinator/planner for all CCST Board and Council meetings. Will provide project support for program managers.  $36,600 minimum salary.  Looking for a highly organized self-starter with strong communication and technical skills.  Must apply through UC Merced.  See more at


Legislator Sees Safety In Adult Helmet Law; Cyclists See Mostly Harm
A proposed law that would make California the first state in the country to require that adult bike riders wear helmets has reignited a decades-long debate between regulators and the bicycling community over safety.

Backers of failed S.F. soda tax propose warning labels on ads
[...] Supervisor Malia Cohen will propose banning such advertising on city property including Muni buses and shelters, and Supervisor Eric Mar will propose prohibiting the city from spending money on sugary drinks. The three supervisors were key backers of a 2-cents-per-ounce tax on soda and sugary drinks that went before voters in November. Because it specified where the revenue would go — to children’s nutrition and physical education programs — it required a two-thirds vote for passage. Wiener’s proposal to require warning labels on soda advertising is modeled on a failed attempt at the state level by Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, last year. “There’s an enormous amount of advertising of soda and other sugary drinks that associate them with love and happiness and everything good in the world when in reality it’s the largest source of sugar in the American diet, and it’s making people sick,” he said. Wiener’s legislation would apply to all new ads for soda and other sugary drinks on surfaces within the city including billboards, buses, transit shelters, posters and sports stadiums but would not apply to radio, television or newspaper advertisements since the city lacks the authority to regulate those. Failure to comply could lead to fines, and a retailer who allows soda advertising without warning labels in his or her store would have 30 days to remove the ads or face a fine. The law doesn’t apply to city property used for the operation of a restaurant, concert or sports venue where smoking or drinking alcohol is allowed, but does apply to all other city property, including Muni buses and bus shelters. Mar’s proposal would ban city departments from using city money to purchase sugary drinks and would ban the distribution or sale of such beverages under city food service contracts. The law would apply to anything from refreshments at a staff meeting to nonprofit workshops funded by the city’s Department of Children, Youth and their Families. Roger Salazar, spokesman for CalBev, the state beverage industry group, said the new pieces of legislation are overly simplistic and demonize the soda industry for what is actually a much more complicated problem.

Lawmakers Outraged Over American Flag Ban At UC Campus - Politics Blog
State Republican lawmakers said they will introduce a constitutional amendment that would prohibit state funded colleges and universities from banning the American flag on campuses, a move that com...

California Republicans Seek To Nix Campus Flag Bans
Jeremy B. White @
Responding to college students' unsuccessful push to prevent the unfurling of flags from any nation at university buildings, Republican lawmakers are seeking a constitutional amendment saying American flags cannot be prohibited on school property at state-funded universities. Supported by GOP party leadership, the measure would need to secure a two-thirds vote in the Democratic-controlled Legislature and then win voter approval.

Boxer & Feinstein Blast GOP Senators' Iran Letter
Josh Richman @
California’s U.S. Senators say 47 Republicans led by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., went out of bounds by sending an open letter to Iran’s leaders to undermine the State Department’s work to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal.

State Senator Janet Nguyen and Colleagues Announce Legislation that Prohibits State Funded Universities and College Campuses from Banning the United States Flag
If the constitutional amendment is passed by the State Legislature and approved by California voters on the November 2016 ballot, it would prohibit all University of California, California State University and Community Colleges campuses.

State Panel Considers Raising Thresholds For Campaign Reporting
Patrick McGreevy @
Citing inflation, the state's campaign finance watchdog agency is considering a proposal to raise the fundraising thresholds at which campaigns must report their financing, drawing some concerns from an advocate for fuller disclosure.

California Senators Focus On Oil Industry, Drinking Water
A hearing by state lawmakers Tuesday on problems in California's protection of drinking-water aquifers from the state oil and gas industry also is slated to focus attention on the way oil companies in the state use high-pressure steam to force up petroleum.

Political Memo: To Connect With Voters, Candidates Spin Tales of Working-Class Roots
The presumed presidential candidates are burnishing their Everyman biographies in an effort to connect with voters and distinguish themselves from Jeb Bush.

S.F. supes weigh expanding safe drug disposal program
Emily Green @
The issue is the safe disposal of drugs, which often are flushed down the toilet or tossed in the garbage, contaminating the environment. In 2010, the drug companies and Board of Supervisors reached a compromise that resulted in a pilot program, with 23 drop-off sites at pharmacies and police stations around the city. Because a similar proposal was recently defeated in the state Legislature, a successful passage in San Francisco could inspire other counties, one by one, to implement their own laws, proponents of the program say. “PhRMA and its members have long supported efforts to help consumers safely and effectively dispose of unwanted medicines,” John Murphy, the association’s assistant general counsel, said in a statement. Late last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld the constitutionality of a similar drug take-back program in Alameda County, rejecting a lawsuit by PhRMA, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Generic Pharmaceutical Association.

Aeg, Falling Behind In Fight For NFL Stadium, Takes The Gloves Off
Last month, Carson Mayor Jim Dear took a call from a top executive at sports and entertainment giant AEG .

Celebrating Selma Without Fixing The Voting Rights Act Dishonors The Sacrifices Of Bloody Sunday
Long after he had left his career as a civil rights lawyer to become a justice on the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall described his 1944 success in a case striking down all-white primary elections in Texas as his “greatest victory.” This is an astonishing statement for a man who was the architect and chief litigator of the most important civil rights case of the 20th century, Brown vs. Board of Education. But Marshall recognized that breaking down the stranglehold on exclusive white political power was as crucial to defeating Southern white supremacy as dismantling segregation in education.

California Lawmakers Face Dozens Of Environmental Bills
Amy Quinton @
In addition to bills that would set new goals for clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some lawmakers want to revise regulations for oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

The New Health Care: More Good News on the Deficit, This Time Because of Private Insurance Costs
Federal budget forecasters lowered estimates of what the government will spend on health insurance premiums, months after doing the same for Medicare.

Lawmakers would bar Calif. universities from banning U.S. flag
Outraged by an attempt to ban the United States flag from a lobby at UC Irvine, Republican state legislative leaders on Monday proposed a constitutional amendment that would protect Old Glory from being banished from state-funded colleges and universities.

Oakland May Have The Most Yards To Cover To Save Its NFL Franchise
Lee Romney @
Faced with possibly losing their NFL teams to the Los Angeles area, civic leaders in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland are racing to come up with a winning approach to preserve their franchises.

Health-care Law Will Cost Taxpayers Less Than Expected, Cbo Says
Help and Contact Us

Water Customers May See Another Charge On LaDWP Bills | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
Los Angeles's Department of Water and Power is asking the City Council to authorize creation of a new agency empowered to borrow up to $400 million, which rate payers would have to pay through a new fee on their bills.

Lawsuit Challenges CPUC's Hiring Of Lawyers
Jeff McDonald @
A San Diego law firm is contesting the California Public Utilities Commission's action to hire a criminal defense attorney, saying the right process was not followed.

Capitol Rally Denounces Anti-semitism After Swastika Incidents In Sacramento Area | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Cathy Locke @
Be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death.

Q&a: Why Affordable Care Act Costs Continue To Fall
As the Supreme Court considers the fate of government subsidies to millions of consumers receiving coverage under the Affordable Care Act , a nonpartisan budget analysis found Monday that projected costs of President Obama 's signature healthcare program continued to fall.

East Bay State Senator Files Legal Brief In Support Of Ending California's Death Penalty
Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, filed the brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.