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THE NOONER for February 24, 2015




Public Retirement Journal


Join your colleagues from around the state for a day of in-depth discussion on current and future issues facing public retirement in California at the 26th Annual Southern California Public Retirement Seminar.
February 24, 2015 - 9AM-4PM - Registration: 8AM; The Centre at Sycamore Plaza (5000 Clark Ave, Lakewood)
Keynote Speaker: Gregory Totten, Ventura County District Attorney
Registration Fee: $200.00 - includes breakfast & lunch and seminar materials.
Register online or contact us directly @ 916-341-0848

Seminar registration:

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DOUBLE X FACTOR: Supervisors' races could create female majority [Jean Merl @ LAT]:

There is only one woman on the 15-member Los Angeles City Council.

Statewide, women have been losing ground at other elected levels.

But the emerging field of potential candidates for next year's Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors election raises the odds that women could capture a majority of seats for the first time ever.




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  • Thinking about Graduate School? Sacramento State’s master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration is the region's most affordable program, offering a rigorous education in both public policy and administration, nested in the political context. Celebrating our 25th year, more than 400 alumni work in California state and local government as well as private and non-profit organizations. Applications are due March 2, 2015.
  • Join Emerge California for their Women’s History Month Celebration on Saturday, March 7 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant located at 72 N. Almaden Ave in San Jose. To join the Host Committee, please contact Nazneen Rydhan-Foster at or visit the event page here.

  • Open Position:  Senior Program Officer, California Democracy Program, James Irvine Foundation. Position can be based in San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Initial grantmaking focus will be on Voter & Civic Engagement and Immigrant Integration. Minimum of eight years of work experience in policy-making institutions or nonprofit organizations, including five years of experience in a senior leadership role; substantive experience on key California policy issues and processes; and the ability to work across the political spectrum. Master’s degree is preferred. More information:

  • Gonzalez, Quintana & Hunter, LLC seeks a part-time, student-intern to work Tuesday/Thursdays. Applicants must be detail-oriented and comfortable managing multiple tasks in a fast-paced office. Interest in state government, politics, and the legislative process required. Send resume and cover letter to

  • California Council on Science and Technology is now hiring an Executive Assistant for our Sacramento Office.  This position will act as administrative support for Sacramento senior staff members and their designees, as well as office manager, coordinating all aspects of the Sacramento office, and meeting coordinator/planner for all CCST Board and Council meetings. Will provide project support for program managers.  $36,600 minimum salary.  Looking for a highly organized self-starter with strong communication and technical skills.  Must apply through UC Merced.  See more at

  • TRAINING FOR GRASSROOTS OUTREACH TO LEGISLATORS.  Experienced grassroots organizer Mark Wirth provides training and guidance for organizing the members of your organization for grassroots outreach to legislators.  Training on site at your location and designed to fit the needs of your organization.


Field Poll: Jerry Brown Riding High, But Not His Big Projects | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
David Siders @
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UC Berkeley studies international education campus in Richmond
On the waterfront seven miles from UC Berkeley, the university owns what is now an isolated and somewhat ramshackle collection of storage facilities and labs. But Berkeley's chancellor envisions it as a future showcase for international education.

Prime Healthcare Has No Wiggle Room With Attorney General Mandate In Hospital Deal
Tracy Seipel @
On Monday, with the Daughters of Charity Health System running dangerously low on cash, Prime officials said they are diligently studying the mandates and hope to make a decision within a week. Daughters' president and CEO Robert Issai acknowledged Monday there is no wiggle room. "We're simply trying to understand what the recommendations mean and the implications for us," he said.

They Gave An Election In La And Almost Nobody Came :: Fox&hounds
The Senate and Assembly election committees chaired by Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas called a joint oversight committee hearing to look for the reasons and solutions of the extremely low turnout in L.A. County. The answer just might be a feeling of powerlessness amongst the voters.

California Should Have Embassy In Washington, Lawmaker Says - Bloomberg Business
The bill, introduced by Assembly Speaker pro Tem Nora Campos, a Democrat from San Jose, would allow California to partner with private nonprofit groups to establish and maintain an embassy within a one-mile radius of the U.S. Capitol. No state money would be spent on the facility.

Brown Earns Mostly Praise In Field Poll - Politics Blog
Nearly 70 percent of California voters feel Gov. Jerry Brown has the experience needed to deal with the state's problems, according to a Field Poll released Tuesday. That outpouring of support over...

Dentists, Doctors, Unions Pour Money Into East Bay Senate Race | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller @
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‘draft Condi’ Petition Starts, But Is It A ‘scam Pac?’
By Josh Richman Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 6:11 pm in U.S. Senate.

UC Davis Student Hospitalized After Being Infected With A Form Of Meningitis | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Diana Lambert @
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Q&A: Former NY Times Editor Jill Abramson speaks with Chronicle Editor Audrey Cooper
Audrey Cooper @
Former NY Times Editor Jill Abramson speaks with Chronicle Editor Audrey Cooper Nine months after she was fired from her job as executive editor of the New York Times, people can’t seem to stop talking about Jill Abramson. On Tuesday, women will be able to hear from the editor herself when she joins a list of high-profile women addressing a networking conference in the Bay Area. More than 5,000 women are expected at Silicon Valley’s first-ever “Lead On” conference, which will also feature Hillary Rodham Clinton and designer Diane Von Furstenburg. The event in Santa Clara is one of several women-networking events scheduled in the Bay Area over the next few weeks. Abramson and veteran media entrepreneur Steven Brill are raising money to begin a journalism venture that would advance writers as much as $100,000 to write very long investigative stories. Abramson chatted with Chronicle Editor in Chief Audrey Cooper in advance of the Santa Clara conference, covering topics such as pay inequality, Silicon Valley’s openly misogynistic culture, the crisis in the Middle East and whether female managers are held to different standards than men. Cooper: I’m curious as to whether you think that all the attention your career changes have attracted over the last few months — whether you think too much or too little attention has been paid to whether you were fired because of your gender. Abramson: I wish that I had been at the front end when I was named executive editor, that I had been both more inquisitive and more attentive to the issue at that time and that I hadn’t waited to the point where I was two years into the job to bring that issue to the attention of the people who I worked for. If I had advice for a young woman at a point where she was being promoted, I think it’s important to ask what the person who had the job before you was being paid, and at that point where you have leverage, to make sure that you’re being paid what your predecessor made. If your predecessor was a male, make sure you’re being paid either on a par or, if you’re stepping into a bigger job even, that you’re getting more pay. [...] there’s also an argument to be made that sometimes knowing your audience — knowing whether or not people are going to respond to a pushy person regardless of their gender — is just as important. [...] I’m talking about something else, which is a kind of nagging, insecure voice that I know some women have running in their head all the time when they’re at work. Do you think that women who make it to the top of their professions have a disproportionate responsibility to promote and hire other women? [...] in male-dominated professions — and many newsrooms in America are still that — it’s very important to promote more women and to promote more diversity in the newsroom. Was it Madeleine Albright — I’m going to mangle this — who said there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who got to the top and didn’t try to promote and bring along other women? I certainly agree with that. Cooper: I had dinner recently with an editor of a very large, national magazine, and she said to me that she gets tired of hearing about not enough women in media. Oh, I just completely disagree with that, just from my own experience managing any talented women who had families and worked their heads off during my career. The hearings that we lived through in 1991 wouldn’t have been quite the spectacle that they were then, with the all-male Senate Judiciary Committee and the senators seeming to know nothing about the issue of sexual harassment. [...] I think that it’s possible that the confirmation vote would be definitely in his favor and perhaps by a wider margin. Cooper: I think a lot about whether being a woman and a news editor influences my decisions. The issue that fascinates me right now is the issue of VC firms not wanting to invest in women-headed companies, and I think I’d put that at the front of the line of things that really need to change. There are a lot of people who would say that’s because the companies invest in people they know. Right, or it isn’t only people you know, but it’s sort of people you feel comfortable with or people who inspire your confidence. The news of it blew up my Facebook feed because of the idea of giving a journalist a $100,000 advance for a story. The important thing is the survival of quality journalism, and I think people want to read extraordinarily well-worded, elegantly told, gripping stories that explore important areas of life and the world. The appetite for that is very robust, and we’re going to be publishing stories of between 20,000 and 30,000 words. Since when did we decide that writers should be paid nothing? I mean, that’s what surprised me. [...] you know, if I spent my life worrying about what the navel-gazers are going to say, I wouldn’t be accomplishing anything, so I don’t. Cooper: I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about what you’ve said is one of your biggest regrets at the Times, and that is the paper’s reporting on whether or not Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The Times has been candid about saying, and I have been as well, that some of the reporting — not all of it, but some of the reporting in the lead-up to the Iraq War — lacked sufficient skepticism, was faulty and relied on government intelligence that was clearly wrong. When I was 16, my high school guidance counselor told me that I had to learn how to golf because without that, I would not be invited to the boys club in any meaningful way.

Field Poll: Gov. Jerry Brown Still Riding High
By Josh Richman Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 12:05 am in Gov. Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, polls.

Lawmakers Want Probe Of Sf Archdiocese's 4 High Schools | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
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UCLA Superbug: Lawmaker Asks Congress To Investigate Fda Response
Prompted by the UCLA superbug outbreak, a federal lawmaker is calling on Congress to investigate what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and device makers are doing to prevent further patient deaths and infections.

Senate GOP: Use Transportation Taxes On Transportation Projects
You can read the full letter to Governor Brown and Democrat Leaders here:

Bill Would Reveal What Drives $1,000 Pill’s Price - Politics Blog
The fight over the high cost of specialty prescription drugs is headed to the state Capitol as San Francisco Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu will introduce a bill Monday to require companies to d...

Inglewood Stadium Would Boost City's Budget By Up To $28 Million A Year
The 80,000-seat football stadium and related office and retail development being proposed in Inglewood would boost that city's budget by $18.7 to $28 million a year over the next 15 years, while creating manageable traffic and environmental impacts.

Chicago Voters Head To The Polls In Mayoral Race
Chicago voters headed to the polls Tuesday to decide whether Mayor Rahm Emanuel collects a majority and quickly wins a second term or faces six more weeks of campaigning and a politically risky runoff election.

Obama Proposes Tougher Consumer Rules To Protect Ira Investors
President Obama on Monday proposed tougher regulations on investment brokers who handle retirement funds, saying new rules would limit hidden fees, “back-door payments” and conflicts of interest that eat into middle-class Americans’ savings.

Attempt To Tighten 'mcmansion' Law Spurs Outcry
In Los Angeles neighborhoods where big, boxy houses were popping up like fungi on an overwatered lawn, the expectations of mansionization opponents soared seven years ago when a new city ordinance promised to halt out-of-scale development.

As Gas Tax Funds Dwindle, California Looks To Test Charging For Miles Traveled
Today's high

No Child Left Behind And Testing Help Hold Schools Accountable
The controversial education law known as No Child Left Behind is up for reauthorization, and amid the nuances under debate one question stands out: Will pressures from the left and right force the federal government to abandon its annual, statewide testing requirements?

Santa Clara County sheriff wants OK to buy cell-tracking tool
A proposal by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department to acquire a novel cell-phone tracking tool is headed for a vote Tuesday in front of the county Board of Supervisors, but civil rights advocates and one supervisor are criticizing the department for what they call a rushed process with little public input. Sheriff Laurie Smith is asking the board to approve the purchase of the portable system — often known as a stingray, a reference to a leading brand made by Harris Corp. — for $502,889 through state Homeland Security grant funds that were given to the county in 2013. In a brief report to supervisors, Smith said law enforcement officers will use the technology only after securing a warrant from a judge, “unless the situation is a life-and-death emergency.” Smith said the device could help “in the apprehension of armed and dangerous fugitives, locating at-risk missing adults and children, and aid in recovering victims of human trafficking.” When San Jose police bought a drone last year, department officials sidestepped public discussion by introducing the purchase as a consent calendar item to gain City Council approval. Police officials later released a statement promising not to deploy the drone until the department does community outreach and develops a policy. The American Civil Liberties Union called for authorities to establish a firm process when considering surveillance technology — including involving the public in laying down policies.

Sacramento To Speed Up Water Meter Installations | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Ryan Lillis @
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