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Public Retirement Journal


Join your colleagues from around the state for a day of in-depth discussion on current and future issues facing public retirement in California at the 26th Annual Southern California Public Retirement Seminar.
February 24, 2014 - 9AM-4PM - Registration: 8AM; The Centre at Sycamore Plaza (5000 Clark Ave, Lakewood)
Keynote Speaker: Gregory Totten, Ventura County District Attorney
Registration Fee: $200.00 - includes breakfast & lunch and seminar materials.
Register online or contact us directly @ 916-341-0848

Seminar registration:

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U.S. SENATE: California Latino Caucus pushes Latino candidate to replace Boxer [Jeremy B. White @ SacBee] - "Despite California’s soaring Latino population and the clout of Latino lawmakers in Sacramento, the state has never been represented by a Latino in the U.S. Senate. The Latino Caucus is seizing what [Caucus Chair Luis] Alejo called a historic opportunity to change that."

POLL POSITION: Poll Shows Hard Road For Antonio Villaraigosa In Senate Race [Gene Maddus @ LADN] - "The poll was commissioned by the Latino Legislative Caucus, which has been urging a Latino candidate to enter the race. In its press release, the caucus played up the finding that a strong Latino candidate would energize Latino voters."

  • Ashley Swearengin (R) 31
  • Kamala Harris (D) 28
  • Antonio Villaraigosa (D) 18
  • Adam Schiff (D) 4
  • Undecided 19

SPLIT DECISION: Senate seat opens a big Dem split [Dan Walters @ SacBee] - "This is a very delicate situation for party leaders. Most want Harris to waltz into the Senate and become a national political figure, but the appearance of a Latino freeze-out could invite years of open conflict, particularly since Jerry Brown will be giving up the governorship in four years and Sen. Dianne Feinstein might also not seek re-election."

MISSED OPPORTUNIES: Misreading The Tea Leaves [Justin Wallin/Probolsky Research @ Campaigns and Elections] -  "Poor survey practices are hurting up-and-coming California Republicans. From San Bernardino to Santa Barbara, seven California Republicans were essentially written off. Those decisions were made based on flawed surveys that committed some cardinal methodological errors. We need to get back to proven methodology by dialing cellphones and not putting a cap on the percentage of completes on cells, stratifying samples, calling in foreign languages, using the voter file, especially in California, wherein the file is robust. If a survey violates any of the above rules, the results shouldn’t be used to make targeting decisions. But polling was just one of the reasons why Republicans failed to pick up House seats in California last cycle."

AD36 (Antelope Valley): Former Assemblymember Steve Fox (D) has filed a statement of intention to run in 2016. Fox lost the seat after one term to Tom Lackey (R).

UNCLE LELAND: Ex-Sen. Yee pays $128,000 in campaign funds to lawyers since indictment [Patrick McGreevy @ LAT] - "The practice is legal, but one ethics expert said it should be restricted."

MAKING GREEN FROM GREEN: Will Native American tribes get into the pot business? [Ted Hesson @ Fusion] - "A northern California community is already taking the plunge. The Pinoleville Pomo Nation in Mendocino County plans to break ground on construction of an indoor grow facility in February, making them the first tribe to enter the medical marijuana business."

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Eduardo Garcia


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  • Join Emerge California's 2015 DTLA Reception on Saturday, February 7 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Elevate Lounge located at 811 Wilshire Blvd, 21st Floor in Los Angeles. To join the Host Committee, please contact Nazneen Rydhan-Foster at or visit the event page here.

  • The William Jefferson Clinton Democratic Club of Sacramento will be hosting its annual welcome back to session mixer on Thursday, Feb. 5th at 5:30pm at the Mix. They will be celebrating victories of our endorsed candidates in the November election as well as welcoming back the entire Capitol community to another legislative session. Everyone and anyone from around the Capitol is welcome. No host bar and h'orderves will be provided. Drink tickets will only be provided for Clinton Dem members, so be sure to renew your membership!!

  • California Council on Science and Technology is now hiring an Executive Assistant for our Sacramento Office.  This position will act as administrative support for Sacramento senior staff members and their designees, as well as office manager, coordinating all aspects of the Sacramento office, and meeting coordinator/planner for all CCST Board and Council meetings. Will provide project support for program managers.  $36,600 minimum salary.  Looking for a highly organized self-starter with strong communication and technical skills.  Must apply through UC Merced.  See more at
  • FORMER CALIFORNIA CHIEF JUSTICE RONALD GEORGE discusses changes to California's judiciary and his career in this exclusive interview:
    Know a current or former elected official in Southern California we should interview? Our TV program reaches California's #1 zip code for campaign contributions. Send suggestions
  • Join us February 18 & 19 at the Sacramento Convention Center for the Future of California Elections 2015 Conference “Working Together for a More Inclusive Democracy" Space is limited. Register today!
  • The James Irvine Foundation 2015 Leadership Awards Luncheon. Join Irvine and state policymakers in honoring California leaders and their breakthrough solutions to critical state issues. Presentations followed by a roundtable on leadership led by KQED’s John Myers. February 5, 12:00-1:30 p.m., Sheraton Grand. Contact Tamara Torlakson - 916-288-2245.

  • TRAINING FOR GRASSROOTS OUTREACH TO LEGISLATORS.  Experienced grassroots organizer Mark Wirth provides training and guidance for organizing the members of your organization for grassroots outreach to legislators.  Training on site at your location and designed to fit the needs of your organization.


Ethnic Battles Ahead In 2016 Ca Senate Race? - Politics Blog
Could California's open 2016 U.S. Senate race turn into a a tussle between two powerhouse Democratic ethnic voting blocs -- Latinos and African Americans? That's what some experts are saying as Dem...

Road To S&P Settlement Began With Jerry Brown Chat, Novel Legal Strategy
Years of work by Justice Department lawyers, started after a chat with Jerry Brown, came to fruition with a record settlement of nearly $1.4 billion with ratings company Standard & Poor's.

Latinos Strike Hard On Senate Race, Seek To Pump Up Villaraigosa With New Poll | The California Report | Kqed News
Attorney General Kamala Harris has a big target on her back now that she's running for U.S. Senate.

Many California Politicians Finished Election With Funds For Future Use
Facing few serious challenges for statewide posts in last year's election, many California politicians were free to make financial decisions with an eye toward the future, final campaign reports show.

Election Shift Puts Asians In Majority On Supervisors Board, Latinos Blame Redistricting
A controversial redistricting plan that appeared to solidify the political clout of Orange County’s Vietnamese American community played a key role in the election of one its own to the Board of Supervisors, Latino leaders said on Tuesday.

Sex-Photo Conviction Shows Kamala Harris' Edge In Senate Race
Michael Finnegan @
Incumbency can be a big asset to elected officials who aspire to higher office, and that maxim was on full display Tuesday when state Atty. Gen Kamala Harris hailed the conviction of a man who posted naked photos of women online without their consent.

Campos tries again at law to raise eviction relocation fees
Campos, whose first attempt was blocked by a federal judge last year, Tuesday introduced a revised relocation assistance measure that caps the cash payment at $50,000, requires that the money be spent only on housing-related expenses and sets rules for determining the size of the relocation payment. The original relocation measure, passed on a 9-2 vote last April, required landlords evicting tenants under the Ellis Act, a state law that allows property owners to oust residents if the building is no longer to be used for rental units, to pay the difference between their current rent and two years of rent at a comparable unit in San Francisco, with no limit to the cost. The Levins took the city to federal court, where Judge Charles Breyer ruled the measure unconstitutional, saying the city had gone beyond the legal limits in an effort to fix what he admitted was “a significant problem of public concern.” While the city controller estimated that most of the relocation payments would be well below the $118,000 the Levins faced, the idea of a “sky’s the limit” relocation charge sent rental property owners into a frenzy. J. David Breemer, an attorney for conservative-oriented Pacific Legal Services, represented the Levins in the original lawsuit and called the judge’s decision then “a great win for property rights.” [...] Campos argued that there’s plenty of legal precedent allowing government agencies to require property owners to pay relocation fees to people forced from their homes.

PUC Emails Appear To Show Former Chief Michael Peevey Overstepping His Role
Marc Lifsher @
Thousands of emails newly released by the state Public Utilities Commission present a damaging portrait of former PUC President Michael Peevey as a micromanaging, domineering leader who appears to have overstepped his role.

California Latino Caucus Pushes Latino Candidate To Replace Boxer | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Jeremy B. White @
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Court questions federal action against Oakland pot dispensary
A federal appeals court questioned the government’s move to seize and shut down the huge Harborside medical marijuana dispensary, but showed no support Tuesday for Oakland’s attempt to preserve the pot supplier and its bounty of tax revenue. Despite the Obama administration’s repeated assertions that it would not target medical marijuana operations that comply with state laws, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag filed suit in July 2012 to close down the city-licensed Harborside Health Center, which supplies marijuana to 108,000 patients along the Oakland Estuary at 1840 Embarcadero. Murphy said the forfeiture action appears to conflict with President Obama’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s declared policy of “legally looking the other way with respect to medical marijuana facilities.” Murphy, a former U.S. attorney, said the city would have no right to intervene if Haag had filed criminal charges against Harborside for violating federal narcotics laws, and suggested the same barriers exist in a civil forfeiture suit. Oakland’s attorney, Cedric Chao, said the city has multiple interests at stake: its system of regulating pot dispensaries, the taxes from more than $20 million in annual sales, and the health and safety of patients who obtain marijuana from a licensed business rather than street dealers. Under federal law, Chao argued, the city can sue the federal government for disregarding its own stated policies and a five-year statute of limitations by filing the forfeiture claim six years after Harborside began dispensing marijuana, giving Oakland “a basis to believe that its program would be allowed.”

San Jose Appeals A's Lawsuit Against Mlb To U.S. Supreme Court
Mike Rosenberg @
The City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court its antitrust lawsuit against Major League Baseball that seeks to allow the Oakland baseball club to move to San Jose.

California Met 20% Water Conservation Goal In December | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Matt Weiser @
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Kamala Harris' Head Start In Senate Race May Deter Potential Rivals
Seema Mehta and Michael Finnegan @
While former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other potential candidates decide whether to enter the U.S. Senate contest, state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris has been using her head start in the race in ways that could deter others from competing.

Villaraigosa Lags Harris In Social Media
Michael Finnegan @
Antonio Villaraigosa hit a social media milestone last month: He posted something on Facebook for the first time in 19 months, telling followers he might run for U.S. Senate .

Road to S&P settlement began with Jerry Brown chat, novel legal strategy
Two Justice Department lawyers leading an effort to hold financial firms accountable for the mortgage-fed debacle that fueled the Great Recession stopped in to talk strategy in mid-2009 with Jerry Brown, then California's attorney general.

Federal Judge Orders California To Stop Isolation Housing Of Disabled Inmates
A federal judge in Oakland has ordered California to stop the "regular" practice of putting disabled inmates into segregation units because it lacks room elsewhere in its prisons.

Capitol minister aims to deliver state leaders from temptation
Amid the crush of lobbyists, lawyers and lawmakers packing the hallways of the Capitol in the final days of each legislative session, one figure moves through the corridors with noticeable serenity.

House G.O.P. Again Votes to Repeal Health Care Law
The latest House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act was the first one in the new Congress, and gave new Republican members a chance to take a stand.

Feud Over Obama's Immigration Actions Holds Up Homeland Security Funds
Senate Democrats blocked a Republican measure that would provide $39.7 billion to the Homeland Security Department, refusing Tuesday to go along with a GOP condition that none of the money be used to implement President Obama's immigration actions to defer deportation for more than 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally.

Attorney General To Lead Oakland Talk On Police, Race Relations
Carla Marinucci @
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, charged by the Obama administration with examining police and race relations after a fatal police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., will hold a round-table discussion with community and law enforcement leaders Thursday in Oakland.

State Employee Fired For Having Gun At Work Is Seen Near Office Again | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee
Marissa Lang @
Be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death.

Feud over Obama's immigration actions holds up Homeland Security funds
Senate Democrats blocked a Republican measure that would provide $39.7 billion to the Homeland Security Department, refusing Tuesday to go along with a GOP condition that none of the money be used to implement President Obama's immigration actions to defer deportation for more than 5 million...