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THE NOONER for January 19, 2015




We'll be quick since most of you have the day off and are doing whatever people do on a day off in January. Hopefully you have a fireplace and there is not a no-burn ordinance.

It's the perfect day for giving a shout out to my alma mater, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall School of Law at UC Davis. It just sucks that the state has eliminated most funding for professional schools, keeping the social justice of whatever political persuaison dreamers from pursuing their passions. I received an incredible education there and will pay the state back tenfold, but someone attending today will pay 5 times what I paid in 2000.

THE SOCAL DISADVANTAGE: Math is a factor in Villaraigosa's decision whether to run for Senate {Cathleen Decker @ LAT] - "The electoral arithmetic that governs California is central to decisions by a candidate like Villaraigosa. And it can be bleak: As a Latino candidate from Southern California, he faces long odds against winning a slot in a statewide general election. His chances are better if, as with the Senate contest, the race coincides with the heat of a presidential contest. But even then it could be tough."

I haven't really thought about this lately. However, it's remarkable that only 2 of the 8 statewide officials are from Southern California (Chiang and Padilla). Add in Boxer and Feinstein, and it's 2 out of 10.

ICARLY: Who wants Carly Fiorina? [Jonathan Topaz @ Politico] - "Fiorina is positioning herself as a business-savvy outsider with a compelling personal story who can command a stage. If she avoids stumbles, a run could boost her standing in GOP circles; some speculate her real goal is the vice presidency or a Cabinet slot."

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Pablo Espinoza and Kristin Olsen!




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Billionaire Tom Steyer Eyes Climate Change, Education In Potential Senate Bid
Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, who is weighing a run for the U.S. Senate seat that will be vacated by Barbara Boxer in two years, is outlining a policy agenda focused on climate change, education and tax reform and pledging to serve only one term if he cannot achieve his goals, sources close to Steyer said Sunday.

Kamala Harris' camp hoping to keep Tom Steyer out of Senate race
Matier and Ross @
Having jumped into the U.S. Senate race "feet first," state Attorney General Kamala Harris will be hitting the phones to score as much money and as many endorsements possible — all in the hope of keeping rival Democrats from jumping in as well.

Steyer Outlining One-term Objectives For U.S. Senate | The Sacramento Bee
Christopher Cadelago @
Steyer is considering a campaign to succeed California Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2016.

Tony V Viable In ’16? Difi A Slam Dunk For ’18 Exit? « Calbuzz
California Attorney General Kamala Harris is, for now, the leading candidate to succeed U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. Environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer, by dint of his money, is her strongest potential challenger.

New California Assembly Privacy Panel Is 'The Key Committee To Watch'
Marc Lifsher @
One of the Assembly's hottest tickets this legislative session may be a seat on the new Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection.

Twitter And Nielsen Say Interest In The state Of The Union Address Is Falling - Bloomberg Politics
President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday to a populace that has grown increasingly disinterested with the speech. 

Brown, Napolitano Form Unusual Committee To Study UC Finances - Sfgate
Nanette Asimov @
Napolitano asked the regents in November to raise tuition by up to 28 percent over five years, saying UC needs $220 million rather than the $120 million Brown promised for UC on condition that it keep tuition flat. Tuition is now due to rise up to 5 percent for next fall, to $12,804, excluding room, board and books.

Police Supporters In Sacramento Rally For Cops; Counter-demonstrators Also Take To Streets | The Sacramento Bee
Andy Furillo @
City police and California Highway Patrol officers blocked the protesters from entering the heart of the support rally, but the chants of the counter-demonstrators could be heard by the podium as Nottoli, state Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, and other speakers such as Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence and commentator Bruce Maiman spoke to the crowd.

The Tangle Behind The UC Funding Spat
It looks like a classic game of budget chicken: Gov. Jerry Brown tells the University of California not to raise tuition again. When the regents vote to do it anyway, the governor threatens to withhold $120 million from UC's funding for next year unless the regents back down.

Open Top-2 Senate Race Presents Strategic Challenges For Parties - Sfgate
John Wildermuth @
Since the passage of Proposition 14 in 2010, November elections have featured the top two vote-getters in the June primary, regardless of party. While it had little or no effect on Democratic Sen.

Almost 60 Percent Of Republicans Say Romney Should Run: Poll - Bloomberg Politics
the Numbers @
GOP leaders appear skeptical about Mitt Romney's prospects if he seeks the White House for a third time in 2016, but according to a new poll, everyday Republicans' message to the former governor is: Come on in, the water's fine.

Mlk Day: Income Gap Widens Between Whites, African Americans In California | The Sacramento Bee
Phillip Reese and Stephen Magagnini @
It is also a sign, some advocates said, that many of the economic disparities decried by Martin Luther King Jr. persist, even as the nation observes his birthday today.

Pete Chacon, San Diego Lawmaker Who Backed Bilingual Education, Dies At 89
Called 'the gold-standard for Latino politicians,' Pete Chacon was an educator who entered politics as Chicano supporter in 1970.

Blue Shield Warns Clients It May End Coverage With Sutter Health - Sfgate
Victoria Colliver @
A tense contract dispute between

Latest Climate Change Battle May Center On Food Pyramid
The political clash over climate change has entered new territory that does not involve a massive oil pipeline or a subsidy for renewable energy, but a quaint federal chart that tries to nudge Americans toward a healthy diet.

Drone Rules Again On Ca Lawmakers' Agenda |
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day carries on the dream
Steve Rubenstein @
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., whose actual birthday was last week, is getting his big party Monday, and countless admirers are trying hard to keep his passion for nonviolence from going the way of the soon-to-be-derailed Freedom Train. Anger over the tragedies in Ferguson and Staten Island were on the minds of middle and high school students as they pondered King’s strategy of linking arms, sitting in, boycotting buses and otherwise resisting injustice without throwing any projectiles. Aaries and David were two of 500 King students who spent Friday morning on the school’s annual tribute march down San Bruno Avenue. Peaceful protest can be an inconvenience, and the drivers of two cabs and a 9-San Bruno bus who were stuck behind the kids did a fair amount of honking. Marching alongside the kids was Assistant Principal Michael Essien. “King’s message is lost when we don’t teach what he stood for,” Essien said, giving a friendly wave to stalled motorists, only some of whom waved back. At Lakeshore Elementary School, 6-year-old Jacob Anderson, as thoughtful a kindergartner as there is, looked at the signs in his King picture book that said “whites only” and said that was wrong. Dominique Manchester, 6, said King wanted everyone to use the same water fountain, just like kids do on the Lakeshore playground. The kids agreed that King was a great man, especially when first-grade teacher Anita Wu pointed out that you have to be a great man for schools to close on your birthday. Demanding that police wear video cameras would make them more accountable, he said. Boycotting businesses that fail to pay a decent wage and actually casting a ballot on election day instead of talking about it would help, too. In the Mission High hallways, students posted essays about the deaths last year of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y. That they were class assignments didn’t make them less heartfelt. Are police officers really taking care of us? ... At Sunday services at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, legendary founder Cecil Williams, who marched in 1965 with King in Selma, Ala., told the congregation he was among hundreds arrested that day. The civil rights movement did not die. Traditionally, the train carries King marchers to the Caltrain station at Fourth and King streets, the start of the 11 a.m. march to Yerba Buena Center for the 1 p.m. King festival with speeches, singing, dancing and food. In recent years, the train has run half full — even though the $10 round-trip ticket to San Francisco is a bargain at about half the regular fare. The train is operating this year only because police unions in the South Bay kicked in. The Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 got results because people refused to buy tickets, and the Freedom Train, unfortunately, works the same way. Steve Rubenstein is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

Math Is A Factor In Villaraigosa's Decision Whether To Run For Senate
Maybe Antonio Villaraigosa , the former Los Angeles mayor, has edged toward a run for the newly open U.S. Senate seat in 2016 for all the reasons he offered last weekend: that Californians are struggling to make ends meet and that the "needs of the people" are urgent.

GOP Foot Soldier To Guide County Party - The Orange County Register
• Age: 49

Ontario Airport Worth Much Less Than L.A. Is Asking For, Audit Says
In Ontario's legal battle to gain control over LA/Ontario International Airport, a new audit contends that the sale price offered by Los Angeles is inflated by at least $181 million.

Credentials: No College Degree? Maybe You Can Still Be President
Two of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore never went to college, but serious candidates without degrees are becoming rarer.

For The First Time, Obamacare Recipients Must Deal With The Irs
It's tax season, and for the first time Obamacare is showing up on tax forms. And it's leading to confusion and angst over new rules and their impact on taxpayers' pocketbooks.

New California Assembly Privacy Panel Is 'the Key Committee To Watch'
SACRAMENTO — One of the Assembly's hottest tickets this legislative session may be a seat on the new Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection.