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THE NOONER for January 10, 2015




Good morning from Philadelphia. Here's a round-up of coverage of Governor Jerry Brown's proposed 2015-16 State Budget.

Brown offers $164.7-billion budget plan [Chris Megarian @ LAT]:

Taking advantage of a growing economy, Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $164.7-billion budget Friday that would boost funding for schools, community colleges, courts and home care for the elderly and disabled.

He did not include money that University of California leaders say is necessary to avoid a tuition increase, continuing the standoff over the cost of attending the state's most prestigious institutions of higher learning.

California budget plan stays largely same for health, social services [Siders, Miller, and White @ Sacbee]:

Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California, complained that the budget "largely continues the cuts that were made in the recession to health and human services."

[Senator Holly] Mitchell said it is "frankly beyond me" how Brown can propose far-reaching carbon-reduction measures "and not understand that the state can play an equally critical and pivotal role in setting stretch goals for itself to reduce the number of kids in California who live in poverty."

Brown contended that his plan includes more help for low-income residents. He pointed to the plan's expansion of Medi-Cal, the state-federal health insurance program for the poor, to cover 12.2 million people, an increase primarily driven by the federal Affordable Care Act.

Jerry Brown’s budget battle starts with $120 million threat to UC [Melody Gutierrez @ SFChron]:

Brown's message: Rescind the tuition increases or lose $120 million in the next fiscal year.

Brown’s record-high $113.3 billion general fund budget proposal for the 2015-16 fiscal year did not include the additional $100 million the university system said was needed to avoid tuition increases. Brown’s proposal did offer a previously promised 4 percent annual increase — contingent on UC keeping tuition flat and capping the number of lucrative out-of-state and foreign students the system admits.

"The University of California is created by the people of California," Brown said Friday. "It's historically been for the citizens of the state. Yes, it's good to have some foreign students and some out-of-state people, but I don’t think that should be viewed as a financial mechanism."

UC President Janet Napolitano said she was disappointed Brown did not include "sufficient revenue" for the university, but she's hopeful future discussions will change that.

Gov. Brown plans big budget with downturn in mind [Judy Lin @ AP/OCR]:

Brown's budget includes a $1.2 billion deposit into the rainy day fund and a $1.2 billion debt payment. He wants to pay off debt accrued during the recession, including making the final payments on a $15 billion bond that was championed a decade ago by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to close the state’s deficit.

By law, Brown must use much of the revenue growth on K-12 education and community colleges.

Gov. Brown promises to pay off debt to cities, counties [Chris Nichols @ UTSD]:

After getting shortchanged for more than a decade, local governments across San Diego County and California on Friday applauded Gov. Jerry Brown's pledge to pay back $533 million for programs the state required but didn’t pay for.

Altogether, the state owes cities and counties about $1 billion.

Big winners would include California's county governments, which carry out state requirements for health and public safety but often wait years for the state to pay for those services. The governor made the promise during his unveiling of California’s $113 billion spending plan for the 2015-16 fiscal year in Sacramento.

Counties would receive about 75 percent of the payments; cities would get about 23 percent of the funds and special districts about 2 percent.

California's infrastructure left out of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget [Alice Walton @ KPCC]:

"We do have a need and we’re going to have to take care of it," Brown said during a morning news conference to release his $113 billion budget proposal. But he acknowledged he's not tackling the state's deep infrastructure needs in this budget.

"I have a team working on infrastructure," he said, "and we’re going to start engaging the constituency groups, including Republican leaders, and we’re going to try to find what avenues of funding might be available."

The Bee has a round-up of responses from legislators and organizations.

No happy days ahead in state budget [Editorial @ SacBee] - "The state budget season is back, with Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed $164.7 billion spending plan and a projected surplus. Happy days are here again. Or not."

The Shrewd Politics of Jerry Brown's New State Budget [John Myers @ KQED] - "Unlike other governors, who may deny any inconsistency even when it’s patently obvious, Brown seems to have made peace with it all. The larger question is how other players in the annual budget process will see those inconsistencies, and whether they create room for collaboration rather than confrontation."

Jerry Brown wants state workers to pay ahead for retiree benefits [Jon Ortiz @ SacBee] - "Gov. Jerry Brown says he wants state workers to begin contributing toward their retiree health benefits and that he will take up the issue at the bargaining table beginning this year."




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School Funding: Brown Proposes $7.8 Billion More For Education
Sharon Noguchi @
School funding would grow a whopping 7.9 percent over what the state budgeted for the current year, to $65.7 billion.

Obama's Free Education Proposal: Why Stop At Community Colleges?
President Obama 's proposal unveiled Thursday to provide free community college education to all "responsible" students is garnering immense attention. That's as it should be, although the details still need to be fleshed out and individual states will have to agree to shoulder a share of the costs.   

California Drought: Jerry Brown Unveils Proposal On How To Start Spending $7.5 Billion Water Bond
Paul Rogers @
On Friday, as part of his budget proposal, Gov. Jerry Brown identified how he would like the first wave of that money to be spent. State residents expecting construction on huge new reservoirs will have to wait, however.

California Budget Plan Largely Status Quo For Health, Social Service Programs | The Sacramento Bee
Jim Miller @
Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a spending plan Friday that restores few recession-era spending cuts to social services, with schools and a voter-approved rainy day reserve benefiting the most from robust revenue growth in recent months.

More education, healthcare spending expected in Brown's budget proposal
Four days after taking the oath of office for the fourth time, Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to release a new budget proposal Friday.

Jerry Brown Wants State Workers To Pay Ahead For Retiree Benefits | The Sacramento Bee
Jon Ortiz @
Gov. Jerry Brown says he wants state workers to begin contributing toward their retiree health benefits and that he will take up the issue at the bargaining table beginning this year.

Obama Plan Would Make Community Colleges Nearly Free For Millions
Aiming to dramatically expand access to higher education, President Obama on Thursday proposed making community college virtually free for millions of high school graduates — a potential boon for California's system, the largest in the nation.

More Education, Healthcare Spending Expected In Brown's Budget Proposal
Four days after taking the oath of office for the fourth time, Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to release a new budget proposal Friday.

Gov. Brown: ‘not A Lot Left In Budget’ To Cover Undocumented | State Of Health Blog From Kqed News
Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled his budget proposal today and health figures big, but also stops short of some key advocacy goals.

Gov. Brown Releases $164.7-billion Budget Plan; Schools See Boost
Four days after taking the oath of office for the fourth time, Gov. Jerry Brown released his $164.7-billion budget proposal on Friday morning in the Capitol.

US Senate 2016: Treasurer John Chiang has better favorable ratings than Gov. Jerry Brown
John Chiang has better favorable ratings than Gov. Jerry Brown, according to California’s oldest and most-respected polling firm.

Sen. Cannella Releases Statement on Governor Brown's Budget Proposal
Earlier this week, Cannella was appointed to serve as Vice Chair of the Transportation and Housing Committee. In December, Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Cannella introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 1, an amendment that would require more transparency and fiscal accountability from the UC.

The Shrewd Politics Of Jerry Brown’s New State Budget | Faultlines | Kqed News
Gov. Jerry Brown unveils his 2015-2016 state budget in Sacramento.

Plenty Of Dem & Rep Names For Boxer Seat; What About An Independent? :: Fox&hounds
The floodgates of conjecture opened wide with the announcement by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer that she would not seek re-election in 2016. Potential senatorial candidates from the Democratic and Republican Parties made it into news reports.

Brown Adds Out-of-state Enrollment Cap To UC Budget Proposal | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Out-of-state and foreign students, who pay additional fees, generate hundreds of millions of dollars for UC annually, but their rapidly growing presence has generated controversy among California families that feel they are being displaced.

Press Conference: Governor Brown's 2015-16 Budget Proposal - California Politics, News, Video And More | The California Channel : California Politics, News, Video And More | The California Channel
Press Conference: Governor Brown’s 2015-16 Budget Proposal

California Courts Get Funding Boost In Gov. Brown's Budget
Howard Mintz @
The governor's 2015-16 budget bumps the state court system's budget from last year's $3.29 billion to $3.47 billion, with most of that increase headed to the 58 trial courts around California hit hardest by past cutbacks. Courts in counties across the state, including Bay Area systems in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costa counties, have been forced to reduce public hours, lay off employees and shutter remote courthouses as a result of prior cuts that at one point exceeded $1 billion over several years.

Political Deal On California Offices Could Hold Peril For Newsom, Harris
The planned retirement of Sen. Barbara Boxer and rare opportunity to pursue an open U.S. Senate seat in California has produced an avalanche of speculation and enough what-ifs to stretch from Eureka in the far north to Yucaipa in the south.

California's Infrastructure Left Out Of Gov. Jerry Brown's Budget | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
California officials acknowledge the state's infrastructure could use a $66 billion upgrade but Gov. Jerry Brown's budget for fiscal year 2015-16 doesn't offer any relief. Andrew Nixon/ Capital Public Radio

UC And Cal State Hope For More Funding Than Brown Offers
After Gov. Jerry Brown ’s budget proposal was announced Friday, reaction from California’s public universities showed that much lobbying and political maneuvering is ahead to establish higher education spending levels for next year.  

Opinion: Many Will Dream Of Senate, But Money And Geography Matter | The Sacramento Bee
Suddenly, politicians up and down the state are studying their reflections in the mirror and seeing a United States senator, and no doubt more.

Senator Nielsen Responds To Governor Brown's Budget Proposal | Jim Nielsen
State Capitol, Room 4062Sacramento, CA 95814Phone: 916.651.4004Fax: 916.651.4904

Senator Mike Morrell Responds to Governor Brown's Proposed Budget
s draft state budget proposal for 2015-16: