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THE NOONER for January 6, 2015




Good morning. Today is the last day from the Nooner's Portland office. No, I'm not tired of mom's cooking, but I need to get to work and need reliable internet. I have had two options up here. My mom's DSL and my Verizon mifi hub, and both are operating at about 150 baud modem speed, if that.

Neither works reliably, so I have been sucking off some neighbor's Xfinity (Comcast) connection. I bring this up because it's a public policy issue, as Comcast has created a respectable network of wireless hotspots generally unbeknownest to the users paying for it. It's been a pretty sneaky move. Well, I'm benefitting from it this morning.

Setting aside the Internet problems, we'll be short this morning, as I need to hit the road to be in Medford in time for a 4pm conference call.

Best news from yesterday...Kamala Harris swore in Gavin Newsom. Could we have a deal in the Senate and Governor races?

For you Nooner veterans, you know I have harped on the issue of women in office. Here's an op-ed identifying female candidates for Barbara Boxer's senate seat, should it become available. Boxer was elected in the "Year of the Women" in 1992. 

#CAKEDAY: You say it's your birthday, well it's also that of Matthew del Carlo, Samantha GallegosDaniel LopezKevin McCarty, and Dale Shimisaki!




An Annotated Guide To Jerry Brown’s State Of The State Address | The California Report | Kqed News
Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his inaugural address this morning, signaling initiatives for the upcoming legislative year. During the address he outlined his vision for the state on a number of topics, including education, health care, the environment and the economy.

La-area Water District Official Agrees To $30,000 FPPC Fine | The Sacramento Bee
Laurel Rosenhall @
Arthur J. Aguilar, who was the general manager of the Central Basin Municipal Water District from 2006 to 2012, routinely accepted rounds of golf, food, drinks and party invitations from an engineering company called Pacifica Services that did business with the district, according to a proposed settlement he reached with the Fair Political Practices Commission. Aguilar accepted about $3,500 worth of gifts from the company during his last four years at the water district, the agreement says, but did not report most of them on his annual statements of economic interests.

Senator Pat Bates Welcomes Governor Brown to Historic Fourth Term
Senator Pat Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement today after attending the inauguration of Governor Jerry Brown, where his inaugural address also served as his constitutionally required annual report to the Legislature:

Sen. Cannella Issues Statement on Governor Brown's Inauguration Speech
In December, Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Cannella introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 1, an amendment that would require more transparency and fiscal accountability from the UC.

Surprise! Gavin Newsom Sworn In By....kamala Harris | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom began his second term in low-key, yet flashy, fashion with an intimate ceremony Monday at the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building.

Gov. Brown's Speech Evokes Praise, Trepidation Among Lawmakers
State lawmakers reacted to Gov. Jerry Brown’s inaugural address with praise and trepidation Monday and, in a reflection of the political dynamic in California, that was just among the governor’s fellow Democrats.

Ed Leeâ
C.W. Nevius @
A vacancy was created when David Chiu was elected to the state Assembly in November. Lee will make the appointment, the person will be sworn in on Thursday afternoon and everything will go smoothly, free of drama. [...] this is just beginning of the City Hall intrigue. Pak and the Chinatown Community Development Center are pushing for Planning Commission President Cindy Wu. [...] somewhere in the background is wily Aaron Peskin, a former BOS president who is either pulling strings or mounting a comeback; he can run again after sitting out one four-year term. Sure, she voted along with the progressives against 8 Washington, the “Wall on the Waterfront” condo project, they say, but there are plenty of times when she was the swing vote on the Planning Commission to support the mayor. [...] it is entirely reasonable that barring a poor choice — hello, Christina Olague — that person will win elections and serve 10 years: two four-year terms and the two-year bonus. [...] he’s worried that Christensen would so alienate the Chinatown crowd that they will rise up and vote in a bloc to defeat her. [...] Wu moved to the district only last fall, so she doesn’t have roots in the district like Christensen, who has run a business in North Beach for 30 years. The Asian American community is actually well represented in city government, beginning with the mayor; the assessor, Carmen Chu; and the current board president, Katy Tang. [...] if we’re going to play the ethnic representation card, political observers say the board hasn’t had a white female supervisor since Barbara Kaufman, 14 years ago. If he picks Christensen, there will be blowback because she’s not Asian, but with her neighborhood contacts and accomplishments, she should be able to overcome it.

New California Law Limits The Use Of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements -
A law written by Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber restricts mandatory arbitration if it requires a person to give up the right to sue if civil rights are violated.

Highlights Of Jerry Brown's Inauguration Speech | The Sacramento Bee
The Sacramento Bee is pleased to provide this opportunity to share information, experiences and observations about what's in the news. Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, personal comments and remarks that are off point. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

Um, Could Sarah Palin Please Run For President?
With the 2016 presidential race heating up, where are the colorful figures that will enliven the campaign?

Brown's 'State of the State' and the First Legislative Week of 2015
Today, January 5, 2015, the California State Senate began the New Year and the 2015-16 legislative session with a busy week including the swearing in of the Governor Jerry Brown.

Analysis: Governor’s Inaugural Tackles Legacy Head-on | Faultlines | Kqed News
And to listen to his remarks just minutes after taking the oath of office a fourth time, that asterisk suits him just fine.

The Tastes Of Gov. Jerry Brown’s 4th Inauguration
By Josh Richman Monday, January 5th, 2015 at 12:18 pm in Gov. Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown.

Emotional Betty Yee Kicks Off Day Of Swearing-in Ceremonies | The Sacramento Bee
Alexei Koseff @
After former state Sen. Carole Migden administered the oath, Yee said she would use her office to push for more affordable housing, as well as spur innovation in the green energy sector and foster greater government efficiency.

Health Care Fixes Backed by Harvardâ
While Harvard professors oppose changes that will raise their health care costs, the university says the increases are in part a result of the Affordable Care Act, which many Harvard experts championed.

Feinstein readies anti-torture legislation
She announces plans to introduce legislation aimed at explicitly preventing the practice in the future.

Senator Tom Berryhill Issues Statement on Governor Jerry Brown's Inauguration and State of the State
s swearing-in and State of the State address:

Skelton: Jerry Brown Sends Mixed Signals As He Begins His Fourth Term
Gov. Jerry Brown offered a bold vision of clean energy for California’s future. That was the highlight as he launched his historic fourth term. But he also sent mixed signals.

Corrections, Jan. 6
Hospital sale to for-profit stirs up debate, Jan. 5, Bay Area, C6 The story, which began on Page C1, misrepresented state Sen. Jerry Hill’s position on the sale of six nonprofit hospitals to Prime Healthcare Services. The San Mateo Democrat sent a letter to state Attorney General Kamala Harris expressing concern that the company has had “past difficulties with regulatory authorities,” but stopped short of asking her to reject the proposed transaction.

Proposed Sale Of Lynwood Hospital To Prime Healthcare Debated
Hundreds of health professionals engaged in a spirited debate Monday about the proposed sale of a nonprofit Lynwood hospital to a for-profit hospital company in Ontario.

Senator Gaines Responds to Governor Brown's 2015 State of the State Address
s 2015 State of the State address, which he delivered to a joint session of the Legislature and the people of California this morning.

Smoking Inside Private Homes Used A Daycare Centers Is Now Illegal In California -
Smoking during day care hours is already banned. The new law is intended to eliminate health risks from "third hand smoke" which lingers in furniture and carpets.