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THE NOONER for October 2, 2014

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THE DEAN:  Prop. 46 is on the ballot to pick up Legislature's slack [George Skelton @ LAT]

Once again, George Skelton nails it. 

I have friends on both sides of the MICRA fight over pain and suffering limits in malpractice awards. Both have great points in the 29-year battle. The caps should have been raised with some inflationary factor, but by which is the legitimate debate. Waiting all these years and then debating inflation is absurd.

The malpractice at issue is not medical, but legislative. This issue should have been worked out under the dome, and now we're facing a $50-$75 million ballot measure.

This reminds me of another case of legislative malpractice. During the second term of Arnold Schwarzenegger's term, the governor was ready to agree on an increase to the state's minimum wage. However, some in labor refused to endorse it without an inflator, thus delaying the increase by a year. Long term political victory, but millions of Californians lost increased wages because of the politics.

MICRA and minimum wage are not much different.

#CAKEDAY: Light those candles for Mark Henderson and Brad Pomerance!




EditorialProp 1: water bondProp 2: rainy day fundProp 45: health ratesProp 46: malpractice & testingProp 47: crim. penaltiesProp 48: gaming referendum
California Democratic Party Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
California Republican Party Yes Yes  No  No  No   
LA Times     No     Yes
Sacramento Bee     No No No  No
San Francisco Chronicle     No  No Yes No
SJ MercNews Yes   Yes Yes No Yes  
UT San Diego Yes  Yes  No  No No  No 


LA Daily News           Chiang    
LA Times   Newsom Peterson Harris  Swearengin   Jones  Tuck 
SacBee   Newsom Padilla     Chiang   Tuck
SF Chron     Peterson          
SJ MercNews Brown Newsom  Peterson  Harris   Chiang Jones  Tuck 
UT San Diego     Peterson       Chiang   Tuck




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Sacramento County Taxpayers On The Hook For Elections Office Mistakes
Sam Stanton @
A pair of blunders by the Sacramento County elections office that omitted information from the sample ballot booklet sent to thousands of registered voters is costing taxpayers more than $68,000 and has the potential to affect voting in the Nov. 4 election.

Prop. 46 Is On The Ballot To Pick Up Legislature's Slack
Proposition 46 is a classic example of a citizens' initiative that should never have been on the ballot.

S.F., Oakland minimum wage measures spearhead U.S. movement
[...] during a second tech boom and facing the nation’s fastest-growing income gap, Proposition J on the November ballot would propel San Francisco to similar high ground, raising the minimum wage from $10.74 an hour to $15 by July 2018. The San Francisco measure and one on the ballot in Oakland to raise the minimum wage to $12.25 are seen as a spearhead in the nationwide push by labor to raise the pay of low-wage workers. “If we can raise the minimum wage in San Francisco and Oakland, and the whole Bay Area, we can help set a better standard for everyone,” said Alysabeth Alexander, vice president of politics for Service Employees International Union Local 1021, a Northern California chapter of the union that has been pushing for higher minimum wage laws across the country. “That’s 60,000 people who are going to be a little better off after this ballot measure passes than they are today,” said Jason Elliott, a senior adviser to Mayor Ed Lee who brought together business and labor leaders to agree on Prop. A UC Berkeley study in August projected that 142,000 workers — or 23 percent of San Francisco's workforce — would get a raise by the time the minimum wage hits $15 an hour in 2018 if voters approve Prop. J has no exception for workers like servers or bartenders, who in California are paid at least minimum wage but make most of their money from tips. Restaurant owners are concerned that their narrow profit margins — and viability — are going to be hurt by hiking compensation to already well-paid workers. Many lower-compensated dishwashers and other kitchen staff are already making more than minimum wage as the city’s restaurant industry is booming right along with tech and tourism.

Endorsement: Assemblyman Roger Dickinson is best to fill Darrell Steinberg’s seat
the Editorial Board @
Assemblyman Roger Dickinson is the candidate best positioned to fill the void left when termed-out Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg departs after the Nov. 4 election.

Can Spain And Catalonia's Marriage Be Saved? Let The Catalans Vote
Catalonia's drive to break away from Spain hit a roadblock this week. Spain's Constitutional Court on Monday agreed to hear Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy 's appeal contesting Catalonia's plan for a Nov. 9 referendum on independence and suspended the regional vote. The court has five months to issue its final ruling. The Catalan government on Tuesday temporarily halted its campaign but said it would appeal the suspension and continue to push to let the people decide.

Honda's Chief Of Staff Apologizes For Email Exchange With Political Director
A story published last week by an alternative weekly newspaper, Metro Silicon Valley, cited emails said to have been leaked by a former aide of Honda, who is running for re-election against fellow Democrat Ro Khanna. Those February 2013 emails showed that Honda's top aide, Jennifer Van der Heide, consulted with Lamar Heystek, then political director of Honda's campaign, about whom to invite to a State Department round-table that Honda was co-hosting that month at Santa Clara University.

What Message Will Voters Send Washington In November? Maybe Nothing
In my column on Wednesday, I wrote that most of the campaigns for this November’s Senate elections haven’t set voters on fire. Instead of a “Seinfeld election,” the television show that comes to mind is “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

CalPERS announces board election results
Jon Ortiz @
Theresa Taylor has won election to CalPERS Board of Administration and incumbent Priya Mathur has won re-election to the panel, according to an uncertified vote count by the retirement system.

Governor Signs Huff Measure to Save Taxpayer Money
Legislation that will allow cities to share valuable resources that will save taxpayer money has been signed into law in California.

L.A. School Board Authorizes Talks On Departure Agreement With Deasy
The Los Angeles Board of Education has authorized its attorneys to discuss terms of a possible departure agreement with schools Supt. John Deasy , The Times has learned.

Pentagon Orders Changes For Deficient Military Healthcare Facilities
After a review of all military healthcare facilities, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the military Wednesday to improve treatment at its hospitals and clinics, instructing the armed services to compose a plan on how it can be accomplished.

CalPERS gets dreaded decision: Judge rules Stockton can sever its city pensions
Dale Kasler @
In a potentially groundbreaking decision, a federal bankruptcy judge today struck down the sanctity of government pensions in California, saying the city of Stockton has the right to sever its contract with CalPERS.

L.A. Council Candidate Received, Then Swore Off Developer Donations
At a forum Tuesday night in Hollywood, nearly a dozen candidates vying to replace termed-out Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge were asked a question: Will you accept campaign contributions from developers?

The Plastic Bag Referendum And The Connection To The Sec. Of State Race :: Fox&hounds
Senator Alex Padilla is the author of SB 270 and a candidate for Secretary of State.

Free of repercussions, Brown confounds friends and foes on bills
Gov. Jerry Brown waded through many hundreds of bills last month in the political freedom that comes with a faint reelection challenge, a $22-million campaign war chest and a Legislature stacked with fellow Democrats.

The Non-election Election :: Fox&hounds
Republican legislators forced water storage into the water bond; they need to champion the bond issue and remind people we have not built a new major reservoir in this state in half a century while our population has more than doubled.

Gov. Brown Blocks Expansion Of Injury Leaves For Emergency Workers
Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed two little-noticed bills that would have expanded a special injury leave program that pays California's emergency responders 100% of their salaries, tax-free, when they're out with claimed ailments.

Wait ’til 2016, Nancy Pelosi Says - Politics Blog
Five weeks out from the midterm elections, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco came close to conceding the obvious Wednesday -- that Democrats will not retake the House. Instead, ...

Brown Criticized For Veto Of Bill To Reform Toxic Substances Agency
Gov. Jerry Brown 's veto of a bill to reform the California Department of Toxic Substances Control is drawing indignation from community groups and state legislators who had pressed for broad changes at the troubled agency.

A Spectator’s Guide On GOP Bid For Senate Control « Calbuzz
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 82

Reports Of Sexual Assault Rise Across UC System
Phillip Reese @
University of California President-elect Janet Napolitano.