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THE NOONER for September 26, 2014

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KAMALA: With Eric Holder's announcement yesterday that he intends to step down as attorney general, the short list of names of possible successors quickly included California Attorney General Kamala Harris. In a statement, Harris gave a very non-Shermanesque dismissal: "I am honored to even be mentioned, but intend to continue my work for the people of California as Attorney General. I am focused on key public safety issues including transnational gangs, truancy and recidivism."

Odds are that she would love the job, but has to consider the political dead end that it would lead to. As a cabinet officer, she would be unable to campaign for herself, so the prospect of running for U.S. Senate in 2016 would be out. The position would well position her for a Supreme Court nomination, although that's unlikely in the remainder of Obama's term. So, she would be looking at a couple of years in the political penalty box after Obama's term ends and before the 2018 gubernatorial election.

I would bet that Solicitor General Donald Verrili will succeed Holder. He's tested, and has little to lose as his current job expires at the same time the AG position would.  

REG STATS: The new voter registration stats are now on AroundTheCapitol. Here's a glance at the changes by district since October of 2012. 

CA17 (Milpitas): E-mails suggest Mike Honda’s staff mixed fundraising, House work [Carla Marinucci @ SFChron]

SD14 (Kings): Yesterday, the state and local Democratic parties teamed up to provide $185,000 to Luis Chavez.

Ride-sharing companies targeted by authorities in L.A., S.F. [Ryan Parker @ LAT]

Derek Jeter says goodbye in style.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Mary Jung, Jordan Wright, Steve Hansen (Sunday), John A. Pérez (Sunday), and Jose Solorio (Sunday)!

Have a great weekend!




EditorialProp 1: water bondProp 2: rainy day fundProp 45: health ratesProp 46: malpractice & testingProp 47: crim. penaltiesProp 48: gaming referendum
California Democratic Party Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
California Republican Party Yes Yes  No  No  No   
Sacramento Bee     No No    No
San Francisco Chronicle     No  No Yes No
SJ MercNews    Yes Yes No Yes  
UT San Diego Yes  Yes  No  No No  No 


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LA Times     Peterson Harris  Swearengin   Jones  Tuck 
SacBee   Newsom Padilla     Chiang   Tuck
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SJ MercNews Brown Newsom  Peterson  Harris   Chiang Jones  Tuck 
UT San Diego     Peterson          Tuck




  • Public school teacher David B. Cohen is traveling the state to answer questions such as What makes great teaching possible? What are the obstacles to creativity, innovation, and excellence – and how do teachers and schools overcome the obstacles? What keeps them going? He'll be writing a blog for EdWeek sharing stories from across the state. At the end of the year, he plans to self-publish a book about this educational journey with lessons about protecting and improving quality public education. See his project video and help fund his Kickstarter campaign.
  • The Los Angeles City Controller’s Office is hiring a Community Affairs and Engagement Coordinator. This position will work to increase public awareness of the work of the Controller and manage the Office’s interaction, engagement and response to constituents internally and externally. Job Announcement

  • Fiona Hutton & Associates Inc., a Los Angeles-based, issues-focused public relations/public affairs firm representing corporate, non-profit, government, trade association and political clients involved in complex and often controversial policy issues, is immediately hiring a full-time Executive Assistant.  Click on the link to get more information about how to apply.
  • Corporate sponsorships available for the Global War on Terror Traveling Wall at Capitol Park Nov. 7-11. Event sponsored by Assemblyman Cooley. Wall is a memorial to those killed in the Global War on Terror. Contact: Pete Conaty, 916 492-0550,
  • Join the Los Angeles County Young Democrats for our Annual Laurel Awards honoring Democrat of the Year Speaker Toni Atkins and Rising Star Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. More Information and Tickets Available at
  • ACLU of California seeks a Legislative Advocate in its Sacramento office. Salary dependent on experience. To view job announcement and application instructions, visit here.
  • Water District campaign in Santa Clara County seeking hourly paid canvassers to play a critical role in ensuring candidate’s message reaches targeted voters in the District this November. Responsibilities include door to door canvassing and other outreach efforts. Send resume and cover letter indicating availability to For more information go



Redevelopment: Radio ads urge governor to veto 3 bills
An influential property rights group has released a new radio ad campaign urging Governor Jerry Brown to veto three bills that would bring back California's abusive redevelopment agencies. The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights is running ads in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento urging the governor to veto SB 628, AB 2280, and AB 229.

Marshall Tuck hedges on Proposition 30 school funding extension
Alexei Koseff @
State schools chief challenger Marshall Tuck would be open to extending Proposition 30, the temporary school funding tax hike passed by California voters in 2012, but only if it’s tied to other changes to the state’s public education system.

Battle Over Proposition 45 A Blast From The Past
Spurred by skyrocketing auto insurance bills, Consumer Watchdog sponsored Proposition 103, which created an elected insurance commissioner with the power to reject auto and homeowner rate hikes. And despite an $80 million campaign by insurers, California voters narrowly passed the 1988 ballot measure.

Gov. Brown Signs Bills On Birth Control, Inmate Rights
Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed into law bills requiring most health plans to cover a variety of contraceptive methods, banning forced or coerced sterilizations of inmates in California prisons and giving felons behind bars easier access to DNA tests that could prove their innocence.

Attorney General Kamala Harris quick to pass on Holder's job
Eric Holder's announcement on Thursday that he'll step down as Attorney General ignited rampant speculation on Twitter that California State Attorney General Kamala Harris might be tapped as his replacement. Harris, who is running for reelection against unconventional Republican Ronald Gold, quickly quashed the rumors.

California Oil Train Bill Wins Gov. Jerry Brown’s Signature
California’s emergency responders will receive more information about trains carrying crude oil under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday.

Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill Limiting Estate Recovery For Medi-cal Enrollees
"It is shocking that Gov. Brown has chosen to single out low-income seniors by forcing them into an involuntary loan for their health insurance," Campbell resident Anne-Louise Vernon, 60, a new Medi-Cal enrollee, said through tears Thursday night. "This is unconscionable, and the governor's decision not to sign Senate Bill 1124 is penny-wise, pound-foolish and frighteningly hardhearted."

AM Alert: California candidates convene in Sacramento
The weather is cooling, the days are shortening and the year is even: all signs we’re on the verge of full-on campaign season (you may have already noticed from the steady drumbeat of Sacramento legislative candidate sit-down Q&A’s and debate writeups published in the pages of The Bee).

An Easy Favorite, Gov. Brown Is Slow To Aid Fellow Democrats
Facing an uphill climb to regain a two-house supermajority in November, legislative leaders say that they have asked Gov. Jerry Brown to stump for fellow Democrats in a half-dozen competitive districts.

Despite Obamacare, U.S. healthcare system still dysfunctional
Obamacare was supposed to make our healthcare system friendlier to patients, and in many ways it's succeeded. But we still have a long way to go.

Board Of Equalization Headquarters Move Not Yet Justified, Audit Says
Just days after Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing plans to be developed for a new headquarters for the State Board of Equalization, the state auditor warned Thursday that the state has not yet prepared a properly supported analysis demonstrating that moving from the current problem-plagued building will see more benefits than costs.

Prison Guard Who Lied About Shooting Gets Closer To Sentencing
John Alfonzo Smiley and his wife, Cynthia Ann Biasi, were found guilty on March 12, 2012, of attempted perjury for testifying in depositions that the shooting was work-related when, prosecutors say, it resulted from an argument that broke out during a spousal sex swap.

Labor Group Forms To Support Sheila Kuehl For L.A. County Supervisor
County government's unionized workers jumped into the race to replace Zev Yaroslavsky on the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, giving $362,500 to an outside group formed to support Sheila Kuehl.

California Ag Kamala Harris Says She’s Staying Put
Christopher Cadelago @
California Attorney General Kamala Harris said she plans to remain in her current job following speculation she was on the short list to replace U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who resigned Thursday after six years in the post.

Officer's Ouster In Chp Beating Settlement May Influence Similar Cases
A settlement requiring a California Highway Patrol officer to step down after he was videotaped punching a woman along the 10 Freeway is highly unusual and could lead to similar demands in future police misconduct lawsuits, lawyers said Thursday.

Editorial: California superintendent race a proxy war between unions and reformers
the Editorial Board @
The donations have been pouring into the campaigns of the two candidates for California state superintendent of public instruction this week.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bills Benefiting Prison Inmates
Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed legislation that will prohibit forced or coerced sterilizations of inmates in California prisons and allow felons behind bars easier access to DNA tests that could prove their innocence.

Woman Beaten By Chp Officer Settles, But Activists 'want Him In Prison'
Civil rights activists plan to launch a new campaign Thursday for the criminal prosecution of a C alifornia Highway Patrol officer c aught on video repeatedly punching a woman on the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles, saying the officer's resignation and a $1.5-million settlement do not go far enough.

Ghani named official winner of Aghan election
Days after being declared president-elect of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has been officially named the election winner with more than 55 percent of the vote.

As The California Drought Enters Its Fourth Year, Are We Doing Enough To Conserve Water?
Today's high

Audit: California Board Of Equalization Should Leave Troubled Building
Jon Ortiz @
The Board of Equalization building on N Street in Sacramento.

No on Proposition 46 campaign tries to start a hacker panic
Even by the political world's low standards of truthiness, a new commercial being aired by the No on Proposition 46 campaign is jaw-droppingly deceptive.