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THE NOONER for September 18, 2014

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CD25 (Santa Clarita): After failed gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly sent out a "Dear Patriots" email inviting supporters to walk precincts with him on behalf of State Senator Steve Knight's campaign against former State Senator Tony Strickland, former Democratic congressional candidate Lee Rogers withdrew his support of Knight. Knight has now either uninvited Donnelly or has clarified that Donnelly was never invited, depending on who you ask. [John Hrabe | LA Times |]

While I believe a Democrat supporting an opposite party candidate rarely has an impact, this can be the case. The two Democrats garnered 20,464 votes in June, slightly more than the 19,090 for Strickland and 18,327 for Knight. As I've written before, this seat likely comes into play for Democrats later on in this decade--possibly in 2016--but it was quite unlikely in 2014. Thus, the seat was likely to go to a Republican even if Rogers, a solid candidate, had won the primary.

National Democrats could care less whether Steve Knight or Tony Strickland wins Buck McKeon's congressional seat. There just aren't many votes that get to the floor where the two would act differently. It's just a personality issue, and the job of national strategists is to take the local preference for personality out of it. Thus, it was a huge misstep that Rogers jumped on the Knight bandwagon. Why would Democrats want an incumbent to run against in 2016 who was supported by the party's favorite in 2014? 

Knight is likely hurt by the loss of endorsement and surrounding publicity. Rogers hokey pokey will disadvantage him among Democrats in 2016, but the winner is still probably the Democratic party, considering all things.

SD35 (Carson): There is now a page for the special on AroundTheCapitol. 

AD40 (Redlands): In the 60-day voter registration data to be posted next week by the SOS, expect Dems to have lost 0.9% since the May report and Republicans to have gained 1%.  Other parties have gained 0.2%. This changes the Dem-Rep margin from 1,467 to -55, making this possible target look tough for Dems. However, if there is a significant voter reg drive at the local colleges, this could even things back out for Democratic candidate and college Katy Henry, who is running against Republican and Rancho Cucamonga councilmember Marc Steinorth.

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HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE: "Honey, are you sure you want to watch that NFL game with the boys this Sunday? How about we go to a museum?"  

THANK YOU: A hat tip to the women and men fighting the awful wildfires burning around the all-too-Golden State. 

HMMM: SacBee: "AM Alert: Jerry Brown gives Hollywood a happy ending on film tax credit"

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Sandy Goldfarb!

FAREWELL: Longtime budget and tax guru Peter Schaafsma.




  • Strong Mayor Happy Hour hosted by Claire Conlon, Robbie Abalon and John Vigna this >Monday, September 22, 5:30  Café Bernardo, featuring Mayor Kevin Johnson to discuss Measure L, the proposed ballot measure to modernize and strengthen Sacramento’s City Government. Appetizers provided by Randy Paragary. Questions? Contact Claire 916-752-4484 or 
  • Corporate sponsorships available for the Global War on Terror Traveling Wall at Capitol Park Nov. 7-11. Event sponsored by Assemblyman Cooley. Wall is a memorial to those killed in the Global War on Terror. Contact: Pete Conaty, 916 492-0550,
  • Join the Los Angeles County Young Democrats for our Annual Laurel Awards honoring Democrat of the Year Speaker Toni Atkins and Rising Star Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. More Information and Tickets Available at
  • ACLU of California seeks a Legislative Advocate in its Sacramento office. Salary dependent on experience. To view job announcement and application instructions, visit here.
  • Water District campaign in Santa Clara County seeking hourly paid canvassers to play a critical role in ensuring candidate’s message reaches targeted voters in the District this November. Responsibilities include door to door canvassing and other outreach efforts. Send resume and cover letter indicating availability to For more information go[



California Water Bond, Budget Reserve Campaign Committee Raises $650,000
Jim Miller @
A campaign committee to pass a $7.5 billion water bond and budget reserve ballot measure championed by Gov. Jerry Brown received its first infusion of money late Tuesday.

Convoluted Residency Law Makes No Sense
George Skelton @
To steal from Charles Dickens, "The law is an ass." A jackass, he meant. "An idiot." In his novel "Oliver Twist," Dickens' character Mr. Bumble is referring to a law that presumes his wife always follows orders from him. Here, I'm referring to a law that requires a candidate for the state Legislature to live in the district he wants to represent.

Jerry Brown Signs Ride-Sharing Insurance Bill
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring drivers in the burgeoning ride-sharing industry to carry more insurance, his office announced Wednesday.

CalPERS Picks Ted Eliopoulos To Be Investment Chief
California's huge pension fund has turned to a trusted insider to take over the daunting job of directing almost $300 billion in investments, crucial to the retirement of more than 1 million current and former state and local government workers.

Kevin McCarty talks arena, taxes, as he seeks Assembly seat
Jeremy B. White @
With the November election drawing closer daily, Sacramento City Councilman Kevin McCarty told reporters and editors in The Bee’s Capitol Bureau why he is running for the state Assembly. Below are some excerpts from our conversation.

CPUC president's ousted aide may come back as judge
(09-17) 15:10 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- The top aide to the head of the California Public Utilities Commission, forced from her post after e-mails showed she intervened in the selection of an administrative law judge to hear a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. rate case, is on paid leave from the agency but retains her current civil service rank - administrative law judge, The Chronicle has learned. Carol Brown resigned as commission President Michael Peevey's chief of staff Monday after it became known that she had worked to assign a judge preferred by PG&E to determine how much customers should pay for the billions of dollars the company is spending on post-San Bruno disaster pipeline improvements.

Ro Khanna Attacks Rep. Mike Honda For Pension 'double-dipping'
Josh Richman @
"Now, one of those pensions belonged to his late wife, who was a schoolteacher. And nobody would deny those benefits to her survivor," Khanna said at a news conference at his campaign field office in Cupertino. "But even without Mrs. Honda's pension, Congressman Honda currently collects more than $50,000 in tax-paid pension payments each year.

ISIS Vote Weighs Heavily on Senators With 2016 Ambitions
The Senate vote Thursday on arming Syrian rebels will be a display of how hard-learned lessons from past presidential campaigns are at work.

Sacramento Republic Fc Releases Plans For Soccer Stadium In Downtown Railyard
Ryan Lillis and Dale Kasler @
Cross section view of proposed Sacramento Republic downtown stadium

Knight Tells Donnelly Not To Walk Precincts For Him
Jean Merl @
State Sen. Stephen Knight (R-Palmdale) said Wednesday he has told controversial GOP Assemblyman Tim Donnelly not to walk precincts for him in Santa Clarita this weekend.

VIDEO: Assembly hopeful Kevin McCarty talks Kings, cap-and-trade and taxes
Jeremy B. White @
The Bee Capitol Bureau’s ongoing candidate interview series continued on Wednesday with Sacramento City Councilman Kevin McCarty, one of two city council Democrats vying to fill the open Assembly seat left open by the departure of incumbent Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento.

UC Regents Support Renewable Energy But Not Coal And Oil Divestment
A UC regents committee decided Wednesday not to sell off stocks and holdings in oil, coal and natural gas from the university’s $91-billion endowment and retirement funds but moved to have environmental and social issues more deeply influence investment decisions.

Support For Obama On Gaza Blockade: Lee, 2 Others - Politics Blog
There's some measurable support in Congress for President Obama's call to lift Israel's blockade of Gaza as part of a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. Until last week, the measure...

Folsom, El Dorado County To Sue Sacramento County Over Expansion Of Mather Airport
Brad Branan @
The Folsom City Council and the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to sue Sacramento County over its planned Mather Airport expansion.

Midterm election ads strike increasingly negative tone
Maeve Reston @
As Democrats and Republicans wrestle for control of the Senate, voters are facing an onslaught of political ads around the country that are striking an increasingly negative tone, even more so than in past election cycles.

Congress 2014: Steve Knight campaign imploding, loses key endorsement
State Senator Steve Knight's once promising campaign for Congress is imploding. With an assist from Asm. Tim Donnelly, Knight lost a key endorsement Wednesday from prominent Democrat, Dr. Lee Rogers, who finished third in the June primary.

Landscape Experts Say Caltrans Water-saving Projects Could Harm Trees
Jon Ortiz @
Gov. Jerry Brown’s January order to cut state-government water use 20 percent rippled through the bureaucracy early this year as high-level officials rushed to find ways to conserve.

California Marijuana Market Poised To Explode
"There was everybody from soil companies to grow-light companies to lawyers and security and insurance firms to a TV network doing shows just on marijuana," said James, whose Seattle-based Marijuana Venture newsletter has exploded from eight to 84 glossy pages since it launched in March and is already turning a profit. "I'm not sure how many of them will survive, but it's amazing how fast this thing is moving."

UC Task Force Unveils Guidelines On Fighting Campus Sexual Misconduct
Aiming to create a national model to combat sexual misconduct, the University of California unveiled recommendations Wednesday aimed at a more uniform, systemwide approach to preventing and responding to violence on campus.

Candy Maker Mars Commits Millions To Food Research At UC Davis
Dale Kasler @
Candy manufacturing giant Mars Inc. said today it will commit at least $40 million to food-related research at UC Davis.

L.A. officials could gain time in office if election dates change
A proposal to boost voter turnout in Los Angeles by holding city elections at the same time as state and national contests could deliver a special benefit to elected city officials: 18 extra months in office.

Thousands Diverted Onto 110 Expresslanes, Then Fined By Toll Operator
Thousands of drivers who were diverted onto toll lanes following a dramatic gun battle in Los Angeles last month were fined for not having the transponder needed to travel on the pay-to-drive lanes.