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THE NOONER for September 12, 2014

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END-OF-SESSION AWARDS: It's time for the end-of-session awards! In addition to legislators of the year, I'm adding a few more categories. And, because of that, I need your help with nominations. Voting will take place next Monday-Thursday, and results will be announced on Friday, September 19.

Here are the categories (nominations not needed, as all will be included in voting):

  • Legislator of the Year: Senate Democrat
  • Legislator of the Year: Senate Republican
  • Legislator of the Year: Assembly Democrat
  • Legislator of the Year: Assembly Repubiican

Note that I have added a committee consultant category. A wise reader yesterday reminded me that committee consultants are non-partisan and thus don't fit in the legislative staff category.

Send your nominations to for the following categories:

  • Legislative Staff Member of the Year - Senate Democrat
  • Legislative Staff Member of the Year - Senate Republican
  • Legislative Staff Member of the Year - Assembly Democrat
  • Legislative Staff Member of the Year - Assembly Republican
  • Committee Consultant of the Year - Senate
  • Committee Consultant of the Year - Assembly
  • Legislative Advocate of the Year (Contract)
  • Legislative Advocate of the Year (In-house)
  • Lobbying Firm of the Year

For you lovely people who have submitted nominations, please know that they were received. I just don't have time to respond to y'all! 

And, of course, The Nooner continues after a message that pays for the hamsters churning this wheel.



CIVIL WAR: Good morning from beautiful Pacific Grove, in the mighty AD29, where Mark Stone will easily win reelection, and SD17, the homeground of Bill Monning who enjoys the senatorial privilege of no election this year. Remember when Sam Farr was a target while succeeding Leon Panetta? Ha! Yesterday, I made it up to the Giants game to watch them pick up a half a game on the Dodgers, who arrive today for a three-game stand. The 12-year-old me will be rooting for the Dodger Blue, while the 41-year-old me will be cheering on Bumgarner and the boys. Game time is 7:15. 

SCHWARZENEGGER'S SMUDGE: So, we thought the Schwarzenegger glitz and glam era in Sactown had come to an end as the teevee trucks returned to their studios, leaving behind only one big bronze bear. After all, who would have thought his portrait unveiling could raise more of a stir than that of Jerry Brown's thirty years ago?

Into our nominees for the worst airbrush job in history goes the portrait of California's 38th goverantor, who apparently hired a kid who flunked Graffiti 101 to remove a pin-sized picture of Maria Shriver from his left lapel. Shriver's longstanding affair with political consultant Matthew Dowd recently became public knowledge, while the painting was being finished by Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein.

Meanwhile, it turns out that portrait altering is not new to California governors. The Nooner's crack team of Photoshoppers found this in the original version of Gray Davis's Capitol mug:



LOVE LAUNDRY: The San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee stepped up to do for Luis Chavez what he couldn't do for himself--take contributions over $8,200. The party kicked in $75,000 for Chavez's race against Andy Vidak, which is about half of the dough held by the committee. The committee's money mostly comes from labor and candidate committees who have maxed, or will max, out to Chavez.

For those nice people on the Peninsula, thank you for your dough to help out in SD14. In case you were wondering, Kings County is where your milk comes from and where you stop to go potty on your way to LA-LA Land.

For the newcoming homegamers, this is all legal, and if I were running campaigns, I would do the same. Those of us addicted to politics need Rube Goldbergian machinations to fill our days.

MOLLY'S MILLIONS: Molly Munger contributes $325,000 to Yes on Prop. 47 [John Hrabe] 

DECISION DAY: Tim Draper will be refreshing this page 1,000 times today. Will he have blown $4.9 million on the worst signature gathering campaign in recent memory, or will he squeak by? 

Tim Draper, Charles Munger, Molly Munger...pardon my French...but are they the biggest cock blocks in the history of California politics since the days of the Southern Pacific Railroad?

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Bob Blumenfield (Saturday), Allen Wilson (Saturday), Bernice Creager (Sunday), Ray LeBov (Sunday).






Six Californias Measure May Fall Short Of Ballot - Sfgate
A revolutionary initiative to split California into six separate states was balanced on a knife's edge Thursday, still well short of the verified signatures it needs to have even a chance of making the 2016 ballot. Facing a Friday deadline, the initiative sponsored by Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, needs at least 207,752 valid signatures from Los Angeles and the four other counties that still have not reported their numbers to California's secretary of state. In 2012, Proposition 30, which increased both the state sales and income taxes, had a validity rate of just over 67 percent. Opponents dismiss the measure as an unworkable plan that would never get the required approval from Congress. Besides Los Angeles County, Trinity, Mariposa, San Benito and Inyo counties have not filed their reports with the state.

Candidates For California Elections Chief Tout Experience
Jim Miller @
Pete Peterson, left, and Sen. Alex Padilla, the two candidates for secretary of state, discuss their ideas for the office Thursday at a Sacramento forum. “There are a lot of comparable ideas and priorities,” Padilla said later.

Support For Death Penalty Falls To 50-year Low, Field Poll Shows - Sfgate
The poll numbers may actually understate public opposition, in view of the narrow defeat of a 2012 ballot measure that would have repealed California's death penalty and replaced it with life in prison without parole. Tired of waiting to fixDeath penalty backer Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, said the poll shows that public support remains strong but that some are tired of waiting for solutions to problems in California's death penalty system. The state, which has more than 750 inmates on Death Row, has not had an execution since 2006, when a federal judge found multiple flaws in lethal injection procedures and staff training. The Field Poll also asked voters about a federal judge's ruling in July that declared California's death penalty unconstitutional because of delays of 25 years or more in carrying out executions, which the judge said have led to an arbitrary and irrational system.

Senators Boxer And Feinstein Urge NFL To Ban Players Who Commit Violence Against Women | 89.3 Kpcc
California's two U.S. Senators joined colleagues urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to adopt a 'one strike and you're out' policy for players who assault women. Elsa/Getty Images

Garcetti Considering Ballot Measure To Halt Tax Opposed By Businesses
L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is exploring the possibility of a ballot measure to replace the business receipts tax with another tax.

Dan Walters Daily: Will Water Bond Measure Have Serious Opposition?
Alexei Koseff @
Gov. Jerry Brown holds up the measure he signed to place a $7.5 billion water plan on the November ballot on Aug. 13, 2014.

Bay Area Democrats Leery Of Stepped-up Attacks On Islamic State - Sfgate
Bay Area Democrats voiced deep misgivings Thursday about President Obama's plan to step up attacks against the Mideast militant group known as Islamic State, even as California's two Democratic senators urged full support. Obama said in a nationally televised address Wednesday that the U.S. would aid rebels and conduct air strikes against Islamic State for the first time in Syria. The group surged toward Baghdad last month before being repelled by U.S. air strikes, then videotaped the beheadings of two American journalists, bolstering the willingness of a war-weary public to take military action. Some called for the repeal of 2001 and 2002 legislation granting war-making powers to former President George W. Bush, which Obama is using to avoid going to Congress for endorsement of the air-strike campaign. Barbara Lee, the Oakland Democrat who for years has sought to repeal the war-making powers that Congress granted to Bush in 2001 and 2002, said Obama acknowledged that Islamic State poses no imminent threat to the U.S.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Erased Maria Shriver From Official Portrait
Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's official portrait no longer includes his ex-wife, Maria Shriver.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Ohio's Campaign Statements Law
In a ruling that could have reverberations around the country, a federal judge on Thursday struck down an Ohio law that  bars individuals from knowingly making false statements about political candidates.

Nevada Governor Signs $1.3 Billion Tax Break Package For Electric Car Maker Tesla | Reuters
Sandra Chereb @
CARSON CITY Nevada Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:59am EDT

Suit Alleges Sacramento Rice Cooperative Sold Low-grade Rice As Premium
Edward Ortiz @
Silos hold rice at the Farmers’ Rice Cooperative, which has been accused in a lawsuit of selling inferior rice and misrepresenting it as premium grade. The cooperative strongly denies the allegation.

California’s Earthquake Early Warning System Is Ready To Get Started | Science | Kqed Public Media For Northern Ca
The South Napa earthquake that occurred on August 24 was on everyone’s mind as the Third International Conference on Earthquake Early Warning convened last week in Berkeley. The meeting was a powerful show of scientific and political momentum as California prepares to lead the United States into a brave new world in which we’ll get second-by-second countdowns in advance of dangerous earthquake shaking. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom assured the conference that the money for the early-warning system will come: “It’s a political question, not a financial question.”

Sacramento Siemens Plant To Build Florida High-speed Rail Cars
Curtis Tate @
Ernesto Cortes, left, and another welder work on a light rail vehicle at Siemens Rail Systems in Sacramento. Two decades ago, Siemens of West Germany chose Sacramento as its base of operations in America - home for what it expected would be a burgeoning industry in light rail car manufacturing. Monday, June 25, 2012.

A Preview Of Six States Battle Running In Scotland, If - Big If - Six States Qualifies :: Fox&hounds
Those opposed to the measure were not taking any chances when it was announced last week that Fabian Nunez, the former state Assembly Speaker, would chair the campaign opposed to the Six States effort.

Molly Munger contributes $325,000 to Yes on Prop. 47
Molly Munger, the wealthy civil rights attorney behind Prop. 38 in 2012, has given $325,000 to support Proposition 47, which would reduce sentences for drug crimes.

Bowen's Depression Revelation Shifts Secretary Of State Race - Sfgate
We have re-imagined our design in a bold new way. Before we roll it out for everyone, we are giving select readers an opportunity to try out the new design. We welcome your feedback.

House returns to anti-Obamacare votes
The House approves the bill, 247-167, in the first vote on the health care law since April.

Sacramento Housing Market Continues To Cool Off
Dale Kasler @
The number of homes sold in Sacramento County last month dropped almost 18 percent from the year before, according to figures released Thursday by real estate information service CoreLogic DataQuick.

California Drought: 5-mph Speed Limit Imposed On Boats At Folsom Lake
With water levels at Folsom Lake down sharply, officials are imposing a 5-mph speed limit for boaters in the latest sign of California's extreme drought conditions.

Poll #s Tanking, Props. 45 And 46 Go On Offense « Political Blotter
This is no “small-ball attempt” at anything. The NO campaign has been feeding the people of California lies and misinformation from the start and this just goes to prove how disingenuous they are.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Removes Maria Shriver From Portrait
telling this very public history in a very personal way, @
Consider that a divorce!

Report: Bad Roads Cost Californians Billions
Gary Richards @
LOS ANGELES -- Poorly maintained highways and major roads cost Californians an extra $44 billion each year in repairs, accidents and time and fuel burned in traffic, according to a report issued Thursday by a transportation advocacy group.

Congress Now Eager To Vote On Obama's Plan To Fight Islamic State
Congress , which seemed reluctant just a few days ago to vote on President Obama 's plan to fight Islamic militants, now appears eager to do so, as House Republicans on Thursday largely backed a White House proposal to arm Syrian rebels.

National Briefing | Washington: Campaign Spending Curb Defeated
Senate Republicans have killed a constitutional amendment written by Democrats aimed at limiting spending in election campaigns by corporations, wealthy individuals and candidates themselves.