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THE NOONER for July 21, 2014

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Good morning! This is a precariously written Nooner, as I have paint on my fingers from doing much-delayed touch-ups around the house. Speaking of:

TATTLE TALE: Short Days And Shorts Are The Rule During Lawmakers' Recess [Marc Lifsher @ LAT]

Meanwhile, with Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez ending the recount Friday, Alex Vassar sends along the following trivia: The last time a Speaker (or recent Speaker) lost a Primary for statewide office was Bob Moretti back in '74. Curt Pringle lost for Treasurer in 1998 and Jess Unruh lost for Governor in 1970, but those were both in the General.

RECOUNT REWRITE: Jessica A. Levinson: California recounts are rare, and should be fair [SacBee] - "California should consider joining the other states that require automatic recounts in particularly tight races. We could deliberate a system in which we maintain a portion of our current scheme of discretionary recounts, and allow candidates or registered voters to request a recount of their own if the vote is within a certain margin, but outside of the margin that triggers an automatic recount. This could be a particularly useful option when the results in one area are considerably different from historical results in that area."

CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: Political Shakeup Looms in California [Alexander Burns @ Politico] - "Democrats here — along with a few tenacious Republicans — say there’s a palpable sense that a changing-of-the-guard moment is approaching. It has already begun in some places, with the retirements of several long-tenured federal lawmakers and the defeat of 16-term Democratic Rep. Pete Stark in a 2012 primary."

LIKE THE GENTRIFICATION OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, ALL FROM ONE CALIFORNIA! The Chron's Carla Marinucci and John Wildermuth take a look at the profiles of Tim Draper's Six Californias.

MONEY, IT MAKES THE VOTES TURN OUT: 4 reasons some cities see more voter turnout than others [Martin Wisckol and Keegan Kyle @ OCR] - "People with more money and more schooling tend to vote in greater numbers, so play a disproportionate role in choosing a community's elected leaders. But there can be significant overriding factors, as the cities of Irvine, Laguna Woods and Westminster demonstrated in the June 3 primary."

NO, WE'RE NOT DOWN WITH NPP: Dissecting a 'no party preference' campaign in California [Darry Sragow and Rob Stutzman @ SacBee]

ROADBLOCK: Ride services up against big lobbying push in Sacramento [Joe Garafoli @ SFChron] - "Political power in the state capital comes from relationships cultivated over decades, and building those connections costs money. Uber and fellow San Francisco ride service startups Lyft and Sidecar are exploding in popularity nationwide, but in Sacramento, they're being vastly outspent by their opponents when it comes to lobbying."

Resulting in, coming soon, to an Uber near you . . . My Uber got pulled over by the Denver police — and then things got really weird [Dave Cook @ GeekWire]





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UC Borrows $2.7 Billion To Fund Pension Debt | Calpensions
UC regents last week approved borrowing another $700 million internally to help close a pension funding gap, bringing the total borrowed to $2.7 billion in a pension bond-like strategy with risks or rewards, depending on investment earnings.

David Cay Johnston: State’s Job Growth Defies Predictions After Tax Increases
David Cay Johnston @
David Cay Johnston, a California native who won a 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of tax policy, teaches the tax, property and regulatory law of the ancient world at Syracuse University College of Law.

Short Days And Shorts Are The Rule During Lawmakers' Recess
Marc Lifsher @
Life at the state Capitol is mellow these days, now that lawmakers are away on a monthlong summer recess.

Political Blotter: Assemblyman working on election recount reform bill
Josh Richman @
The ugly recount now under way in the state controller's race has a Bay Area lawmaker working on a bill to reform the election recount process; also, Sen. Rand Paul, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton visit the Bay Area.

Nadia Lockyer lashes out at Kamala Harris on Facebook
Nadia Lockyer, the wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, is lashing out at Attorney General Kamala Harris for not pursuing charges against a former boyfriend she said assaulted her, promising “the opposition of the Lockyer family” if Harris ever runs for higher office.

Coalition Forms To Manage California's Groundwater
George Skelton @
In an average year, 40% of the water Californians use comes from the ground. In this drought, it's close to 65%, according to the California Water Foundation. Yet, California is the only western state that refuses to manage groundwater.

California’s New Water-waste Penalty Also Applies To Government, But Who Will Enforce It?
Matt Weiser @
Lawns at the state Capitol are being allowed to die to show residents the seriousness of the drought and to set an example of thrifty water use.

Gender Gap? Tech Could Take A Cue From Orchestras
Kristen V. Brown @
But by the mid-1990s, the number of women in the five leading orchestras had increased fivefold. By 2003, more than a third of players in the top 24 orchestras were women. Prominent women soloists emerged, as did female concertmasters. The shift occurred as orchestras began conducting blind auditions. Throughout the '70s and '80s, applicants were concealed behind screens and drapes. When gender was hidden from judges, more women made the cut.

ACLU Challenges Sacramento Airport Over Ad Ban
Brad Branan @
Airport officials say the ads, such as this one, violate a policy that prohibits advertising “that would involve the county or the airport in controversial, social, moral, political or ethical issues.”

Did Ro Khanna Get Enough Bang For His Buck Against Mike Honda?
Josh Richman @
With $3 million already spent to finish second in June's primary, Democrat Ro Khanna will have to find a better way to use what little money he has left if he is to have any hope of unseating incumbent Rep. Mike Honda, experts say.

California Drought: High-bidding Farmers Battle In Water Auctions
Lisa M. Krieger @
Yet, Ray Flanders needed water to keep his orchards alive. So this spring he sealed his bid in an envelope, climbed into his truck and drove 70 miles to hand-deliver it to the Madera Irrigation District, which had water saved from 2013.

Sen. Feinstein: The U.S. Is Now At Cold War Levels With Russia -
Not a member? Learn More »

Willie Brown always lobbying, and now he's a lobbyist
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
Brown has signed up to represent high-rise developers who are battling City Hall over an extra $1 billion in special assessments they're being asked to pay for new parks and other public amenities in and around the new Transbay Transit Center between Second and Beale streets just south of Mission Street.

Dan Walters Daily: Second time around, Jerry Brown is a sphinx
Alexei Koseff @
Once a prolific public commenter, Gov. Jerry Brown barely discusses anything since he returned to California's highest office, Dan says.

Unaccompanied Children Are The Focus Of L.A. Annual Immigrant's Mass
Kate Linthicum @
The special Mass "in recognition of immigrants" is an annual ritual for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, drawing parishioners from across Southern California to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Much of the service focused on the tens of thousands of Central American children who have arrived in recent months at the nation's southern border, an influx that has overwhelmed border authorities and reignited passions on either side of the often-heated immigration debate.

The New Health Care: Medicare Advantage Is Not Efficient, but It Can Be
Austin Frakt @
Modeling a Medicare plan on the Affordable Care Act could save taxpayers money by forcing plans to compete on price rather than unnecessary benefits.

Republicans Look To Improve Brand, Tech Skills In Silicon Valley
It's not easy being a conservative in Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara County Hires New Schools Chief For $295,000
Sharon Noguchi @
He will earn a base salary of $295,000. Departing from its practice with previous chiefs, the county board will not provide a housing loan to Gundry, who is superintendent of the Pasadena Unified School District. But the board will pay him $30,000 for relocation.

Tribune Newspapers Worth $635 Million, Analyst Says
With Tribune Publishing set to spin off from Tribune Co. on Aug. 4, analysts have begun opining on what the newspaper company may be worth.

CDCR deputy leaving for Stockton administration job
Jon Ortiz @
Scott Carney, who sometimes endured withering criticism from lawmakers for his department’s perceived inefficiencies, is leaving his administrative post at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to become a deputy city manager for Stockton. He begins his new job on Sept. 2.

Watch It Live: President Obama Speaks On Ukraine Situation
Watch live as President Obama delivers a statement on the ongoing fighting in the Ukraine and the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over that country last week. He is scheduled to speak soon.