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THE NOONER for July 14, 2014

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CHRISTMAS IS COMING... Here's a list of the projected time required for counties to perform the recount for controller. Yes, if done sequentially as requested, that's over twenty weeks, or after the November election.

The California Democratic Party's executive board this weekend elected to stay neutral in the medical malpractice fight between lawyers and doctors (Proposition 46), although the debate got intense. Reportedly, there was a big of literal pushing in addition to the political pushing.

The party endorsed the governor's Rainy Day Fund (Proposition 44), although progressive activists were not happy. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones lobbied hard and successfully for an endorsement of his health insurance rate regulation measure (Proposition 45), as did the North Fork tribe and labor backers opposing the referendum on the Madera casino (Propositiion 48). Remember, opponents of a referendum are asking for a "yes" vote.

CALLER, YOU'RE ON WITH NEEL: Hour after hour after hour, Neel Kashkari is on the air [David Siders @ SacBee] - "Over the course of his recent radio appearances, [Neel] Kashkari said his name no fewer than 95 times and reminded listeners of the office he is seeking nearly as often. He spelled K-A-S-H-K-A-R-I about once an hour to help listeners find him on Twitter, and he repeated his favorite sobriquet for California’s $68 billion high-speed rail project – "crazy train" – more than 30 times."

LA-LA LAND: Political interests starting to pick sides in L.A. County race [Catherine Saillant @ LAT] - "Last week, former legislator Sheila Kuehl won the backing of a key labor panel, the first step in getting an official endorsement by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor...Former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver, meanwhile, was endorsed by John Duran, a Democrat who placed third in the June primary."

KRISTIN OLSEN: A fresh GOP voice from the San Joaquin Valley [George Skelton @ LAT] - Kristin "Olsen — articulate, attractive, ambitious — seems to represent the wave of the future for California Republicans if they're to reverse their downward spiral and reestablish relevancy in Sacramento."

SOTTO VOCE: Racial Voting in the Controller's Race [Tony Quinn @ Fox and Hounds] - "There is no way John Pérez is going to win this recount. Even if he passes Betty Yee among his cherry picked precincts, it would take a full statewide recount for him to make the ballot, and there is not enough time for that. He lost because too many white liberal Democrats won't vote for a Latino, and too few Latinos came to the polls to counterbalance that reality."

TOM CAMPBELL: Limiting campaign cash without rewriting Constitution [OCR] - "Only people who can vote for candidates ought to be able to contribute to those candidates. That rule would keep anyone outside a congressional district from giving to the incumbent or challenger. Anyone out of state could not give to a U.S. Senate race in that state. Neither unions nor corporations could give anything to any candidate, since neither corporations or unions can vote."

FISHY BEAUTY: Awesome video of the anchovy frenzy off La Jolla.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Steve Baric and Shawn Lewis!





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Controller 2014: Democrats rally behind Betty Yee as John Perez LOSES 1 vote
The recount for state controller began on Friday, and it’s already looking like the beginning of the end for third place candidate Asm. John A. Perez. At this weekend's executive board meeting, the California Democratic Party officially endorsed Betty Yee's campaign for state controller.

Hour After Hour After Hour, Neel Kashkari Is On The Air
David Siders @
Neel Kashkari, above, discusses his campaign for governor Thursday while guest hosting on radio station KFBK in Sacramento. At left, Kashkari, right, talks with Aaron McLear, his senior campaign adviser, during a break in the program.

Teachers Target Ed. Sec. Duncan At National Convention In L.A.
A national teachers convention on Sunday called for President Obama to put U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on an “improvement plan” as a prelude to replacing him.

IRS To Rubber-Stamp Tax-Exempt Status For Most Charities
Massimo Calabresi @
Amid ongoing controversy over its scrutiny of nonprofits, the Internal Revenue Service has decided it will no longer screen approximately 80% of the organizations seeking tax-exempt charitable status each year, a change that will ease the creation of small charities while doing away with a review intended to counter fraud and prevent political and other noncharitable groups from misusing the tax code.

Stockton Bankruptcy Judge Seeks Final Answer On Pension Status
Dan Walters @
Ever since Stockton filed for bankruptcy two years ago, Judge Christopher Klein has strongly hinted that he’s willing – perhaps even eager – to declare that city employee pension obligations are debts that could be trimmed along with those of more conventional creditors.

L.A. Teachers Union Leader Caputo-Pearl Links Activism To Strike
Howard Blume @
The new leader of the Los Angeles teachers union signaled a more militant stance toward the school district, including the possibility of a strike , at a national teachers union convention held downtown this weekend.

Political Blotter: New law relaxes rules at farmers' markets
Josh Richman @
A Bay Area assemblyman's bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown allows wine and cider tastings at farmers' markets; also, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and George Miller find something on which they all agree.

Malala Meets With Nigerian President To Talk About Missing Girls
Malala Yousafzai , the teenage campaigner for girls’ education in Pakistan, told journalists on Monday that Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan assured her he would free 219 abducted schoolgirls being held by Islamist militants.

A Fresh GOP Voice From The San Joaquin Valley
George Skelton @
The latest Republican leader to emerge from the San Joaquin is Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen of Modesto.

Maryland Gov. O'Malley 'Seriously Considering' 2016 Presidential Run
Mark Z. Barabak @
As the political world holds its breath, awaiting a go or no-go announcement from Hillary Rodham Clinton, one Democratic presidential prospect is already campaigning. Although a final decision to go forward into 2016 may be months away, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is making all the moves of a serious White House candidate: raising money, visiting early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire and traveling overseas to burnish his foreign policy credentials, as this story notes.

The New Health Care: Why Improving Access to Health Care Does Not Save Money
A favorite argument in favor of the health care law is that improving access to preventive care will lower medical costs over all. It probably won't.

Republican Senate Candidates Distance Themselves From "Impeach Obama"
Sean Sullivan @
Sarah Palin wants to impeach President Obama. But leading Republican Senate contenders in battleground contests aren't racing to her side.

Merger Creates Massive L.A. Construction Firm
Los Angeles engineering and construction firm AECOM Technology Corp. has agreed to acquire a San Francisco competitor, creating what the firm said will be the largest public company based in Los Angeles.

Car thieves hit S.F. mayor's street, despite lights, video
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
Talk about brazen - three doors down from Mayor Ed Lee's Glen Park home, a pair of thieves were caught on video the other night nonchalantly spending 10 minutes hot-wiring a car.

Electronic Health Records Ripe For Theft
David Pittman @
America’s medical records systems are flirting with disaster, say the experts who monitor crime in cyberspace. A hack that exposes the medical and financial records of hundreds of thousands of patients is coming, they say — it’s only a matter of when.

Got A Rash? iPad, Other Devices Might Be The Cause
Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals.

Midterm Calculus: Some Democrats Steer Clear of Obama. Others Denounce Him.
For senators in a tough re-election fight, putting daylight between themselves and the president is just part of the campaign strategy.

Encinitas Homeowners Fight Coastal Commission Over Sea Wall
A San Diego appeals court Monday is set to hear a dispute over a sea wall built in Encinitas — a case that could set a precedent for how the California Coastal Commission deals with similar walls along the state’s coastline.

Group Opposing Illegal Immigration Rallies Outside Fontana Church
Monica Rodriquez @
They gathered in front of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, at times singing patriotic songs while holding signs calling for the church and the federal government to focus their attention on the needs of Americans rather than on Central Americans who have recently begun arriving at the nation’s southern border.

Driver's Licenses For The Undocumented: Problems Still Remain
David E. Early @
But with less than six months to go before the Department of Motor Vehicles is supposed to start handing out the licenses, the road ahead is still serpentine and foggy -- especially for the millions of Latinos who make up the state's largest undocumented population.

Facebook "Friends" Its City, Pays For Officer
Zusha Elinson @
Company Gives No-Strings-Attached Gift to Menlo Park, Calif., to Fight Truancy and Help Businesses Plan for Emergencies

Pet insurance complaints prompt California legislation
Daniel Rothberg @
Insurance for dogs, cats, even hedgehogs, falls into the category of property insurance, and providers have leeway to place coverage limits and can carve out exclusions for preexisting conditions or hereditary diseases. With complaints to the Department of Insurance on the rise, Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, D-Sherman Oaks, is reviving an effort vetoed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to set guidelines for the largely unregulated industry.

High-ticket retailers follow the tech money in S.F., South Bay
Carolyne Zinko @
San Francisco has a long history as a sophisticated shopping destination for the barons of the denim, railroad and shipping industries. But as old money has given way to 21st century fortunes built on technology and social media, the city has now been joined by the South Bay - a new magnet for luxury retailers swooping in to prospect for gold.

Citigroup To Pay $7 Billion To Settle Subprime Mortgage Investigation
Bloomberg @
Citigroup Inc., the third-largest U.S. bank by assets, agreed to pay $7 billion in fines and consumer relief to resolve government claims that it misled investors about the quality of mortgage-backed bonds sold before the 2008 financial crisis.