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THE NOONER for July 10, 2014

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Okay, so, the word has spread that I'm on a leave from my day job that you know I love so dearly. That is correct. While a written agreement is still being developed, I need some time to reflect on where I am. I've been with the same organization for 19.5 years, and have been CEO for over 8 years. I last took a month off for the bar exam in 2000, and since then have only taken more than a week off once. That's a long time, and I thank Kara for her patience, as well as the great people I have worked with.

I will still be here, and hope to share more deeply my thoughts with you. I am working on many neglected house projects, and looking more deeply at voting behavior and races as you have suggested. I still have an incredible passion for community colleges, and plan to return to advocacy with said passion.

MONEY, IT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND: Monthly Controller's Report: "Revenues for the month of June totaled $14.8 billion, beating estimates in the 2014-15 Governor’s Budget by $304 million (2.1 percent). Income tax collections for the month of June came in $635 million (7.4 percent) above estimates. Corporate taxes topped estimates by $289 million (13.2 percent). Sales taxes came in short of estimates by $265.8 million (11.6 percent)."

LADIES AND GENTS, THE SUPREMES! Senate chief Steinberg, soon to depart, knows a deal precedes success  

PAINT BY NUMBERS: 8 reasons to care about the recount in the state controller's race [Sharon McNary @ SCPR]

THE MOST IMPORTANT READ OF THE YEAR: Bang for Your Buck [Melissa Batchelor Warnke @ Morning News] - "Two dozen people—a JP Morgan associate, a sex worker, a pastor, a living statue, a marine, "the World's First Publicly Traded Person," and many more—tell us the best way to invest a single dollar."





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Union Tells Elected Officials To Shun Hospital Chain
Christopher Cadelago @
Cyrelle Andrews of Los Angeles gives Gov. Jerry Brown a thumbs down as Dave Ragen, president of the SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West, speaks about proposed cuts to Medi-Cal last month on the west steps of the Capitol.

Senate Chief Steinberg, Soon To Depart, Knows A Deal Precedes Success
Soon-departing state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg is one politician who frankly admits that successful legislating requires aggressive deal making.

Berkeley Soda Tax Proposal: Questions & Confusions :: Fox&hounds
Proposition 163 added Section 34 to Article XIII of the state constitution denying the state and political subdivisions from levying a sales or use tax on the sale or storage of food products for human consumption.

Both Candidates Claim Victory In Tight Indonesian Election
Both candidates claimed victory Wednesday in Indonesia’s presidential election, the tightest race since the former Southeast Asian dictatorship made the transition to democratic politics less than two decades ago.

Murrieta’s assemblywoman seeks immigration help from Gov. Jerry Brown
Jeremy B. White @
A California Assembly member representing a town that has become a flashpoint for a mass exodus of young immigrants into the country called on Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday to offer more information and resources to handle the situation.

Colorado Judge To Decide On Same-sex Marriage Licenses In Boulder
Attorneys for the Boulder County Clerk's Office and the Colorado Attorney General's Office sparred in district court Wednesday over whether Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall is breaking the law by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Murrieta's Assemblywoman Seeks Immigration Help From Gov. Jerry Brown
Jeremy B. White @
Sergio Garcia of San Diego and Osvaldo Delgado of El Paso, Texas argue during a immigration demonstration outside the Border Patrol facility on Friday in Murrieta.

Controller Refuses To Make $4 Million Annual Payment To DWP Nonprofits
Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin disclosed Wednesday that he will refuse to pay nearly $4 million the city owes two controversial nonprofits affiliated with the Department of Water and Power , saying he can't write the checks in "good conscience" because the groups have refused to show what they've done with more than $40 million in previous payments.

The Mother Of Marijuana Legalization: Pot Comes 'out Of The Shadows'
Alison Holcomb, criminal justice director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington state, is known in these parts as the mother of marijuana legalization. She drafted Initiative 502, which voters passed overwhelmingly in 2012; the measure struck down prohibitions on recreational pot use and led to the creation of Washington’s marijuana market.

As Highway Trust Fund Dries Up, Lawmakers Clash Over How To Restore It -
The federal fund that’s supposed to maintain the nation’s roads and bridges may soon be empty, yet lawmakers on Capitol Hill can’t agree on how to restore it. It’s not clear they’ll be able to reach an agreement.

Sen. Mark Udall Skips Obama Colorado Visit To Focus On Women's Issues
When Obama made his swing through Colorado Wednesday to raise money for Mark Udall¿s campaign, the Senator opted to stay in Washington for a Senate vote and introducing legislation protecting birth control access for women that may be far more helpful to his campaign than an appearance with the unpopular President.

Value of S.F. property soars $10 billion to $180 billion
observing proper baseball etiquette, you can avoid these embarrassing situations. @
[...] there is a silver lining to San Francisco's stratospheric real estate prices, if you don't happen to own property: more money for parks, schools and other government services. The increase in the property tax roll - up about 6 percent compared with fiscal 2013-14 - means there will be about $2.1 billion in property taxes owed, Chu's office said. Commercial and residential properties accounted for $168 billion of the tax rolls for fiscal 2014-15, with business machinery and equipment comprising the remaining $12 billion. On Wednesday, it took an important step toward pocketing $27 million when it won the recommendation of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Programming and Allocations Committee.

Indiana won't recognize same-sex marriages performed after ruling
Indiana won't recognize the same-sex marriages that were hurriedly performed after a federal judge struck down the state's ban in June, state officials announced this week.

Emergency rules would add teeth to California water-conservation rules
Hudson Sangree @
The State Water Resources Control Board has proposed emergency regulations that would limit lawn watering and car washing statewide – with fines of up to $500 per day for residents who break the rules.

Interim Chancellor Sam Hawgood Is Named To Head UC San Francisco
Sam Hawgood, the dean of UC San Francisco’s medical school and interim chancellor of that campus since April, was nominated Wednesday to become the permanent leader of the research-powerhouse university.

Government Made $100 Billion In Improper Payments To Citizens
Today's high

Obama Defends Immigration Policy, Meets With Texas Governor
President Obama faced sharp criticism for his immigration policies here Wednesday even as the White House stepped up efforts to cope with the tens of thousands of children and teens from Central America who have poured into Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

San Francisco health care premiums expected to drop
observing proper baseball etiquette, you can avoid these embarrassing situations. @
A year ago, dozens of angry city workers packed a City Hall hearing where San Francisco supervisors threatened to reject proposed 2014 health premiums for city employees, saying that Kaiser Permanente had failed to justify a 5.25 percent rate increase and that they were fed up with the provider's lack of transparency. The decline in rates, which comes as most private and public sector employers see sharp increases, is the result of a complete overhaul of the way the city approaches its insurers, Dodd said. "When do you hear of health rates going down?" asked Dodd, who last year put her own treatment of mantle cell lymphoma on hold to appear at the board and beg supervisors to pass the rates, while assuring them that her agency was working on longer-term solutions to skyrocketing costs. While city employees only pay a fraction of the monthly rate charged to the city - under most contracts, around 7 to 10 percent for a single person - Dodd said the savings achieved by the health system has helped the city provide other benefits to residents and workers, such as modest wage increases. The city is also moving forward with the creation of a database, operated by an outside party, that will collect all city employee medical claims, crunch the numbers into averages and allow the Health Service System to have a better sense of what premiums should cost.

Mothers Bring Kids To Senate To Push For Epa's Climate Change Rule
More than 200 mothers and their children marched to dozens of Senate offices Wednesday, carrying handwritten signs and calling for members of Congress to support the Environmental Protection Agency ’s proposed anti-pollution rules, which seek to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30%.

Immigration Judge: Obama's Boost In Funds For Courts Won't Be Enough | Kpbs
Jill Replogle @
But the help may be too little, too late, said Dana Leigh Marks, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges.

Barack Obama Goes After Republicans On Immigration
President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to swiftly approve nearly $4 billion meant to address the influx of child migrants crossing the southwestern border, using this as a new opportunity to hit House Republicans for failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

AP Exclusive: Disabled often banned from voting
MICHAEL R. BLOOD AP Political Writer @
An advocacy group says thousands of people with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities have been banned from the voting booth by Los Angeles County courts, in violation of federal law.

Landmark tax evasion law kicks in
The days of the U.S. government turning a blind eye to offshore tax dodging are quickly fading.

San Jose medical device inventor receives prison sentence for tax fraud
A San Jose medical device inventor has been sentenced to six months in prison and six months and one day of home confinement for committing tax fraud, federal prosecutors said today.

L.A. Asks For Court-appointed Receiver To Take Over DWP Nonprofits
L.A. city leaders sue to have a court-appointed receiver take control of two Department of Water and Power-affiliated nonprofits.