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THE NOONER for July 3, 2014

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SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER: Happy July 3rd. Today marks the beginning of the Legislature's summer recess, and the kiddoes will return on August 4.

Unlike previous years, there are few big questions lingering as lawmakers take a deserved break. The biggest is the water bond. Secretary of State Debra Bowen issued numbers to qualified measures, and the existing $11 billion water bond was deemed Proposition 43. The measure was adopted by the Legislature in 2009 and subsequently booted twice off the 2010 and 2012 ballots for fear of its size and palatability to voters during the recession.

The Assembly was poised to unveil an $8.25 billion bond earlier this week, above the governor's $6 billion concept, but still a trim of Prop. 43. However, agua is all about disparate interest groups, and few were satisfied, and kicked the measure to follow the summer recess. The Legislature probably has about two weeks after returning to reach a deal and replace the existing measure on the ballot. Of course, the measure requires a two-thirds vote which means you need every Democrat in the Senate plus two Republicans or some other combination to reach 27. (Yeah, we miss you, three votes.) And, the fight here has less to do  with Democrat v. Republican and more to do with regional priorities.

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Tensions Eddy In Murrieta After Protesters Turn Back Buses Of Migrants [Kirk Siegler @ All Things Considered] - "Police say more than 100 protesters blocked the road in Murrieta, 60 miles north of San Diego. Three buses carry 140 migrants were trying to reach a local border patrol station. The buses turned around as protesters held signs reading, stop illegal immigration, and chanted things like, go home, and USA."

Yeah, that USA chant didn't work all that well against the waffles.

Well, first, let's just laugh at the fact that NPR used "eddy" in a headline. While a great word, when was the last time you used that when not referring to rafting or kayaking?

Now, let's talk about the irony in Murrieta. The protestors were objecting to kids being imprisoned at a local Customs and Border Protection facility. You can bet the same people were excited when the federal government decided to locate the facility there, creating jobs and economic stimulus. That's like Chino protesting the arrival of Snoop on the grey goose.

Speaking of, this is exactly the sort of headline that the CAGOP does not want:

Tim Donnelly wants immigrant kids deported [Josh Richman @ BANG]- "Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who lost last month's gubernatorial primary election, wants California and federal agencies to start deporting the thousands of young illegal immigrants who’ve been rushing to U.S. borders in recent months from violence-ravaged Central American nations."

When you have "children," "violence-ravaged," and "deporting" in the opening 'graph, you've got a problem. The amazing Jimmy Brulte is cringing.


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Rich GordonLloyd Levine, and Rod Wright!

#THANKYOU: Mark Hedlund, communications director for Darrell Steinberg is taking the opportunity for a smooth exit.



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California Lawmakers, Industry Groups Join To Oppose "Gas Tax" In Emissions Cap Program
Neil Nisperos @
A bipartisan group of local lawmakers are joining business groups in a campaign to oppose an air quality regulation they say will lead to higher gas and goods costs for consumers.

Need For Ballot Measure On Health Insurance Rate Regulation Debated
Kicking off a major ballot fight this year, California lawmakers pressed the state's insurance commissioner to defend a proposal that would grant his agency sweeping new authority over health insurance rates.

S.F. mayor's car being seen stopped where it shouldn't be
Lee, who in addition to facing heat over corporate shuttles blocking bus stops has gotten an earful about charging for parking at meters on Sundays and the spike in pedestrian fatalities, has called off the meter maids starting this Sunday and is pumping millions of dollars into pedestrian safety in his latest budget. A Police Department security detail drives the mayor's city-issued car, and Lee's spokeswoman largely referred questions about the incidents to the police. "The Police Department makes determinations about how to provide the best security for the mayor while keeping the public safe," spokeswoman Christine Falvey said. [...] he drew a distinction between what happened Friday and the situation Tuesday in the Outer Sunset, where Fong said the mayor's driver was waiting for another car to vacate a parking space, but then was told the mayor was ready for pickup and stopped in a crosswalk to retrieve him. The security detail of Lee's predecessor, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, frequently parked his city-issued sport utility vehicle in passenger loading zones and other unorthodox spots. [...] says data from Ashley Madison, the controversial dating site for married and otherwise attached people looking to find partners on the side. The top neighborhood was Pacific Heights followed by the Marina, the Financial District, the Sunset (is that why all those "massage parlors" are there?), Nob Hill, Noe Valley, Sea Cliff, South of Market, Russian Hill and North Beach. Chairwoman Mary Jung came under fire from some progressive DCCC members over taking a last-minute contribution of $25,000 from tech investor and mayoral buddy Ron Conway and using it to hire a nonunion Texas calling firm to make robocalls against Prop. B. The progressives were irate about issues related to the call, including that Jung is the director of government and community relations for the San Francisco Realtors Association, which also endorsed a no vote on B. [...] she wasn't. [...] the DCCC will deliberate on endorsing controversial ballot measures including a proposed soda tax, regulation of Airbnb, dueling housing measures and more.

L.A. Senator Clarifies Valley "Tumbleweeds" Comments On High-speed Rail
Tim Sheehan @
Sen. Kevin DeLeón, the soon-to-be leader of the California Senate, raised eyebrows throughout the San Joaquin Valley recently with disparaging-sounding remarks about the state's controversial high-speed rail project.

Could It Be Supreme Court Justice Darrell Steinberg?
Laurel Rosenhall @
With the end nearing this fall of Senate leader Darrell Steinberg's long career representing Sacramento in the state Legislature, a political guessing game of sorts has emerged in the capital city: What Will Darrell Do?

California Lawmakers Weigh Tax Credit For Bomber Program
A bitter fight has broken out between aerospace industry behemoths over fast-tracked legislation that could provide one company with an upper hand in an upcoming $55-billion competition to build a fleet of next-generation stealth bombers.

California Toughens Enforcement Of Water Violations
Matt Weiser @
California’s water cops on Wednesday approved emergency drought regulations aimed at forcing water users to act swiftly when told to stop diverting water from streams.

L.A. Officials Reach 1-year Contract Deal With Police Officers' Union
Los Angeles city officials have reached a tentative one-year salary agreement with the police officers' union that dramatically expands cash payments for overtime while avoiding raises for most workers, according to a source familiar with the proposed pact.

Tim Donnelly Wants Immigrant Kids Deported
Josh Richman @
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who lost last month’s gubernatorial primary election, wants California and federal agencies to start deporting the thousands of young illegal immigrants who’ve been rushing to U.S. borders in recent months from violence-ravaged Central American nations.

L.A. City Unions Seek $15 Minimum Wage For Workers And Contractors
A coalition of city labor unions says it wants Los Angeles to increase the minimum wage for city workers and those employed by city contractors to at least $15 an hour.

Tuning In To ‘the Neel Kashkari Show’
By Josh Richman Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 10:15 am in Gov. Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Neel Kashkari.

Tim Draper: Bitcoin Auction A 'Vote Of Confidence' By U.S. Government
Aaron Kinney @
Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper confirmed Wednesday he submitted the winning bid in a government auction of nearly 30,000 bitcoins, saying the acquisition was part of a long-term global investment strategy to spread the virtual currency to developing markets.

AM Alert
After floor sessions today, legislators will leave for recess, marking the fourth year in a row lawmakers have been able to count on an uninterrupted break after enacting a state budget. The last extended battle over the budget came in 2010, a 100-day standoff that lasted until October. Voters responded with Proposition 25, which stripped the minority party of its power to block the annual spending plan.

True American Cooks Bacon With Machine Gun | Death And Taxes
As redditor Oelund proved, you’re not a true American until you’ve cooked your bacon with a firearm.

The Buzz: Could it be Supreme Court Justice Darrell Steinberg?
With the end nearing this fall of Senate leader Darrell Steinberg’s long career representing Sacramento in the state Legislature, a political guessing game of sorts has emerged in the capital city: What Will Darrell Do?

Lawmakers go after tax scofflaws
Lawmakers are finding lots of agreement on throwing the book at tax dodgers.

Why The Government Is Struggling To Shut Down Corinthian Colleges - Businessweek
Sign in with the same account.

Immigrants Welcomed To El Centro By Lawmaker With A Bible
El Centro was a far cry from Murrieta on Wednesday.

Colorado Clerk Wonâ
Despite being told to stop by the state attorney general, the county clerk in Boulder has continued to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

With Change Proving Difficult, Barack Obama Returns To Hope
Zeke J. Miller @
On the shore of the placid Lake Harriet on Friday, President Barack Obama looked like he wanted to stick around. Most comfortable in campaign mode, outside the White House bubble he resents, far from congressional obstruction and close to the voters who once adored him, Obama tried to rekindle the campaign spirit.

California Investor Wins Federal Government's Bitcoin Auction
Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Tim Draper is rolling in bitcoins after winning a U.S. government auction Monday.

Stalled union talks a beginning, not the end
Three state employee unions end this holiday week without new contracts. Lawyers, building equipment operators and scientists won’t receive the modest raise that kicked in Tuesday for just about everyone else in state government.

L.A. County Interim Sheriff Urges Delay For Civilian Oversight Panel
The question of whether to appoint a civilian oversight commission for the troubled Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department should be postponed until the new inspector general's office is up and running, Interim Sheriff John Scott has recommended.

LAUSD Union Members Claim Leadership Misled Them About 6.5% Raises In Contract
Thomas Himes @
Some members of the largest union for Los Angeles Unified non-teacher employees say union leadership tricked members into approving a contract by falsely claiming they were guaranteed 6.5 percent pay raises.