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THE NOONER for June 30, 2014

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Stay cool, Sacramento.

BREAKING: In a quick read, the 5-4 SCOTUS decision this morning in Harris v. Flynn invalidates fair share fees in public sector unions, but only for quasi- or partial government employees. In California, this could affect AFSCME and SEIU, which represent IHSS workers who are independent contractors. The United Homecare Workers (a joint local of AFSCME and SEIU) represents a similar class of employees that were the subject matter of Harris, although the decision was very specific to the Illinios structure.

However, the follow-up question is: how much sign-posting was done in the ruling? In other words, can you read between the lines that fair-share fees are unconstitutional for any other class of public or private employees.

DEADLINE: Midnight tonight is the closing of the period for semi-annual state campaign finance reports and federal quarterly reports, which of course you know if you have email. What a miserable weekend to look at your email box. State reports must be filed by July 31, while federal filings are due July 15.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters said Friday that we will see results in the Controller's race either today or tomorrow. The county board of supervisors has called a special meeting for tomorrow night to certify election results and discuss a medical marijuana cultivation ordinance.

STAGE IS SET (SORT OF): Six ballot measures qualify to go before voters in November [Melanie Mason @ LAT] - "California voters will get to weigh in on six ballot measures this November, including a proposal to reform criminal sentencing and a Gov. Jerry Brown-backed plan for a rainy-day fund."


POLITICAL EYE CANDY: Map of congressional results from 1918-2012 [Mapstory]

DOUBLE-DARE YOU:  I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video [College Humor @ YouTube]

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Patrick Leathers!





Projection Spreadsheets: Election Day | Total Vote 



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  • Webinar: How To Put Legislative District Data To Work For California Children
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  • Jay Hansen for School Board Fundraiser
    Monday, June 30th - 5:30-7:30pm
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  • Capitol Weekly Top 100 Party
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Plaintiffs In Prop. 8 Case Renew Vows A Year Later In Beverly Hills
Christine Mai-Duc @
The second time around, the grooms wore matching sleek, black suits. In a star-studded Beverly Hills party Saturday, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, two of the plaintiffs in the landmark case that struck down Proposition 8’s ban on same-sex marriage in California, were able to celebrate their marriage with all the trappings of a well-planned wedding day. The ceremony came exactly one year after their actual marriage.

Can Local Voters Phase Out County Pensions? | Calpensions
An initiative that would phase out Ventura County employee pensions is headed for a court test, challenged by a union lawsuit contending the change requires state legislation.

Editorial: A gold star for legislators on EpiPens and bilingual education
Editorial Board @
The Assembly Education Committee made the right decision on a bill that allows schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors, and another that would gently apply the brakes on a badly done Proposition 227 repeal.

Obama's Bid To Deport Children Complicates Immigration Reform Effort
President Obama's surprise request that Congress give him authority to quickly deport thousands of Central American children illegally crossing the border is likely to renew the on-again, off-again immigration reform debate that many Republicans had hoped to avoid.

HP's role in Israel could lead to political pressure
Unbeknownst to many Americans, the Palo Alto computing giant makes the high-tech identification cards Israel uses to operate checkpoints in the disputed West Bank, territory Israel captured in 1967 but Palestinians claim as their own country. [...] recently, none of this attracted much attention, partly because information technology is kind of boring but also because the United States is a strong ally of Israel. Yet an international campaign has emerged to pressure Israel by persuading investors to dump shares of companies that do business with the government or operate in the disputed territories. "Companies like HP need to continually look at their risk profile" when operating in countries that attract controversy, said Ernest DelBuono, a senior vice president at Levick, a communications consulting firm in Washington. The church took its action to protest "the building and security of illegal Israeli settlements ... and the construction and maintenance of walls and fences that illegally encroach upon Palestinian lands, destroying Palestinian rights to own property and pursue livelihoods," the organization said. According to Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel still uses the Basel System at 12 checkpoints throughout the disputed territories, including two locations that separate the West Bank from East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as their future capital.

Activists Say California Fighting Pollution Globally But Not Locally
Activists are split over California's carbon offsets, which allow polluters to ignore their communities but help distant places.

Supreme Court Rules On Contraceptives; Setback For Obama Healthcare Law
The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a setback to President Obama 's healthcare law Monday and ruled that Christian business owners with religious objections to certain forms of birth control may refuse to provide their employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives.

White House: Boehner won't seek immigration vote
A senior White House official says House Speaker John Boehner has told President Barack Obama the House of Representatives won't vote on an immigration overhaul this year. The official says Obama will take steps on his own to change immigration policies through executive actions, without congressional approval.

Supervisors To Consider Final Election Canvass At Special Tuesday Meeting; Count Still Under Way
Home NewsLatest News Education Veterans Communityletters Business Police Logs Recreation Health Religion Legals Arts & LifeGames Entertainment Cinema Home & Garden Obituaries CALENDAR Business Directory Classifieds Search Contact usFAQs advertising Adoptable Pets in Lake County Home Supervisors to consider final election canvass at special Tuesday meeting; count still under way Saturday, 28 June 2014 00:26 Elizabeth Larson

California Earmarks A Quarter Of Its Cap-and-Trade Riches For Environmental Justice
Amy Nordrum @
One-quarter of the $872 million generated by California's 18-month-old cap-and-trade scheme will go to housing and public transit programs for poor and minority communities this year, according to the recently approved state budget. The decision caps a long fight by environmental justice advocates over how much of the state's carbon proceeds should be distributed to disadvantaged people, who are more likely to live near power plants and suffer disproportionately from toxic air pollution.

Obama to speak on immigration reform: Watch it here
President Obama is set to speak about immigration reform at 11:50 a.m. PST. Watch the live video here.

Political Blotter: Joan Buchanan and Mark DeSaulnier duke it out over license plates
Josh Richman @
Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan took Senator Mark DeSaulnier to task at a hearing on his license plate bill; also, there's still time for Ellen Corbett to request a recount in the 15th Congressional District, but she's not discussing her intentions.

California: Minimum Wage Rises To $9 On Tuesday
Jack Katzanek @
California’s low-end workers will all see bumps in their next paychecks as the first increase in the state’s minimum wage in six years takes effect.

Governor Signs Repeal Of Food-safety Law Requiring Gloves
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that repeals a law requiring chefs and bartenders to wear gloves while handling certain foods.

Oakland considers how to spend $29 million windfall
Budget season is usually a bloodbath in Oakland, but this year leaders have a happy problem: how to spend an unexpected $29 million windfall from the hot real estate market. Council members have varying ideas on how to spend the funds, but everyone agrees this is not the time for a shopping spree. Mayor Jean Quan and the city administrator's office recommended that the money go toward a reserve fund, paying down debt and pension liabilities, infrastructure and refilling some of the positions that were eliminated in the last few budget cycles. The public safety projects, including the police academy, should be a priority, but refilling other positions should be delayed until the city is more financially stable. Among them: public works crews to patrol litter "hot spots," and a riding lawn mower for the parks department to better maintain the city's playing fields.

California Courts Sought Stability, Found Instability
When the Legislature and then-Gov. Pete Wilson agreed in 1997 that the state would assume the entire cost of financing California’s largest-in-the-nation court system, judges rejoiced.

Mayor Eric Garcetti Took A Low-risk Approach In His First Year
Mayor Eric Garcetti 's appearance last fall at an auditorium across the street from Los Angeles City Hall drew scant attention. It was a gathering of watershed protection specialists, and he'd come with an ardent appeal: Join him the following week at a federal hearing on the L.A. River.

Escaped Goats Run Wild Through Sf Streets: Sfist
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Bomb Blasts Near Egypt's Presidential Palace Kill 2 Police Officers
A series of bomb blasts near Egypt’s presidential palace killed two police officers and injured 10 other people on Monday, officials and media reports said, two days after another deadly explosion struck the capital.

Most State Voters Opposed To Teacher Tenure
Fermin Leal @
About two-thirds of California voters believe the state should eliminate tenure policies for public school teachers, according to a poll released Thursday.

Big unions could take big SCOTUS hit
Stephanie Simon @
Leaders fear the court could undo laws that would decimate union membership and finances. Union leaders fear that conservative justices will use the case, Harris v. Quinn, to strike down laws in 26 states requiring teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public-sector employees to pay dues to the unions that negotiate contracts on their behalf, even if the workers don’t want to become union members.