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THE NOONER for June 27, 2014

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Yes, ladies and gents, California is the Best State in America. But, as to the reason why, 60% of you will agree and 40% will not.

CONTROLLER CONTEST: The average guess in our contest for the quantity of votes in Lake County is 1,866 for John A. Pérez and 1,381 for Betty Yee. If the crowd is right, it would give Yee a statewide win by 372 votes.

AD45 (W. San Fernando): Can Shelley catch Dababneh in Assembly race? She says signs point to yes [Kevin Modesti @ LADN] - "Susan Shelley, challenging Assemblyman Matt Dababneh in the San Fernando Valley's 45th District, is finding optimism in a little math and a lot of lawn signs."

AD77 (North San Diego): Calif. Assembly Candidate RJ Hernandez Changes Registration to No Party Preference: - "RJ Hernandez, a candidate in California State Assembly District 77, has switched his political affiliation from the Democratic Party to No Party Preference (NPP) — also known as independent. Hernandez is challenging Republican incumbent Brian Maienschein."

Of course, a candidate can change registration, but his party preference will stay as Democratic on the general election ballot since that's what he used in the primary. (Elections Code sec. 8002.5(b))

QUALIFIED: The ballot measure sponsored by San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and retired San Diego police chief Bill Landsdowne, which among other things would move certain non-violent drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, has qualified for the November ballot.

Meanwhile, the ballot measure to require minimum wage for IHSS care-givers and additional training seems perilously close to failure. After submitting 871,593 signatures, backers only needed a relatively low 57.9% validity. However, after turning in 31% validity in Alameda and 30% in San Francisco, for a statewide validity of only 45%. They need a really high validity rate in Los Angeles County to make it to the full count bar of 479,522 valid signatures. Frankly, they probably have enough valid signatures, but a full count requires 95% of the qualifying number of 504,760. You are penalized for invalid and duplicate signatures at the random sample stage.

INNOVATIONS: Sign up for the free and search for a bill to see hearings from CalChannel. Awesome job CalChannelers!


#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Matthew Harper! Weekend wishes to Marty Block (Saturday), Matthew Dobler (Sunday), Henry Perea (Sunday), Nina Royal (Sunday), Larry Salinas (Sunday), Raquel Simental (Sunday), Richard Wiebe (Sunday), and Das Williams (Sunday)!





Projection Spreadsheets: Election Day | Total Vote 






  • Webinar: How To Put Legislative District Data To Work For California Children
    Learn how to use legislative district data and maps on, a free, nonpartisan website tracking more than 500 measures of child health and well-being.
    Tue., July 15, 10:00 AM - 11:00 a.m. More information and registration>>

  • Jay Hansen for School Board Fundraiser
    Monday, June 30th - 5:30-7:30pm
    Chicory, 1121 11th Street, Sacramento
  • Capitol Weekly Top 100 Party
    Tuesday, August 19, 5:30 PM  – 8:30 PM
    The Senator Hotel, 1121 L Street, Sacramento
    Get your tickets here!

  • Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, author of AB 1516 to provide a diaper supplement for CalWorks families, is hosting a diaper donation drive at the State Capitol through Friday, June 27. Diapers can be dropped off in the bins near the elevator bank on floors 2-6 of the Capitol or at Room 5158.  Proceeds benefit River City Food Bank. Contact Ricki Wells at (916) 319-2080 for more info.

  • GrassrootsLab seeks an intern to assist with administrative duties and complete research in its Sacramento office. The internship is paid and allows for a flexible schedule, not to exceed 24 hours per week. Candidates should be detail-oriented and familiar with basic Microsoft Office programs. This position is an excellent opportunity for driven individuals to become familiar with the intricacies of California politics. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately. Please submit cover letter and resume to Ashley Underlee at



Gov. Brown: Growth Of Latino Power Paving Way For Policy Changes
Two decades after California voters approved Proposition 187, barring public services to those in the country illegally, Gov. Jerry Brown said Thursday that the political tide has turned in the state with a growing wave of Latino voters demanding more tolerant policy from Sacramento.

Measure To Reduce Sentences For Theft, Drugs On California Ballot
An initiative to reduce crimes such as drug possession and receiving stolen property from felonies to misdemeanors - and to use the savings for mental health and drug treatment programs - has qualified for the ballot in November, the secretary of state announced Thursday.

California Legislature Repeals Glove Law For Food Handlers
California lawmakers have pulled an about-face on a controversial change to the state's health code that bans restaurant workers from touching food with their bare hands and requires chefs and bartenders to wear gloves.

Lt. Gov. Newsom Criticizes UC's Warning To Staff About Uber, Airbnb
Patrick Hoge @
Some University of California staff have been told they will not be reimbursed for using "sharing economy" services like Airbnb, Uber and Lyft for lodging and travel, a move that spurred Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to send a letter of complaint Thursday to UC President Janet Napolitano.

Fresno taxpayers submit signatures to overturn Ashley Swearengin's water rate hike
A group of Fresno taxpayers, who've been sued by the city, has submitted thousands of signatures to qualify a water rate referendum for the November ballot. If approved, the referendum would overturn Mayor Ashley Swearengin's plan to double water rates.

Audit Slams Community College Accreditation Process
Alexei Koseff @
An inconsistent application of sanctions and a lack of transparency are weakening the accreditation of California's community colleges, according to a state audit released Thursday.

Flood Of Back Room Activity On Drought Legislation
Kitty Felde @
Congress leaves town today for its 4th of July recess without any agreement on California drought legislation. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a water fight behind the scenes. House members from the Central Valley met Wednesday with both California senators to discuss merging two separate drought bills -- one passed in the House and the other in the Senate.

California Uses Tax Breaks To Subsidize Favored Industries
Dan Walters @
When Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti visited the state Capitol recently, it wasn’t a social call, at least not entirely. Garcetti, calling it “a civic emergency,” was there to press for renewal of a state tax credit for the Los Angeles-based film and television industry in hopes of slowing migration of production to other locales.

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier closes in on approval
Michael Cabanatuan @
Golden Gate Bridge directors, in an effort to end the world-famous span's allure as a suicide destination, are expected Friday to approve spending $20 million to hang a net beneath the landmark structure.

Lt. Gov. Newsom Criticizes Uc's Warning To Staff About Uber, Airbnb - San Francisco Business Times
Borden, who declined a request for further comment, did not specifically mention San Francisco-based Airbnb, Uber Technologies or Lyft in her message, but Newsom, San Francisco's former mayor, did.

Poll Shows State Voters Are Willing To Weaken Teacher Job Protections
California voters support weakening teacher job protections that were the subject of a high-profile trial in Los Angeles, according to a poll released Thursday.

How immigration reform died
A chance to rewrite immigration laws slips away one year after the Senate cast 68 votes for change.

Clooney for California governor? Rumor mill runs wild
Kale Williams @
According to The Mirror, Clooney, a friend of President Obama's and an advocate for a range of high-profile issues, was being courted by the commander-in-chief to make a run for California's highest office, likely in 2018. The truthfulness of the rumors is questionable, but if Clooney were to run and win, he would follow in the footsteps of actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who traded the silver screen for Sacramento.

California Voters Remain Unhappy With Legislature, Survey Finds
Fueled by partisan and geographic differences, satisfaction with the Legislature continued a downward swing that began after a state senator was arrested on corruption charges earlier this year, according to a Field Poll released Friday.

Audit: Tens Of Millions In Cable Fees Sit Unspent In L.A. City Fund
Tens of millions of dollars in fees paid by Los Angeles cable customers remain unspent in city coffers, with no plan for using much of the money as it piles up, according to a new audit released Thursday by the city controller.

The Buzz: California school bond measure advances
A multibillion-dollar water bond isn’t the only borrowing measure that could show up on voters’ ballots this fall.

California water project heads to state high court
The California Supreme Court is set to decide if the state must buy thousands of acres of private property to perform preliminary tests for two massive water tunnels planned in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

San Jose: One person critically injured in Capitol Park shooting
One person was shot and seriously injured in the Capitol Park area in San Jose on Thursday evening, according to police.

Assembly Approves Tax Credits For Aerospace Industry
The California Assembly on Thursday approved a fast-tracked proposal to provide up to $420 million in tax breaks over 15 years for the aerospace industry.

Sacramento Bike Safety A Factor In Ridership
Will Wright @
The number of Sacramento bike commuters jumped about 45 percent between 2005 and 2012, with about 5,000 bike commuters in 2012, according to the League of American Bicyclists, with about 3 percent of residents biking to work in 2012.

Arizona Death Row Inmates Sue State Over Two-drug Protocol
Attorneys for six death row prisoners in Arizona filed a lawsuit against state officials Thursday alleging “human experimentation” in executions.

Associated Press Sacramento Daybook
Associated Press Sacramento Daybook for Friday, June 27.