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THE NOONER for June 24, 2014

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Don't spend too much time refreshing those Controller results. Carla Marinucci reports "County officials do not expect the numbers to change until at least Thursday, and Lake County's full numbers will not be reported until they are required by law on July 4, the spokeswoman said."

CONTROLLER: Did union sickout suppress voter turnout in San Francisco? [John Hrabe @ CalNewsroom]

CA31 (Redlands): Registrar grants recount of ballots in 31st Congressional race [Leslie Parilla @ IVDB]

California Senate deadlocks on $10.5-billion water bond [Patrick McGreevy @ LAT]:

Supporters of SB 848 could not muster the two-thirds vote needed to put the measure on the November ballot as a replacement for an $11.1-billion water bond that senators believe has too much pork to win voter approval. The vote on the measure was 22-9, with some members abstaining.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) said of the vote: "I expected this today." He said it paves the way for more negotiations to reach a compromise that has some Republican support. "It's time to have an honest public discussion about water and a water bond because there are a lot of side-room discussions going on," Steinberg said.

Republican Sen. Andy Vidak of Hanford said the proposed bond measure is moving in the right direction and that a compromise appears within grasp. "We're getting real close," Vidak said.

DON'T BLAME BO: Yesterday, Dan Walters partially attributed the low June 3 voter turnout to "President Barack Obama's declining approval numbers." However, today we have a Field Poll that finds a 50/39% approval/disapproval for POTUS, which is a few points below the average of his presidency. Perhaps we should be looking at Congress' 12/75% approval/disapproval as a more likely factor . . .

SIX CALIFORNIAS: Advocates for splitting California into six states verify signatures [Harriett Ryan and Joseph Serna @ LAT]

AWESOME: Where iightning strikes are happening right now [h/t]

CORRECTION: Felons on probation are eligible to vote in California, but not parole. ACLU of Northern California has sued Debra Bowen arguing that the AB 109 alternative community supervision is not parole, and participants should be able to vote. ACLU won at the trial court level, but the state appealed.





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  • Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, author of AB 1516 to provide a diaper supplement for CalWorks families, is hosting a diaper donation drive at the State Capitol through Friday, June 27. Diapers can be dropped off in the bins near the elevator bank on floors 2-6 of the Capitol or at Room 5158.  Proceeds benefit River City Food Bank. Contact Ricki Wells at (916) 319-2080 for more info.

  • Pacific McGeorge School of Law is hosting evening information sessions about its Master of Science in Law degree program for working professionals: June 24 Hyatt Sacramento, June 25 Roseville, July 15 State Capitol. Register at
  • GrassrootsLab seeks an intern to assist with administrative duties and complete research in its Sacramento office. The internship is paid and allows for a flexible schedule, not to exceed 24 hours per week. Candidates should be detail-oriented and familiar with basic Microsoft Office programs. This position is an excellent opportunity for driven individuals to become familiar with the intricacies of California politics. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately. Please submit cover letter and resume to Ashley Underlee at



Steinberg Angles For GOP Votes On $10.5-billion Water Bond Plan
Today's vote will mark the first time a new water bond proposal will progress to a chamber floor this year. Lawmakers are seeking to craft a measure that would replace the current plan now on the ballot, a $11.1 billion plan that was originally written in 2009.

Controller 2014: Did union sickout suppress voter turnout in San Francisco?
San Francisco's public transit system all but ground to a halt on Election Day. Did it cost Board of Equalization member Betty Yee votes in the too close to call race for state controller?

California Senate Deadlocks On $10.5-billion Water Bond
The state Senate deadlocked Monday on a $10.5-billion water bond measure proposed for the November ballot when Republicans opposed it for not providing enough for water storage and to protect water rights.

Wolk water bond proposal stalls in California Senate
Jeremy B. White @
With the governor's controversial Delta tunnel project looming in the background, lawmakers on Monday failed to advance a leading Senate proposal to put a revised water bond on the November ballot.

Water bond measure fails in initial Senate vote
JUDY LIN Associated Press @
Senate Democrats have failed in an initial attempt to secure Republican support for overhauling the $11.1 billion water bond on the November ballot.

Marchers Against Big Money In Politics Arrested At Capitol
Bill Lindelof @
A march from Los Angeles to Sacramento to protest big money in politics ended with arrests late Sunday night outside the Capitol.

Northern California Dems Want Open Door On California Water Talks
Northern California Democrats on Monday warned against secret California water negotiations, and urged Sen. Dianne Feinstein to open up the talks.

Field Poll: Amid Turmoil, Obama's Approval Remains Strong In California
Christopher Cadelago @
Despite political fallout from his prisoner exchange, the unfolding scandal in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and growing unrest in the Middle East, President Barack Obama has maintained encouraging job ratings in California, where he’s buoyed by a scarcity of Republicans, according to the new Field Poll.

Capitol Alert: California Backs Constitutional Amendment Limiting Campaign Money
Jeremy B. White @

Looks like Laura's Law will pass without trip to ballot
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will almost certainly adopt Laura's Law to compel mentally ill people into treatment through the standard legislative process this summer, avoiding the need to put the politically charged subject matter on the November ballot. At a committee hearing on the matter Monday, Farrell announced he had struck a deal with Supervisor David Campos, a progressive who has long been adamantly opposed to Laura's Law on the basis that involuntary treatment tramples on the civil rights of the mentally ill. Campos' support gives political cover to other left-leaning supervisors to vote for the law, which that isn't popular in the progressive community and almost assures its passage. Laura's Law was adopted at the state level in 2002 and is named after Laura Wilcox, a college student who was shot dead by a psychiatric patient at a Nevada County clinic in 2001. The law allows a family member, roommate, mental health provider, or police or probation officer to petition the courts to compel a mentally ill person into outpatient treatment, but does not allow for mandatory medication. [...] Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascón, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Public Health Department chief Barbara Garcia are all in support of Laura's Law. The team would be composed of a forensic psychiatrist, a peer who has dealt with mental illness and a family liaison who has had a family member with mental illness.

Assembly Democrats Fear Gas Price Increase, Urge Change In Environmental Policy
David Siders @
Business-friendly Democrats in the state Assembly are urging the Brown administration to back off implementation of a greenhouse gas reduction measure that is expected to result in higher gas prices starting next year.

California politicians trying to draft a new water bond
Dan Walters @
Spurred by drought, Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators are trying to write a new water bond for November ballot.

Registrar Grants Recount Of Ballots In 31st Congressional Race
Leslie Parilla @
An official recount in the 31st Congressional District primary race on behalf of Republican Lesli Gooch is scheduled to begin Wednesday, officials at the San Bernardino County Elections Office said Monday.

Berryhill statement on water bond debate
Senator Tom Berryhill (R-Twain Harte) today rose in opposition to Senate Bill 848, a water bond measure by Delta area legislator, Senator Lois Wolk. Berryhill has a long legislative history on water.

Major Gay Rights Ruling Left Intact
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a brief order, voted against rehearing the January ruling with a new 11-judge panel. Three of the court's most conservative judges dissented, calling the ruling "regrettable" and saying it could have sweeping implications for a range of legal issues involving gays and lesbians, including same-sex marriage cases that continue to unfold in the Western states encompassed by the 9th Circuit.

Audrie's Law is amended to remove 2-year minimum sentence
Sacramento - A scaled back version of Audrie's Law cleared an Assembly committee Tuesday, a week after lawmakers delayed a vote on the bill named after a Saratoga teen who was sexually assaulted while she lay unconscious by boys who then shared photos of the incident with classmates. The bill was amended to take out language that would have required a two-year minimum sentence at juvenile hall or another out-of-home detention facility for teens convicted of sexual assault against a victim who is incapacitated. SB838 by Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, maintained provisions that would open juvenile court to the public in cases where teens are prosecuted under Audrie's Law and creates a one-year sentence enhancement for those convicted of sexual assaults who share pictures or texts of the crime to harass or humiliate the victim. Mandatory minimum sentences have never been introduced in the state's juvenile court system and many states and the federal government have begun to roll back the use of mandatory minimums in the adult court system.

Martins Beach Eminent Domain Bill Clears Assembly Hurdle
The proposed legislation, SB 968, would ask the State Lands Commission to consider using its powers of eminent domain to purchase access to the secluded San Mateo County beach if Khosla does not provide it voluntarily.

California backs constitutional amendment limiting corporate campaign spending
Jeremy B. White @
Seeking to reverse a tide of money inundating politics, the Democratic-controlled California Senate on Monday called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting corporate campaign activity.

Leno's Smartphone "Kill-Switch" Bill Heads To The Assembly Floor
Patrick Hoge @
A bill to require smartphones sold in California to be equipped with "kill-switch" technology passed a second state Assembly committee Monday and will now head for a vote by the full chamber.

California Lawmakers Pass Bill To Update Currency Law, Aid Bitcoin Users
California lawmakers on Monday approved a measure making it easier to use alternative currencies including Bitcoin, even as the failed Tokyo based bitcoin exchange, Mt Gox, moved forward into bankruptcy protection.

Captiol Alert: California backs constitutional amendment limiting campaign money
Jeremy B. White @
Seeking to reverse a tide of money inundating politics, the Democratic-controlled California Senate on Monday called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting corporate campaign activity.

Hearing date set for California civil engineers’ furlough case
Jon Ortiz @
The next stage in a battle over furloughs between Gov. Jerry Brown and California’s state engineers’ union is set for next month when the two sides will argue the case in a San Francisco appellate court.

City tells parking auction app to knock it off
Herrera contends MonkeyParking and two other similar parking startups also facing legal action have built business models entirely premised on illegal transactions - selling access to part of a public street. The parking dispute is just the latest clash between the fast-moving tech industry and laws that some digerati view as anachronistic or unfair. San Francisco is a crucible of that friction, with the taxi industry opposing ride services like Uber and Lyft, housing advocates clashing with vacation rental companies like Airbnb, and activists protesting tech firms using public bus stops for corporate shuttles. The app, which drivers use to auction off their space starting at $5, with default options up to $20, can also be seen as exacerbating San Francisco's fast-growing divide between rich and poor by making some parking only to those who can afford it. "Companies should look to help solve urban living issues through technology, instead of taking advantage of public property or city residents," said Ashley Cummings, co-founder of CARMAnation, a San Francisco start-up that matches drivers with owners of private parking spaces. ParkModo founder Daniel Shifrin, though, blasted Herrera's crackdown as a constitutional overreach, saying ParkModo's business model was based on the legal exchange of information for money. The last time I looked at the Constitution of the United States, there is nothing about that you can't exchange information with someone else unless you're exchanging state secrets or trading inside information. [...] of how this legal tussle is resolved, more are on the way as the city tries to strike a balance between popular pro-consumer regulation and anti-consumer restrictions that could blow up in politicians' faces, said San Francisco political consultant Mark Mosher.

Campaign-finance protesters arrested at Capitol
Associated Press @
The California Highway Patrol has arrested fourteen people who were outside the state Capitol Sunday night protesting the influence of money from corporations and the wealthy in politics.