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THE NOONER for June 9, 2014

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Good morning! I am on vacation, but there's no Nooner vacation the week after the election.

Yes, I'm still working on the scoring of the Nooner election contest. Sorry about's actually quite complicated, but hope to have it done by tomorrow. Of course, the final scoring will have to wait for a couple of close elections, most notably, for State Controller.

Check out these scenarios, which use two methodologies to predict the outcome with uncounted ballots. In either case, Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin places first, but a tiny 0.07% margin separates John A. Pérez and Betty Yee. That is wild, and nobody has a clue what will happen. While I don't think that Republican David Evans will place in second--securing the office for the GOP--that is still a possibility. 

Betty Yee is now in second place, after Santa Clara turned in an unprocessed ballots report.


Distributing Remaining Votes byTammy D. BlairJohn A. PérezBetty T. YeeDavid EvansAshley SwearenginLaura Wells

Current Vote Percentages







Election Day Vote Percentages









Oh, yes, I know. You don't like numbers. You want pretty pictures, so that's what we'll give you.

No races changed on Friday, but not many counties submitted updates



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Dan Wolk, who is still in the ballgame in AD04.





  • GrassrootsLab seeks an intern to assist with administrative duties and complete research in its Sacramento office. The internship is paid and allows for a flexible schedule, not to exceed 24 hours per week. Candidates should be detail-oriented and familiar with basic Microsoft Office programs. This position is an excellent opportunity for driven individuals to become familiar with the intricacies of California politics. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately. Please submit cover letter and resume to Ashley Underlee at
  • Tribute Dinner Honoring Congressman George Miller
    June 27th, 5:30-7:30, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Concord
    Information: 925 435-5428
  • California Craft Brewers Association seeks candidates for Events Coordinator position. The Events Coordinator will be responsible for the creation, planning and follow through of all CCBA meetings and events. Candidate must also have extensive knowledge of traditional and social media channels to administer social media, and email marketing related to events. Business Administration, Event Coordination and Media experience required. This is a full-time, in-office position located in Sacramento, CA. Please contact Scott Marks for a full description of this position.

  • SPECIAL BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE OFFER FROM CAPITOL SEMINARS. Register for "Lobbying 101" seminar at $250 and attend "Lobbying 201" free. June 5-6 only. Veteran lobbyist Ray LeBov takes you through the legislative process and the complete spectrum of governmental advocacy in two days. Offer limited to first 10 registrants. Call 916-442-5009 or click and enter BOGO SPECIAL in "Comments" field.
  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Government Relations Director, Los Angeles Region. Direct ACS CAN government relations program in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties. Based in Los Angeles. Manage relationships with local, state & federal elected officials. Build coalitions. Serve as spokesperson. Some fundraising. 5-7 years policy & political experience. Spanish speaker preferred. Min. Salary: $77K. Info & application online:, Job ID: 17114.
  • Attorney or near-attorney interested in lobbying, developing public policies to protect the First Amendment, the public’s right to know and a fair and equitable California business environment.  More fun than a truck o’ monkeys.  Benefits.  EOE. Cover letter and Resume to
  • Executive Director - The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is in its 28 year serving the community located in the heart of Sacramento’s Lavender Heights neighborhood. As the chief executive officer, the ED leads the organization and is responsible for the overall administration and management of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center and fulfillment of its mission.  Center’s fiscal, operations, fundraising, marketing, human resource, technology, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization.
  • The Michelson 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM) is pleased to invite policy makers, staff, and members of the Capitol Community to a free screening of the Ivory Tower on June 16 at 6:00 PM at the beautiful Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento. This groundbreaking documentary focuses on the issues surrounding higher education affordability in light of rapidly rising tuition and national student debt, which has now surpassed $1.2 trillion. The screening will be followed by an informative discussion with director Andrew Rossi and leading higher education advocates. RSVP @ Please contact Sergio Rosas, 626.396.7071, or Reid Milburn at,, 916.969.6171, for more information.

  • California Medical Association seeks experienced Executive Assistant/Scheduler to support the Chief Operating Officer. Strong organizational, communication and technical skills required. Competitive salary/full benefits. More info here:



Water Bill With California Impacts Expected To Be Signed Into Law
San Clemente’s beach restoration has a long way to go, but a big step could come this week when President Barack Obama is expected to sign a water resources bill into law, according to Politico.

What Would It Take For Gov. Jerry Brown To Lose?
Josh Richman @
Another national economic collapse? Also a long shot. After last week's primary election, the real question is: Does a rookie Republican like Neel Kashkari have any chance of toppling a popular governor in an ultrablue state?

Can The Legislature Repeal Prop. 187?
The measure, passed in 1994, targeted undocumented immigrants. Most of its components were found unconstitutional and not enforced.

Bump at pump in January to help speed bullet train project
Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross @
California drivers are going to see a bump at the pump starting Jan. 1 - with a good chunk of the money going to kick-start Gov. Jerry Brown's struggling high-speed rail project. Starting next year, tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks will come under California's cap-and-trade program, which is designed to reduce greenhouse gases.

Eric Garcetti Makes An Impression In Sacramento
SACRAMENTO — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti may be running for governor someday. So his first mayoral visit to Sacramento last week was intriguing.

3 Of 4 O.C. Primary Voters Mailed In Their Ballot
The trend toward more convenient ballot-casting continues; meanwhile, Orly Taitz’s star still fading.

Senate Passes Bill To Make Electricity Even More Expensive
Dan Walters @
There are probably a few people living off the grid in the backcountry of California, but the other 38 million of us depend on our local utilities for electric power. That makes us stakeholders in how that energy is produced, distributed and priced – the latter accounting for many, many billions of dollars.

Adam Silver Has 'absolute Confidence' That Clippers Sale Will Happen
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he had "absolute confidence" the sale of the Clippers would be completed by mid-July because the indemnification team co-owner Shelly Sterling agreed to should protect the league from lawsuits brought by her husband, Donald.

Stockton Bankruptcy Judge May Issue Two Rulings
Ed Mendel @
Stockton filed a revised debt-cutting plan last week that could lead to a deal with a holdout creditor, Franklin bonds, possibly enabling the city to emerge from bankruptcy without cutting pensions.

Gov. Jerry Brown, Democrats still debating size of California’s budget
Jim Miller @
With less than a week before the constitutional deadline to pass a budget, the Democrats in control at the California Capitol are at odds on the big questions: how much money the state will take in, how it should be spent, and how major programs should be structured.

Bay Bridge flaws: bad welds, delays cost many millions extra
Caltrans paid hundreds of millions of dollars over the original bid price for work on the Bay Bridge eastern span that was plagued by shoddy welding and completed more than a year late, state documents reviewed by The Chronicle show.

California Lawmakers Push For Restoring Benefits, Preschool
Today's high

California Tax Credit Plan Proves Popular With Businesses
Office of Business and Economic Development has gotten 396 applications for a new credit aimed at keeping businesses in California.

More Lawsuits Are A Foregone Conclusion For California High-speed Rail
High-speed rail, Quentin Kopp, Alan Lowenthal, Richard Katz, Rod Diridon, bullet train, Proposition 1A

Lawsuit Could Give College Athletes Cut Of Ncaa Deals
The NCAA and its member schools have preached a vision of amateurism whereby young men and women play for the love of the game, not money.

Democrats, governor debate California budget total
Democratic state lawmakers are pushing Gov. Jerry Brown to accept higher revenue projections in order to restore services.

Political Blotter: Leland Yee and the dancing hamster
Josh Richman @
Examining indicted state Sen. Leland Yee's third-place finish in the secretary of state primary; also, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones busts a dancing hamster for fraud.

Ross Mirkarimi tries to reduce costs of inmates' phone calls
Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi wants to significantly reduce the amount of money jail inmates and their families must pay to talk on the phone, saying the exorbitant rates that have been standard in the incarceration industry are contributing to recidivism and hurting inmates' children. The sheriff's proposal is part of a growing national movement to rein in inordinately high rates that have for decades benefited governments housing inmates by allowing them to receive a portion of the revenue collected by companies that provide prison and jail phone service. Reflecting cost of serviceLast year, the Federal Communications Commission weighed in, issuing a ruling that barred phone rates from including commissions, requiring rates to reflect the actual cost of providing service and capping interstate calls at 25 cents per minute. Strengthening family tiesThe Sheriff's Department also recently signed a contract with five nonprofits, including Community Works West, to provide intensive case management to inmates and their families both while in jail and after their release. "The evidence shows that maintaining a support system, and maintaining a connection to family, is a huge indicator of success - the need to connect is not just important for parents in jail but is also tremendous for young people," she said.

Feinstein, Chambliss Criticize White House Over Bergdahl Secrecy
The heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee suggested Sunday that the White House has done a poor job of sharing information with Congress about Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his recent release from Taliban captivity.

California Chrome Fairy Tale Turns Grim After Owner's 'cowards' Tirade
The upbeat, fairy-tale message of Triple Crown contender California Chrome has now been stained by a messenger.