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THE NOONER for April 22, 2014

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  • LAO (April 21): Month-to-Date PIT Withholding, Collections and Refunds: $8.908 billion. (81.9% of budgeted projection)

Good morning from the mighty AD35, where Republican Katcho Achadjian will hold the seat until 2016. This "Sideways" district could very well be a toss-up at that point. After board meetings of the weekend, I am taking today off. Thus, I hope you understand my brevity.

This is also the 24th Congressional District, which has been a battleground for the last decade. However, even as the seat has become more favorable for Republicans, Lois Capps is expected to easily win reelection.

Yesterday, I was in Salinas, which is the 12th Senate District. Despite voter reg and turnout numbers that would strongly suggest a Democrat could win there, Republican Anthony Cannella is likely to easily win reelection.

SPI (Statewide): Antonio Villaraigosa endorses Torlakson rival in state supe race [Alexei Koseff @ SacBee] - In an unusual move, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has broken with the California Democratic Party to endorse a rival over incumbent Tom Torlakson in the race for state superintendent of public instruction. Villaraigosa, a former Assembly speaker with a possible eye on a future governor's race, announced his support for former charter schools executive Marshall Tuck last Thursday, calling him the "only candidate with the experience needed to bring major change to California schools."

#CAKEDAY: Happy Birthday to Noreen Evans and Tony Mendoza!





  • Open house 4/27/2014 - 10am-2pm - Downtown condo for sale - 2BR/2Bath with 3 large balconies- 1400 sq feet - centrally located right next to Crocker museum. Features include pool, jaccuzi, sauna, tennis courts. MLS # 14009207 $349,500 Larry Lee 496-6366
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    "I'm so glad you and the Zan crew were there to capture the moment. Love, love, love your work and working with you!"
    — Director of Public Affairs and Communication, the COCA-COLA COMPANY
  • National Women's Political Caucus, LA Metro c4 FUNDRAISER April 27, 2014: Bowling for Dollars meet-and-greet brunch to support women candidates & elected officials for 2014 and 2016 campaigns at Lucky Strike at LA Live. Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, CA Senate candidates Sandra Fluke, Irella Perez, CA Assembly candidate Sandra Mendoza and LA Cultural Arts Commissioner Richard Montoya. Tickets & Sponsorships available: Email INFO Call 323.251.9642.
  • DO YOU LIKE MYSTERY NOVELS & CA POLITICS? Long-time children's health advocate KRIS CALVIN has written a Sacramento-based "entertaining whodunnit told with humor and intellect." ONE MURDER MORE features a lobbyist as the amateur sleuth, while the cast of suspects includes two Governors (one past, one present) & a Senate Fellow! Advance order now & support through crowdsourcing at
  • CA LATINO CAUCUS INSTITUTE (CLCI) 501 c 3 FUNDRAISER May 8, 2014 - 6pm – 9pm WINE WOMEN & WISDOM: Honoring the Latinas of the CA Latino Legislative Caucus (Culinary Institute of America Napa). CONFIRMED Secretary Anna Caballero; Senator Lara, Assemblymembers Talamantes-Eggman, Garcia, Campos, Quirk-Silva, Gonzalez, Bocanegra, Hernandez and Salas. TIX & Sponsorships available: Email INFO Call 323.660.7234.
  • Politics, Sex & Cocktails! Best PAC fundraiser ever. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California celebrates 40 years with Honorary Chairs Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez and Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. When PPAC started in 1974, Jerry Brown was Governor, polyester and platform shoes were in fashion, and Roe v. Wade was a year old. Sponsorship/tickets: Lauren Evans, (916) 446-5247, ext. 116. Paid for by Protecting Choice in California, a project of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (555 Capitol Mall, Suite 510 Sacramento, CA 95814) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
  • 7th Annual Assembly Veteran of the Year Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25th (Sacramento Convention Center). Corporate & individual sponsorships are available. The event is co-sponsored by Assemblymembers Pérez, Quirk-Silva & Chávez. All Assemblymembers select a veteran to honor from their district. For more information contact: Pete Conaty, 916 492-0550,
  • April 22: Rock 'n Restaurants returns to the Crest Theatre on K Street. 5 PM hosted reception and 7 PM concert featuring Ivy Levan. This event closes out the California Restaurant Association's annual Lobby Day and benefits the CRA Issues PAC. RSVP required at


Combined Candidate Totals by District
DistrictContributions TotalExpenditures TotalCash on Hand Total
CA17 $4,546,793 $2,383,051 $3,330,984
CA33 $3,862,157 $1,285,590 $3,913,365
CA52 $3,529,764 $1,036,776 $4,021,038
CA07 $3,316,127 $1,466,624 $2,178,935
CA23 $2,651,444 $1,468,068 $2,832,537
CA36 $2,525,115 $750,451 $1,839,384
CA39 $2,010,242 $1,211,848 $1,403,242
CA10 $1,994,001 $502,516 $1,982,057
CA31 $1,904,431 $678,388 $1,522,537
CA21 $1,891,038 $740,052 $1,276,051
CA26 $1,886,787 $479,224 $1,474,266
CA49 $1,676,841 $1,096,912 $3,150,386
CA25 $1,556,635 $648,243 $1,133,113
CA12 $1,547,482 $508,622 $523,674
CA24 $1,537,212 $645,939 $1,386,125
CA15 $1,517,288 $511,956 $1,132,537
CA22 $1,131,578 $296,549 $2,064,069
CA34 $1,098,851 $495,514 $1,055,233
CA05 $1,033,024 $642,149 $1,547,496
CA03 $993,540 $617,589 $530,806
CA41 $952,329 $439,080 $520,243
CA45 $944,868 $762,243 $534,143
CA16 $908,999 $411,203 $751,126
CA50 $828,804 $430,839 $398,401
CA04 $824,095 $528,597 $535,110
CA38 $801,290 $410,752 $436,788
CA18 $785,488 $454,732 $400,254
CA09 $768,470 $412,142 $379,425
CA42 $724,950 $380,679 $712,376
CA46 $719,189 $400,457 $528,927
CA30 $661,569 $646,039 $191,009
CA14 $659,870 $344,972 $1,177,704
CA13 $655,590 $479,979 $129,735
CA06 $653,643 $324,071 $390,794
CA19 $650,521 $227,822 $922,038
CA27 $630,495 $260,620 $1,491,714
CA08 $596,175 $162,735 $473,602
CA37 $573,976 $326,882 $242,416
CA02 $544,144 $316,265 $290,386
CA47 $531,904 $175,934 $333,723
CA43 $524,340 $359,314 $363,948
CA28 $517,878 $418,140 $2,017,591
CA29 $514,251 $411,772 $117,703
CA48 $470,160 $396,192 $276,855
CA01 $458,807 $271,684 $179,510
CA44 $442,658 $323,499 $147,217
CA20 $419,294 $243,542 $145,295
CA51 $382,247 $265,777 $66,551
CA53 $312,441 $217,137 $267,984
CA40 $240,469 $203,582 $40,695
CA32 $194,140 $60,948 $291,903
CA11 $179,531 $44,433 $136,685
CA35 $63,851 $26,661 $37,190



As Fundraising Limits Fall, Senators Flock To Bay Area - Sfgate
Just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court loosened restrictions on political fundraising, a crowd of Democratic senators is flying into Silicon Valley this week to pick up campaign checks. The justices ruled that limits on the amount of money donors can give to all candidates, committees and political parties in total to be unconstitutional. The ruling means that the $2,600-per-election limit remains on the amount a donor can give to an individual candidate, but donors are freed up to give to an unlimited number of candidates.

State Senate Panel Advances Medical Marijuana Regulations
Patrick McGreevy @
SACRAMENTO -- Medical marijuana dispensaries in California would have to get state Public Health Department licenses, and doctors who recommend pot would face new standards for examining patients under legislation supported Monday by a state Senate panel.

Transparency Is The Word Of 2014 Election Season - Sfgate
An invitation to opennessIt's only fair that journalists who call for transparency from elected representatives open up their own processes to public scrutiny. Was our ultimate endorsement decision supported by the facts and leadership skills we saw - you saw - in the debates? Honda's reticence to debate left us with no choice but to interview the candidates individually - and Khanna met with the editorial board on Wednesday. Citing schedule conflicts, Honda's handlers said the only time he would be available would be the afternoon of Sunday, April 27 - which makes him the first nonpresidential candidate to require a weekend interview in my 18 years as editorial page editor. For those who missed my earlier columns on the subject, the issue of secret questionnaires was raised by Steve Glazer, a former Orinda mayor and centrist Democrat who is running for state Assembly in the East Bay. Unions, environmental groups and other organizations were, in effect, demanding absolutism in exchange for campaign contributions. Dan Schnur, a former Republican consultant who is running as an independent, has pledged to follow suit - and maintained that a candidate for this office should not even be answering questions on matters unrelated to the voting process or business licenses. No candidate for public office should get an advantage by ducking questions, whether it's an incumbent member of Congress avoiding debates or an aspiring Assembly member who abhors secret questionnaires.

Assembly's Tea Party Firebrand, Tim Donnelly, Cools His Rhetoric
Melanie Mason @
As he runs for governor, the Republican who vowed open warfare in Sacramento is learning to be less confrontational and his libertarian views attract some liberal Democratic support.

Neel Kashkari Rolls Out His Education Plan
Josh Richman @
State funding would be routed directly to schools so principals, teachers and parents can spend it as they see fit while much of California’s Education Code would be eliminated under a plan unveiled Tuesday by Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari.

Green Party Secretary Of State Candidate Demands Entry Into Sacramento Debate - Politics Blog
California's Secretary of State race has already become one of the most interesting on the June primary calender -- and now Green Party candidate David Curtis is raising the profile even more. Curt...

Health Insurance Rate Regulation Foes Flex Fundraising Muscle
Christopher Cadelago @
Good Friday was a good day for opponents of a ballot initiative to regulate health insurance prices.

Berkeley at war with itself over redistricting
Councilmen Jesse Arreguin, Max Anderson and Kriss Worthington are named as defendants along with a handful of citizens who took an active role in supporting a referendum to halt use of the new map. The lawsuit asks the court to order the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and the Berkeley city clerk's office to use the new map in the November election. Specifically, the decision to remove co-op housing and dorms from District Seven, the area north of the UC Berkeley campus, and replace them with fraternity and sorority houses, jeopardizes the re-election chances of Worthington, the incumbent, map opponents said. Leaving the redrawing of political boundaries to the very elected officials whose future can be determined by the outcome is inherently political, and it doesn't matter whether the architects are progressive or moderate politicians. [...] it's odd to watch Berkeley politicians fighting over a population of the city for whom local politics is a distant interest - if at all.

Steinberg Seeks Sex Offender Review Beyond 'What Sounds Good'
Paige St. John @
California Senate leader Darrell Steinberg says he'll seek a state investigation into California's supervision of sex offenders that goes beyond the circumstances of two Orange County transients recently accused of killing multiple women while they were supervised by state and federal agents and tracked on electronic monitors.

Neel Kashkari proposes major education overhaul
Seema Mehta @
The GOP candidate for governor would throw out much of the education code, send funds directly to schools rather than to districts and let most public schools run like charters.

Washington: Obama's Approval Rating Improves As Health Care Drag Eases | Mct National News | Mcclatchy Dc
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's job approval ratings have improved, if only slightly, from a low point during the winter, a trend that potentially could help embattled Democrats in key Senate races this fall.

Antonio Villaraigosa Endorses Torlakson Rival In State Supe Race
Alexei Koseff @
In an unusual move, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has broken with the California Democratic Party to endorse a rival over incumbent Tom Torlakson in the race for state superintendent of public instruction.

The Buzz: Antonio Villaraigosa endorses Torlakson rival in state schools’ chief race
Alexei Koseff and Christopher Cadelago @
In an unusual move, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has broken with the California Democratic Party to endorse a rival over incumbent Tom Torlakson in the race for state superintendent of public instruction.

Leland Yee Investigation: No Bail For Brandon Jackson - Sfgate
More than two weeks ago, a federal magistrate granted bail to Keith Jackson, a former San Francisco school board president who faces drugs and weapons charges and is also accused of arranging bribes for state Sen. Leland Yee. Spero cited undercover agents' "chilling" descriptions of Brandon Jackson's alleged role in narcotics and firearm trafficking and a supposed murder-for-hire plot staged by the FBI. The descriptions, and statements by both Jacksons seemingly agreeing to the murder plot, are part of a 137-page FBI affidavit recounting the five-year investigation that led to charges against 29 defendants, including Yee.

Crush Of Fundraising Politicians From Dc Hits Silicon Valley This Week - Politics Blog
Just weeks after a key Supreme Court ruling on political fundraising, the cash marathon has begun to the Bay Area -- with a crowd of Democratic Senators hitting Silicon Valley to pick up campaign c...

California Latinos Surpass Whites In Freshman UC Admission Offers
a Times Staff Writer @
For the first time,  the number of Latinos from California offered freshman admission to the University of California was larger than that for whites.

Syria To Hold Presidential Elections On June 3
Patrick J. McDonnell @
DAMASCUS, Syria — Presidential elections will be held in Syria on June 3, the government announced Monday, even as a mortar barrage on the capital highlighted the relentless violence in the country.

UC Berkeley Admits Even More Out-of-state Students To Boost Revenue - San Francisco Business Times
The University of California, Berkeley raised its out-of-state student enrollment target to 23 percent because it needs more money.

What Are Sacramento-area State Workers Seeing On Day One Of Fix50?
Jon Ortiz @
The Fix50 project has partially closed the eastbound lanes of the W-X freeway.

Palcohol: Us Government Reveals It Has Approved Sale Of Powdered Alcohol
The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau had already rubber-stamped Palcohol, but made the decision public without the manufacturers of Palcohol realising.

Warriors shift arena plans to Mission Bay
The change has assuaged some of the project's most vocal critics, who opposed building a 125-foot-high arena on Piers 30-32 amid concerns about traffic, environmental harm during construction and blocked views of the Bay Bridge. Private financingThe Warriors will own the site outright, rather than leasing it from the Port of San Francisco, and say the arena will be entirely privately financed - a rare instance of a modern sports venue that would use no taxpayer funds or public land. Visible across the water are the cranes and skyline of Oakland, the Warriors' home after the team played in San Francisco from 1962 to 1971.The Warriors' planned new digs are part of a redevelopment area and growing biotech hub, with a UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital being built diagonally across from the arena site. Lee and other officials see the arena as a catalyst for development in the neighborhood, a former rail yard that has little foot traffic at night, that will help as the city grows into the former industrial spaces on its southeast side, such as Pier 70 and the Hunters Point Shipyard. Among them, construction on the parcel slated for the arena will trigger the creation of a 5.5-acre bayfront park, paid for by the master developer as part of the redevelopment plan for the area. The entire Salesforce site cost $248 million, but that figure doesn't include $23.3 million for "perpetual parking rights" in at least one nearby garage, or interest costs and property taxes since the purchase, according to a Salesforce filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in November. When you add in the $40 million cost of building a terraced public park that had been planned to cover a parking garage on Piers 30-32, the team was looking at $220 million just as a starting point, Lacob said. Besides planning to go to voters for approval in November, an arena on Piers 30-32 would have required myriad approvals from agencies like the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, State Lands Commission, and Army Corps of Engineers.

Kashkari Proposes To Shake Up California School System
Christopher Cadelago @
Neel Kashkari, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, used an expletive in a KFBK radio interview. He was chided by a station producer and apologized.

Obama's approval rating improves as healthcare drag eases
David Lauter @
WASHINGTON -- President Obama’s job approval ratings have improved, if only slightly, from a low point during the winter, a trend that potentially could help embattled Democrats in key Senate races this fall.

State Bar Trying Again To Expand Enforcement Powers
Dan Walters @
The State Bar is something of an odd duck – a quasi-private, quasi-public entity that simultaneously regulates the legal profession and acts as a trade association and political advocate for lawyers.